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Flashback: Morano debates former Clinton Official Romm

Update: Climate Fear Promoters Angst Over TV Debate: Morano is ‘howitzer of climate skepticism’

Washington DC ( On Sunday March 29, 2009, a rare event occurred on television. An actual debate about the man-made global warming fears took place on Roll Call TV. Watch this heated debate between Marc Morano, the executive editor and chief correspondent of, and Joe Romm of

Watch Part 1 of Debate: Starts at 3:45 min. mark:

Watch Part 2: Starts immediately.

Romm, a former Clinton Admin. Official (Acting Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy), repeatedly utilized ad hominem attacks during the debate. Romm also claimed the planet may warm up to 15F by end of the century! Romm also made other questionable claims about “green jobs.” [Note: Romm was just named by U.S. News & World Report: Romm as one of the 8 “most influential energy and environmental policymakers in the Obama era” – In addition, Romm comically questioned whether the bridge collapse in Minnesota was a result of man-made global warming & see Design failure (not CO2) evidently behind Minneapolis bridge collapse ]

Sampling of news coverage of rare global warming TV debate:

Marc Morano and Joe Romm debate the politics of climate change – UK Telegraph – By Milo Yiannopoulos April 5, 2009

Excerpt: “It was funny to hear Romm citing how many governments support the AGW [anthropogenic global warming] claims,” Marc wrote to me afterwards. “Romm used that point to ‘prove’ the ‘science’ was settled. Very alarming.” […] Marc Morano, former Republican director of communications for the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, and Joe Romm, environmentalist blogger and author, just debated the politics of climate change on Roll Call TV. […] I’ve corresponded with Marc via email on several occasions. Each time, I’ve been impressed with his grasp of the science surrounding climate change. In this debate, he pretty much nails cap-and-trade, the “wealthy white politics” of the climate lobby and the flaws in the IPCC process. […] There’s a superb analysis of the debate over at Newsbusters – including a response from Romm. For some reason, I’ve been unable to embed the videos, so you’ll have to watch them there or over at Planet Gore.

No Wonder Climate Alarmists Refuse to Debate – ‘Morano calmly cleaned Romm’s clock’ – American Thinker – By Marc Sheppard – April 4, 2009

Excerpt: Morano couldn’t help laughing at Romm’s unrelentingly silly exaggerations. Indeed, after coming out hurling pejoratives and 41 words of utter nonsense early in the opening round, you’d expect Romm to drop the hyperbole and smug manner and put up his intellectual dukes once Morano began scoring point after rational point. But while Marc calmly cited contrarian scientists and the perils of fraudulently inspired policy, Joe continued to make extraordinary claims, including that wind power produces more new jobs than coal mining, as though oblivious that they fuel 2 versus 50 percent of America’s energy, respectively. And so it went — virtually every cogent point made by Morano was met not with reasoned retort but rather polemical blather and name calling. And from Dr. Joseph J. Romm — one the alarmists’ most revered minds. Watching them squabble, it’s impossible to ignore just how many times Romm put his hysterical size 10 in his mouth as Morano calmly cleaned his clock. But let’s give the guy kudos for showing up – for that alone distinguishes him as unique to his breed. […] Perhaps he actually meant that one-third of dry land will be reduced to desert by 2100. Of course, that would still be horrible news because ……. Wait a minute, according to the US Geological Survey, approximately one-third of the Earth’s land surface already is desert. So Romm is either predicting no change whatsoever or a complete Terradeformation in a time-span even Star-Trek engineers would be proud of. Unless, of course, he hasn’t given it much thought at all but hopes the media and most citizens will continue to ignore what truth hides beneath the shocking imagery.

Global Warming Debate: Morano vs. Climate Progress’s Romm – – Noel Sheppard – April 3, 2009

Excerpt: It’s clear that Romm is the one making stuff up…but those on this side of the debate have known that for years. That said, doesn’t this demonstrate why the climate alarmists, with very few exceptions, don’t want to debate this issue? After all, if their entire strategy is to just keep repeating “You’re making stuff up” without ever supporting this claim, you can understand why these folks rarely engage their opposition.

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