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UN Summit Ends With Agreement to Agree in 2015: Main decisions at U.N. climate talks in Warsaw: Agreed to ‘the outlines of a deal meant to be agreed in 2015 to combat global warming’

Via Reuters: FINANCE Developed nations promised in 2009 to increase their aid to poorer countries to help them cope with climate change to $100 billion a year after 2020, from $10 billion a year in 2010-12. But in Warsaw they rejected calls to set targets for 2013-19. A draft text merely urged developed nations to […]

Climate Depot’s Morano & Apollo 7’s Walt Cunningham and other skeptics speak to Polish university during UN climate summit

Rough Google Translation:  Another lecture was delivered by Marc Morano, Climate Depot chief specialist of the United States, which focused on the manipulation, which very often committed by organizations climate. He stressed that in particular the UN is committed to the success and spread his theories, very often against the facts and the empirical. Morano in his […]