Watch: Video of climate activists at Papal rally in DC reveals they don’t believe in God – ‘I’m more involved with the nature religions’

By: - Climate DepotSeptember 25, 2015 2:58 PM with 10 comments

Full CFACT report here: 

  • ScienceABC123

    Question: Just out of curiousity, is “sister so am I” (0.36) wearing a bra on his head?

    • planet8788

      The 60’s called and said it wants it’s crazies back…. LOL.

      • Tom Robbins

        LOL!!! I think you are giving them too much credit comparing to the 60’s…this is truly the most comical (if it was not making me vomit) story of the century – The Pope gets down on Climate change and gia worship! – Did you know he is making a prog rock album – I am NOT KIDDING.. VOMIT>>> That’s one thing about progressives, the tip the scales on Wing Nuts every time..

  • dredzo

    It’s really sad, how lost these people are. They so desperately want to matter. But they do not.

  • marlene

    The false prophet has lost more believers than he has gained.

  • cardigan

    For a Pope who is claimed by many to have supported the fascist military junta in Argentina, something which lefties would have opposed, to be acclaimed now by lefties, is quite a paradox.

    • Pat Casey

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  • odin2

    sister so am I is a typical AGW Believer.

    • Christina Harrison

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  • Carbonicus

    Leftism is the most successful religion of the last 100 years, worldwide.
    Environmentalism is a denomination within the religion of Leftism.
    Environmentalism is as much about “saving the planet and humanity” as Communism was about “protecting laborers”.
    Once you understand these three facts, the rest makes perfect sense.