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Carbon based energy saves kids! ‘Half of children perish in pre-industrial societies. Take your pick: a bucolic, green fantasy world – or one that’s safe for kids’

Excerpt via No Frakking Consensus: ‘Before our societies became industrialized, therefore, life could be tragically short. The wrenching event the king says no one should have to endure was, in fact, normal. Most adults walked around with an aching void in their heart associated with a darling little girl or boy who’d perished...Industry is good for children. It saves their lives…Climate crusaders say we should adopt global warming measures for the sake of our kids and grandkids. Many of these people favour an immediate, sharp reduction in carbon dioxide emissions – something that could only be accomplished if we shut down a significant portion of our industrialized economy…These people say they care about the children. But they want to return us to the kind of world in which many kids don’t survive childhood’