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New paper finds warming has also ‘paused’ in the Arctic; debunks warmist study that claimed to get rid of the ‘pause’ – Published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

The findings differ substantially from the new warmist study by the SkS secret forum participants Cotwan & Way that claims to get rid of the 17+ year pause in global warming by a reanalysis of extrapolated Arctic data. The authors advise “extreme caution” in using reanalyses of Arctic temperatures, such as has been done by Cotwan & Way, stating, […]

More anti-science rants from UN Advisor Jeffrey Sachs — Uses storms/tornado outbreak in U.S. to push global warming: Sachs: ‘Weather tragedy in Illinois. Research shows human-induced warming is likely to lead to more severe thunderstorms’

Background on Sachs via “United Socialist Nations” In 2009, Sachs addressed the annual conference of the Party of European Socialists: He described the “profound honour “ of addressing the Party of European Socialists and said they were heirs and leaders of the most successful economic and political system in the world, Social Democracy. Social equity, environmental sustainability and fiscal re-distribution were the successful elements, in marked contrast to […]