‘The Next Genocide’- NYT OpEd: Climate ‘deniers’ present ‘intellectual stance that is uncomfortably close to Hitler’s’

By: - Climate DepotSeptember 12, 2015 9:04 PM with 10 comments


‘Today we confront the same crucial choice between science and ideology that Germans once faced. Will we accept empirical evidence and support new energy technologies, or allow a wave of ecological panic to spread across the world? Denying science imperils the future by summoning the ghosts of the past.’

  • Kevin Ronald Lohse

    It’s the Green blob who insist that the World’s population should be reduced by as much a 90% – a policy that the Pope has chosen to ignore – and it’s Green policies that deny the third world the cheap energy and latest scientific developments in food production it needs for progress. A clearer example of rampant Left-wing projection would be hard to find.

  • Ronald G. Havelock

    This NYT article is truly shocking. I read Snyder’s piece on Hitler in this month’s NYRB and found it incoherent and curious to the extent that he took Hitler seriously as a philosopher, however twisted the philosophy. Now he wants to make anyone who has doubts about the data on global warming into Hitlerites. There is no mistaking his intentions, dripping with hatred of all doubters. As a long time liberal and supporter of liberal causes, I am sure I am an outlier on this forum, but I can’t help expressing my disgust at Yale for harboring such an extremist. [Harvard, 1957,history]

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  • 4TimesAYear

    In fact it’s quite the opposite – it is those that believe in catastrophic anthropogenic climate change whose ideology is most like Hitler’s.

  • Mojes

    CO2 is not the culprit of Global warming (that is- if you believe in it). Water is. Do before you think that wind energy (for example) should be the preferred technology for power generation, think twice.

    • CTConservatives47

      Quite right. Water vapor is 57 times more significant than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. Climate is driven by perfectly natural factors. The human contribution is only 0.0015 of the atmosphere.

  • PhD

    Hitler was a “national socialist”….. his early Nazi literature was stolen word for word from the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. The NYT is the newspaper of Socialism in the USA…. they are the mouthpiece of the Left, the Democratic party. We all know this….. so it is the Left who are the propagators of the falsehood of man made global warming….. as a scientist who has looked extensively into AGW, I can categorically say that man made global warming is total and utter nonsense. The NYT editorial page is spreading socialist scientific sewage to assist the Left in rendering the USA back into the feudal state that Marx evangelized.

  • hunterson

    The climate loons are pathetic. Snyder and the NYT have invoked Godwin’s law in a massive anti-intellectual, historically illiterate fashion.
    If Godwin’s Law holds true to form, the climate kook’s argument will start falling apart pretty rapidly.

  • andersm0

    I expected better from Timothy Snyder. I revere his work in other areas. In this, he is dead wrong.

  • CTConservatives47

    As an historian who knows that the global warming argument is scientific hogwash, I find Snyder’s views totally repugnant. He shoud be fired for professional incompetence.