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New peer-reviewed paper finds no evidence of a human influence on sea levels — Published in Journal of Climate — ‘Examines global average sea-level rise during 20th century’

3) Projections of sea-level rise ‘depend on existence of a relationship between global climate change & rate of sea-level rise, but…such a relationship is weak or absent during 20th century.’ In other words, alarmist projections of sea-level rise are based upon false assumptions of a human influence on sea-levels which is not found by observations. […]

Are sea-levels rising? Nils Axel-Morner documents a decided lack of rising seas

But that’s only spots from The Atlantic, The Pacific and The Indian… there are other oceans. As we graphed before with Frank Lansner, most of the current “rise” is due to man-made adjustments, not man-made emissions. According to Axel-Morner, it’s not that the sea levels are rising less than expected, it’s more like they aren’t […]

Claim: ’22-year-old report accurately predicted global warming’: Rebuttal: ‘There has been no warming for sixteen years’

Here are some key points on models:–Climate-fears-based-on-faulty-forecasting-procedures–For-the-first-time-we-are-not-just-armwaving-with-models–Blames-Unknown-Processes–not-CO2-for-ancient-global-warming