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Pope Francis pushes action on climate at U.N.   On the environment, Francis said “Christians believe with other religions” that man is supposed to take care of nature. “He is not authorized to abuse it and much less is he authorized to destroy it.”

UK Sun newspaper: Pope Francis committing ‘Holy Wrong’ – ‘He has no business banging on about climate change’ – ‘Stick to religion, Your Holiness’

The UK Sun newspaper has taken a strong stand on Pope Francis’ foray into climate science. The Paper editorializes that he is committing a “holy wrong.” The Sun declares the Pontiff has “no business banging on about climate change.” “That has nothing to do with faith. It’s about science and provable facts. That science is disputed, […]

Alabama’s climatologist Dr. John Christy: I would give the Pope some homework on global warming – Regs ‘will actually do nothing to change what the climate is going to do’   “There is a debate about what to do about climate change, and it generally falls on political lines,” Christy continued. “Those, who like me, do not see any advantage to eliminating these carbon emissions, because they’re not going to affect the climate much, we know that; and those who control of the human […]

Abortion and death penalty come before climate change for church, Vatican official says   The Vatican official who wrote the first draft of the papal encyclical has said abortion and the death penalty still hold primacy over climate change as issues for the Catholic church, despite the pope’s ringing call for action on the environment. As the pope moved on to New York for the second leg […]