Updated list of 29 – Actually 30 – excuses for the 18 year ‘pause’ in global warming – ‘If you can’t explain the ‘pause’, you can’t explain the cause…’

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Updated list of 29 [Updated to 30] excuses for the nearly 18 year ‘pause’ in global warming


“If you can’t explain the ‘pause’, you can’t explain the cause”
RSS satellite data showing the 18 year ‘pause’ of global warming

Figure 1. RSS monthly global mean lower-troposphere temperature anomalies (dark blue) and trend (thick bright blue line), September 1996 to June 2014, showing no trend for 17 years 10 months.

An updated list of at least 29 excuses for the 18 year ‘pause’ in global warming, including recent scientific papers, media quotes, blogs, and related debunkings: 

1) Low solar activity 

15) We forgot to cherry-pick models in tune with natural variability [debunked]

16) Negative phase of Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation17) AMOC ocean oscillation

18) “Global brightening” has stopped

19) “Ahistorical media”

20) “It’s the hottest decade ever” Decadal averages used to hide the ‘pause’ [debunked]

21) Few El Ninos since 1999

22) Temperature variations fall “roughly in the middle of the AR4 model results”

23) “Not scientifically relevant”

24) The wrong type of El Ninos

25) Slower trade winds [debunked]

26) The climate is less sensitive to CO2 than previously thought [see also]

27) PDO and AMO natural cycles and here

28) ENSO

29) Solar cycle driven ocean temperature variations

UPDATE: It only took a few more days to reach #30:

30) Warming Atlantic caused cooling Pacific [paper] [debunked by Trenberth & Wunsch]

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An incomplete list of excuses

UPDATE: C3 updates the Wayne’s World graphic:


  • diggferkel

    Global Warming is dead as far as science is concerned. Move on to the new & improved scam.

    “Ocean Acidification” from CO2.

    The ecosystem is falling!! The ecosystem is falling!!

    • Mike

      How can you be so uncaring? How would you feel if YOUR Earth was being destroyed?

      • TroyGale

        Don’t be silly Mike.
        Man, no matter what, doesn’t have the means to destroy the Earth!
        An all out Nuke War wouldn’t even do it, though iit would be a tough recovery for any surviving lifeforms.
        Scientists are more arrogant than they used to be, and they have an eager press to spread their gloom and doom among the masses.

        • Truth Matters

          And Mike is as vain as those who believe in the fraud scam.

          • John D

            It was a joke! Lighten up.

        • constitutionminded

          And don’t forget that they have to come up with something to keep those govt grants coming.

          • BraveNewWhirled

            Exactly. A fact rarely mentioned in comment boards, and *never* in that pap called “news”. A researcher getting recognition for ANY unscience, as long as it follows the party line, is bound to receive foundation grants and get published in one of those rags where they stroke each other to bliss.

        • Drew Pal

          You sure your name is not Sheldon?

        • John Dough

          Man might not be able to destroy the earth, but Fukushima is doing a pretty good job of it.

          • Truth

            Drivel. More propaganda, don’t be such a tool.

          • TroyGale

            No, it doesn’t even come close. The underlying unstated part of this discussion is whether man survives. Frankly, if he doesn’t, who cares if the Earth is still around?
            If man doesn’t survive, the Earth will do just fine, trust me, over 4.5 billion years, man didn’t exist, the Earth was filled with life. If man goes the way of the dodo, the Earth will still exist, even if it were radioactive.

          • Mr. Davis

            If you admit you already know no one is talking about the well being of the planet itself, and the phrase destroy the world is shorthand for “destroying our ecosystem”, why drag anyone along on this tangent?

            And applying nihilist principles to imagine the end of human priorities and use that to retroactively not care about our ecosystem’s ability to sustain us, is a good psychological defense mechanism, but it’s incompatible with any common human moral system.

            We are talking about preventing mass extinctions. What you are saying is on par with saying that any and all victims of mass genocides don’t care that they were murdered because they are all dead. While it is true that dead people can’t care, it is absurd to posture that as a moral position humans should accept. Murdered people don’t care that they were murdered, but murder is illegal because living people care if they get murdered. We are discussing how and if we can change the outcomes of future events.

            Life is only important to living things, but that leaves plenty of room for life to be important to me. I will fight to educate people about global warming because I care about the well-being of other people.

          • TroyGale

            Extinction is the norm, perhaps that is why you fail to see the obvious. The fossil record shows this quite vividly. As to the rest of your long winded, but unsupported nonsense, it is just that nonsense. A warming event the bought and paid for predict would help mankind, not harm it.
            That said however, it is not warming, it is cooling, and a 2C drop in average temp will impact grain production, which will harm mankind. As to your fight to teach the rest of us about Global Warming, save your breath, you are wrong, and facts are going to prove this to you over the next decade or two.
            CO2 in the atmosphere has been higher many times in the earth’s history, life did just fine, and temps were fine for life to exist and evolve.
            More and more people are waking up to the little lying Nazis who seek to control the lives of others over something which had it’s roots in a Science Fiction novel. Every year more real Scientists are stating the obvious, the Sun has caused the recent warming, and that warming is totally consistent with the temps from the last 10,000 years.
            If you want to be a chicken little type, fine, but don’t waste your time on thinking people.
            Remember the old adage, “When everyone in the room is thinking the same thing, no one is thinking. That is the echo tank you support.
            If you want to understand what caused the warming, then I suggest John L. Casey’s book “Dark Winter”. That will give you some factual data about what is going on, not a U.N. directed political science lesson!

          • John D

            I’m calling BS on you. it was a disaster but it’s not going to destroy the earth. How bout some proof? I’ll wait.

        • twinstick1

          I think that Mike was just using a dab of sarcasm there…

          • TroyGale

            Thank you for sharing. 🙂

        • RHO1953

          He was being sarcastic,…..

      • diggferkel

        Nothing is destroying Earth so I’m doing just fine. Politicians with their scaremongering and lies are destroying our country.

      • bpj

        If it can take a huge asteroid impact it can take some fossil fuel burning

        • Mike

          Oh yeah, you say that now, because this isn’t your Earth, just imagine if someone were polluting the planet you live on and damaging YOUR environments!

          • Wego Axleguard

            So China is exempt?

          • Mike

            Sorry, only Uyghurs will be exempt; Not the whole of China.

          • greyfox

            Mike, are you nuts?

          • D A

            You have to ask ? Seriously …. nuts is too soft a word, LOL.

          • Capt Tee

            Did you know that you can check someone’s other posts by clicking on their name?

            Sometimes I educate people and sometimes I get just as sarcastic as Mike, but I prefer to tag my sarcasm with “[end sarcasm]” so the people who are slower to catch on will know sarcasm when they see it!

          • John D

            Oh oh oh… Let me answer. Yes he is.

          • Truth Matters

            LOL. Whose earth is it Mike? Did you sneak out of the asylum?

          • Mike

            Congrats, you and Jared are the only two who picked up on that. Reading comprehension is a beautiful thing. Sadly, it is not a skill that most internet commentators possess, as my research has been showing. Still, it will make for an amusing term paper….at others’ expense of course. Cheers!

          • Jared

            This just in: Mike is an escaped convict from another earth’s insane asylum where global warming due to man exists.

        • LysolMotorola

          If the earth can dodge a wrench…it can dodge anything!!!

          • BraveNewWhirled

            There’s one wench, if hurled, from which we may not recover… (cue “Psycho” theme)


      • cant_happen_here

        Not to worry! Extraterrestrials have long been monitoring global warming, and are ready to take care of any threat should it emerge. On top of that, it is said that they are all registered Democrats, and therefore can be trusted.

        • Mike

          Trustworthy Democrats? The wonders of space never cease!

      • Johnny Pryor

        Got any REAL evidence? Or do you even understand Acid/Base Chemistry? Even suggesting that a complex system such as the oceans is totally dependent on something like Carbonate Buffering is so asinine as to be incredulous! Get an education! Stop being misled by the Green Group who are all profiting mightly and investing back into the Liberal Progressive political campaigns that just pour more money back into their pockets. The problem with the whole Global Warming scam is that the “Scientist” are deeply invested and biased… and they are not acting Scientifically!!! When a model doesn’t jive with DATA… for TWO DECADES… it’s clearly the MODEL that’s wrong: NOT THE DATA!!! The model and ALL of the theories that are predicated on the model must be thrown out and you have to start back from the beginning instead of just trying to spin the experiments. THAT is BAD SCIENCE!!!

        • Mike

          Did you mean to say, “That IS bad science!!!”? I feel like you put the emphasis in the wrong place. Lets see if you’re talking about science when YOUR Earth is destroyed.

          • greyfox

            Mike your emotions are getting the better of you, why not stop and just do a little thinking. The earth will get hot and the earth will get cold over billions of year and man cannot do anything about it.

          • chris

            he’s joking !!!

          • Mike

            Word! He is totally joking. It’s actually part of a research project in reading comprehension of internet commentators for my sociology term paper.

          • The 300

            The reason there’s a problem with decoding sarcasm on the internet is that there are actually people that make comments like your original one and sincerely mean them. Without the marker of voice inflection, sometimes it’s difficult to tell if you’re dealing with a smartazz or a true believer loon who says “…..this isn’t your earth….” and actually believes it.

          • John D

            If you are taking sociology then you are a waste of space and my time. Goodbye.

          • Mike

            Yes, what a stupid and useless thing it is to study human social relationships and institutions. Why would we need to know more about those trivial things? What purpose is there in learning the social mores and folkways of different societies and cultures? Is edumacation really so scary?

          • smokehouse56

            No, he’s not joking. Mike is playing everyone for a fool. He is 11 years old and having a ball.

          • gduckd

            Quick Mike- when will that “Earth destroyed” thingy happen? I can’t wait.—————Oh by the way. the Earth will not be destroyed, only living organisms, except maybe the cockroach.

          • powhatan1

            I like you humor! Sarcasm is fun to see online..

        • John D

          As someone else said… These GW nuts are watermelons.

        • Mr. Davis

          The 3% of scientists who deny climate change are paid more by fossil fuel companies than all of the 97% of scientists around world who have concluded it is real.

          If you’ve ever seen a greenhouse, you know it stays warm inside from the CO2 that acts like an insulator and traps the heat. You can’t pump tens of billions of metric tons of carbon dioxide into the air annually and not expect it to not have an impact on anything.

          Is it so crazy to think that since the industrial revolution, our long history of large scale CO2 emissions have done what they do on a small scales?

          If you want evidence this is a good link to summarize the various kinds: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_warming

          Can I assume you watch Fox News? It’s honorable that you want to help people not get manipulated by propaganda, but you suffer from the exact problem you are trying to help people overcome. It’s a simple matter of the most effective way to influence public opinion: There is much more money being channeled by corporations into your media than into any conspiracy to control the worldwide scientific community.

          You have likely been pounded with constant stories that the financial interests are on the side of clean energy rather than the highly profitable fossil fuel industry. Oil and gas industries have a lot more money and power than solar/wind power. Seriously, look at the profit margins of clean energy companies for comparison, and ask yourself how they could pay off the nearly ALL of the world’s scientists as compared to the oil companies larger profits (that have been tied to Rupert Murdoch’s interests) paying off the ~3%. And yes, there is an explicit money trail for the minority scientist deniers getting paid by fossil fuels. For example, one of the most prominent anti-climate spokesmen is Wei-Hock Soon (Willie) took 1.2 million from the fossil fuel industry to “fund his research and salary”.

          The problem is the media.. not the world population of scientists.

      • greyfox

        Like most people you think in terms of thousands of years because it’s easier to think in these terms. Try thinking in terms of millions of years. We humans are but an insignificant blip in the annuls earth time. Once you’ve mastered thinking in millions of years step it up to billions of years. What a wretched lot we human beings are. We are time challenged.

      • Otto_Zeit

        Exactly!!! Everyone has to understand . . . all the polar bears and the inhumanity of it all….and the women and minorities….and the people of colour…..and the transgendered. These are the real victims. Racism is the cause of climate change and the source of simultaneous global warming and
        cooling. Whatever will become of all the lesbian Eskimo chambermaids and massueses?

        • Truth Matters

          LOL. So true. hehehe

      • jekyllisle

        Yes Mike what need to do is tax the heck out of the middle class around the world because that will solve the problem of the changing climate on a daily basis

      • Mo Fo

        Liberals like Gore have earned BILLION of $$$$ on this scam. Even the Kennedys are earnign additional millions of $$$ scamming taxpayers on the bogus issue.
        Just visit Central Park, you can see where giant glaciers carved the granite millions of years ago?
        Who caused that warming???? Al Gore????
        This is a mega scam so Liberal can control everything hard woreking men and women do.
        Unfortunately Liberals got caught lying again….

    • Fred Beloit

      There is one scam we are letting these warmists get away with. They are not rounding the numbers, which absolutely should be rounded.

      This is what I mean: when you average a list of numbers, decimals naturally appear. There is no way these decimals should be recognized. Temperature measurements of the earth are not exact and accurate enough to discuss differences of hundreds or tenths of a degree. It they simply dealt in whole degrees Celsius, most of the warming and cooling would simply disappear. Try it yourself. Round every number they put out to the nearest full degree.

    • Mr. Davis

      Global warming has been proven to the same degree of certainty as gravity. Not to sound tautological, but this is something known by everyone except the ignorant. Anyone’s personal doubts that climate change is real are hilariously meaningless in the face of exhaustive scientific testing and evidence.

      Essentially all scientists in the world agree that climate change is real and impact by man. It is as unanimous as anything gets. I’m not asking you to believe politicians, I’m asking you to believe in science.

  • Bo Honk

    I count up from 1 to 15. Then I count down from 15 to 10. The numbers 15 through 10 are STILL HIGHER than the numbers from 1 to 10, therefore my counting is STILL GOING HIGHER!

  • Anthropogenic Global Warming does exist, it just goes by another name, international communism.

    • whatevs

      You sir, have made me smile.

    • outraged

      winner winner, chicken dinner!!
      You get 2 free tix to see Al Gore’s next movie

      • buddygonzo

        Last prize is you sit at algore’s table.

      • WhiteDevil

        “An inconsistent windbag” Is that the one?

        • twinstick1

          More like an incontinent windbag…

        • John Dough

          More like an “Inconvenient Goof”

      • Ed

        First prize 1 ticket.
        Second prize 2 tickets!

        • Maus

          Third prize a nice potted plant, since CO2 is nothing but freakin’ plant food!!!

      • Jeff Nagengast

        You reminded me of a parody of Al Sharpton selling raffle tickets. LOL

        1st prize: Dinner with Al Sharpton, he pays.
        2nd prize: Dinner with Al Sharpton, You pay.

    • D A

      GREAT ONE !

      I am going to borrow and Spread that line….. I’ll call it the DavidKramer line of Truth !

    • gplucas

      Well stated, sir. You must be a relative of Cosmo Kramer! Global Warming or Climate Change, or whatever it’s being called for this 10 minutes, is merely a wealth redistribution scheme foisted on America by the Obama Administration , which as we all know, is nothing more than a Chicago style Criminal Enterprise!

      • John D

        Actually it’s a world wide conspiracy. Don’t forget the English “scientists” that inadvertently exposed their lies when their e-mails were hacked. Follow the money!

        • Maus

          Did anyone else notice that the Formerly Free Press (now, ‘Lapdog Media’) spend weeks going over a couple of hundred of Sarah Palin’s hacked e-mails but like five minutes examining the criminal enterprise revealed by the East Anglia e-mails?

      • Maus

        Or, as H.L. Mencken so succinctly put it, “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

        Scare ’em. Then, tell ’em to to pay more taxes, penalties and higher utility bills, and they will be safe. So said the Moorlocks to the Eloi!

        • FunksRevenge

          “The Time Machine”.

          Time to eat! Coming to a town near you!

    • Cahal the Mad™

      The AGW hoax is immediately recognized as such as soon as the left makes the claim that only taxing people more and installing communism, can magically “fix” it all.

      • Mr. Davis

        Sorry Cahal, but your uniformed intuition about climate change doesn’t overrule the virtually unanimous global scientific consensus. In the last two years, there have been 10,855 peer reviewed climate articles. Of those, only 2 rejected the notion of man-made climate change. How can you not find mass scientific consensus compelling? Or do you just think you know better than all of those scientists?

        And you should look up communism since you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. By definition, liberals don’t advocate communism; that would be communists. Fox News like to draw that black and white caricature, but the truth is, disliking complete financial inequality, doesn’t mean advocating complete equality. 1% of the US’s population owns 40% of the it… that is absurdly unbalanced and completely impossible for anyone to achieve in a fair system.

        And you are wrong, the solution is not taxing people, it is taxing companies with high greenhouse emissions. A healthier economy doesn’t need fat corporations, it needs a fat middle class to circulate money. It is an economic reality that trickle down economics is bullshit. But I can see how real economics would appear like “magic” to an uneducated mind.

    • Regular Guy

      Agreed. Global warming is caused by an overabundance of watermelons…green on the outside but red on the inside.

    • BraveNewWhirled

      You must be wunnudem cornholespearasee theerists.

      • Alfred E Newman III

        And U?

      • John D

        And you must be an ignorant fool.

      • Maus

        Albert? Albert Gore, Jr… is that yewwwww? Postin’ on yerrrr Internet again, I see.

  • Comfortable Polar Bear

    Global warming is now a religion followed by true believers….. everything is evidence in support of their “truth”.

    • guest

      The Cult of Anthropogenic Global Warming
      Their Goddess: Gaia, aka The Earth Mother
      Their Faith & Message: Man bad. All men should commit suicide to save our Earth Mother. If men won’t commit suicide, then we’ll regulate them to death.
      Their Enforcement: Environmental Protection Agency, United Nations, wannabe scientists publishing to keep their jobs, ‘scientific’ journals publishing shoddy papers to proselitize their Faith & Message.

    • Mike

      Bees are dying and you don’t care.

      • Patrick

        I would blame Monsanto for that.

      • SquirrelCutter

        The Killer Bees? Hell, Belushi is already gone.


      I believe in the separation of green and state

  • TomJB

    35 years of data is enough to show any trend – up or down – on a planet over 4 billion years old? Hardly. #1 and #29 are the reason for the vast majority of what goes into the temperature of the earth: the sun. Extinguish humanity and the average global temperature might drop a degree or 2 K, extinguish the sun and it drops about 300 K. But yes, climatistas, that SUV in your neighbor’s yard is THE reason why the earth’s temperature and climate isn’t exactly what it was like when Al Gore was growing up in the 50’s…

  • larsinkima

    Darn cows are not farting enough.

  • larsinkima

    You just need to have more faith in the models. Faith is…er….uhhhh….religion.

  • Will setag

    When you have a agenda all that is needed to enforce it is change the rules as you go to suit your needs.

    • HankReardon77

      See Phineas in the classic A Separate Peace.

      • Mike

        The only reason that book is still a classic is that it’s required reading.

  • TeddyDNovak
    • rust

      Good banner, but you can take it a little farther: The Religion of the Greedy.

  • Snarflerator

    And so climate depot, known disinformation site, has spoken. And the blind follow. beyond pathetic.

    • bb6317

      “…known disinformation site…” by whom??? Huffington Post? Mother Jones??? MSNBC??? Who’s the blind one following whom? Your following the IPCC, POTUS, and Al Gore is, what? Enlightened???

      So typical–can’t dispute the facts and figures, so just disparage the messenger and shift back to the propaganda. Go back to your religious crusade, troll.

    • Mad Dog

      Translation: “By the greasy beard on Michael Mann’s big fat face, I can’t think of a rational reply.”

    • wkherbert

      I see you salute Karl F***ing Marx who was wrong about everything.

      Your previous posts show you don’t give a hoot about information; you simply blame the oil industry. They will buy up any energy source you want to provide and sell it. If you mandate solar, they will prosper because they will have it federally regulated to their advantage so they come out ahead.

      Bottom line is the oil industry doesn’t care what energy source you use and they are pushing “green” energy too because they will provide it and charge more for it.

    • Name

      Your kind never changes does it?
      1840: Republicans advocate to end slavery, segregation etc. “All men are created equal” – ( a fight that would last over 100 years into 1964 as Bobby the Bedsheet Byrd filibusters the Civil Rights Act).
      Next day: Democratic editorial (probably written by your ancestors): ‘….And so, the Republicans, known disinformation Party, has spoken. And the blind follow. Beyond pathetic….”

    • Rick

      Just remember as you write those ignorant words next time. You are the one following Al Gore………..blindly. The same Al Gore who sold his TV station to Middle East Big Oil and tried to avoid taxes in the process. The same Al Gore who is constantly flying on his private jet expanding his carbon footprint to give speeches on the threat of CO2 emissions causing Global Warming. And, the same Al Gore who has made a vast fortune off of the very same cause.

      Yep, you’re right. The people on this comment board are the ones turning a blind eye and pathetic, you got ’em

      When the champion for your cause lacks the ability to pass a 1st year College Course in basic science, there is no point in having the discussion.

  • martialmedia

    When the facts lack, make’em up!

  • dave

    How about if I lie, I can make money from government’s around the world that want to tax everyone more for nothing

  • Mad Dog

    If the facts dispute the model, keep the model, dump the facts.

    • Paul K

      Facts are interchangeable. New arguments are substituted as the need arises. A perception of consensus is helpful to the presentation of facts and hypothesis in relation to a goal of shaping public and academic opinion. Once the notion of consensus is established, facts used or substituted are no longer as important to argue. It merely becomes the believers and non-believers at that point.

      • greyfox

        Science by consensus is only useful to fool the gullible. Science by consensus is no science at all. If all scientists agreed that the world was flat would that indeed make the world flat. Science by consensus.

        • Mad Dog

          When I hear that “97% of scientists believe AGW is real,” I have the same reaction as when I hear that “Kim Jong Un won reelection with 99% of the vote.” It doesn’t tell me there’s a true objective consensus. It tells me the fix was in.

          • The 300

            Actually, that figure was arrived by paring more than 3500 papers down to 77, 74 of which agreed with global warming. It’s only a slightly less made up number than Obama’s “95% of Americans want more gun control.”

  • Paul K

    Item number one is the obvious cause for anyone who actually researches data rather than parroting others. It also relates to the cause for the slight warming over the past century. That being the higher than historical average solar activity of the the past many decades causing the slight increase in average temps during that time period. It all correlates, just like it has for tens of thousands of years.

  • John_M_B

    What would happen to life on earth if global temperatures remained constant (I will even let yopu pick the temp)? Something tells me temperatures on Earth were never intended to be static.

  • Martin W.

    The Global Warming is one of the biggest con jobs ever. Anyone who disagrees with these so called experts are ridiculed.
    All it is a tax grab by the elite on the inhabitants of the earth so they can make billions, even trillions of dollars.
    Certainly there is climate change but there has always been climate change throughout the history of the earth.
    And of course we should all try to do our part to lessen our impact on the planet but for these con artists to make out that us humans are bad and need to be taxed as punishment can, as far as im concerned, take a hike.

    • rob247

      As well as a way to punish the United States and spread its wealth to the rest of the earth. I agree with you completely, but also want to suggest that “climate change” is now also an ingenious way for Democrats to maintain a hold on any voters – independent-minded or young, especially – who are contemplating voting Republican in future elections. They no longer call it “man-made global warming” or even just “global warming” – they just refer to it now as “climate change”, as if that is the argument now. How could one possibly vote for a Republican if they don’t even possess the common sense to believe the climate is changing? “Why, their intellectual faculties must be completely compromised – I don’t care how badly the Democrats screwed up and how attractive the Republican strategies look in terms of job opportunities and getting me out of my parents’ basement – I can’t possibly vote for someone who denies the climate is changing.”

    • greyfox

      A voice of reason in an oasis of stupidity.

  • Born_n_Tejas

    How many of you think dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid is “settled science” ??? You would be wrong.

    How many of you think Global Climate Change is “settled science” ??? You would be wrong.

    • jkjcks

      If you can’t observe and replicate it’s not settled science.

      Theories are great, but they are replaced by better theories on a regular basis. Eventually some are proven, they are what can properly be referred to as settled science.

      Make an observation or observations.

      Ask questions about the observations and gather information.

      Form a hypothesis — a tentative description of what’s been observed, and make predictions based on that hypothesis.

      Test the hypothesis and predictions in an experiment that can be reproduced.

      Analyze the data and draw conclusions; accept or reject the hypothesis or modify the hypothesis if necessary.

      Reproduce the experiment until there are no discrepancies between observations and theory.

      • Mad Dog

        There’s really no such thing as “settled science.” If you ever reach the point that you ignore evidence because it runs contrary to dogma, you’re not talking science. You’re talking religion.

        • jkjcks

          Point taken.

          Much “settled science” has proven to be ultimately untrue .

  • I had the absolute proof of global warming from stats I plugged into my own algorithm. However, my program was hacked and all the files got destroyed. But global warming, ah…I mean climate change is reel, honest!!

    • Mad Dog

      I had a similar epiphany. I asked my Magic 8 Ball if Global Warming is real. The answer that came up was “Yes Definitely.” Not just “Yes” or “Signs point to yes.” Those might have left some doubt. It said “Yes Definitely.” I think the science here speaks for itself.

      • buddygonzo

        Glad that’s settled.

    • rob247

      Bonita, please explain to me how, without man made global warming – er, I mean climate change – how on earth it is possible that when I woke up this morning and stepped outside to get the paper it was 58 degrees, and 5 hours later it is pushing 90? This is madness and we need to stop it by implementing a global carbon tax on the United States immediately. The seas will be boiling and evaporating by 10 pm. Fact.

      • don sachs

        you mean ‘climate disruption’~ that’s the newest new name for the same b.s..

        • sammy4231

          That didn’t catch on. It’s kinda like the legal precedent that the SC doesn’t have the power of judicial review.
          Dustbin’s full.

    • Guest

      The IRS did it.

  • If current trends continue, by midnight it will be 200f here in Atlanta.

  • Yellow Niblets

    Forgot number 30: dismissal of reality

  • owenmagoo

    It has gotten to the point where they won’t bring up CO2 concentration, for fear of creating an ‘inverse’ relationship between global temp and CO2.

    I remember less than ten years ago, the enviro nutters were gleefully poking holes in all the theories, that they are now holding up to explain the pause.

    Now they believe water vapor has an effect?

  • Ellipsis_Elided

    I was promised a warmer climate if I bought an SUV, but I got stiffed.

    • Mad Dog

      The Democrats told me the economy would go into the crapper if I voted for Romney. Sure enough I voted for Romney and now the economy’s in the crapper.

  • davidlamb

    Science used to be men and women studying nature to determine how its properties and laws could be used for discovery and for people’s benefit (i.e. man observing nature/creation).

    Now, scientists think of themselves as demi-gods, able to actually create and influence the earth by their calculations and their “creations” (i.e. man creating nature).

    • GeorgeHanshaw1

      That is totally unfair.

      The reality is that this particular set of scientists, like all too many, have sold their souls for grant money.

      If the federal government provides taxpayer Monet to one side of a scientific issue but not the other, it should surprise no one that the results become biased.

      Time to decrease federal funding grants and see if we can restore scientific objectivity.

  • freshlywoken

    So another post this…thought it was GREAT

    “Here is the Left’s position on Man Made Global Warming — in a nutshell:

    Canadian Minister of the Environment to the Calgary Herald: “No matter if the science of global warming is all phony…climate change [provides] the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world.”

  • Rex

    “Heat HIDING in the oceans”
    That’s what caused the shipload of global warming liars to get frozen in the antarctic sea ice during the summer!

    • Rhoda R

      That was one of the funniest episodes in the saga of global warming ever!

  • Jubal Harshaw

    An excuse is the skin of the truth, stuffed with a lie.

    • superunknownuser

      i like that.

    • Mad Dog

      Robert Heinlein is the greatest author in this or any other universe.

  • Rex



    Should we really raise taxes on working people because THE WEATHER CHANGES????




    noun: climate; plural noun: climates

    the weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period.

    “our cold, wet climate”

    synonyms:weather conditions
    You mopes ever hear of GOOGLE?


  • So Cal Guest

    I wish they would just say it… Tell us you want to tax us. Tell us you want to practice redistrabution of wealth, tell us you want more power over us. Come on!!! These power thirsty demigods. Of course there are some sheep environmentalist that are so wrapped up in the cause they truly want to bring us into the Stone Age but that’s a very small percentage. Why don’t they go to the Middle East. There they’ll have all the non-luxuries.

  • Rex

    HOW is it possible to have Global (all over the entire world) warming, when the U.S. is experiencing the coldest summer EVER?
    Does warming all over the world really make it colder?
    Democrats are ignorant of the definitions of basic words that most 3rd graderes understand…..

  • tc

    chemtrails & geo engineering.

  • 13th Monkey

    Can I blame Global Warming on the decision to cast Affleck as Batman?

    • Rhoda R

      Why not? It’s being blamed for everything else including the ebola epidemic.

  • WBC

    Warmists are fond of telling us that weather is not climate – except when the weather is hot and then it is climate. They should all rot from the feet up.

    • Rex

      Warmists are too stupid and/or too lazy to google “CLIMATE DEFINITION” or they would know that Climate = THE WEATHER conditions prevailing in an area.
      The synonym of climate is WEATHER CONDITIONS for crying out loud…..
      Of course the weather changes….it always has.

  • LordGreyFalcon

    How about, “Our historical data was so cherry picked and futzed with that it has become a poor yard stick for comparison.”

  • It has all been mostly a hoax and a joke. All for people like Al Gore to make really big $$$ from this scam.

  • Jim

    The UN IPCC TFE.8 points out that even if temperatures rise a few degrees by 2100, there is “no objective threshold” to where there will be any ill effects. Simply put: “they are cluess”.

  • Snarflerator

    Climate Depot. Most likely financed by the oil industry.

    • ookie oh

      If so, then I thank the oil industry for showing us what fools these “scientists” are.

      • Snarflerator

        You guys love using quotes. ” ” The air between the words of your arguments. Empty.

        • jkjcks

          Which one are you, the liar or the guy that swears to it?

        • ookie oh

          You used quotes in your post of three hours ago on another topic. You wrote ‘I didn’t know you guy were taking your “message” there as well.’ Message in quotes.

    • Rascal69

      As opposed to the advancement of Global Warming based on evidence prepared by “researchers” who get paid to do Global Warming research. Huh, ya think there could be any value to continuing the AGW story?

    • Mad Dog

      “Most likely financed…”

      Got any evidence or are you just going to say that since you want to believe it “the science is settled”?

  • Super

    Is it me or are the brackets supposed to contain hyperlinks to outside sites?

    • jkjcks

      It’s not you.

  • BadWhisky

    Natural cycles:

    A few historical Alarmist cycles….

    1895 – Geologists Think the World May Be Frozen Up Again – New York Times, February 1895

    1902 – “Disappearing Glaciers…deteriorating slowly, with a persistency that means their final annihilation…scientific fact…surely disappearing.” – Los Angeles Times

    1912 – Prof. Schmidt Warns Us of an Encroaching Ice Age – New York Times, October 1912

    1923 – “Scientist says Arctic ice will wipe out Canada” – Professor Gregory of Yale University, American representative to the Pan-Pacific Science Congress, – Chicago Tribune

    1923 – “The discoveries of changes in the sun’s heat and the southward advance of glaciers in recent years have given rise to conjectures of the possible advent of a new ice age” – Washington Post

    1924 – MacMillan Reports Signs of New Ice Age – New York Times, Sept 18, 1924

    1929 – “Most geologists think the world is growing warmer, and that it will continue to get warmer” – Los Angeles Times, in Is another ice age coming?

    1932 -“If these things be true, it is evident, therefore that we must be just teetering on an ice age” – The Atlantic magazine, This Cold, Cold World

    1933 – America in Longest Warm Spell Since 1776; Temperature Line Records a 25-Year Rise – New York Times, March 27th, 1933

    1933 –“…wide-spread and persistent tendency toward warmer weather…Is our climate changing?” – Federal Weather Bureau “Monthly Weather Review.”

    1938 – Global warming, caused by man heating the planet with carbon dioxide, “is likely to prove beneficial to mankind in several ways, besides the provision of heat and power.”– Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society

    1938 – “Experts puzzle over 20 year mercury rise…Chicago is in the front rank of thousands of cities thuout the world which have been affected by a mysterious trend toward warmer climate in the last two decades” – Chicago Tribune

    1939 – “Gaffers who claim that winters were harder when they were boys are quite right… weather men have no doubt that the world at least for the time being is growing warmer” – Washington Post

    1952 – “…we have learned that the world has been getting warmer in the last half century” – New York Times, August 10th, 1962

    1954 – “…winters are getting milder, summers drier. Glaciers are receding, deserts growing” – U.S. News and World Report

    1954 – Climate – the Heat May Be Off – Fortune Magazine

    1959 – “Arctic Findings in Particular Support Theory of Rising Global Temperatures” – New York Times

    1969 – “…the Arctic pack ice is thinning and that the ocean at the North Pole may become an open sea within a decade or two” – New York Times, February 20th, 1969

    1969 – “If I were a gambler, I would take even money that England will not exist in the year 2000″ — Paul Ehrlich (while he now predicts doom from global warming, this quote only gets honorable mention, as he was talking about his crazy fear of overpopulation)

    1970 – “…get a good grip on your long johns, cold weather haters – the worst may be yet to come…there’s no relief in sight” – Washington Post

    1974 – Global cooling for the past forty years – Time Magazine

    1974 – “Climatological Cassandras are becoming increasingly apprehensive, for the weather aberrations they are studying may be the harbinger of another ice age” –Washington Post

    1974 – “As for the present cooling trend a number of leading climatologists have concluded that it is very bad news indeed” – Fortune magazine, who won a Science Writing Award from the American Institute of Physics for its analysis of the danger

    1974 – “…the facts of the present climate change are such that the most optimistic experts would assign near certainty to major crop failure…mass deaths by starvation, and probably anarchy and violence” – New York Times

    Cassandras are becoming increasingly apprehensive, for the weather aberrations they are studying may be the harbinger of another ice age

    1975 – Scientists Ponder Why World’s Climate is Changing; A Major Cooling Widely Considered to Be Inevitable – New York Times, May 21st, 1975

    1975 – “The threat of a new ice age must now stand alongside nuclear war as a likely source of wholesale death and misery for mankind” Nigel Calder, editor, New Scientist magazine, in an article in International Wildlife Magazine

    1976 – “Even U.S. farms may be hit by cooling trend” – U.S. News and World Report

    1981 – Global Warming – “of an almost unprecedented magnitude” – New York Times

    1988 – I would like to draw three main conclusions. Number one, the earth is warmer in 1988 than at any time in the history of instrumental measurements. Number two, the global warming is now large enough that we can ascribe with a high degree of confidence a cause and effect relationship to the greenhouse effect. And number three, our computer climate simulations indicate that the greenhouse effect is already large enough to begin to effect the probability of extreme events such as summer heat waves. – Jim Hansen, June

    1988 testimony before Congress, see His later quote and His superior’s objection for context

    1989 -“On the one hand, as scientists we are ethically bound to the scientific method, in effect promising to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but – which means that we must include all doubts, the caveats, the ifs, and and buts. On the other hand, we are not just scientists but human beings as well. And like most people we’d like to see the world a better place, which in this context translates into our working to reduce the risk of potentially disastrous climate change. To do that we need to get some broad based support, to capture the public’s imagination. That, of course, means getting loads of media coverage. So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have. This “double ethical bind” we frequently find ourselves in cannot be solved by any formula. Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest. I hope that means being both.” – Stephen Schneider, lead author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,Discover magazine, October 1989

    1990 – “We’ve got to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing – in terms of economic policy and environmental policy” – Senator Timothy Wirth

    1993 – “Global climate change may alter temperature and rainfall patterns, many scientists fear, with uncertain consequences for agriculture.” – U.S. News and World Report

    1998 – No matter if the science [of global warming] is all phony . . . climate change [provides] the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world.” —Christine Stewart, Canadian Minister of the Environment, Calgary Herald, 1998

    2001 – “Scientists no longer doubt that global warming is happening, and almost nobody questions the fact that humans are at least partly responsible.” – Time Magazine, Monday, Apr. 09, 2001

    2003 – Emphasis on extreme scenarios may have been appropriate at one time, when the public and decision-makers were relatively unaware of the global warming issue, and energy sources such as “synfuels,” shale oil and tar sands were receiving strong consideration” – Jim Hansen, NASA Global Warming activist, Can we defuse The Global Warming Time Bomb?, 2003

    2006 – “I believe it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience to listen to what the solutions are, and how hopeful it is that we are going to solve this crisis.” — Al Gore, Grist magazine, May 2006

    2006 – “It is not a debate over whether the earth has been warming over the past century. The earth is always warming or cooling, at least a few tenths of a degree…” —Richard S. Lindzen, the Alfred P. Sloan professor of meteorology at MIT

    2006 – “What we have fundamentally forgotten is simple primary school science. Climate always changes. It is always…warming or cooling, it’s never stable. And if it were stable, it would actually be interesting scientifically because it would be the first time for four and a half billion years.” —Philip Stott, emeritus professor of bio-geography at the University of London

    2006 – “Since 1895, the media has alternated between global cooling and warming scares during four separate and sometimes overlapping time periods. From 1895 until the 1930’s the media peddled a coming ice age. From the late 1920’s until the 1960’s they warned of global warming. From the 1950’s until the 1970’s they warned us again of a coming ice age. This makes modern global warming the fourth estate’s fourth attempt to promote opposing climate change fears during the last 100 years.” –Senator James Inhofe, Monday, September 25, 2006

    2007- “I gave a talk recently (on fallacies of global warming) and three members of the Canadian government, the environmental cabinet, came up afterwards and said, ‘We agree with you, but it’s not worth our jobs to say anything.’ So what’s being created is a huge industry with billions of dollars of government money and people’s jobs dependent on it.” – Dr. Tim Ball, Coast-to-Coast, Feb 6, 2007

    2008 – “Hansen was never muzzled even though he violated NASA’s official agency position on climate forecasting (i.e., we did not know enough to forecast climate change or mankind’s effect on it). Hansen thus embarrassed NASA by coming out with his claims of global warming in 1988 in his testimony before Congress” – Dr. John S. Theon, retired Chief of the Climate Processes Research Program atNASA, see above for Hansen quotes

    2009 – Climate change: melting ice will trigger wave of natural disasters. Scientists at a London conference next week will warn of earthquakes, avalanches and volcanic eruptions as the atmosphere heats up and geology is altered. Even Britain could face being struck by tsunamis – “Not only are the oceans and atmosphere conspiring against us, bringing baking temperatures, more powerful storms and floods, but the crust beneath our feet seems likely to join in too,” – Professor Bill McGuire, director of the Benfield Hazard Research Centre, at University College London, – The Guardian, Sep 2009.

    2010 – What Global Warming Looks Like. It was more than 5°C (about 10°F) warmer than climatology in the eastern European region including Moscow. There was an area in eastern Asia that was similarly unusually hot. The eastern part of the United States was unusually warm, although not to the degree of the hot spots in Eurasia. James Hansen – NASA GISS, August 11, 2010.

    2011 – Where Did Global Warming Go? “In Washington, ‘climate change’ has become a lightning rod, it’s a four-letter word,” said Andrew J. Hoffman, director of the University of Michigan’s Erb Institute for Sustainable Development. – New York Times, Oct 15, 2011.

    2012 – Global warming close to becoming irreversible-scientists. “This is the critical decade. If we don’t get the curves turned around this decade we will cross those lines,” said Will Steffen, executive director of the Australian National University’s climate change institute, speaking at a conference in London. Reuters, Mar 26, 2012

    2013 – Global-warming ‘proof’ is evaporating. The 2013 hurricane season just ended as one of the five quietest years since 1960. But don’t expect anyone who pointed to last year’s hurricanes as “proof” of the need to act against global warming to apologize; the warmists don’t work that way. New York Post, Dec 5, 2013

    2014 – Climate change: It’s even worse than we thought. Five years ago, the last report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change painted a gloomy picture of our planet’s future. As climate scientists gather evidence for the next report, due in 2014, Michael Le Page gives seven reasons why things are looking even grimmer. –New Scientist (undated in 2014)

    • greyfox

      Yes but this time it really is warming. LOL

    • rust

      You might think that after all this up and down, hot and cold waffling, they might get the idea that maybe, JUST MAYBE, the climate changes like this as a normal function? Or maybe what they are observing are WEATHER cycles? Cripes there’s a lot of ignoramuses out there.

  • Topper

    It should be called “Anthropogenic Global Fleecing”.

  • waltc4

    “Low solar activity” is an interesting one, since it presents the reality that the sun, and not man, determines overall shifts in the earth’s climate. It explains past ice ages, past periods of warming, etc. The earth is either warming or cooling–all of recorded history has taken place inside one of those periods of warming. Where these people got the notion that climate is “supposed to remain static else something is horrifically wrong” is truly a puzzle for the ages. You would also think these people would be smart enough to understand that the Earth is not a greenhouse and does not act like a greenhouse. A man-made greenhouse is exceedingly simple; the Earth is not man-made and is exceedingly complex. They just can’t seem to wrap their minds around that basic Climate 101 concept, for some reason.

  • War_Machine2

    9) Stadium Waves….. LOL!

  • Jason

    I like “God wanted to display the foolishness of mankind’s attempt to play God”

  • Hamma Time

    If your oven doesn’t make ice, you are a denier!

  • pologuy

    I am convinced of climate change, as I have never seen a dinosaur or saber tooth tiger.
    Do not expect me to buy into the global warming hoax. Look who is pushing that agenda.

  • Keith

    As Joseph Goebbls once told Hitler, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, the people will eventually come to believe it.The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus, by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Uh, care to comment, former vice president and (must . . . not . . . smirk) environmental activist Al Gore? Doesn’t the pla-yan-et have a fa-hee-ver?

    Yes, I see and, no, you can’t do that to me or the horse I rode in on. I don’t even own a horse.

  • Mac mcintire

    Global warming. Money maker for the useless members of the UN , AL Gore and a new Obama tax

  • Andy Tierney

    And the list will keep on growing as the hoax continues to fall apart.

  • David Goldman

    “0bama believes in global warming. So if you question global warming, then you are a racist.” There you go warmists. Free of charge, your all in one answer. You don’t need any other excuses anymore.

  • St. Ferd III

    Globaloneywarming, a cult of stupid, the illiterate, the non-scientific, the human-hating Marxist, the corrupt and venal.


    97% of scientists agree that man is the root cause of global warming….lets dig a little deeper into that 97% … ~3400 scientists were polled, and of those respondents, only those that had published 2 or more papers (blaming man) over the last 2 years qualified to be included in the category. Of those 3400 that submitted, only 79 “qualified”. So in all reality the 97% is really the 2%….makes one really wonder why they had to disqualify 98% of scientists…..hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • Maria

      The whole global worming is a scam, it is made to serve the politicians as a tool to tax us to death with carbon taxes.

      • IH8PROGS

        well….duh on the scam side…..but now go do your research as to ownership of seats on the Chicago carbon exchange…..it is about the carbon credits for corporations….follow the money honey….

        • greyfox

          No matter how you look at carbon credits, they make no sense. If I can offset my carbon footprint by buying carbon credits and I decide not to buy them, where do they go? If we can manufacture carbon credits why doesn’t the government save our asses and simply manufacture the carbon required to offset the carbon footprints. The whole idea is just ludicrous. The offsets either exist, in which case we have no problem or they can be produced in which case we still have no problem. The public is being taken for the fools they are.

  • mad monk

    #30 – It is all Bush’s fault (recent White House press release…)

  • daveinga

    gosh golly gee. all those excuses. sounds like ‘settled science’ to me.
    didn’t that gore guy invent the internet too?

    • greyfox

      What is most tragic of all is that people actually believe this political garbage.

  • GeorgIII

    How stupid those scientists are, nobody mentioned the SUN, our 100% weather maker.
    The sun fluctuates and on long run is a variable star, we just do not have long term data to prove it with. Without the sun the earth will freeze into a solid rock in less than a month, including the oceans. How about that fraudulent scientists and stupid believers, any inputs from you?

    • rust

      Aren’t all stars in the long run VARIABLE? Let’s seeeeee…. yup, yup, duh yup. Evenshully they run out of fuel.

  • Anthony Artesto

    The Earth’s eco-system is far beyond our reach. Scientists like to think they can find explanations but really have no idea. My faith is solely in Jesus Christ and although sometimes our faith can be tested, mine will never waiver.

    • War_Machine2

      Great Comment and Avatar! Go Steelers!

  • ChopperChopChop

    Reason will never, ever, ever, ever, ever hear: “Maybe we were wrong.”

    • Jack_Kennedy

      they would never stop having to admit it ………………. ABOUT EVERYTHING they spout

  • Sagesteve

    Here’s another one you can ask Al…”In 1913, Furnace Creek California set the record for the WORLD high. It was 134 degrees. Right now its 95 degrees. Can you explain?

    • greyfox

      Please don’t embarrass poor Al.

  • jkjcks

    Look for “Climate Risk” to replace the other tired, worn-out, and debunked terms.
    Still a fraud.

    • vb_guy

      The old “What If it is real” argument… There are some resorting to this.

    • sammy4231

      “Climate Hijinks.”

  • sammy4231

    Oldest agriculture evidence -12,000 years old in Levant. Natufian.
    Oldest religious evidence – 12,000 years old in Levant. Natufian Priestess grave.

    First shiny objects extracted from gullible to buy good weather -12,000 years ago in Levant. Natufian gemstones.

  • David Goldman

    Hey! The science is settled — 97% of grant scientists say so. Why are you trying to confuse things with data and facts? Just grab a pair of long-johns and stop complaining about the cold.

  • it_begins

    If you can’t explain the pause, you can’t explain the cause.

    Love it. Libbies believe anything that rhymes.

  • thomasthewisest

    “Call out with a loud voice, for the [Global Warming God] is ether occupied or gone aside, or is on a journey, or perhaps he is asleep and needs to be awakened.” So they cried with a loud voice and cut themselves according to their custom with swords and lances until the blood gushed out on them.…

    • OKWishbone

      If you have ever had an occasion to read The Living Bible translation, they “translate” a particular part of this passage (I Kings 18:27) by inserting the clause: “maybe he’s sitting on the toilet.” Perhaps this explains the inactivity of the Global Warming God.

  • DriveMonkeyDrive

    Bogus data. Corrupted data. Manipulated data. Lies to control the global environment. Agenda driven science which is not science.

    • greyhound16

      In the most environmentally unfriendly city in the USA, water-wise.

  • Richard the Lion-Hearted

    Yup, pseudo-science psychos, the whole lot of ’em. This is more based on proving God doesn’t exist and man can control and know everything (which through this climate false “science” is exactly what ‘they’: the globalists, politicians, banksters, and elite at large want to do through regulation, over the citizen) then it is truth, understanding, and enlightenment.

  • SteveO

    star trek style “techno babble,” no “enviro babble.”

  • rr_nyc

    Man Made global Warming = Religion.

  • Engage Gray Matter

    Just wait till the grant money runs out and we won ‘to have to hear it anymore …,. Sigh

  • Hamma Time

    Was it not the scientology founder that said the fastest way to becoming a millionaire is to start a religion? Man have they nailed it on this one. Can anyone think of any other “science” where facts and truth are tossed out the window? Can someone please reference for me this inverted scientific method they are using? Is one not supposed to formulate a theory and then use facts to prove or disprove such theory? The BS flag is raised when you start manipulating data to fit a model. Such nonsense…..and to think that everyone who uses energy, or something derived from it, are having to pay several times the cost for such energy and products derived from it. And for what? To have these propaganda machines dump out more BS. Will the REAL scientists please stand up?

  • roosterCrow4

    They missed the number 1 reason for this pause…

    Manbearpig has gone into a 18 year period of hibernation. This threat has not passed and I am super duper cereal!

  • Littleredtop

    It would appear that Earth’s climate is becoming immune to the effects of CO2. This is what happens when a planet gets too much of a good gas. Now we have to encourage the creation of more CO2 just to keep up with the needs of oxygen producing plants. Modern science has concluded that the best source of CO2 is human flatulence. To generate more human flatulence the UN has begun an aggressive campaign to encourage the consumption of pinto beans. Because of this, there now appears to be a distinct shortage of the powerful legume. Governments are now incentivizing farmers across the globe to plant pintos versus other cash crops in a last-ditch effort to save our planet. Will this initiative prove to be too little too soon? Have we passed the point of return? What has the leader of the free world to say on this subject?

  • C. Adkins

    anybody with sense knows the climate change/warming thing is fake., -It’s about control and money.

    • byeGeorge

      Its Al ‘$Greenback$ Gore’s foil…

  • Dusan

    Inconvenient facts dare to conflict with a theory? Either blame the facts or ignore them completely. It is all about controlling behavior.

  • Praelium

    Very cool list. Thank you. I encourage Calif. business people and civic leaders to promote three safe and brilliant energy sources: Integral Fast Reactors, Boron plants and Plasma recyclers.

  • elmofuddleputt

    It’s all a bunch of bunk, the lot of it.

  • fuliars

    The solar system is on the wispy edges of a hydrogen cloud. Friction passing in-out of the hydrogen cloud wisps causes heating-cooling to the solar system. This is not your fault, but Al Gore and his band of billionaire criminals need to convince you it is your fault – so you believe it is your fault – so it is easier to tax your really stupid ass with their Carbon Credit Tax scheme.

    Sun: More activity since 1940 than in previous 1150 years, combined – Hogan, Jenny. Sun More Active than for a Millennium. New Scientist, November 2, 2003.

    Mars: “Global Warming,” huge storms, disappearance of polar icecaps – James, Phil et al. Seasonal Changes in Mars’ North Polar Ice Cap. HubbleSite NewsCenter, 1997, no. 15

    Saturn: Major decrease in equatorial jet stream velocities. Chandra x-ray observations of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, shows a 10-15% increase in the height of its atmosphere, as of January 2003 – Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Titan Casts Revealing Shadow. Chandra X-Ray Observatory Photo Album website of NASA / SAO. April 05, 2004.

    Pluto: 300% increase in atmospheric pressure. As Pluto recedes farther from the Sun, it is heating up – Halber, Deborah. Pluto is undergoing global warming, researchers find. MIT News, Oct. 9. 2002

  • four_right_one_left

    31) The flux capacitor malfunctioned, and caused some cooling, which has counterbalanced the warming.
    32) Al Gore produces so much wind, the cool breeze counterbalanced the warming.

  • American_League

    The dog ate my Global Warming!

  • jnsesq

    In no way should it be misconstrued that I do not disagree.

  • Headbangerguy

    The important thing is that the warmist missed their own computer predictions. That’s “prediction” with an “s”. Predictions. 90 climate models.


  • alfisti

    All you need to remember is this one phrase:

    “The issue is never the issue. The issue is ALWAYS the Revolution”.

    This applies to every single Marxist “issue” that they are constantly throwing hop all so earnestly, climate change being one of the most prominent right now.

    Doesn’t mean there are not useful idiots in the environmental movement that actually believe in their “cause”, but the people pulling the strings there and elsewhere only care about one thing – the Marxist Revolution and global redistribution.

    World-wide “Egalite” – of results (except for the apparatchiks, of course) – is the goal.
    “Climate Change” is just another means to that end.

  • gnubi

    I’m curious about number 17.

    • Jimmy D

      17’s the real reason that proves Global Warming Climate Change is REAL so the oil companies told them to take it out so they could continue to scourge the Mother Earth. I mean, like, it’s so obvious.

      • BahiaBob

        That is the 2nd most lame posting in this thread. How do you observe man’s contribution when one volcano eruption puts millions of tons of particles and gasses into the upper atmosphere and reverses the warming trend for 20 years? This just occurred in Iceland last year. Don’t expect any GWF ‘observations’ to be based on actual facts or to have an actual basis in causation. Conjecture based on biased data isn’t science.

  • Johnat8500

    That’s all the excuses they can come up with? How about not as many politicians spewing hot air. No that isn’t it. Maybe Al Gore’s jet actually runs on his own poop. He just sits on the can and farts his way accross the country. Not sure if that would work but if anyone could make it work it would be Al the know it all. Sure they can’t waiy for a hot summer to run around like chicken little. The earth is warmong the earth is warming. Maybe they need more knocks on the heads by acorns.

  • GeorgiaJim

    They can’t make excuses for what doesn’t exist. What does that say about this nonsense? Anyone who still believes this bunk is definitely a communist, they see it for what is really is, the redistribution of wealth. From the U.S. to the rest of the despotic banana republics on earth. What we should focus on is reducing man made ignorance, liberalism.

  • Raule

    There is no man made global warming and the deniers far out number the liers.

    • Shootist

      Really? The discussion is whether the warmists have proof that man’s activities cause(d) the warming of the past 100 years or so. The answer to that is no. But that doesn’t disprove their theory that man’s activity causes (the observed) warming.

      • BahiaBob

        That is the most lame posting in this thread. How do you observe man’s contribution when one volcano eruption puts millions of tons of particles and gasses into the upper atmosphere and reverses the warming trend for 20 years? This just occurred in Iceland last year. Don’t expect any GWF ‘observations’ to be based on actual facts or to have an actual basis in causation. Conjecture based on biased data isn’t science.

        • Shootist

          What are you mumbling about? What I wrote is completely accurate.

          • BahiaBob

            Only a devout GWF religion member would call what I said mumbling. So now you revealed your true colors. Deep blue with a tint of yellow. Made any offerings at the Al Gore chicken little temple lately? Did you make a sacrifice of your first born at the altar of GWF yet? There! It’s settled then!

          • Shootist

            you’re still mumbling.

            The warmists do no have proof that Anthropomorphic CO2 causes “global warming”.

            The warmists have a theory that warming is caused by man.

            Both statements are equally true.

            A third truism is you’re a dunderhead.

          • BahiaBob

            Sorry but the ‘proof’ on Anthropomorphic CO2 causing Global Warming is based on flawed data. I am regret attacking but then you started with the insults so give some, get some. I however, will refrain if you will in future conversation. It has now been proven that CO2 dissipates over time and cannot sustain the GW stuff. So other causations are now being investigated by a group of scientists that are actually objective to the issue.

  • bblake100

    The significant of this is that the model is not predictive. It doesn’t matter why there is no warming.
    If the model didn’t account for whatever is causing the decrease in temp then it is useless and no action can be taken based on it. This is the automatic argument to use against any excuse anybody comes up with. The con men that masquerade as scientists try to confuse the issue to protect their grants. The vast majority of people will believe anything if it is spoken with authority and confidence.

    • DaveGinOly

      And the models are all demonstrably inadequate/not accurate or good predictors. This is easy to see – all study groups create their own models. If there were one or two climate models that were accepted as “good,” all researchers would be using them. But when they all build their own models (or modify existing models), this is a way of saying they have no faith in every other model’s accuracy and/or predictive ability. Because every research group holds every other group’s model as somehow defective or inadequate, they are all generally held in this regard by most other scientists.

  • docscience

    When the answer is a global government with vast power to control all aspects of life, business and industry, does the question really matter?

    • zombietimeshare

      “Freeze or fry, the problem is always industrial capitalism, and the solution is always international socialism.”
      ~~Dr. Malcolm Ross

  • zombietimeshare

    If reality is at odds with the computer models then reality must be wrong.

  • Nick25

    Global warming translated from ancient Latin means “tax on the stupidly gullible.” These people are idiots.

  • Otto_Zeit

    You all have to understand . . . all the polar bears and the inhumanity of it all….and the women and minorities….and the people of colour…..and the transgendered. These are the real victims. Racism is the
    cause of climate change and the source of simultaneous global warming and cooling. Whatever will become of all the lesbian Eskimo chambermaids and massueses?

    • The 300

      Aliens inform all the world’s governments that they will destroy the Earth in a week. The headlines:
      The Wall Street Journal: Aliens To Destroy Earth. Markets Down.
      The Washington Post: Aliens To Destroy Earth. Tea Party To Blame
      The New York Times: Aliens To Destroy Earth, Women And Minorities Hardest Hit.

  • william

    the hard drives crashed and were erased and recycled

  • I can explain it in one word: SCAM

  • Brian washere

    I challenge anyone to show me one thing mankind has HAD to change in his behaviors as a result of this “climate change” that isn’t imaginary or precautionary. Just one… HINT: You can’t.

  • IckyD

    Climate alarmism plays on the highly localized environmental damage that result from major construction projects and mills and plants. By extrapolating all this “climate/environmental damage” and claiming that it all combines to effect the whole world these scam-artists see ways to create political agendas where none actually exists and to create new taxes [new money for pols to abuse, steal or pork-barrel] and new ways to restrict and manipulate private ownership and development of land.

    Mother Nature is bigger than us all.

    If that ever changes she’ll get rid of us before we even know what’s happening.

  • IckyD

    “Climate change” is also a way to turn kids against business by implying that corporations destroy nature- a paraphrasing of one of the anti-capitalist tenets of communism.

    Look how much has been done to limit free-market economics in America the past six years…

  • Paul Paine

    Using junk science to promote the Manmade Global Warming hoax, demonstrates that a large portion of our society can be bamboozled by silver tongued liars.

    Hmm. Voted in 0bama twice. Any connection here?

  • Ken Martin

    Just one huge scam by the socialists and marxists. And a Chicago con artist.

  • Hilarious!
    Don’t forget, “dog ate my data.”

  • The Hound

    The answer I think explains the leveling off (and recent drop depending on which data you look at) is that the long term trend of temperatures suggest a fluctuation that resembles a sine wave. warm in the 30s, cool in the 70s, warm again now, and starting to cool again. This natural phenomenon seems to be real, and would account for most/all of the warming of the 80s and 90s. Is there an effect of humans on global temperatures once this variation due to natural causes is removed from the model? Maybe, but the effect, if any, would be very small. Certainly not large enough to justify the huge research grants these guys are hoping for.

  • Dave

    If you like your climate, you can keep your climate. Period

  • Buddy Dallas

    To the people that think we deniers are stupid andor Don’t care, Well I may not Believe in man made Global Warming, but I definitively take into consideration on the what kind of appliances that are turn on, I have a power strip that has a masterslave where when my TV is turn off it turns off all other Audio Equipment including the TV all the way off, and not on standby, I don’t travel alot via Airplane, like some people I know, I don’t keep lights on, keep fans on, I have a Wifi enabled Thermostat, mu hosue windows have sunscreens to help keep the house cooler, and in the winter I try to SUFFER as far as i can without turn the heater on, but then since I have a programming thermostat the heater only comes on early in the morning when I wake up and then turns off when I leave for work, all my appliances are Energy Start Efficient, I recycle garbage to the best of my ability, and at work, and I try to live very conservatively and constantly to find ways where to reduce energy NOT because of Global warming because its just in my nature. Next possible item is hybrid car but its hard to get away from not having a car payment.

    So, Can anybody out there, that is a DIE hard global warming religious fanatic come close to these standards that I’ve laid out. Personally, from my experience, and the people that put the scare tactics into the population don’t even come close. Its pretty much I know, I want you to believe I care, but f&*kin I want you to live the way I say to help protect ME, I can live anyway I want because I’m a believer and that is really all that matters

    So next time you bad mouth a non believer, take a look at yourself and really ask how much your involved in the cause you believe in, and you just don’t talk the talk and..poo-poo the walk

    • Big Ed

      I do the same thing but for selfish reasons.. I’m just tired of paying huge power and fuel bills. I bet ya I am a better consumer than most Global Warming alarmists, if I do say so myself.
      I’m also designing my own power generation system for my retirement home so I can break the chains of bondage to Duke energy for good. I’ll bet $1000 I know more about alternative energy sources than most so called experts, if I do say so myself.

    • OWilson

      I think you have bought into the “green” BS.
      Even animals and insects keep their dens and nests clean, without urging from “environmentalists”. Our caveman ancestors didn’t burn up all their collected wood in one big fire.
      The emissions from the manufacture (in Asia, conveniently) of the products you use, far outweigh, the minimal energy savings you can achieve by fine tuning them to your discomfort.

    • kilosqrd

      Not me. It gives me great pleasure and delight to use as much fossil fuel based energy that I possibly can, each and every day.

  • JhoffaX

    AGW is a rent seeking endeavor.. Global in it’s scope.

    It’s absolutely evil to try to rob people like this.

  • bluesdoc70

    Doh’…Someone’s uncovered an inconvenient truth.

    • Fedhup

      Gorebot don’t care. He’s made his money and moved on to the next scam. He’s like those 3am telemarketers with “THE MOST FABULOUS WAY TO MAKE MONEY IN REAL ESTATE EVER!!!!111!!!11ELEVENTY”.

  • Chris Fisher

    Here is a great interactive site where you can compare global temps for any two periods you want to.

    Go ahead, try it. If you compare any older period with a more recent period, you will get a largely yellow and orange map.


    • RenegadeScholar

      for any two periods you want to.

      Nope. It told me it could only go back to 1880. That leaves out the Minoan Warm Period, the Roman Warm Period, and the Medieval Warm Period.

      Convenient, eh?

      If you compare any older period with a more recent period, you will get a largely yellow and orange map.

      Not during the current “pause.”

      It also shows the 1930-32 being warmer than now.

      Anyway, who cares?

      Older temperatures keep being “revised” downwards, making current temps seem relatively higher and higher.

      Have you ever actually checked out the SOURCE of data from 1880? I didn’t think so.

      • progs_r_morons

        And about 5 billion years of earth processes.

      • Chris Fisher

        Show me the map, from the NASA site, that shows the “pause”.
        Or give me the criteria you used to make it.

        So the data from 1880 is suspect, but the data from eons ago is a-OK?

        • moral DK

          And who funds NASA? If you hold the purse, you get the results you want. It’s a shame; NASA used to be looked up to as an exploratory agency, now they’re just another political tool for the left.

          • Chris Fisher

            Right. The people who landed men on the moon, sent a spacecraft out of the solar system that’s still working, and plopped a rover the size of a Hummer on Mars suddenly decided to turn into Obamabots, willing to just make up stuff.

            Take off your tin foil hat and find your meds.

          • Fedhup

            Well yes. Since all of their MONEY comes from the obamaroid they must give him what he wants or there is no MONEY.

            Even glowbull wormening “scientists” can understand this simple concept.

          • BahiaBob

            The NASA top management is appointed by Obama, idiot.

          • Chris Fisher

            So the data at NASA has been fabricated? Take a look at the data from the source of this post, RSS. It totally corroborates the NASA data.

            Not that facts would concern you or anyone on this crazy site.

          • moral DK

            NASA was once a great scientific organization: no argument there. Now they’re nothing more than a political tool of the left, praising Islam for all it’s “scientific contributions” and pushing the global warming/climate change/ climate disruption agenda.

            Sorry: no hat, no meds. The problem (for you) is that many of us also have no leftist indoctrination. Try to think for yourself once. I think you’ll find it refreshing.

          • Chris Fisher

            So, you are contending that the NASA data has been fabricated? That 18,000 career employees all suddenly agreed to start polluting the science that they have dedicated their lives to? Yeah, if you haven’t lost your meds, you need to stop taking them.

          • Chris Fisher

            You still haven’t provided me the criteria you used to make the map you claim shows a pause in GW.

      • Chris Fisher

        1974-1994 vs 1994-2014

  • TruthDetector

    The self-proclaimed ‘scientists’ have too much invested, both professionally and financially.

    They will never admit the fraud that is Global Warming cum Climate Change.

    These clowns wouldn’t know science if it revealed itself in the laboratory.

  • thunderclapnewman

    Maybe it’s those three scientists from the “Our Man Flint” movie causing it. Especially, the Chinese one.

  • Libsaregullible

    Yet the libs still swallow this huge shhh sandwich. Clowns.

    • ATM

      They know it is a lie but it is also a means to their end.

  • Thunderchild

    “Proclaiming to be wise, they became fools”

    GOD –

  • pepper12

    the ozone “hole” and its “cause” was the first world wide hoax under the guise of “saving the earth”. AGW is just the same only much much worse. the pols, the idiot press, and their lefty supporters are all pushing for taxing us to death. funny how a tax will stop global warming. There isn’t a word to describe the utter stupidity of it. if the greenies really believed their religion they would kill themselves.

    • William

      Acid rain was the earliest hoax that I can remember but was limited to North America in scope, I believe.

      • Fedhup

        I believe that was debunked when the world realized what they were talking about was dropping acid and tripping to the movie Purple Rain.

    • ATM

      It isn’t stupid and calling them so vastly underestimates the evil these despots are trying to perform. It isn’t an “idiot press” as you state. It is an evil press performing one task in the plan to enslave you. They aren’t “press” but a well coordinated propaganda arm of the communists.

  • John Dough

    Global Warming, Holocaust Hoax, crazed lone gunmen, The Rapture is coming, the IRS is legal etc.,etc..

    P.T. Barnum was right. There’s one born every minute

    • Laurelfork

      Barnum gave them a show, Gore gave them nothing.

      • dennis1960

        What do you mean? You can’t have a circus without a few clowns.

  • trampletheweakhurdlethedead

    There are several well known, expert scientists who have challenged Algore to a debate, so if he is so sure of global warming/climate change, why not settle it once & for all?
    The father of global warming has done a 190 on this, and yet no real mention of it in the media?

  • It’s all George Bush’s fault… ;-(

  • Troll-Troller

    Huh. I don’t see one defender of man made global climate disruption in the comment section today. Wonder why that is? Usually there are at least a few.

    How nice not to see them, spouting their made-up data, desperately trying to convince us how stupid we are for not falling for the same scam they fell for.

  • Valty9

    “We’ll have to pass it to find out what’s in it.”
    Since we now know what’s in it when can we start pissing on it.
    Does anyone still recall that famous international Global Warming “non-conference” that Nancy’s coterie needed four airplanes to attend – so they could “unmeet” and do their Christmas shopping in Copenhagen?
    Do any of you know what a burden it is to be the only photographic memory in town?
    Can those with low-info get a grip on what high-info means?
    Is it possible to raise the American average attention age from that of a sixth-grader to that of a sixth grader plus a month?
    With all these new discoveries of planets near so many old suns have any of them yet been determined to be a victim of global anything – and is it contagious?

  • FlyOverCountry

    Plop plop fizz fizz…oh, what a relief it is…no climate change here…try Mars…

  • BacSi

    Why did they stop throwing virgins into volcanos to stop global warming? That system was way more effective than throwing money into the DC bottomless pit.

  • rust

    A bunch of arrogant asswipes who seem to believe that Man has that kind of power over nature! STOP CHEMTRAILING US, YOU DICKS! Leave my skies THE FUCK ALONE.

  • oldcowboy

    By this time wasn’t the snow supposed be gone from Mount Everest? So dumb and yet so many.

  • 17_woods

    GWF: Global Warming Fraud

  • red_fez

    How about a comparison of Al Gore’s net worth today versus that of 2000.

    • TommyD6of11

      Poor Ale Gore needs the money to buy dresses now that he can no longer borrow them from his ex wife.

  • dr_bugsy

    The Alarmists will still say, “But it was hot in Death Valley today!”

    • Calamity Jane

      Ed McMahon and the studio audience would say….”How hot was it?”

      Johnny Carson would reply….”It was so hot today I saw a robin dipping his worm in Nestea.”

    • BahiaBob

      Remind them that the 1913 record low for July in Death Valley was toppled this year by 15 degrees! 89 versus 104! Also the average Death Valley temperature for the last 12 years has be 6 to 10 degrees lower. Global Cooling!

  • Mo Fo

    If this is true, then how will Liberals earn BILLIONs of our dollars????

    • ATM

      They will simply claim the science is settled and take your money and your liberties.

  • TommyD6of11

    Thanks to global warming, for the first time in their lives, climatologists can go into a bar and expect to get laid.

    Well, the fun is over if GW is false and all the cool (no pun intended) guys are going to switch majors.

    • vacmancan

      Sweetheart if you took the time to try to understand science, you’ll get laid constantly. Babes love guys who understand science.

      • mamouian

        Then that must explain your ongoing virginity.

      • TommyD6of11

        i see you love to call everyone sweat heart … how cute.

        Well, sweatheart, why don’t you bitch slap yourself … I am sure you’d enjoy it.

        As for getting laid constantly by spouting GW pseudo science, why would I want to make love to a woman dumb enough to believe that crap (I.e. a Liberal/Democrat).

        Conservative men like me like our women to be strong, independent, free thinkers … not the kind of bimbos who think Obama, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, et al want anything more than their some free sex and their vote.

        • vacmancan

          Sweetheart conservative men are “simpel-folk” who don’t understand science. You like you’re women being paid less, then men. Conservatives have no respect for women you treat them like chattle, don’t you????? Who are you trying to kid????

          • TommyD6of11


            My fiancee is a highly successful, highly paid, brilliant, corporate real estate attorney who handles $ billions in transactions every year. She’s also a strong Conservative who thinks that Liberal men are both pathetic and abusive.

            Do you really think the Kennedy’s treat their women well?
            How about Anthony Wiener?
            How about Bill Clinton?
            How about most the executives in Hollywood?

            C’mon, let’s get real.

      • TommyD6of11


        I notice that you like to call everyone Sweatheart, how cute, and to bitch slap everyone.

        Well, Sweatheart, why don’t you bitch slap yourself, I’m sure you’d enjoy it.

        As for ‘constantly getting laid by spouting GW pseudo science, why would I want to make love to a woman dumb enough to believe that crap (i.e. a Liberal/Democrat). It would be like picking up girls with the line “Did you know the word “gullible” is not in the dictionary?”.

        Conservative men like me want women who are strong, independent, intelligent, free thinkers. Not some bimbo who actually believes that the Ted Kennedy’s (or any other Kennedy), Harry Reid’s, Gavin Newsom’s, Anthony Weiner’s of the world want more than some free sex and their vote.

        More importantly, everyone knows that Conservative women make the best lovers … aye, laddy, now that’s what I call settled science.

      • OWilson

        Liberal women are either butt ugly, or airhead valley girrrrls.

        Who would want to lay them?

  • vacmancan

    I love B!TCH-SLAPPIN the “simpel-folk” who don’t understand science. Anybody in the mood to get BATTA-BINGED??????

    • Fedhup

      Curious statement since “science” is the struggle to understand. If you understood “science” you would be the creator of science (as in God) and not need to understand “science”.

      • vacmancan

        Sweetheart are you a creationist?????

  • Eelo Fudpucker

    Global warming is a hoax,there is no better proof than the fact that two separate prestigious scientific groups have been shown to have falsified data in order to prove their global warming theories.
    NOAA announce a couple of weeks ago that their scientists where not inputting real temperatures but computer model temperatures in order to prove their claims.
    About two years ago prominent scientists one in England and one in the U.S were caught by their e-mails again falsifying data to reach a predetermined climate goal.
    Our government has given out more than 2 billion dollars in grants to get proof of Global warming so they can use it as a club to control more of peoples lives through taxation and regulation.

  • boca_grande

    Global Warming is here, and it is dangerous to mankind. We must send out money to the third world and convert to socialism. If you don’t believe me you are a racist.

    • Fred Beloit

      Recommend you tag your comment with “/s”.

      • Fedhup

        Anyone that can’t tell already won’t understand /s.

  • roval

    heres the reason:if scientists actually reported the truth,”there is no global warming”,all funding would be cut off,and all these scientists would be out of a job.guess what,if all funding was cut off,there would be no global warming.because there would be no money to be made.

  • Rick

    29- no wait! 30! No one expects the Inquisition!!!

  • Rick

    Is #2 like the dog ate my homework?

  • Clay Cullum

    The planet is burning up . . . or maybe freezing! Send money.

    • Fedhup

      The planet is burning up… or maybe freezing!

      We’re TAKING your money.

  • Hannibal_32

    Genius list.. My favorite is “The Ocean ate the Global Warming”.

  • ROSS783027

    I live in Maryland and every day I raise my hands to the sky and say, ” AL GORE were is my GLOBAL WARMING”, as I want Florida temperatures and palm trees in Maryland. Note! this past winter the ARCTIC OCEAN froze over from the shores of Russia to the shores of Canada. The Great Lakes were 93% frozen over and were still melting in June. The US was 73% covered in snow.

    • Fedhup


      SHUT UP RACIST!!!!1!!1!1

      • D

        hahaha, freaking extremist conspiracy theorists these days!

      • hamous


  • spawn44

    If global warming is so bad why aren’t the AGW clingers happy that it is not occurring. Answer, they’re PO’D because they will be out of a job if the POLITICAL SCIENCE SCAM ends.

  • Kevin

    I’m shocked! SHOCKED I tell you! Global Warming isn’t real? All those proposed taxes, government spending, and regulations? Not…necessary? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  • Sterny

    It’s like I always tell my kids…I know you think you’re giving me reasons, but all I’m hearing are excuses.

  • Mark

    I’m a little confused by the graph. What is the vertical axis? The trend line is level, but it is at approximately +0.23. Does that mean the temperature of the lower troposphere is increasing, on average, by 0.23 degrees per year?

    • Mad Dog

      That is the average temperature just above the ground and water in degrees. The Antarctic pulls the average down. The tropics pull the average up. The overall average for the entire Earth is just a little above 0 degrees so just a little above freezing.

      According to the global warming models, the average temperature should be creeping up because of the increasing amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. But it’s not. It fluctuates around 0.23 degrees where it has been for nearly two decades.

      • Mark

        Thanks. The word “anomalies” in the figure description made me think the graph represented a departure from the normal (whatever normal means).

  • Ross Bielema

    I think this all ties in with the recent Sharknado activity as shown on Syfy! Al Roker and his Today show colleagues showed this! TAKE COVER!