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Mission Accomplished! ‘Obama Saved us from Global Warming’: ‘Global avg. temps declined since Obama took office – success!’ ‘Global rate of sea level rise declined since Obama took office’


Alan Cheetham’s Global Warming Science Website Excerpts: Caveats Did Obama really accomplish this? Sea Level The following figure shows declining rate of change of sea level since during the era of George Bush. U.S. CO2 emissions began declining before Obama took over There has been no increase in the global temperature trend over the last 15 years. The current decline started in 2002, so perhaps George Bush should get the credit.

He doesn’t even know that droughts have been declining since 2000 (although 2012 has the most severe drought since 2002). The following figure shows the Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI) – the drought is on the negative index side (yellow bars).

Complete analysis here.