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Mounting UN IPCC Fallout…Flagship German Daily ‘Die Welt’ reports that ‘the upcoming IPCC AR5 is a de facto withdrawal of the scientific basis for climate regulation’

Mounting IPCC Fallout…Flagship Daily ‘Die Welt’ Headline: “Scientists Withdraw Basis For Climate Regulation”!

The fallout surrounding the profound failures of the climate models used by the IPCC continues. If the German media is anything to go by, then IPCC science is virtually disintegrating before our very eyes.
Europe has always been a bulwark against climate skepticism. No more. The online German ‘Die Welt’ daily reports today that the upcoming IPCC AR5 is a de facto withdrawal of the scientific basis for climate regulation.
Die Welt writes that “global warming is currently advancing considerably more slowly than assumed a few years ago” and has stalled over the last 15 years and that “scientists are unable to explain why“.
Basis for climate regulation crumbles
Die Welt then adds that the failed models and prognoses of the climate scientists will have profound implications for policymakers:
The IPCC results likely not only usher in a small change in the direction of the climate discussion and a retreat from the loudest alarmism, they also withdraw the firm basis of assumptions, which policymakers had considered undisputed for European and national climate regulations.”
Until recently, policymakers had always fallen back on “settled science” to justify painful measures to revamp energy supply. But now that “settled science” is gone. Justifying the vandalism of the landscape with windparks and selling high priced, unstable renewable energies to a skeptical public is about to get a whole lot tougher.
So why hasn’t warming increased as projected earlier? Die Welt writes:
One reason for that, according to the report, is that the calculation of the global warming by carbon dioxide emissions in the computer models was too heavily weighted.”
Already politicians are now calling for a new policy approach with regards to climate policy.
“It is being admitted for the first time that the climate is warming less than predicted,” European Parliamentarian Holger Krahmer is quoted by Die Welt. “It’s reason enough to refrain from making emissions trading more strict, to rethink the CO2 targets which are dangerous to the German automotive industry, and to stop further ecological bans of products.”

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