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Climate Depot’s Morano statement: ‘This inquiry into the UN IPCC process by the InterAcademy Council (IAC) is everything the previous Climategate ‘whitewashes’ should have been.’


Paper: ‘CLIMATE CHANGE LIES ARE EXPOSED’: UN IPCC ‘accused of losing credibility after a damning report into its research practices’

FOOLS GOLD: ‘IPCC reports are supposed to be the gold standard…This Discredited IPCC Process Must Be Purged’ — ‘We cannot make sane decisions on global warming if the ‘experts’ present us with evidence that is biased…I thought that IPCC reports were reliable, fair and transparent. No longer’

Climatologist: ‘Dump the IPCC Process, It Cannot Be Fixed’: ‘UN IPCC was created to use the scientific community to build a case for regulating CO2 emissions. Period’

UK Telegraph: IPCC report raises fresh questions over Dr Rajendra Pachauri’s leadership — ‘The criticism of the management process is quite severe. It is an indirect call for Dr Pachauri to step down.’

UK Telegraph: ‘Flawed science’: ‘UN IPCC was rightly warned not to stray into what might be seen as scaremongering and policy advocacy’ — Report should ‘trigger the resignation of Pachauri but he insists he wants to stay on to implement any necessary changes in procedure. Yet his – and IPCC’s – credibility have been tarnished by this affair’

UK Register: Report recommends UN climate panel shakeup — ‘Rearrange the chairs please’ — ‘IPCC’s work included headline-catching statements which couldn’t be justified’

UK Daily Mail: UN climate experts ‘overstated dangers’: Keep your noses out of politics, scientists told

‘Should UN IPCC’s Rajendra Pachauri Resign?’

‘Found plenty of problems’: Independent Audit Panel Slams UN’s Climate Group — Geologist Dr. Don Easterbrook: ‘The IPCC report is filled with statements of ‘90% certainty’ without even saying 90% of what or providing any basis for such statements. Yet those pronouncements of certainty were used over and over as though that had been scientifically proven somehow’

NPR: UN IPCC ‘Needs Change At Top’: ‘It’s hard to see how the UN can both follow the advice of this committee and keep Rajendra Pachauri on board as head’

Flashback 2009: Climate Depot Report: UN’s own IPCC scientists trash UN IPCC

Prof. Ross McKitrick: ‘Since UN IPCC gives Lead Authors the sole right to determine content and accept or dismiss comments, it is more like a weblog than an academic report’

UN climate change panel to be warned over ‘series of embarrassing errors in its work’ — ‘A number of statements were found to be based on information taken from reports by environmental lobby groups, magazine articles and student dissertations’

‘NOW CLIMATE CHANGE LOBBY BEGINS TO FEEL THE HEAT’: ‘Gaff made by UN IPCC was a howler of remarkable proportions’ — ‘Faith in climate-change scientists who preach that we are all doomed has been badly shaken by this fiasco’

‘How you know the climate fight is over’: ‘When financial guys start looking for the exits, you know the game is nearing the end, the fat lady is getting ready to sing, and the buses are warming up’

Analysis: The ‘colossal and implosive decline of the once mighty green movement to stop global warming…the movement has gone from one catastrophic failure to the next’ — ‘The greens have forgotten where they come from. Modern environmentalism was born in the reaction against Big Science, Big Government and Experts…movement has gotten itself on the wrong side of doubt…It has become the voice of the establishment, of the tenured, of the technocrats’

‘The Great Collapse of the Chicago Climate Exchange’ — Plagued by a free fall in carbon emissions prices and perennial failure Cap-and-Trade Bill, it seems it’s on its last legs

Shock: Greenie David Roberts of Grist turns on NASA’s Hansen: ‘I know I’m not supposed to say this, but James Hansen managed his transition from scientist to activist *terribly*. All influence lost’

Flashback Jan. 2010: Time for Meds? NASA’s Hansen endorses book which calls for ‘ridding the world of Industrial Civilization’ – Hansen declares author ‘has it right…the system is the problem’

Blaming climate skeptics for green failures is convenient but wrong: ‘Greens outspent skeptics, they had the ear of political class, effectively demonized and even silenced opponents’‘…and still it was not enough to convince

Cheers! ‘We’re losing’: Environmental groups admit defeat in climate debate — Climate bill may be ‘punted to the next generation’