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Meteorologist Dan Satterfield Launches Assault on Skeptics! Declares claims are ‘laughable to anyone who understands science’


[Climate Depot Editor’s Note: Satterfield and other promoters of man-made climate fears are reaching desperation time as new peer-reviewed studies, the growing number of scientists, real world data and public opinion continue to turn against them. Satterfield is such a “believer” in man-made climate fears that he approvingly cites the works of Joe (global warming may have casued the Minnesota bridge collapse) Romm of Climate Progress and NASA’s James Hansen. It appears Satterfield has joined with other recent frustrated “believers” in man-made climate fears. See: ‘Find ways to exaggerate’: Nobel Prize-winning economist wishes for ‘tornadoes’ and ‘a lot of horrid things’ to convince Americans of global warming threat! – July 14, 2009 ]

Below are excerpts from The Denver Weather Examiner article about climate fear promoter Meteorologist Dan Satterfield of Alabama’s WHNT TV in Huntsville. Satterfield’s publicly available email is: [email protected]

An August 3, 2009 article by the Denver Weather Examiner’s Tony Hake titled “An example why global warming alarmists are losing ground,” details Satterfield’s climate views.

Excerpt: This past weekend alarmist, WHNT TV meteorologist Dan Satterfield, resorted to similar tactics by launching an insulting attack on one of his station’s viewers via Twitter. […] Twitter user ‘backscatter’ posted a link to one of [the Denver Weather Examiner’s articles discussing a new study that says nature is the primary driver behind climate change. Dan Satterfield, ‘danwhnt’ on Twitter, picked up on the link and immediately replied to backscatter saying, “That bastion of science the denver examiner [sic] – read the actual paper by chance? thought not.” […]

Satterfield pressed his attack saying that claims that are contrary to the theory of anthropogenic global warming are “laughable to anyone who understands science” and proceeded to insult backscatter’s education while touting his own. Backscatter as it turns out though holds a degree in electrical engineering so he would certainly be one who “understands science.”

Satterfield’s Twitter message: “just what is your background- I hv a BS Metr. and MS Earth Sci.” – wrote WHNT Meteorologist Dan Satterfield touting his credentials while questioning those of someone who disagrees with him.

When the Denver Weather Examiner picked up on the debate, we sent a tweet drawing attention to it without offering any commentary. Satterfield then turned his fire to us saying, “I could care less about the politics but if you are going to publish junk that is scientific garbage- I’m going to say so.” […] In his blog Satterfield says, “I do speak up when someone starts spreading propaganda disguised as Science.”

We applaud this and while we respect his passion for the issue, the tactics like Mr. Satterfield used this weekend and those of other alarmists result in doing nothing to help their cause. [End excerpt of Denver Weather Examiner.]

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