The sun has gone quiet…solar cycle 24 continues to rank as one of the weakest cycles more than a century

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The sun has gone quiet…solar cycle 24 continues to rank as one of the weakest cycles more than a century

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Overview Ten days ago, the sun was quite active and peppered with several large spots. Now the sun has gone quiet and it is nearly completely blank. It appears that the solar maximum phase for solar cycle 24 may have been reached and it is not very impressive. It looks as if this solar cycle is “double-peaked” (see below) which is not all that uncommon; however, it is somewhat rare that the second peak in sunspot number during the solar max phase is larger than the first. In fact, this solar cycle continues to rank among the weakest on record which continues the recent trend for increasingly weaker cycles. The current predicted and observed size makes this the smallest sunspot cycle since Cycle 14 which had a maximum of 64.2 in February of 1906. Going back to 1755, there have been only a few solar cycles in the previous 23 that have had a lower number of sunspots during its maximum phase. For this reason, many solar researchers are calling this current solar maximum a “mini-max”. Solar cycle 24 began after an unusually deep solar minimum that lasted from 2007 to 2009. In fact, in 2008 and 2009, there were almost no sunspots, a very unusual situation during a solar minimum phase that had not happened for almost a century.


Consequences of a weak solar cycle First, the weak solar cycle has resulted in rather benign “space weather” in recent times with generally weaker-than-normal geomagnetic storms. By all Earth-based measures of geomagnetic and geoeffective solar activity, this cycle has been extremely quiet. However, there is some evidence that most large events such as strong solar flares and significant geomagnetic storms tend to occur in the declining phase of the solar cycle. In other words, there is still a chance for significant solar activity in the months and years ahead.

Second, it is pretty well understood that solar activity has a direct impact on temperatures at very high altitudes in a part of the Earth’s atmosphere called the thermosphere. This is the biggest layer of the Earth’s atmosphere which lies directly above the mesosphere and below the exosphere. Thermospheric temperatures increase with altitude due to absorption of highly energetic solar radiation and are highly dependent on solar activity.

Finally, if history is a guide, it is safe to say that weak solar activity for a prolonged period of time can have a negative impact on global temperatures in the troposphere which is the bottom-most layer of Earth’s atmosphere – and where we all live. There have been two notable historical periods with decades-long episodes of low solar activity. The first period is known as the “Maunder Minimum”, named after the solar astronomer Edward Maunder, and it lasted from around 1645 to 1715. The second one is referred to as the “Dalton Minimum”, named for the English meteorologist John Dalton, and it lasted from about 1790 to 1830. Both of these historical periods coincided with below-normal global temperatures in an era now referred to by many as the “Little Ice Age”. In addition, research studies in just the past couple of decades have found a complicated relationship between solar activity, cosmic rays, and clouds on Earth. This research suggests that in times of low solar activity where solar winds are typically weak; more cosmic rays reach the Earth’s atmosphere which, in turn, has been found to lead to an increase in certain types of clouds that can act to cool the Earth.

Outlook  The increasingly likely outcome for an historically weak solar cycle continues the recent downward trend in sunspot cycle strength that began over twenty years ago during solar cycle 22. If this trend continues for the next couple of cycles, then there would likely be more talk of another “grand minimum” for the sun. Some solar scientists are already predicting that the next solar cycle, #25, will be even weaker than this current one. However, it is just too early for high confidence in these predictions since some solar scientists believe that the best predictor of future solar cycle strength involves activity at the sun’s poles during a solar minimum and the next solar minimum is still likely several years away.


  • Paul Hue

    Does this mean that Al Gore has converted all his ultra lux SUVs over to ethanol?

    • JohnWolf

      Actually, Ethanol produces more problems than gasoline.

      Not to mention, the money scam associated with it.

      • Paul Hue

        Yep, I already know.

        • Travvy

          Yeah, but did you know that Michelle puts the dog in the back of her pants when she goes out?

  • 1911

    Must be man made global warming and bush causing this too….

  • JohnWolf

    I wonder if the mainstream media will report this article.

    As we all know, Global Warming was nothing more than a confiscation of taxpayers money.

    Global Warming, Scam of the Century. Senator Inhoffe from Oklahoma wrote a book on this subject. He was absolutely correct, this is a SCAM. Designed to take our money. Al Gore should be embarrassed.

    • Seerightthere!

      Al Gore should be arrested and imprisoned 1 year for every dollar he bilked the people out of.

      • ImaHippyBurning

        Arrested? Nah, the end of noose is needed for that jackass!

        • Global LOL

          Never happen, if he was arrested he would be pardoned before spend 1 hour in jail!

      • BurmaShave2

        As far as the Liberals he bilked are concerned, they deserve it.

    • wvmtneer

      I don’t think it is possible to embarrass a liberal, they will never admit they are wrong even if they are covered with a mountain of evidence and facts. Truth does not matter to them, just their agenda. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

      • Liberal Hater

        You have to have a brain for it to be mental.

      • PilotGuy

        The next spin on this will be: “If the sun was not in this cycle, THEN the earth would be warming.”

    • ConservativeLady

      It made Drudge Report…

    • hachie1

      Riiiight…Embarrassed all the way to the bank. Can’t be embarrassed when he obviously has absolutely no moral compass. Pure sleaze.

  • Illini_Steve

    How long will it be before Al Gore declares that this weak solar activity is being caused by global warming on earth?

    • Ron Brueske

      Now look at what you just did. Al Gore will now make hundreds of millions of dollars more off of that one. You had better get your statement copy righted and get some of it.

      • Auntie Socialist

        Well, with all those greenhouse gases on Earth absorbing more sunlight and reflecting less back towards the sun, that would have a cooling effect on the sun, right?

        That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

        • CorrectionPlease

          Auntie, you play a great game of Socialism.
          You stick to your sun screen.

          • Decline of a Nation

            Did you vote for Obama twice, or do you vote 6 or 8 times like all the other democraps? That’s why dems don’t like voter photo ID’s.

        • the redhawk

          Have a new Drug Dealer to help you.. the current one is Obviously watering down what he sells you..

          • obammy

            It seemed like she was joking, for crying out loud.

        • Paul K

          Perhaps the article could have mentioned that the previous many decades had much more solar activity than the historical average, and using history as a guide correlates with the slight increase in average worldwide temps during that time.

          • Shadeslinger

            Common sense thinking like that is going to get you know where. 🙂

          • Mark’s Bunker


          • I think he was being sly and meant “know” where. As in, you know, because you’re using common sense.

          • obammy

            Paul, you are thinking far too clearly and intelligently for our current climate freaks, b obama, algore, and all the “scientists”.

          • bobdog19006

            Heretic! Burn him! Burn him with FIRE!

          • Dronebuster

            Don’t worry Paul, if they set you on fire, we will put out the flames with a CO2 fire extinguisher. Wow, I knew there was a really good use for that stuff besides feeding plants.

          • Peter P

            Yes, it makes my beer & soda fizzy…

          • NorthlanderLJ

            We could all stop exhaling. lol

          • FreemanAmerica

            Then what would Bill Clinton do..never inhaled, can’t exhale..sad day in the Clinton home..

          • NorthlanderLJ


          • canuckpuck

            Monica Lewinski did all the inhaling for him.

          • david nance

            Just the tree huggers. Altogether now!

          • NorthlanderLJ

            What? Go hug a tree now? LOL.

          • Tom Waeghe

            Funny that they haven’t outlawed those already…. 🙂

          • NorthlanderLJ


          • Guest

            You cannot burn him that would release more CO2… DUH

          • vinrod

            Only if you have paid for and are properly licensed to release the various gasses of your combustion event. 😉

          • jsf

            But please, don’t use fossil-fuel. And don’t forget to spent a millions of taxpayers money on constructing a device that collects and stores the emissions.

          • NorthlanderLJ

            They’re all invested in the climate exchange. That alone tells you what a hoax they have going. LOL.

          • Kev revvz

            You guys all sound like douchebags. I studied climate for 5 years at a university. There is a fairly well understood science behind all of this. The author did his best, but you all sound like a bunch of mercury drinking imbeciles.

          • Sam

            And you learned enough in 5 years to come here and post NOTHING that adds to the conversation? How intelligent…

          • wallmental

            Right you are….political science is behind all this. Words are everything. You should have studied critical thinking. We went from global warming to climate change. Why? Politics and money.

          • CJ

            Are you a brilliant, really-really smart, intensely intelligent, Progressive genius, who burns non-believers at the stake?

            Just asking.

          • factscount

            The understood science, Kev, is that if you don’t get the results from the factual data you input into a computer model, you make up your own data.

          • Caveat Lector

            So says the overly educated moron…

          • 7962

            “at a university”? What university?

          • ghost

            You studied “climate” for 5 years? Seems like an odd number, 5 years. Do you have a PHD in “climate”?

          • glenp

            tell us how global warming caused the sun to cool
            you sound more of a doosh and I ain’t impressed your failing that climate course for 5 years at the community college

          • josetoyou

            Look in the mirror and go back to a school that looks at science and not study grants.

            Earth’s climate is cyclic, and the warmest year in RECORDED history was about 1930.

            Our climate has cycled from hot to cold from its inception, and man had nothing to do with it.

            A prominent scientist and former
            NASA researcher has added his voice to those who challenge the “scientific
            fact” that manmade carbon emissions are causing global warming.

            Dr. Leslie Woodcock is a professor
            emeritus of chemical thermodynamics at the University of Manchester in England,
            with a Ph.D. from the University of London, and served as a senior research
            consultant at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Laboratory in Ohio.

            In an interview with Britain’s
            Yorkshire Evening Post, Woodcock declared: “The theory of ‘manmade climate
            change’ is an unsubstantiated hypothesis.

            “The theory is that CO2 emitted
            by burning fossil fuel causes ‘global warming.’ In fact, water is a much more
            powerful greenhouse gas and there is 20 times more of it in our atmosphere [than
            carbon dioxide].

            “Carbon dioxide has been made
            out to be some kind of toxic gas but the truth is it’s the gas of life. We
            breathe it out, plants breathe it in. The green lobby has created a do-good
            industry and it becomes a way of life, like a religion. I understand why people
            defend it when they have spent so long believing in it.”

            Woodcock is also a Fellow of the
            Royal Society of Chemistry, a founding editor of the journal Molecular
            Simulation, a recipient of a Max Planck Society Visiting Fellowship, and a
            former guest scientist at the U.S. National Institute of Standards and

            He went on to say: “If you talk
            to real scientists who have no political interest, they will tell you there is
            nothing in global warming. It’s an industry which creates vast amounts of money
            for some people.

            “The temperature of the earth
            has been going up and down for millions of years. If there are extremes, it’s
            nothing to do with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it’s not permanent and
            it’s not caused by us. Global warming is nonsense.

            “It’s become almost an
            industry, as a consequence of this professional misconduct by government
            advisers around the world.”

            But he added: “You can’t blame
            ordinary people with little or no science education for wanting to be seen to
            be good citizens who care about their grandchildren’s future and the

          • imnotadufus

            Kev, do you have any response to the information below from josetoyou? Maybe you could call him a name like, ‘mrknowitall’, or something like that. Name-calling is a good tactic for refuting scientific observation

          • Jerry Robb

            5 years? WOW. You are an expert.

          • No, it shouldn’t have mentioned that, and it didn’t. You clearly have no expertise on the subject, because you don’t agree with the concensus.
            I was just thinking about this consensus thing. When people started clapping for Stalin, before he put the bell in, do you think it was the consensus that stopping first was bad for one’s health.
            Consensus, like Ovomit, the great unifier.

          • matt93312

            Yes, Con$en$u$

          • NorthlanderLJ

            Yeah! Like the consensus of the ENTIRE WORLD was that the earth is flat. LOL. They are the flat earthers. LOL.

          • Maybe I’ve misunderstood your comment, who is the flat earther?

          • NorthlanderLJ

            You’re right. The global cooling/global warming/climate change worshipers. LOL.

          • After reading and searching your comment for sarcasm, I finally found it! Great point, they are today’s flat earthers.

          • NorthlanderLJ

            You got it. LOL.

          • ghost

            Somebody once said “Consensus is not science. If it were, the earth would be flat.”

          • Carl Anon

            You make entirely too much sense to be taken seriously. If you work in any scientific field, drink the Kool-Aid or prepare to lose your job.

          • NorthlanderLJ


          • NorthlanderLJ

            They assume you knew that. Good grief.

          • factscount

            Paul, are you saying that an increase in temperature is because of the Sun and not CO2? Gasp…choke…gasp. (Al Gore)

          • glenp


        • JohninRedding

          As good as any story they hold to.

          • cwc

            So Dick Cheney was over at the Koch bros. place last night….Rick Santelli was there too – and they came up with this thing where they could blacken the sun to kill all the nonwhites.

          • wiseoldfart

            Obama’s the one messing around with the stars.

          • NorthlanderLJ

            Really? WHY DON’T THEY DO IT ALREADY?

        • alabamaFlyboy

          Funny, very tongue-in-cheek

        • Auntie Socialist

          Sheesh! Usually it’s the liberal tools who don’t pick up on satire; that’s what makes it so easy to punk them! For those who are still confused, even if the Earth had a perfect albedo like Venus and reflected everything back, the Sun would still produce at least 34.596 x 10¹⁵ (that’s quadrillion) times more radiation than it get’s back from the Earth

        • PilotGuy

          Talk about low information!

        • WalkingHorse

          Nice monicker, ma’am. Years ago, I nicknamed the senior admin on a project “Auntie Armour” – we were building a device to obliterate Soviet-era T-72’s

        • NorthlanderLJ

          What sunlight? Read again. The sun is in quiescence. That’s the FACT! lol

        • NorthlanderLJ

          No planet in the universe can affect the sun. LOL.

        • Reggie Romero

          That’s exactly right! Al Gorical and Steven Hawking proved in front of an audience of 47,340 climate physicists and scientists in June, 1997, that less heat reflected back from the earth would, using the Mylinter Effect, cool the Sun.

        • Johnny Libertyman

          The way it goes now, any story that gets funding will have the hoaxers sticking to it…LOL

      • Mac

        Al Gore is NUTS! Again, even his home State of Tennessee DID NOT vote for this air-head to become President. HIS OWN STATE!! The millions he has made by expounding on the false assumption of global warming SHOULD BE TAXED! Someone has to tell “Fat Albert” that he’s out of touch, out of time and hopefully, out of money! How stupid are the Democrats that support this nutcase? Unfortunately, Al’s mental capacity is thinning just like the hair on his head. Check out this headline: SUMMER 2013: 2,899 Record cold temperatures vs 667 record warm temps. Or how about this: Earth undergoing global COOLING since 2002. OR – 51% MORE ICE IN ARCTIC THAN ON THIS DATE LAST YEAR! You see, the Inconvenient Truth is that Al IS an idiot – – using short range findings to exacerbate his “intellectual prowess” when in reality HE IS NUTS! Al needs to be reminded to: “Please hold on to all railings as you walk through life, its the only grip on reality that you will ever have!”

    • bradfregger


      • Global LOL

        I take public transit every day, Why cant I have carbon credits to sell to a polluter? I think $100 a month is a good price!

        • Exactly-according to the metrics laid out by the goracle and Franklin Raines(the carbon bank “manager”-and director of Freddie Mac for clinton and a black man), the goracle owes ME >$50,000, AND I WANT MY MONEY NOW!

    • TxSon

      I’ll go ahead coin the term ASM… Anthropogenic Solar Minimum… since we all know that every anomaly is man made.

    • ConservativeLady

      ROTFLMAO!!! Um… Al…. can all those idiots who bought your snake oil carbon credits call you directly for refunds? Just curious.

      • Cahal the Mad™

        Nah, he’ll just call them “climate deniers” and declare “the ‘science’ is settled”.

      • Doc3

        California voters passed a cap and tax scheme that is set to start kicking in. When the dimwits see their utility bills double then triple maybe it will dawn on them how dim they really are. This is going to fall hardest on the poor.

        • rainman199

          The poor? They get free stuff including utilities, This will kill the middle class. Obama is okay with that though the Dems needs more poor to give things to to secure their voting block. Poverty is the new slavery and the Dems are the new slavemasters.

          • Buj Moose

            Poverty CAUSES the new slavery BUT the slaves are the ones who are working to pay their taxes that fund the mess.

          • NorthlanderLJ

            Right. That is you and me. Now I remember why I QUIT working.

          • John Locke

            Well, Democrats were the olden tyme slave owners too

          • Tom Waeghe

            Nothing new there or “under the sun”

        • NorthlanderLJ

          Poor don’t pay for a thing. They just get a bump in welfare checks. Middle class will pay thru the nose until we’re all on welfare.

      • NorthlanderLJ

        NOPE. Just keep paying them… every time you pay your light bill or put gas in your car.

    • Soonershooter

      Sorry, you are wrong..this is 100% the shared fault of the teaparty and the NRA…..j/k

      • squirefld

        Please don’t tell on me. I shot a gun in the air and I think I broke the sun.

        • alabamaFlyboy

          Don’t worry – It was those twin shotgun blasts that Biden shot into the air from his balcony that did it.

          • NorthlanderLJ

            I think you’re onto something! LOL.

        • obammy

          Gun violence is causing all of this climate change!

          • NorthlanderLJ


        • floyd


        • NorthlanderLJ

          Same here. LOL.

      • Diarrhetrius Brown

        Sarah Palin did it!

        • Abby Normal

          No, George Bush did it!

          • NorthlanderLJ

            Right. IT’S BUSH’S FAULT. lol

        • ghost

          Sarah Palin can see the sun from her backyard…

          • Derbydoll

            Sarah can see Putin kick Obamas ass from her window.

          • NorthlanderLJ


          • NorthlanderLJ

            Only in the summer. LOL.

        • NorthlanderLJ

          Yeah. She SHOOTS moose! OMG! lol

      • whimsicalmama

        didn’t you forget bush? surely he had something to do with it too.

      • SR Ruger

        sorry to contradict… you forgot the real villains here – the folks who listen to Rush and watch FOX news….

        • anonymous

          Oh look, Ruger is the only one with no up votes., what a surprise.

          • Jim

            Sarcasm baffles you.

          • NorthlanderLJ

            I think I just agreed with him. I just told him, “Right. WE put out the sun. I forgot we have all that power. LOL”

        • NorthlanderLJ

          Right. WE put out the sun. I forgot we have all that power. LOL.

      • NorthlanderLJ

        What’s the FAULT of the TEA party and NRA, the quiescence of the sun? Oh Lord! LOLOLOL!

    • RiverMonster

      He has already claimed that the core of the Earth is hotter than the sun! lol

      • xenna

        Remember, if it comes from a democrat, it is 100% lies.

        • xenna_is_right

          Click like if you want to vote the above comment up twice.

        • NorthlanderLJ

          For sure!

      • NorthlanderLJ

        YIKES! So WE light up the universe. Here, all this time I thought it was the sun that did that. LOL.

    • Pepperspray137

      No, it’ caused by republicans, who cause anthropogenic global climate change disruption.

      • bluesky

        Is it that time of month?

        • Jeff Good

          Her head must be in that space, PERIOD11

    • the redhawk

      Oh he’ll Blame all the !948 BUICKS still being on the Road….Obama’s BIG ears and Flat feet .. and the Laundry girl at the hotel who Took him out of the Closet!!!

    • Dianewe

      You mean Al Gorleone.

      • JoeC

        This ain’t no Joke. In the film America, Dnesh D’Sousa documents how Saul Alinsky, who wrote Rules for Radicals which is Obama’s Bible, tagged along with Frank Nitti for months to learn the mob’s tricks…

    • azoldfart

      It’s Bush’s fault.

      • Yep. Bush is the greatest excuse Obama has ever had for all of Obama’s mistakes.

      • NorthlanderLJ

        Yup. That darn Bush put out the sun. Darn! LOL.

    • Werbil

      And the decreased solar activity in turn causes global cooling on earth. So, global warming causes global cooling. I like it!

    • WBC

      No, it is caused by the near-Earth asteroid which was caused by Global Warming. You missed a step.

    • BuckCarson

      John F. Kerry apparently has already attributed an active volcano to GW.

      • Jim

        Kerry fought in Vietnam.

        • NorthlanderLJ

          Yeah. I forgot. LOL.

    • JohninRedding

      Agreed. They will change from saying the earth will get warmer to all weather events will be more severe. Don’t have to be right about temperature. Whenever there is a significant weather event they will claim it has never be worse. High CO2 just amplifies what happens during weak solar activity.

    • eric_in_NJ

      LOL, nice!

    • tkdblkblt

      Al said he was going to take a space shuttle to the sun to check it out. Somebody asked him if he didn’t think it would be too hot. Al said, no problem, I’m going at night.

      • NorthlanderLJ

        Why do I believe you? LOL.

    • OB2010

      Good point. Since the Earth is warming the Sun can take a break and chill. I am sure Al will come out with a film on this soon.

    • Apollo1011 .

      Does Gore’s house still use as much electricity as many small towns?

    • Yeah the heat reflecting off the green-house gasses of the Earth are bombarding the sun and pushing it down where it cannot form sunspots as easily. The debate is over. Mankind is littering the galaxy with this heat, just like when we left all the space junk lying around on the surface of the moon from the Apollo missions. It’s gotta piss off God who created the moon precisely the way he wanted it to look. [yes IAM kidding]

      • louis_wheeler

        You are so amusing. There have been periods when the CO2 was much higher than now and nothing happened.

        The earth is not that fragile. Ice Ages and interglacial periods have come and gone. We seem over due for an Ice Age. It’s been calculated that the only technology which would survive the next Ice Age would be porcelain toilets.

        Since you want to stray into theology, in Genesis, God gave us humans control over the earth. I assume that means the moon, as well. Not that we have done worst than leave some footprints and a used vehicle or two.

        • Speak2Truth

          The Earth has been cooling for the past 5,000 years or so, with small ups and downs along the way.

          We are headed towards that new Ice Age, right on schedule.

          • louis_wheeler

            An Ice Age seems likely, because we’re at the end of an extra long interglacial period. But, will we get will there in a decade or a thousand years? Surprises may lie ahead.

            Handing all power to the government, as the Environmentalists want, solves nothing. The FEDs are such screw ups these days. They can’t even take care of a few kids. What would they do in a real, rather than an Obama caused, emergency?

            How dare you use accurate charts. How are they going to scare people to death? LOL

        • I always stray into theology. All we know about Quantum Mechanics (Standard Model) is that it appears to have originated at a singularity. However this singularity could be a point in 10-dimensional space at the center of some 10-dimensional black hole. Nobody knows. Assuming some mythological book written 2000 years ago is true seems foolish to anyone not already brainwashed into it. Faith and brainwashing are identical things under two different names. Have I revealed too much? TMI?

          • joekenobe

            I thought that singularity was pretty much “settled science,” you know like climate change. It appears you just might be a “singularity denier.” To be sure though, it just could be a point in 10-dimensional space at the center of some 10-dimensional black hole. As we all know, there’s are a ton of evidence compiled here on earth of the existence of 10-dimensional space. I think I’ll stick with my mythological book filled with fact versus your comic book fiction movie.

          • Lol. Your mythological book is a lot simpler, because it didn’t have to explain the slit experiment, entanglement, spintronics, wave-particle duality, the speed of light, the standard model, and the reason there are only 4 fundamental force fields that are all eerily similar in their inverse-squareness. Science is for those who genuinely seek truth, and mythology is for those who are satisfied merely to claim to, and brainwashed and delusional enough to believe they have some truth in their grasp, when it is merely stand pouring through a clenched fist of sand. If you open your hand and look it’s all magically GONE.

          • Robert Shea

            Myths aren’t necessarily untrue, Fergie. Such a small mind. But of course, I’m wrong, because you’re so smart.

          • Robert, so do you believe every Myth until it’s proven to be untrue? How do you know which Myths to believe without using logic and reason, both of which will rule out all religions in 2 seconds flat? The sane unbrainwashed approach is to not believe something unless it is proven true, and to not believe anything that is provably false.

          • Jess_Axen

            Lighten up, Frances.

    • FarOutlier

      That is so silly. It has to do with high CO2 levels. E. Anglia said so. Has to do with the hockey puck curve and mother polar bears tossing cute polar bear cubs off ice flows. get with the program.

    • David Anfinrud

      It was the CO2 on the planet that caused the sunspots to be destroyed. CO2 is destroying the universe.

      • Itsthesun

        It was a billion cars that did it and you know it.

    • colonel Mayberry

      What No One Will Tell You Is There Is Evidence That The Sun Is Rapidly Dying. Why Do You Think Governments Are Fighting To BeThe First To Colonize Mars?

    • Mike Rodgers

      I’m sure he is already banging his two brain cells together in a feverish attempt to find some explanation for this phenomena which will further enrich his fat a#s!

    • BruddahNui

      You must know it’s the earth and our AGW that effects the sun and not the other way around.
      What are you, one of those nuts that thinks with logic instead of emotion? How dare you. :>)

    • Too late!

    • jabusse

      How long will it be before Gore markets sun beam credits? His believers will buy anything.

      • We must start a new government program…..for the children…and single mothers. Its only fair

    • Truth_and_consequence

      And then blame it on Bush.

    • Han Moleman

      More like, How long will it take Al Gore to take credit for slowing down “global warming”? He will claim the work they have done has finally stopped it, now all they need is billions more and of course, more control over our lives.

    • Andy

      Superb! Full points.

    • Jerry Robb

      He already did.

  • Jason

    Maybe the sun does have something to do with climate. Who would have thought?

    • bradfregger

      Jason, for the past 50 years books have been written on this subject. In fact, the correlation has been known for decades. I’m assuming that you are being funny,.

      • Guess he forgot his sarcasm tag.

      • Paul of Alexandria

        Listen to the AGW crowd and they’ll deny that changes in the Sun have anything to do with climate.

      • Harry Wookiee

        No understanding of sarcasm, eh?

        • bradfregger

          Did you ready last sentence? You have to admit he did a great job of representing a low information voter.

      • Liberal Hater

        You might want to check the batteries in your sarcasm meter.

      • Jason

        Sorry…forgot to put /sarc at the end.

    • ImaHippyBurning

      SSSSsssshhhh! Don’t tell the Liberals, they will have nothing left to scream and rant about! Oh wait, that still leaves killing innocent babies! No worries carry on!

      • mikeb

        The libs have moved on to earthquakes being caused by drilling holes and pumping water into the ground.

      • BurmaShave2

        Are you kidding. Now they will probably start promoting urgent space programs to squirt water on the sun to cool it down.

    • oldironsides

      The only thing I would worry about would be if the astronomers told us the sun was shrinking. As in Super Nova.

    • laser-agg

      Yes – that is why the Koch brothers have secretly developed an extremely powerful laser that is capable of removing these ‘blemishes’ from the face of the sun.

      • The_RS_Gadfly

        They shouldn’t have bothered. Clearasil already has a cream for that an it’s much, much cheaper.

    • xenna

      But Obama said CO2 is warming the planet and it is a settled science, remember the state of the union speech!

    • theorangeguy

      you mean that big ball of energy emits heat…? nah….

    • Rotohammer

      Decreased solar output can cause global cooling, but increased solar output can never ever under any circumstances be the cause for global warming. Ever. Only humans can cause global warming, and then the only solution is to tax productive people.

  • MRM_The_First

    Well I guess it’s time to kick CO2 production into high gear so we can save ourselves from a new ice age………….

    • ConservativeLady


    • Red

      Viva coal and cheap energy.

    • JohnnyHomeless

      Thank God for China….without them spewing all that CO2 into the air…where would the planet be?

  • PCTexan

    But…but…Obama said it was established science that humans are creating global warming! Move along…just ignore this…the sun is not important.

    • RiverMonster

      It is hard to take a politician seriously when they back such questionable science as man made global warming (climate change now to cover their rears). Unfortunately, we are stuck with Barry Soetoro Hussein Barack Baracka Obama.

  • JohnWolf

    Obama et al., most corrupt administration ever.

  • bab47

    The sun ultimately determines our climate; not “irresponsible” Americans.

    • Stephen B

      Thank goodness, I was starting to feel guilty for not paying my bills on time.

  • M.TWAIN11

    Alert Al Gore! Carbon emissions are surely to blame for this. The sun needs your tax dollars to reboot. Send your checks to Mr. Gore a.s.a.p. Our very lives depend on it.

    • WingMan2014

      The best line of the day: “The sun needs your tax dollars to reboot.”

      • Guest

        I can do one better.

        ‘You are a wassist if you don’t give money to save yellow sun.’ Eric Holder screamed waking up from his dream where addition of Black Panther division of IRA was being debated in DNC

        • bsdunek

          Wow, Tax dollars needed, racism and AlGore all in one response. That would heat things up if only the media would report it.

      • Red

        How can that be of the suns hard drive crashed and could not be fixed?

        • Robert Blakey

          Maybe the IRS was handling it?

  • Littleredtop

    This then explains the sudden cold wave across the globe.

  • Reader

    from =2006:

    Khabibullo Abdusamatov of the Pulkovo Astronomic Observatory in St. Petersburg said Monday that temperatures will begin falling six or seven years from now [Feb 2006], when global warming caused by increased solar activity in the 20th century reaches its peak,

  • AuldGuy

    How can this possibly be?!? The science is settled. The Sun has nothing to do with temperature or climate on earth… Oh, I am soooooooooo confused!


    • StoutCortez

      SUVs must be affecting the sun somehow. Ninety-seven percent of climatologists agree on that point.

  • Seerightthere!

    Man! I came here with all kinds of great comments and EVERYBODY already beat me! I can tell that Algore Bullsh*t is starting to become common knowledge.

    • JohnWolf

      Excellent Post

  • jnobfan

    We have absolutely no idea what is “normal” solar activity if there is such a thing. To call a 100 year study of anything weather or solar related is total BS

    • rightside100

      Well the studies go back hundreds of years. I learned how the lack of sun activity caused cold eras and warming periods are more rare. Those periods of cold resulted in mass extinctions and in recent times political instability and starvation. Much longer period of studies than climatologists.

      • cdw

        Yes, there is a correlation of sun activity with the “Little Ice Age” (1645 to 1750 A.D.).

  • jakartaman

    Just storing up energy for a big pop – EMP anyone!

  • M.TWAIN11

    Pedal your bicycles faster and send more money to Gore. It’s working!

  • Housebrokentoo

    Does this mean that I should get my SUV out of mothballs and fire it up to compensate for the impending global cooling??

  • Dr Glickman

    Should be interesting watching all the political climate change bigots campaigning in their woolies and galoshes.

    • anti watermelon

      They will just find some other cause to spread stealth socialism.

  • TheTruthHurts

    Calm before the storm

  • Fred Garvin

    Yea, thank you Mr. Sun for the nice cool summer !

  • griefman

    Flat Earthers take notice that this is proof positive that Global Warming/Dramatic Climatic Change/CAGW is real. CO2 is causing the sunspots to disappear faster than the polar ice caps.

    • WingMan2014

      Specifically, it’s all that cow flatulence.

    • dmsday

      Flat earthers? They are the ones that can’t prove their theory.
      Ice caps? Hopefully you mean ice cap. One is getting larger.
      God, i hope my sarcasm detector is malfunctioning.

  • One Hung Low

    Let me see if I understand….The Sun produces less heat….and the Earth gets cooler….Has anyone called the U.N. for confirmation? We must spend a couple of billion dollars to study this phenomenon. Call Al Gore quick, we need someone with his laser like ability to focus on this hereto Un-explainable event.

  • Alfred E Newman III

    See what we’ve done now? Our disregards for our atmosphere has even effected the Sun. No wonder we’re in the emergency throws of Global Warming, auh, I mean Climate Change, auh, I mean,,, auh, ,,,,,,,,,, I need some help here Uncle Al Goria. Can I get some help here Al?

  • CIMR

    DOOM DOOM DOOM it’s just around the corner, DOOM I SAY!

    That was actually the output of the latest and greatest modeling program the AGW chicken little’s have spent their lives developing.

  • jaybomb

    The sun causes things to heat up and cool down? Who could of thought of such an amazing effect?

  • Tommy boy

    We are screwed! Millions of people will perish due to the cold and starvation. The only way to counter this is to pump CO2 into the air. Reopen the coal mines and burn mega tons of coal to power this economy and it will help to keep the temperatures from plummeting.

    • Guest

      Beans, beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot, the more you toot the better you feel, so let’s have beans at every meal.

      • Tommy boy


    • cdw

      In reality, you are correct. The glaciers and ice will come again. Perhaps it is happening, now.

  • time2wakeup

    Boy, global cooling. That’s an inconvenient truth, huh Al?

  • dom27


  • janger

    Due to Global Warming the sun is cooling! Turns out the sun objects to automobile exhaust and carbon dioxide in the ozone layer…or “Climate Change” as the wacko-environmentalist refer to it! When we tried to contact the sun…Sol was not available for comment. In other related news, California Governor Jerry “Drool-cup” Brown was urging legislators to pass a cap and trade, carbon tax on the sun until the sun started to warm back up! “I’m tellin’ ya…it worked in the dinosaur era when the sun objected to all that dino-flatulence warming the globe! I know for a fact cuz I was there! We taxed him reeeal good!” Tomorrow’s follow up article: “Is the moon way too cool to warm up to the idea of Moonal Warming…or is it just being coy!?”

    • jdp

      The sun has a single tear rolling down it’s cheek as it watches monster truck rallies on pay-per-view.

  • Obamaisatraitor

    What a shocker, the know it alls dont know jack squat, once again, but the funding must come from somewhere so they will fabricate lies to help politicians who deliver the money

  • WingMan2014

    I’m waiting for one of our Global Warming geniuses to say, “The sun has gone quiet due to man-made global warming.”

    • jdp

      Just tune in to MSNBC. If they cover this study at all, it’ll somehow be evil capitalists with their guns and flatulent cows making the sun sick.

    • BajaDreamer

      Wait for it…….5….4….3….2…..

  • JGoodfriend

    GREAT – now the SUVs and cow farts are affecting the SUN !!!

    • ConservativeLady



    Does Al Gore think this is the fault of humans?

    • janger


    • Luxomni

      His jet doesn’t pollute. Just your car.

  • Bob Leahy

    amazing! Every time the sun goes quiet, the earth cools and every time it acts up, the earth warms. Someone tell liberals who have raised our energy prices to fight man-made warming non-sense!

  • JohnWolf

    save the country

  • Jorge

    If we would stop pumping out CO2 we may be able to reverse this solar cycle. We are obviously changing the suns natural patterns.

    • JohnWolf

      Excellent Post. I hope people know that you are kidding them.

      • Jorge

        The people that are believers in anthropogenic global warming will believe my post and just wait, the scientist will come up with some nonsensical reasoning for the cooling which is actually warming to them.

  • JohnWolf

    Man caused the warming on Mars.

    • JohnWolf

      I am being sarcastic. But Al Gore et al., makes me laugh.

  • Shemp

    Forget about how the sun effects earth’s climate…it’s all about too many Buicks, Caddies and Humvees on the road…and flatulence, don’t get me started…

    • Luxomni

      Only those belonging to “ordinary people”. Those of the political class don’t count. Neither do their private jets.

      • Luxomni

        Nor the separate Air Force Ones for the O, Michelle, and the First dog.

  • mcian

    Meanwhile the fear mongers will continue to bellow about global warming due to SUV’s and so forth…

  • JohnWolf

    You have to be intentionally stupid to support Obama and/or Global Warming

  • Lockforward

    As one who has long been skeptical of the alarmist AGW case, I find it disturbing that with an historically weak solar cycle, temperatures have not declined. So they have plateaued. That’s great. But all other things being equal, shouldn’t temperatures have already started to decline…or not. Knowledgeable guidance would be appreciated.

    • CongressWorksForUs

      Wellllllll…. you have heard how they are fudging the temperature date, right? You have been paying attention to this, right? That they are cherry-picking which monitoring stations to actually monitor, and then “modelling” the data for the rest… and you know how good all their models are, right?

      So, is your assertion that temperatures have not declined actually a factual statement? ….

      • Lockforward

        I don’t know. The only claim made from skeptical scientists that I’m aware of is that temps have plateaued, not fallen.As an example look at the link above, which reads, “Global Temperature Standstill Lengthens…”. So I assume there isn’t strong evidence that we have entered a period of declining temps. But I could be wrong.

        My question was more directed to where we are in this declining solar cycle relative to when temps started to drop in previous cycles. Maybe we aren’t even at that point yet, but if we are, and all we’ve gotten is a cessation of the warming, I think that would be troublesome. Maybe not.

        I’m raising questions I don’t know the answer to, not making assertions. I just want to better understand the implications of solar activity to the underlying question of actual sensitivity of temperature to carbon levels. It does seem apparent that the AGW models which are now in danger of falling out of their probability cones attributed too much to carbon to the exclusion of other factors. But if solar activity is reaching historical lows and we’re still bobbing along the top end of historical temp variations ( and I know about the MWP and all that), is this something that should concern us?

    • BajaDreamer

      You need to try and keep up! It was recently announced that not only had at least one government agency been caught playing with the actual historical temp data, they had also very quietly put the real numbers back in place that in fact showed there has been cooling!

  • Penocea

    The Sun is owned by the Koch Brothers resulting in weaker solar cycles. They are doing this on purpose to debunk Climate Change.

  • chris beyer

    All due to man created emissions that have migrated to the sun.

  • Justin Case

    The Nature Nazis are freaking out man.

  • Yu So Wong

    This could really screw up the liberal’s global warming fiesta.

    • ChoirLoft

      Like your moniker, pilgrim.

  • jdp

    There’s nothing new under the sun.

  • scott bernard

    Algore insists that the sun has absolutely nothing to do with climate change. He has called similar findings “bullshit.”

  • Yu So Wong

    This is terrible!! This may enable people to drive SUVs and use hair spray without guilt. Maybe the president needs to take executive action to make sure that people’s freedoms are not restored.

  • JohnWolf

    Which is the biggest SCAM

    Global Warming
    Al Gore
    Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize
    Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

    • TxTea

      tie between 0bomascare and global warming

    • OWilson

      All the willing and stupid sheep that have been sheared?

      • U.S. Grant

        The problem with those stupid sheep is that they make it so we all get sheared…

    • Yu So Wong

      There are no wrong answers here.

    • Freedspeak

      You forgot all of the above!

  • orville

    If Al Gore can make money from this he might change his mind about global warming.

  • Luxomni

    The Sun? No, that has nothing to do with the Earth’s temperature. So help my, Al Gore.

  • Mearokus

    Oh, so solar activity DOES have an effect on climate! Hmmmm…

  • rennyangel2

    Did the computer drones feed any material into their data bases on variations in sun radiation?

  • ronfromflorida

    Interesting how the people who have been right about this Global Warming nonsense for a decade are still ridiculed as stupid and anti Science, while all the Leftist dopes and sheep who were duped into believing this nonsense still held up as our ‘best and brightest’.

    • wvmtneer

      Look at the fool in the White House, the liberals said that being the POTUS was a “step down” for him. If he is the best and brightest of them all, we are truly doomed.

  • TxTea

    so this is what is causing global warming….hmmm

  • Yu So Wong

    The sun gets hotter, the sun gets colder
    The Earth gets hotter, the Earth gets colder
    Time marches on.

  • rayg

    Clearly the sun is affected by manmade climate change on earth. There is no other explanation. Just ask Al.

  • TxTea

    I blame the liberals for Sun Cooling!

  • JohnWolf

    Is there anyone here who believes anything Obama or Gore says?

    Just curious

  • ConservativeLady

    Warmers are gonna freeze. Gee… we did try to tell them this “anthropogenic global warming” poodoo was just that. POO. Liberals really are just that gullible, they believe what ever their masters tell them to.

    • xenna

      And they are following Obama blindly by voting for the democrats, the liars and illegal aliens butt kissers.

  • JohnWolf

    Settled science is right up there with racism.

    They are weapons of the Democrats, Obama, and Al Gore.

  • The-paperboy

    Really! This is shocking news… The only constant in the earths climate is change…

  • Reg

    And all of the learned Climate Scientists still can’t think of a reason why 2013-2014 was one of the coldest winters on record, and why the antarctic sea ice pack is at record levels…..
    did the “heat hiding in the oceans” make more ice?

  • Terry Lee

    When the climate change folks came out and said “Cow Farts cause global warming”…I knew then these fools are dangerous idiots.

  • David North

    Obviously, global warming has reached the sun. Just ask any wacko environmentalist (liberal)

  • DanoMcRoo

    Don’t worry. Al Gore assures us that man made green house gasses will keep us warm.

  • Jum1801

    It’s obviously Bush’s fault.

  • PendejoGrande

    And the Climate-Change Morons will assert it’s human activity that affects the Sun!
    Ha! Ha! Ha! Keep voting for Democrats, you stupid c-ck-suckers!!

  • wvmtneer

    I’m not looking forward to this coming winter, last winter was terrible and it seems it’s going to be even worse this year. Makes you want to choke any of these liberal fools who scream about global warming. Freakin idiots.

  • firedup49

    Global Warmers………..You can’t fool Mother Nature
    And The American people

  • Skeggjold

    Higher taxes will fix this.

  • Hill411

    Repeat after me: Man is causing global destruction. Man is causing the earth to warm. The arctic, antacrtic and all the glaciers will melt. The oceans will rise 200 feet and flood all the continents. Mankind will die out……repeat….Man is causing global destruction. Man is causing the earth……….OH DARN! You aren’t listening to me. Who are you gonna believe, algore or…..? Looks like common sense may overtake ‘scientific concensus’ after all.

  • SchumifromAZ

    With all the data offered up otherwise, you’d think the sun would cooperate…..

  • Stephen

    Al Gore is doing the best he can to compensate for this cooling by using great amounts of energy to power his home and the jets he needs to fly his substantial ass around the world.

  • Yu So Wong

    The revelation that evil humans may not be responsible for the heating and cooling cycles of the Earth is terrible news for the human-guilt liberal Democrats. Maybe they can shift the blame to Bush or fracking.

  • Soonershooter

    There is an easy fix for this, actually is to no longer use bullets in guns, lead, copper, or anything else. Two, We clearly need to build a large wall, like the one to stop tornados, this wall can be insulated to keep the heat in, so this devious sun can no longer screw up our computer models for global warming…………….sarc

  • Charles Martel

    It’s truly pathetic how many millions of brain damaged, obama voting, libtard imbeciles still think atmospheric temperatures are warming. Curious to see how long they will stay in a state of denial while temperatures really start to drop.

  • Falcoln269

    It is Bush’s fault.

  • FreedomThink

    The sun affects global temperatures more than anything man can do. Global warming folks are looking even more foolish each day as they refuse to look at the true causes to changes in climate.

    • Roger Smith

      Puh-lease. As any warming alarmist. The sun has nothing to do with it. It’s just a big light in the sky.

      • Terry

        Exactly. It is man made. Just look at how hot it is during the day and how it cools down at night. It coincides exactly with rush hour traffic. All the cars in the morning cause the temperature to rise. After they go home in afternoon the temperature cools down. We need to fix this with higher taxes and more government agencies creating more regulations…sarc.

  • Todd

    Bout anytime now…probly past due!

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    I’m looking forward to the discussions they’ll be having on CNN all week about this report and the data.


  • Jack Coyote

    What passes for serious science, politics and economics debate these days reminds me of the discussions we had when I was in second grade. Al gore is the poster child for pseudo intellectuals.

    • ChoirLoft

      Figures don’t lie, but liars can figure.

  • Global LOL

    Rotten hypocrite’s like Fat Dead Ted Kennedy shoving solar and wind power into my neighborhood and he banned them near his compound!
    Hope Mary Joe is roasting him on a spit!

  • Retired military

    I blame Bush and global warming. After all they are responsible for everything else.

  • The_Purple_Finger

    Brrrr, surely evil white, right-wing, BigCorpCoInc has destroyed the sun with its greed.

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      Barry probably unionized the sun; be grateful it’s not 450-below already.

    • Reg Dunlop

      It was Walmart 🙂

  • Bobby Powell

    the EPA must take control of the sun immediately. this is obviously man made.

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      I’ll gladly pay a 100% tax rate for this year to send the entire EPA on a manned mission to the sun to conquer it.

  • Roger Smith

    Damn Cow farts!

    • Jack Coyote

      The Feds are actually spending money to see how they can regulate cow farts and force dairy farmers to comply (milk and beef $$ will cost more).

      • Rascal69

        Man, that has to be tough. How to you get a cow to fart at a precise moment? Oh, I get it…pull his finger.

    • ADamRant

      It’s burps, not farts!

  • Yasherka

    Sooooo, I should return the speedo I bought for the Global Warmening?

  • scott905

    Sun gone quiet is acceptable; gone dark, not so much.

    • usathoughts

      Best comment yet!

  • BeatTheDeadHorse

    Oh my goodness, someone do something about this. Perhaps Al Gore can conjure up some spirits (Canadian Club) while he is flying from villa to villa.

  • Owen44

    The progressive elite will come up with a new narrative to explain how this is caused by human behavior that must be regulated. They won’t readily give up the control they’ve grabbed based on fears of “climate change”. In fact, there’s probably a UN sub-committee working on a new theory as we speak. Something about bovine flatulence disrupting solar energy, so, therefore, meat consumption must be eliminated.

  • Ricky Michael

    Just Kidding!

    Albert Gore

  • DaveInKS

    The AGW people would have you believe that the sun really doesn’t have a significant effect on earth temperatures… Yeah right.

    • ChoirLoft

      Just at night

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      Of course not; that’s why Venus and Neptune are precisely the same temperature.

  • Buypass

    Whoops! Quick; start reprinting the 1970’s global freezing papers! They’re still good!

  • oldironsides

    Would it be safe to say we should all start burning more coal and increase the amount of whatever it is in the atmosphere that causes global warming? Heck, if Al Gore is right, we don’t need the sun to keep us warm, we can do it by ourselves.

  • caveman1313

    there has to be a way to blame this on human activity with the only solution is a transfer of wealth from rich countries to poor ones!

  • SharpTooth_Serenity

    My SUV exhaust is now affecting the sun?? Well I’ll be derned……

  • ChoirLoft

    Does this mean I will be able to buy my old incandescent light bulbs again?

    • bluesky


      • cdw

        I generate so much electricity with a residential photovoltaic solar system, and the power company pays so little for the excess generation (less than the cost of producing electricity with natural gas or coal), that I care not how inefficient my light bulbs are, especially in the wintertime. In fact, I prefer the nicer blackbody radiation spectrum of the incandescent bulbs.

  • JBTascam

    Thank God for all that Global Warming Heat hiding in the Deep Oceans! We may need it in a few years to keep us from freezing our collective arses off.

  • knucklehead

    This should be proof to any sane person that the sun has WAY more effect on earth’s climate than anything man could ever do (shy of lighting off every nuke in existence). When will the global warming alarmists give up??

    • usathoughts

      Not until they get their tax programs in place.

    • Shuey

      Never. Constantly changing the name and slogan is enough to keep the ignorant liberals on their side.

  • Anonymous

    “The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up
    with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through
    changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.“ – Club of Rome, premier environmental think-tank, consultants to the United Nations

    “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsiblity to bring that about?” – Maurice Strong, founder of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

    • usathoughts

      Mr. Strong may be on to something. Collapse civilization, ridding the planet of half its population. Works for me as I have a year round garden and slaughter animals on five acres of land with water.

  • david

    You can’t believe those crazy astronomers. They obviously didn’t get the memo.
    As we all know, it’s an established “fact” that 97% of scientists agree that AGW is real and happening now.
    One pesky little detail keeps getting in their way, however: Not one verifiable account of supposed “AGW” has ever been proven.
    The sun is cooling…Rubbish. That doesn’t fit the narrative so it’s obviously false.

  • OCNewswatcher

    So… We won?
    No more global warming?

    Awesome sauce!

    • 1tymtrvlr

      Ding dong, Da oshenz be reseedin’, mudda natcha be dansin in da flowahs, da birdz be singun, trees be treeun, it be a new worl,. obamah fix’d da worl, he reseed’d da oshenz, praiz be ta obamah, he da mahn, mahn. Weez ohz i’ all ta himz.obamah, hmmmmmm, mmmmm, hmmmmm, mmmmm uuhhh!
      Time to celebrate, have a barbecued bark samich, some weed sproutz and dried twigs, along with a mud shake, hmmmmm, hummmm! Thanks to moochelle and getting us straight on how to eat.

  • j brown

    Airline pilots were made aware of strong solar acitivity in the mid 90s. Concerns for higher latitudes and altitudes for extended periods became a concern to many that did some cursory personal flight planning. The airline managements wanted to know nothing about it for obvious reasons. Solar activity hot lines were available to those with interest in solar action and flares and the information was available to the public. Resultant warming should have come as no surprise and indeed many true meteorologists have been aware of solar influence. Its the press and lame public research that have allowed the central planners to take control of the topic.

  • H.D. Rennerfeldt

    The inmates are in charge of the Asylum.
    Under NORMAL circumstances, The Climate Alarmists would be called out as the TIN FOIL HAT SOCIETY.
    Instead they try their damnedest to be IN CHARGE by fakery of proclamation.
    97% Consensus, MY BUTT. Obama’s TARP funded a FAKE consensus now that they are willing to PAY FOR PHONY RESEARCH by paying through the EPA’s MULTI-BILLION $$$$ fund. You can buy ANYTHING with that kind of cash. All the STARVING scientists have to do is WHORE their profession with LIES. It is how it was done for the past 25 years.
    AL GORE is a WHORE. He FLUNKED SCIENCE in College.

    • usathoughts

      Those you refer to are not Scientist. Notice they never present their credentials.

  • Pinto D Bean

    Its all Mans fault.

  • beentothecountyfair

    Make a note of this, you heard it here first. The next thing the climate alarmists will say is, “Well, global warming was so intense that it has temporarily exhausted itself, and now we have a cooling trend.” You heard it here first.

    • 1tymtrvlr

      See, marxists are very easy to read. If it is an issue that will promote their brain fl_ucked agenda, they jump on it like flies on a marxist.
      Hello, hello America, you have been scammed, by obama, clintons, reid , pelosi, the main stream media, all in order for the marxists to turn the world over to the most useless, inept, incompetent u.n., it is all about the money, and the marxists’ redistribution of money, food, and water is all going to the same vile, evil, p.o.s. that created this worldwide debacle.

    • Shuey

      “See, our anti-global warming efforts are already beginning to pay off. We must do more.”

  • publius4634

    It would be refreshing to hear global warming hysterics celebrate the luck of some weak solar cycles and spread the good news the the earth is not warming. But I won’t I hold my breath.

    It reveals that they really do root for bad news – the new apocalyptics have a lot in common with their medieval counterparts.

    Sick, really.

    • L_Dave

      They know it’s cooling. It’s why they’re in a rush to implement their controls, in order to take credit. If they fail to implement in time, everyone will know it’s all been a hoax.

  • bluesky

    The sun has no effect on global warming. Go away now, and send me some carbon tax.

  • Colin

    The tea party has invented ‘global warming’ to scare people and to gain new recruits. How can there be global warming if its colder this summer in America? NO SUCH THING. Also, somebody please get that dictator out of the oval office.

    • SchumifromAZ

      The TEA PARTY has NOTHING to do with global warming….


    • Hanky

      Had nothing to do with te TEA party, this hoax was pushed by libritards.

    • usathoughts

      The Tea Party? They were not around when the idea of global warming began. This is but a Socialist agenda to raise taxes in any number of ways.

      Your other two points are well taken.

    • CFHNJ

      The global warming hysteria started before the year 2000.

    • dudefromdixie

      I failed to see your sarcastic humor, if that was the intention. I did pick up on your ignornance if THAT was the intention.

    • AdmiralAkbarf

      Ummmm…. you know the TEA Party is actually not generally comprised of people who tend to believe in anthropogenic global warming, right? And they are definitely not Obama supporters.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Care to comment, Al Gore? Doesn’t the pla-yann-et have a fa-hee-fer?

    I see, and, no, you can’t f— me or the horse I rode in on. I don’t even own a horse.

  • TheSunDidIt

    Sucker goes “cold” and we’ll ALL be trying to find ways to INCREASE “greenhouse gases”. Famine could quickly follow extended cold.

    • cdw

      How right you are.

      • TheSunDidIt

        I’ll eat all the chilli I can handle and feed the cattle all the methane producing feed I can for their contribution.

  • Ricky Michael

    A news reporter as a pretty young blonde woman, “What planet would you most like to visit?’

    “I would go to the Sun.”

    “But you would burn up.”

    “Silly, not if I go at night.”

  • 1tymtrvlr

    Finally! Now we can send a man to the Sun. Would be safer too, if we sent him at night.

    • demspeak

      Brilliant !!!!

    • JohnnyHomeless

      I nominate Barack Obama! …with Al Gore as his co-pilot.

  • MadMoto

    It MUST be Bush’s fault.

  • David

    You can’t use Solar cycles to tax people or control their activities, so there’s remarkably little interest from the usual AGW sources in it. Go figure.

  • DontKnowMuchAboutCNN
    • Frank Castle

      Because they are part of the LYIN’ U.S. Federal government, that’s why!

    • Shuey

      The liberals have cut NASA’s budget for space exploration. However, they gave them a carrot. They WILL fund global warming prevention measures. So NASA is all about fighting global warming now.

  • Benof67

    Evidence continually surfaces that exposes Global Warming for the hoax that it is, yet our liberal pundits won’t have it, because it doesn’t fit in with their depraved agenda.

  • CorrectionPlease

    May history now record the GWIM, Global Warming Intelligence Minimum

    The politicians will now propose a tax on snow.

  • Curmudgeon10

    It’s a good thing we have this catastrophic global warming, or else we would all freeze.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    …um…yes, that’s Gore, G-o-r-e…yeah, I’ve been trying to get through to get reservations on that first flight to Rio tomorrow with all my embezzlings but I’m snowed in here at Jose Marti Airport in Havana and the icebreakers haven’t arrived yet to clear a water escape from Guantanamo Bay…can you help…?

  • Tom Robbins

    Finally the end to yet another hoax, its easy to dupe people who don’t have a grasp on history or do their own investigations – sheeple that would rather take the government packaged crap than true science… Al Gore should be held liable…and the rest of the scammers making a living and lining their pockets off of a bunch of bullcrud.

  • Lolaga

    But…but how on earth are the global warming liars, charlatans, and totalitarians going to control and extort untold $billions from the American taxpayer? All around them, there is AMPLE evidence that this is all a crock. Yet, they still push their lies. Control and endless money are very powerful. Get back to me when screeching hysterics like Al Gore and Prince Charles drastically downsize their lifestyles because of the enormous carbon footprints they create. Ten, 20, 30 times that of the average person. Yeah, we *must act NOW!”

  • WrenchMan

    Maybe that’s why we’re experiencing much cooler temps throughout the nation! Like I’ve always said, you listening Global Warming Kooks? The Sun controls our weather, always has and always will!
    Barry’s climate agenda is bogus, it’s just another rook to confiscate more tax money! There’s no such thing as Global Warming!

  • demspeak

    it has to cool before it gets warm…

  • xenna

    That can not be, what!!!, the suns warms and cools earth, but Obama said the humans are doing it with CO2 emission, remember it is a settled science statement from Obama.

  • sh

    “It’s settled science.”
    From the President.
    Time Magazine’s,” Liar of the Year” award recipient.
    LMAO at anyone who voted for his dumb a$$.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    The stench of Obamunism has transcended the planet and is now affecting other parts of space; even the sun has become too lazy to get up & go to work.

  • We’re going to freeze to death, call Al Gore!

  • Miagogo

    WE DID IT!!!

  • It is pointless to pile on the AGW crowd at this point; reason and observation has no meaning in their dogma. To cold? Global warming. Too wet? Global warming. Too many hurricanes? Global warming. Too few hurricanes? Global warming. Bad economy? Global warming. The globe hasn’t warmed in nearly 20 years? Global warming. Snowed in at the Global Warming conference? Global warming. A perrennially weak NBA Eastern Conference? Global warming.

    Ad infinitum.

  • Reg Dunlop

    We must stop Global Cooling. ……this is very serial people. Al Gore aka ManBearPig

  • Steve Black

    The only thing “settled by the science” from Gore and Obama is that Gore is multi-millionaire. What a bunch of charlatans!

    • JohnWolf

      Obama and Hillary are also millionaires

  • AlanT

    Wait for it, wait for it ….

  • John Smith

    Excuse me, but flooding ALL & ONLY white countries with millions of foreign-race immigrants and telling everyone to “assimilate” (intermarry) to create a “blended humanity” (but ONLY in white countries) IS white genocide.
    Asia will still be full of asians,
    Africa will still be full of africans,
    Only white children will suffer from this insanity.
    Except “anti-racists” don’t call it genocide when they chase down white children and white areas; they call it “Diversity.”
    “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.
    “Diversity” is a codeword for white genocide.

    • Frank Castle

      Wrong thread, John, wrong thread!

      • Microaggressive

        Not when you take into account the climate refugee “problem”

        • TruthBeTold

          Yes, just one of the countless hysterical threats; ‘climate refugees’.

    • Rogue Cheddar

      Focus John! Focus!

  • Diarrhetrius Brown

    OMG it’s Globull Warming!

    Quick, send Al Gore some money!

  • Eric Meckes

    UhOh, Sounds like the people on the sun are responsible, we’d better get Al Gore on the line. Time for somebody to pay up.


    That’s why it’s no longer called global warming. It’s now referred to as climate change (or some other BS). All the supposed evidence is supposed to prove that man is responsible even though the earth is cooling, and there was a dramatic spike in temperatures during the middle ages when no one owned SUV’s or burned coal in power plants.

  • Adheeb

    See! Climate change … tax coal to fund further studies.

  • L_Dave

    A liberal is someone who thinks we can manipulate Earth’s temperature, but building a wall along the southern border is beyond our technological capabilities.

    • LaQTPareo

      The best post so far today.

  • L_Dave

    Tax the sun!

  • cdw

    We are currently living in the warm “Holocene” interglacial period which will likely end in 7,000-10,000 years at which time the Earth’s current ongoing Ice Age will resume.

    This interglacial pattern has been going on for quite some time (it has a periodicity of about 100,000 years).

    Extending this “warm” Holocene interglacial period will certainly be advantageous to any future human populations. Farm food production will drastically be curtailed as the glaciers begin their advance across the continents. You will not be alive to see this, of course.

    • Neils Clausen

      Was that planet Proton or Notron, you are from?

      • cdw

        The short version is, in a few thousand years, mankind will be diligently searching for some way to actually cause global warming. You can’t farm or raise food (on most of the earth’s surface, anyway) during a glacial ice age.

  • dbski4it

    I’m a weak solar cycle denier!

  • L_Dave

    If the Earth begins to cool, do you think the environmentalists will begin calling for increased industrialization and manufacturing, in order to fight global cooling?

    • Just had the hottest May ever recorded by man.

    • ted wagner

      No, the leftists will just raise taxes and burn the actual money.

    • Sparafucile

      That’ll be hard, when de-industrialization is the perennial solution to every ecological and economic ill (perceived and actual).

    • libsrnazi

      Nope! They’ve already gone there. In the 70’s when a new ice age was the concern, these same liberal groups said humans were the cause. All the pollution from cars, the oil industry, and coal fired power plants, were spewing particulate pollution into the atmosphere, blocking sunlight from reaching the earth.

      The solution was to tax and regulate the oil industry, some of which was done, and create an industry of renewable energies that did not spew particulates into the air. Increased taxes were needed, as well as new governmental bodies to study the problem and oversee the regulation and transformation to renewable energy. Cars, gas, oil, coal, and electricity needed to be taxed more, and the big corporations needed to be sued to own up to their responsibility for causing the whole mess in the first place.

      Sound familiar? No matter what doomsday scenario they proliferate, the largest corporations have to pay, everything they can think of needs taxed, and the oil, gas, coal, and auto industries have to pay, and the government needs to subsidize ridiculously inefficient and overpriced renewable technologies that are miles from being cost effective.

      What most people miss is that the renewable technologies are remarkably inexpensive to buy into, precisely because they’re not plausible. Once all the players are invested, (or given stock options), the government will subsidize it, creating a temporarily plausible business model. The speculated future for this newly revitalized industry will be GLORIOUS! Somehow, even though the penny stock companies aren’t even solid, they will succeed in getting the SEC to approve a IPO, (with political help), and there will be a 100,000 to 1 stock split and $46 IPO price. Each politician that had a share worth $.60, will now have 100,000 shares worth $46.

      Sound like a scam? it is! Especially when the politicos involved then sell their stock over the next couple of years, (meted out to avoid a price plunge), but will be fully divested a year before the subsidies run out. Then everybody’s retirement will contain the millions of shares of this sham company at $46, and when the subsidies run out, the business model is instantly no longer viable, and the company goes banko after having been fully pillaged. Common stock is now worthless, the politicos and business execs in on the scam are super rich, and the millions and millions of retirees absorb the entire cost through stock losses, (and the taxes they paid to fund the subsidies).

      • Sumo294

        Ty for the post. Very informative.

  • dudefromdixie

    Great. All that money I’m going to save on sun screen and long underwear I’m going to use to buy me a new Prius.

    • JohnWolf

      Extremely funny

  • The sun is a hoax.

  • Rex

    Climate = THE WEATHER prevailing in an area. Google Climate Definition.
    Democrats are so stupid that they are just now figuring out that THE WEATHER CHANGES…..they still want to tax working people for it though…..

  • artyvanguard

    Liberals cannot help themselves. Not only do they want to control everything, they THINK they can control everything. As if some more taxes are going to make the sun burn at a different temperature.

  • Paul K

    Perhaps the article could have mentioned that the previous many decades had much more solar activity than the historical average, and using history as a guide correlates with the slight increase in average worldwide temps during that time?

  • xenna

    It is all about the money with the democrat’s CO2 tax, if you don’t pay it, they will make you freeze or make you hot. Only money can control the earth temperature according to them.

  • Owen44

    Send Eric Holder to the center of the sun to investigate.

  • JohnWolf

    They used this nonsense to destroy the coal industry

    Obama et al., most corrupt administration ever

  • JohnWolf

    Obama Supporters, Media, and useful idiots are all complicit in this scam.

    Anyone who believes in Gore’s Global Warming, should be forced to pay damages for being negligent.

  • Mellon Niles

    Mother of God, there are a lot of experts commenting today.

    • dudefromdixie

      So what is your opinion? Wait, let me guess you think Obama is the best president ever. Am I right, am I right?

  • Lillian Carter

    The science is settled, not.

  • juancarnuba

    The Gleissberg Grand Solar Minimum has already been predicted a long time ago. It will bottom out ~2030.

  • All this science, is so confusing. Can’t we go back to just blaming God for everything??

    We have much more to learn, is funny that the solar cycle stuff is new to so many, same ones who haven’t been following REAL news last decade or so.

    Those who didn’t get their news through a political strainer have known about this for a while, and have been concerned at the apathy and unwillingness of people to even TRY to understand….

    Is just easier if God were happy or sad and we just base it all on that….

  • sh

    By the time this tool of a President finishes this term, it will be 20 years with no global warning.
    Which means we’ll have college kids graduating with no global warming during their lifetime.
    Now does anyone believe the [email protected] won’t still be preaching it?

    • Timothy Wallace

      Yes, you forget, they are liberals. The truth NEVER matters.

  • JohnWolf

    save the country

  • Clay Cullum

    You mean activities on the sun could affect the temperature on earth?! Who knew?

  • JohnWolf

    Does anyone here, believe anything that Obama, Al Gore, or the Democrats say anymore?

    If so, WHY?

    • JohnWolf

      They are incapable of telling the truth, even if it benefits them.

      They have told so many lies, they are getting confused as to what the truth is.

  • Jim

    Al Gore is too busy getting ready to go to’s Dreamforce event in Oct with Hillary Clinton to brainwash all the techies who are going.

  • Steve Czaja

    We, along with many others are throwing trillions at a problem that does not exist! Absolute idiocy! “Climate” believers are really true believers and “useful idiots.”

  • JohnWolf

    People are going to starve, if Global Cooling does not stop.

    There will not be enough food to feed everyone.

    • deerhound

      Have no fear Moochelle and Berrie will have enough food!

    • sh

      Libtards in urban areas are the furthest from food production.
      So I really don’t see a down side to your statement.

  • Sparafucile

    Global Warming — SOLVED!! We did it! We just changed the level of activity of the Sun!

    How, you may ask? Heisenberg, of course! When one seeks to observe, measure, something, one actually affects that thing being observed.

    All you Global Warming adherents — if you want more control over the sun, to heal the planet some more, please observe the Sun more. Stare into it. Stare long and deep.

    • L_Dave

      Using a telescope will help.

      • Sparafucile

        Binoculars are sufficient. We don’t want to keep those who are without telescopes from helping, do we?

    • bibbitybobbityboo


  • bobclaville

    Really? Not many months ago. I mean weeks ago. We were all being warned to be watchful of SOLAR FLARES that would disrupt OUR LIVES around the Earth. When will somebody get the courage…I mean Gonads to commit AL GORE to his CARBON FOOTPRINT….Rubber Room? Some place where he can CHOKE on his own distorted, vacuum between his ears, and anus?

  • CrazyEddy

    Oh those awful humans and the stupid industrial age! Not satisfied with making the earth uninhabitable they’ve gone so far as to dim the sun! Ban fossil fuels!!

  • GregoryH

    Look at the position “climate change” activists and “scientists” are now in. They either have to admit that lack of solar activity cools the earth, or that rising CO2 levels might be cooling the earth. So they go with the sun for obvious reasons. But then will they be arguing that the sun can only cool the earth, not warm it and CO2 still causes global warming. It’s getting to be like an argument with a child who is a bad liar. They’ll have themselves in knots trying to explain this away.

  • suzsez

    For the last couple of years, the administration & its American-enemy buddies have been hawking phony articles about how ordinary solar activity, such as sunspots & solar flares, was going to wipe us all out, when really what they were planning was an EMP (or series of them) that they were going to ~blame on~ the sun. Well, it sure looks to me like they can’t get away with such a scheme if the sun runs a quiet solar cycle or two, so they can’t hide behind it. Boo hoo hoo.

  • djh

    I’m sooo cold I had to burn my carbon footprint!

  • Arch Deacon

    It is quiet clear…. We need to increase funding to the SUN….

  • mcgirv

    The Sun be chillin!

  • bibbitybobbityboo

    I would literally bet money that you could convince the dimwits who think humans control earth’s climate, that they are also responsible for what happens on the sun. Imagine the sun begins to cool. You tell these lemmings that the reason the sun is cooling is due to all of those solar panels they’ve installed. The panels are using up all of the suns energy and draining it. Shame on sun abusers! Wasting all of that sunlight! I’m telling you, without a doubt, these sheep could be convinced of it with the right con man. Just like Al Gore and Prince Charles do to them everyday.
    “A fool and his money should have never met to begin with”- Harry Anderson

  • Leftist_Stooge

    OMG, the Global Warming, Climate Change, I mean Climate Disruption alarmists were right.
    It’s sooo bad that our CO2 emissions have traveled 92,960,000 miles to the sun!

  • reffoelcnu alouncelal

    It’s super serial manbearpig

  • ADamRant

    In 1979 a study of 500 years of redwood tree rings predicted almost exactly the temperature variations between 1979 and 2014, unlike all the failed CO2 climate models. That tree ring study predicts that the earth might cool another 1C to 3C by 2045. The cooling/warming cycles of the last 165 years means we are 12 years into a 31 year cooling trend, exactly like we have been experiencing. So a Catastrophic Global Cooling (CGC) is imminent.

    The cool climate will adversely affect crop yields. However the increase in CO2 we are experiencing has increased the crops’ resistance to current cold climate. Therefore, to increase the crops’ resistance to the CGC, we need to spend billions INCREASING anthropogenic CO2 above the 3% of the CO2 we are now producing.

  • LysolMotorola

    Oh! My! What ever shall we do about this. What CAN we do about this. QUICK. Find a progressive. Ask them. Tell them it is affecting the minorities the most. They will know what to do. They ALWAYS know what to do. [sarc off]
    The ALGOR curse strikes again. He goes to a global warming pep rally in Australia. They have low temperatures there that they have not seen in over 100 years. ROTFLMFAO

  • bibbitybobbityboo

    Just have Al Gore open his mouth and release more hot air. Problem solved!

  • Herd Mentality

    It’s the sun, stupid.

    • bibbitybobbityboo

      LOL! Your icon made my day. Too funny!

  • FreedomFirst

    The sun is responsible for about 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of heat on earth. Any truly intelligent person has to realize that the sun in irrelevant in climate studies. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!! But hey, if someone gave me 100’s of millions of bucks to tell them what they wanted to hear, I just might do the same…just lie and summit invalid data. Probably not though, I am a dinosaur and still believe in scientific integrity and integrity in general. BTW, the number you see above is highly accurate. Go ahead, try to prove the sun is not responsible for heat on earth, and please…include your data for once so it can be reviewed.

  • bigjohn767

    Flame out!

  • alan

    Perhaps the sun was active which caused the earth to heat up and now its cooling. Cause and effect?

  • Mellon Niles

    I’m sure glad these “scientists” have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to anything I believe in politically.

    When it comes to my cell phone, computer, GPS, satellite TV, ballistic missiles, nuclear weapons, rockets to the moon and Google Maps I am sure glad they know what they are talking about.

  • SchumifromAZ

    The sun is quiet here in Scottsdale, Az to the tune of 108 degrees today….

    • Dominic

      Normal temps.

    • dmsday

      but it’s a dry heat. (in the summer, it’s hot)

  • knighttemplar01

    If you, really want to understand what is transpiring on Sol, google “The Maunder Minimum”, and the truth will set you free! Yes, we are sliding headlong into a cycle of weather extremes, alas it not warming its cooling. And the progressives running the climate change side show know it! As the obama administration curtails our use of coal(it only supplies 55% of the countries energy) we will be unable to heat our homes or cook. As an aside the coal mined in America is being shipped to China; and here I was under the impression we were experiencing “GLOBAL WARMING” ? i guess China is another planet or dimension?

  • vegasdomar

    WOW!! The sun has something to do with the climate? Who would’ve guessed?

  • fantum

    Shouldn’t they notify BearManPigSlob Gore so he can propose a tax?

  • a fan

    Surely their computer models knew this cycle would occur and all future projections are correctly based on this already-anticipated cycle, so they will continue to be right on everything, as they have been all along.

  • Brushfire

    It is a telling indication of stupidity levels when commenters debate american politics as response to solar science articles.

  • jack smith


  • portle44

    Maybe if we sacrifice Al Gore…………..ah..let’s throw in Obama too.

  • vegasdomar

    They can’t even predict picnic weather and they want us to go along with predictions years away? Supposed to be mostly sunny last week when it dumped 1 inch of rain in under 15 min.

  • D. G.

    The sun has gone quiet because it’s our fault. This is all caused by man-made Global Warming !!

  • skittlebee

    It is so funny that people think they can affect the climate but the sun can’t do it. You know the big nuclear furnace that heats the solar system:-)

  • NOYB

    “To say that the sun affects climate is crazy.” – Al Gore

    • cdw

      Al Gore is misinformed, ignorant, or running a scam.

  • Shuey

    Look at all that science being explained in this article. Where are the idiot libs who claim to be the only ones who know the science?

  • ckirmser

    Hey, maybe it turns out that Time was right back in the 70s…
    Niven/Pournelle wrote a SciFi book – Falling Angels? – that was a near future scenario where leftists got control of the US government and enacted global warming targeted laws. As a result, greenhouse gasses were mitigated and the climate cooled, to the point that —
    **Spoiler Alert **
    **Spoiler Alert**
    Minneapolis was buried in snow year-round.

    Edit: Oh, well, fat lot of good putting all the LFs in there to hopefully warn about the spoiler did…

  • NOYB

    Man-made sun cooling. A global tax is needed to reheat the sun. Or we all will perish.

  • Ole Diver

    About 12 to15 years ago a couple of Sovies solar scientists said this was going to happen and the earth would cool. As I remember they even were willing to bet a very large sum of money that the earth would cool rather than warm. No global warmist took them up on the offer.
    All the ocean currents, nina, baby ninia, hurricanes, cold winters, warm winters, high winds and so on and so on are simply a distribution of the suns energy. They are NOT the cause of any global warming or cooling, they are the result of heat being radiated out of the earths bubble and heat being radiated into the earths bubble. There are a few other mechanisms that can affect the overall quantity of heat in the bubble, but they are relative minor compared to what is radiated in and out.

  • TruthBeTold

    When they can produce a climate model that accurately predicts current trends, then we can talk.

    Everything so far has been hype, hysteria, and outrageous, unfounded speculation.

    The polar bears are dying. Coffee and chocolate are going to go extinct. AIDS is going to explode.

    They seem to believe that making wild and unsubstantiated claims about the future climate will scare us into action. NOTE To Climate Nazis: your hysterics aren’t helping your cause.

  • oldoldtimer

    Panic in the streets!!!!! We must tax every one so the sun will brighten back up. Its all that Co2 we are emitting.
    Last summer solar activity was suppose to peak at a 11 year cycle high. Instead it dropped to a 100 year low and now this summer its dropped even lower. Looks like this is the cycle that syncs with the ice ages of past. So instead of GW we are actually going into another ice age. Sorry for all you Ynakees. No coal to keep you warm .And no coal power plants to provide electricity.

  • Scott Siemsen

    We are killing the Sun with our CO2

    • Neils Clausen

      That has got to be the single most asinine comment, I have ever read. You really should remove your comment before your ID , is recorded on all of the idiot lists. You certainly made mine. WOW!

      • SerfCityHereWeCome

        It’s called sarcasm…

        • louis_wheeler

          How can you tell, as crazy as Environmentalists act?

          • SerfCityHereWeCome

            Because a real ecoterrorist would say something even more idiotic. And mean it.

          • louis_wheeler

            But, there is no end to their state funded nonsense.

    • louis_wheeler

      The sun is so large that it could swallow the earth without a hiccup. Did you notice that there was 93 million miles of vacuum between the the Sun and the Earth?

      Where did you learn your science? Sesame street?

      • hopd

        Did you learn your sarcasm from Obama? I understand he was telling jokes right after announcing that a plane was blown up this morning.

        • louis_wheeler

          No, from Jimmy Carter. The same nonsense seems to repeat every thirty years or so, thanks to the government schools.

      • Scott Siemsen

        No sir. The public school system.

        • louis_wheeler

          It appears that you didn’t learn any science there either.

    • cdw

      You obviously are joking.

  • J to the S

    Crap now we’re causing climate change on the sun. We gone and done it now!

  • Hawkdriver1961

    There is a direct correlation with sun spots and heating/cooling of the earth. During the 1990s solar flares were numerous and huge…X class. During that time earth was warming but so was every planet in the solar system to include Pluto which was moving away from the sun. This is fact. During the lull, temperatures are dropping. The little ice age was associated with the longest period of no activity on the sun in recorded history. Fact again. To claim man made global warming is beyond arrogance and shows science doesn’t know everything and has been polluted be the cancer of political correctness. The debate is far from over

  • Mellon Niles

    I’m sure glad these “scientists” have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to anything I believe in politically.

    When it comes to my cell phone, computer, GPS, satellite TV, CAT scans, ballistic missiles, nuclear weapons, rockets to the moon and Google Maps I am sure glad they know what they are talking about..

  • Emery Clarke

    Great – now Mother Nature is getting on board with climate change.

  • Rogue Cheddar

    I wish Man would stop screwing with the climate and get back to watching the Kardashians.

  • Rogue Cheddar

    Al Gore will be all over this, like a cheap empty suit.

  • portle44

    So the Sun is cooling. What an excellent reason for a new tax to fund the Democrat base.If you don’t tax things, where will all that free stuff come from ?

  • ObamatheIllinoisIdiot

    Global cooling will lead to millions of deaths.

    • cdw

      But, the general public does not know this. However, the best death is the unexpected one.

  • Buzz

    The two pictures are a bit misleading. The sun rotates with a synodic period of 26.24 days, so the sunspots seen on July 6 have rotated out of view. The question is, how many will still be there in another 11 or 12 days when that area again comes into view.
    Sun spots have a great effect on long distance communications. When sun spot numbers are high, the layers of the ionosphere become heavely ionized which cause radio transmissions in the 2 to 30 mHz range to bounce or skip long distances. The is the phenomonum that ham radio operators use to talk with other ham radio operators around the world.

  • Apu Bugolligosh

    Must be global warming.


    The real irony here is that mankind really is unable to significantly increase the atmospheric concentration of CO2 in any real measurable way.

    To put it in perspective, the ‘global warming’ crowd that believe mankind is somehow responsible put forward that at least 80 million years ago atmospheric CO2 was probably around 1,500ppm which resulted in a lush, warmer environment that was no more than 10 degree’s Celsius warmer than now. (Which, if you’ll recall, this was during the height of speciation on Earth.) This is the AGW Global Warming crowd that put forward this number. It is important to remember other estimations of this number are -much higher-.

    What is the concentration of atmospheric CO2 today? Roughly 400ppm.

    During the glacial era a concentration of CO2 at or around 180ppm has been credited with reducing active plant life. This is also according to the Carbon Hawks themselves.

    So ask yourself this question: Are we closer to the -minimum- of CO2 required for all life on Earth to exist,
    or closer to the high range where life is absolutely known for a fact to have flourished?

    Asking questions doesn’t kill anyone. Limiting carbon emissions, which are a direct result of -necessary- power
    generation, kills hundreds of thousands of people a year.

    So who is the monster here? The ‘deniers’ or the masters of the asylum?

    When did science stop being skeptical of unproven theories?

  • TruthBeTold

    Watch for a Cooling Tax to mitigate the problems of global cooling.

  • OncealwaysaMarine

    So much for the religion of man-made “climate change.”

  • Neils Clausen

    We are supposed to be in , sun cycles, a solar maximum. This cycle should play out with very strong solar energies. Instead we are seeing solar energies at an extremely low level. If this is the peak of the 11 year solar max, then we will, most certainly see solar energies, degrading much further as the solar minimum cycle plays out over the next 11 years. Study the Maunder Minimum Period for more info.

  • TruthBeTold

    If we’re lucky soon well see Michael Mann arrested for fraud and carted off in handcuffs.

  • Maybe we are about to enter another mini-ice age?

  • bassfishman

    Wait a minute. I thought the Sun had a feaver? Thank God it broke and things are back to normal. Im gonna go fill up my gas guzzler now.

  • Muawiyah

    With this NOT going on, even Michael Mann would be loathe to advise anyone to buy shares in a sunscreen lotion manufacturer.

  • MysteryMan

    The sun is a filthy tea bagger trying to screw up our scheme to get people in line and thinking right. Stupid Sun.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Silence, fools! Global warming is settled fraud, er, science!

  • t from NJ

    Bush’s fault and the Koch Bro’s. They sent a secret 1% built rocket, took the fuel from the sun because it was competing from Big Oil.

    • t from NJ

      or it was really Auntie’s story

  • JadedWarrior

    The Left will be loathe to accept this, and will ignore it as long as it can, for several reasons. Trial lawyers can’t sue the sun; there’s no money to be made off of it. Second, it can’t be traced to anything man-made; there’s no guilt that can be applied to solar activity. And three, it’s always easier if Bush did it.

  • t from NJ

    Boy, HAARP is more powerful than we thought.

  • Bush’s fault. 😉

  • Shootist

    Beware colder winters and milder summers.

    Yea Global Warming!

    “The polar bears will be fine”. – Freeman Dyson.

    • VendicarDecarian0

      Alzheimers is a terrible thing.

      • Shootist

        yeah, right you should have such Alzheimer’s.

      • cdw

        He looks and is old, but you misjudged the man. Search online for some background.

        • VendicarDecarian0

          He is 92 years old.

        • VendicarDecarian0

          He is 92. Not many brain cells left in that head.

    • cdw

      Freeman Dyson, a highly regarded and talented intellect, had the gall to speak his mind:

      “I just think they don’t understand the climate,” he said of climatologists. “Their computer models are full of fudge factors.”

      “The models are extremely oversimplified,” he said. “They don’t
      represent the clouds in detail at all. They simply use a fudge factor to
      represent the clouds.”

      Of course, when he spoke these accurate words, the Religion of Climate Change promptly excommunicated him.

  • Itstoolate

    Quick, some one call crazy Al and ask him if this is true…If so are we going to freeze..Calling Al Gore, calling crazy Al……

  • frznpch

    So now it’s an Ice Age, again, tailor-made and tee’d up for someone’s political agenda. Last time it was used to put the North American Free Trade Agreement through, by scaring Americans into believing they’d all eventually have to move to Mexico, so we’d better keep ’em happy! Then Global Warming comes along, to be used as a way to scare us all into electric cars, carbon credits and crappy lightbulbs. Now another Ice Age scare. Wonder what they’ll use it for this time. One World Government? Outsource food production to the Southern Hemisphere so the Northerner’s don’t starve, to take out the last of the American farmers? One can only guess.

  • 10ACUS1

    Albert Arnold Gore, you have a right to remain silent…

  • justmeanu

    We can all have a really good laugh when the crops fail and millions die.

  • Skillet Chitlins

    I expect soon that the PR department of the “Climate Change” crowd will start timing their press releases according to solar activity observations. Meanwhile their “scientists” will still be tweaking their computer models while hell freezes over.

  • HansonBro

    Wait a minute…..They told me it was going to get warm if I didn’t stop driving my SUV and send more taxes to Washington DC.

    You mean they were lying all along?

  • Gunny G Alz

    But the libertards still mewl and bleat that the Earf is getting warmer! We’re hotter, we’re colder, we’re hotter, someone make up their mind please.

    As for me, climate change DOES occur…spring to summer to fall to winter and then oddly enough, back again!

  • Gunny G Alz

    “The sun has a fever…”

    “The interior of the earth is extremely hot – several million degrees…'”

    So sayeth the High Preist of GloBULL Warming, Owl Gore.

  • Southernationalist

    When will the One World Government-UN is God crowd shift gears and demand international collective action to halt global cooling. Surely there must be a way to tax it and undermine national sovereignty in the process.

    • disqus_A1IVSzeN8P

      Maybe you have not heard of the Carbon Tax that has been implemented in certain areas.

  • djs1138

    Who knew? A stronger solar cycle, warmer temperatures, a weaker cycle, cooler temperatures… so you’re telling me it’s the sun that may be warming and cooling the earth? That’s ridiculous! Everyone knows it’s people changing global temperatures… I’m certain the science has been settled and everyone knows The Sky is Falling…

    • louis_wheeler

      What “everybody knows” is a dangerous concept. What anyone can prove is the scientific method.

      • djs1138

        Agreed Mr. Wheeler… science by consensus is not science at all…

  • God Help Us All

    This is all due to Man-Bear-Pig.

  • obammy

    Maybe if we tax the living daylights out of everyone we can fix this sun thing.
    – b obama along with algore

  • disqus_A1IVSzeN8P

    Thank goodness for the high CO2 content. It will save us from an ice age. You are not going to hear this information from the old mainstream media. They have their heads up Obama’s a## and the only thing they can see in there is global warming.

  • Templar8

    What? The sun has something to do with how warm it is on earth? Who knew? Get me AlGore on the phone so he can explain it to me. Oh yeah. He’s freezing his a** off in Australia at the moment.

  • writeonbrother

    The Sun’s a Racist.

    • Occam’s Stubble

      And a flaming one at that. 🙂

  • theorangeguy

    Does this mean we can re-open coal plants now…?

    • Occam’s Stubble

      We weren’t asked to close any.

      – China

      • theorangeguy

        asked no, regulated to the point that they had to close…yes.

        • Occam’s Stubble

          I was pointing out that the Kyoto treaty did not apply to developing countries like China.

  • truthtopowerCNS

    Obama just announced that he will issue an executive order for the sun to warm up.
    I hope I’m kidding…

  • Randy

    What this seems to mean is that a period of quiet sun related weather is likely to work against local conditions on Earth that have resulted in a warming trend, resulting in a period of cooler weather in spite of local influences that would otherwise continue a warming trend. This relief may last a few years or even for decades, but is not permanent. It essentially gives us more time to clean up our act before ultimately sun activity cycles back to a peak and compounds our local conditions rather than alleviates them. I believe we have been warming – I can see ice loss, plant and animal range migration, and storm activity that indicates that it has been warming on average for quite some time, even if you question climate studies and thermometer readings. I also think it is unreasonable to believe that with the extent of human impact on the environment (again, readily observable), that part of the climate equation is not human activity. It’s fair to debate the extent of that impact, but I don’t think its reasonable to argue that there aren’t many things we could do better, resulting in a healthier place to live.

    • Occam’s Stubble

      What you’re continuing to do to that chicken is illegal in 47 states.

  • Mellon Niles

    I’m sure glad these “scientists” have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to anything I believe in politically.

    When it comes to my cell phone, computer, GPS, satellite TV, CAT scans, ballistic missiles, nuclear weapons, rockets to the moon and Google Maps I am sure glad they know what they are talking about

  • sh

    So, [email protected], tell me who the flat earthers are now?

    LMAO at you and your “settled science.”

  • TheTruthIsNotPC

    You mean that the Sun, the source of over 98% of our heat, affects global temperature?????? And I thought it was SUV’s.

    • Not to mention the geothermal energy from inside the Earth. People who think the molecule thin (by comparison) film of atmosphere on the surface has any impact on global temperatures are insane. The heat radiating up thru the rocks and the sun’s rays totally determine earth temperature balance, not mankind manipulating a few molecules at the surface.

      • Occam’s Stubble

        Shhhhhh! We can’t tax and regulate the Sun or the Earth’s core.

        – Democrats

        • If the Democrats ever decide to advance space exploration their financing method will be to just Tax Gravity, so there’s is an incentive to get off the planet to avoid said tax. But since only the Rich can afford spacecraft they will be to blame for “keeping everybody else down, on the planet”… figuratively and literally.

      • cdw

        Well, I don’t know enough about geothermal energy, but you are correct about the atmosphere.

        If the earth is modeled as a sphere 12 inches in diameter, the difference between the polar and equatorial diameters would be 1/16 of an inch, the International Space Station would fly approximately 3/8 of an inch above the sphere’s surface, and most of the earth’s atmosphere will be contained within the first 1/16-inch above the surface of the 12-inch model of the earth.

        The moon would be about 3.25 inches in diameter, orbiting 30 feet away from the earth, and the sun would be a huge 109-foot sphere, 2.2 miles away from the earth.

        • I looked it up too. The earth diameter is 800 times the thickness of the atmosphere. I have to admit I would have guessed 8000 instead, but still, now I know.

          • cdw

            All within about the first 10 or so miles. Quite thin. There actually is scientific research into the subject of Geothermal energy (heat) coming from the core of the earth, but I doubt any Climatologist’s computer models (let alone the CRU models) take it into account, and it could be quite significant.

  • Wodun

    The chart showing the predicted number of sunspots is wrong. The original predictions are much different than what is shown on the chart. Also, the monthly predictions are changed to align with the observed number of sunspots after the events have occurred. There is a certain level of dishonesty with the predictions and how they are maintained.

    Robert Zimmerman has been tracking the predictions and the observations over at his blog Behind the Black,

    It is important to note that all of the predictions have been wrong. No one even predicted a double peak or knows why there was a double peak. What comes next is anyone’s guess but we know one thing for sure, that no one knows anything.

  • JReaS

    I think AlGore should lead a team of the world’s top climate scientists to the sun to check this out.

  • It’s just the calm before the supernova. It’s great to live in the habitable zone of a star, but only right up until the time when it’s…. uh… not.

    • Mellon Niles

      Our star will never go supernova.

      • Just like the fact that there is no evidence for an afterlife, there is no evidence for an afterstar. That is, a time that we exist and our star does not exist. However if we develop the technology to go to visit other stars in this Galaxy please disregard the previous two sentences.

    • louis_wheeler

      Your belief is highly improbable.

      We know a lot about main sequence stars like the sun. They don’t supernovae; that is common among stars with 2 to 3 times the Sun’s mass. Main sequence stars expand into red giants when they run out of fuel. That should occur in about 1 to 2 billion years.

      But, if you believe that this will occur now, why are you staying around to be burned to a crisp? Shouldn’t suicide be preferable? You can make it a more pleasant ending. I’ll tell you how. It’s the one way I’m kind to Leftists. LOL

      • Louis, I checked you. Thanks for the correction. You are right, a star with less than 8 or 12 times the mass of our own sun (not 2 or 3 like you lied and said…LOL) will just burn out and become a White Dwarf when it dies, and then it will eventually spiral into the black hole at the center of our Galaxy. In the event that I transcend into some sort of intelligence that can be there to see that, I’m going to be singing Jesus Loves me right up until the point of the singularity. Because nothing can shake my faith.

        • louis_wheeler

          I was being excessively modest. But, my point was correct wasn’t it? A supernova is out of the question.

          The Universe still has eons ahead of it. There is no rush. No need to speed things up. Not even Global Nuclear War seems probable. Of course, we have a pesky meltdown of the US Dollar to look forward to. Meanwhile, the Chinese are trying to buy up America. That didn’t work out well when the Japanese tried that in the 90s.

          I’m a rather stubborn fellow, myself. So, no suicide for me, no matter how painful the future gets.

          • Yes you are right, no supernova according to what we know about our star. It will fizzle, rather than explode. Not enough mass to force an explosion. But as for humanity, I believe the Yellowstone caldera blowing, or an asteroid hitting us, are getting more and more overdue by the day, to wipe us out. As for nations, yes, it’s our debt that will destroy this country just like bankruptcy ultimately brings down all empires.

          • louis_wheeler

            Our Sun will expand into a Red Giant, but we humans will be long gone by that time.

            Maybe, long before that happens, we will have escaped the Solar System, taken control of our genome and bred a super race. Saturn or Uranus won’t be consumed; we could relocate to their moons. Or maybe, our progeny will become cyborgs which, in time, will lose their organic parts. Science Fiction has explored these possibilities.

            Our Ancestors survived the last three explosions of the Yellowstone caldera. So, a new explosion would ruin the United States, but not the world. The same for most asteroids. Those are improbable events, which will forecast themselves far enough in advance to enable us to move them out of Earth’s path.

            Humanity came close to extinction when Mount Toba exploded 75 to 80 thousand years ago. Our ancestors were reduced to around 10 thousand people. I don’t see us being annihilated, now.

            Our financial crisis is not likely to destroy us either, however painful it will be. It will be a necessary correction to the excesses of our fractional reserve banking system, the Progressive’s control of American politics and the excesses of big government. America will survive, but the big cities controlled by the Liberals might go up in flames.

            The Red States will have jobs, food and fuel in the coming crisis. Soon enough, people will vote with their feet to leave the Blue States. Of course, they may try to take their failed Liberal policies to their new locations. But, with the end of Mass media, Hollywood and the Public Schools, they are unlikely to maintain their power.

  • fw

    Now as Fat Al the other Al is thinking, now how to get
    rid of those pesky humans…. er except me of course.

  • WalterHorsting

    Sun cycle 25 will certainly be quiet, it is based on previous cycles length. Lot’s of crop failures are to be expected due to long winters, wet springs and summers. 25% of all Scots died in the 1680s from crop failure famine. We will all be wishing it warms soon.

  • Zoroaster

    Hay Obama gore a little lesson for you the sun control the weather on earth as well as the rest of the solar system. What are you going to do fine the sun for not falling inline with your bs golbal worming global cooling climate change what ever suit the next weather condition energy scam agenda.
    If you left wing progressive Obama lap dogs get what you want we will have a dead planet. The planet goes threw cycles if it does not we all die. the earth has had thousands of ice ages and 1000 of hot ages if it didn’t not earth would be like mars. Stop trying to control every thing. Have you not noticed every thing government gets involved in goes to sh t. If all government were gone their would be no war. As soon as some arrogant power hungry fool forms a government next comes a war. Two laws No governemtns and dont mess with any one else done earth at peace.

  • SGT Scientist

    Every semester, my chemistry students ask me about “climate change” and what I think about it. My answer is that the Earth’s climate always changes. It has been changing since the Earth’s atmosphere formed billions of years ago. It will continue to change long after we are extinct as a species. There is nothing we can do about it. I hope the climate gets warmer for the next few thousand years, because the alternative is an ice age. I’d rather have an extra growing season in Canada and Russia than a two-mile thick glacier as far south as Iowa and Germany.

  • carl6352

    well this is going to blow a gigantic hole in al gores 5x underwear!

    • louis_wheeler

      He gave up listening to contrary evidence before he was in his teens.

  • Eagle0542

    Who could have known? The sun has something to do with climate? And all this time I was told it was Al Gore’s jumbo jet.

  • Occam’s Stubble

    We now need new taxes, regulations, and global treaties to encourage people to do what they can to warm the globe.

    – The Left

  • Occam’s Stubble

    Al Gore is a prescient genius! He did not incorporate a single green technology in the building of his huge home/office complex because he wanted it to be responsible for more global warming since he could see this coming a mile away!

  • Mike Herman

    So you’re saying the Sun affects climate? I thought it was just SUV’s.

  • roosterCrow4

    Manbearpig can eat a lemon flavored snow cone.

  • That Texas Guy!

    Well, I am sure when you bring this fact to the table in a discussion with the environmentalists, it will go over their head quite quickly and they will somehow blame humans for the solar cycle being weak. You see they never want an end to the debate. They hope this so-called crisis never ends so they can get on with their agenda of controlling humanity’s activities.

  • mikemoair2

    huh? the sun causes heat here? man, that’s crazy talk, cars cause that

  • mikemoair2

    sun = heat but DON’T tell al gore

  • mikemoair2

    im praying for it to just go nova……..

  • Aslan’s Girl

    We’re in a GLOBAL COOLING, and that’s that!

    • mikemoair2

      Asians are hot

  • mikemoair2

    Richard Feynman can you believe this science talk?

  • Savage65

    It’s Bush’s fault and we’re all racists. 😉

    • mikemoair2

      the Koch brothers man

      • Savage65

        Yes, the Koch brothers flew to the Sun and altered it with their cunning skill!! But it’s still Bush’s fault, and we’re all racists. 😉

  • mikemoair2

    ANTHONY CUMIA for president!!!!!!

  • mikemoair2

    how dare Israel DEFEND ITS BORDERS/PEOPLE!!!!

  • mikemoair2

    I wanna feel the sizzle of Jessica alba’s fantastic pooper

  • mikemoair2

    have you seen these micro bikinis on youtube? they make me hungry

  • mikemoair2

    johnny winter has died

  • Guest

    Hmm, who would have thought that the sun had anything to do with it. Certainly not the climate alarmists.

  • mikemoair2

    17.4 trillion in debt, adding 4 billion every day, hey let’s spend 3.7 billion on illegals

  • mikemoair2

    I want an ice age so I can drive/live guilt free

  • mikemoair2

    teens sure love beer and pot

  • Formerparatrooper

    Oh, but Obama and his crones keep lying to us about global warming which we all know is a HOAX designed to take more money out of our pockets.

  • mikemoair2

    the solar vortex?

  • You say that the Sun has gone quiet. Is that supposed to mean that the Sun affects something. Michael Mann and ALL of the (lying) researchers say that you’re wrong, because…Science!

    • Democritus537

      It is science that will prove Michael Mann and all the lying researchers wrong… It won’t be anything else that does it.

  • mikemoair2

    I will never have a $40,000 dinner at George Clooney’s house, FAIR?

    • SGT Scientist

      Yes, it is fair. Nobody likes George Clooney. He is an arrogant jerk who is usually drunk off his butt by 3:30 PM.

      • mikemoair2

        I need a George Clooney married update

  • mikemoair2

    I like kaley cuoco wearing those glasses and saying molecule

    • Democritus537

      Are you trolling? You seem to be looking for conflict… Someone to come along, like me, and tell you to shut the he’ll up. Quit vomiting all over the forum with your inane comments please.

      • mikemoair2

        but im blogging from a free speech zone, im sorry you are gay and don’t find kaley cuoco sexy

        • Democritus537

          Nothing I said before would indicate my feelings on Kaley Cuoco and whether I think her sexy… With logic like yours it’s no wonder this country is going to shyt.

          • mikemoair2

            yeah im white, its all my fault

          • Flag, downvote, and move on, but I’m sure you know how to treat a troll.

          • mikemoair2

            26,276 up votes VS 406…….

          • Democritus537

            LMFAO!!! Who the heck cares about up votes? I’m not here to please people.

          • mikemoair2

            but you are failing at that, go please yourself, I recommend kaley cuoco in her black bikini

          • Democritus537

            Don’t repeat your parents mistakes mikemoair2… Wear contraception.

  • DeenaMAbdallah

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    • Democritus537

      Why don’t you quit with the stupid comment/advertisements? You’ve been flagged.

      • mikemoair2

        freedom of speech is a wonderful thing

        • DeenaMAbdallah


        • Democritus537

          Yeah! I know! I can call out jackaz$es like DeenaMAbdallah, and you too of course, for being the schmuck they are.

          I find it hilarious, though, that you consider advertising on a comment board for an article, speech… Vomiting out stupid advertisements in a comment section for an article on the climate isn’t speech… It’s inanity.

          • mikemoair2

            we will never have maya angelou read us a poem again

          • Democritus537

            What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

          • mikemoair2

            its a fact

          • Democritus537

            It’s a fact? Maya Angelou is dead, that is a fact, but that doesn’t mean she can’t read you a poem. We have recordings of her, video of her, reading poems. She can still read them to you…

  • MOE

    Al Gore the idiot will take his global warming to his grave. Pride is a harsh taskmaster.

    • mikemoair2

      im sad I will never see the happy gore family play football on the front yard

  • ObamaLovesUSAlikeOJLovedNicole

    We need to spend more federal dollars to look into this. Perhaps a new tax may be needed as well. I just hope this doesn’t cause more global warming.

  • DeenaMAbdallah

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    • Democritus537

      Go away…

  • Jay Bee

    Now we’ve done it. Shit! Where’s Al Gore? Save us Al! Raise taxes! Build more wind turbines. DO SOMETHING!

  • Randy Peterson

    It’s Bush’s fault….

    • mikemoair2

      and the Koch brothers

      • Hedley Lamar

        I read where the Koch brothers actually own the sun and are shutting it down to make people buy more heating oil.

        • mikemoair2

          they are diabolical

  • Tbone Agitation

    The Sun obviously doesn’t care about the need to distribute wealth via bogus carbon taxes on its 3rd planet. Time for a new sun!!!

    • mikemoair2

      the sun is racist

  • Hussein

    In other news. Obama is going on vacation again while Moochelle goes in for some minor touch ups to his sex change operation. Hussein was concerned that the first man looked a little too masculine in the shoulder and neck area.

  • mikemoair2

    JOHNNY WINTER, under bush he lived, under Obama he dies

    • Democritus537

      Mikemoair2, under bush he was an idiot, under Obama he still is.

      • mikemoair2

        I think freedom of expression is a wonderful thing

        • Democritus537

          LOL! Mikemoair2, I’d really like to see things from your point of view, but I can’t seem to get my head that far up your a$s.

          • mikemoair2

            there was no time for debates on hill 937

          • Democritus537

            You know, after meeting you, I’ve decided I am in favor of abortion in cases of incest.

  • Wolfdaze

    Earth Polar Flip coming. North is moving 10x faster than it has in the past. There is strong evidence that states the sun and the earth magnetic fields to interact. Subscribe to this guy, he is really calling some events that are taking place, give it a week and see.

  • michael s

    This MMGW or AGW or whatever name fits, is a bunch of malarkey. The following questions are aimed at the “climate is changing” crowd. I will accept their premise as gospel.

    All we know is, continued use of fossil fuel will bring “bad climate change”.
    Agree or disagree.

    Then, reduced or discontinued use of fossil fuel will cause bad climate change to stop or, maybe, reverse.
    Agree or disagree.

    What metric will be used to alert us that “bad climate change” has stopped or “good climate change” has begun?

    Any SWAG(Scientific Wild Ass Guess) for a time line is optional and appreciated.

    • mikemoair2

      google oil is abiotic

  • mikemoair2

    are feral cows safe?

    • Democritus537

      No cows are safe, until you pasteurize their milk, or cook the meat well enough… What a stupid question…

    • michael s

      Look for an 800 number on the bottle you last drank from. Remember, that number is disconnected. Drink more.

  • DeenaMAbdallah

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    • Democritus537

      Why don’t you go spam people’s email addresses instead of waste people’s time on a commenting forum?

      • mikemoair2

        she’s pretty

        • Democritus537

          Thank you Professor Oblivious

  • mikemoair2

    can’t we all just get along? cant Rodney king just pull over?

  • Hedley Lamar

    So does this mean there’s not enough CO2 on the sun and it’s making it too cold?

  • mikemoair2

    hey think of the future carbon footprints saved from this downing an airliner

    • disillusioned

      I wonder which was worse.. Bush’s moment of silence after 9-11 or Obama’s 40 second speech then resuming his speech with jokes.. can the leftists weigh in on Obama’s response? Anyone?

  • mikemoair2

    Jessica alba has one hot pooper

    • Democritus537

      I’m worried about you bro! All you do is hang out in forums making comment after comment hoping people up vote your comments so you can lord them over others making it appear that you’re superior to them…

      mikemoair2 • 24 minutes ago made towards me…

      26,276 up votes VS 406…….

      • mikemoair2

        but cows are farting causing global warming?

        • Democritus537

          Voted down… Get a life

          • mikemoair2

            but its not my claim, im just repeating it

          • Democritus537

            All that you are you owe to your parents. Why don’t you send them a penny and square the account?

          • mikemoair2

            because they are dead?

          • Democritus537

            Anyone who told you to be yourself couldn’t have given you worse advice.

          • mikemoair2

            oh I just gotta be me, diversity is our strength

          • Democritus537

            mikemoair2 <– Diarrhea of the mouth; constipation of the ideas.

          • disillusioned

            Sorry, i don’t know the history but this is funny stuff. 🙂

  • Dawn Weaver

    So humans aren’t the primary driver of climate on planet earth? Who’da thunk it?

    • Democritus537

      So you admit that they can and do have an impact… That’s a form of progress at least.

      • Hedley Lamar

        We admit that humans live on the planet.

        • mikemoair2

          and ARE part of the envoronment

        • Democritus537

          Are you Dawn Weaver? No?! Then why are you answering for her?

          • Hedley Lamar

            Are you a twelve-year-old? No? Then why do you act like one?

            And for the record, the SUN regulates the earth’s temperature. That’s why it’s there.

    • mikemoair2

      its crazy huh?

  • mikemoair2

    keep our own kids safe

  • mikemoair2

    man, the left is upset over this story, BLAH HA HA……..THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH

  • mikemoair2


    • Democritus537

      No agenda is ever true.

      • mikemoair2

        truth is no an agenda,

        • Democritus537


  • mikemoair2

    17.4 trillion in debt adding 4 billion every day and expecting a different result? SIGH

  • Toejammer

    Beware how you’re contributing to Galactic Warming.

    • mikemoair2

      my spaceship runs on batteries

  • Rich

    Someone needs to drill this into the brain of the idiot liar egomaniac thief Al Gore & all the other lying P.O.S. scientists whose only objective is to line their pockets with your money.

  • John Schilling

    Bush’s fault! Uh, I mean, Global Warming, Global Warming, aaacckk! Oh, wait, this is an extra-terrestrial event. Well, to hell with it: Bush’s fault! Global Warming! Raise Taxes! Support BloNobba and Algore!

    • mikemoair2

      keep our own kids safe

  • Walter_Peterson

    Solar cooling trumps global warming every time.

  • mikemoair2

    without carbon, there is no life

    • disillusioned

      Hah… reduce your carbon footprint or pay Al to reduce your guilt about it.

  • mikemoair2

    thank you oil companies for saving our whales

  • Tbone Agitation

    What about the hole in the ozone layer? Can I please get my R-12 back? It ran more efficiently and saved us all a lot of energy expenses!

  • mikemoair2

    I wish Israel would go biblical on the middle east

  • mikemoair2

    who fixed the hole in the ozone layer?

    • disillusioned

      It changed in the 70’s from Carbon Monoxide to now Carbon Dioxide. I bet someone had a typo and that’s why it’s Dioxide today.

  • stilton_a_cheese

    Wow, Dude, that’s rad. The sun influences temperatures on earth? Who woulda thought?

  • mikemoair2

    I am pro-Jennifer love Hewitt’s crazy/sexy vajazzle trend, meow

    • Bryanokc

      Do you think you’re being clever or are you just naturally an idiot? Seriously, are you really that desperate for attention that you make a fool of yourself in the comment section? Kinda pathetic.

  • Psalmon

    We have Winters like nobody has seen in this life time coming. All while we are shutting down electricity all over the country. You think the border problems are bad? Wait a few months.

  • Ed Davidson

    Can I have my freon back now?

  • ROSS783027

    When the sun spots disappear get ready for a LITTLE ICE AGE. I think we are seeing the start of the process considering the wheather this past winter in the north and whats happening currently to the south pole. The sun spots generate heat because of the twisting of plasma and magnetic fields. The surface temperature of the sun is 10,000 degrees F however above this atmosphere when there are sun spots you get solar flares that reach 1,000,000 degrees F. So without the extra heat the earth gets cooler ie LITTLE ICE AGE.

  • Tbone Agitation

    Thank God for global warming. Otherwise, we’d still have glacial ice down into Oklahoma and Spain and the U.S. and Europe wouldn’t be the breadbaskets for the world.

    • disillusioned

      That doesn’t matter, the gob’mint still wants to control what you buy, from where and how much. No more free as in free markets.

  • mikemoair2

    maybe the sun is using those new bose noise cancelling headsets?

  • carl6352

    we have found the culprit of this so called climate change. it’s the sun and has always been the sun.. the chicken littles have been run over crossing the road to often!

  • Dave

    Of all the articles I have read on the web, the comments to this article are funniest ever (and I mean that in a good way).
    I just hope this comment gets past the www inventor and everyone can see it.

  • ROSS783027

    Global Warming (climate change) gas’s: Water vapor is the highest, Methane, and finally co2. Termites are the largest Methane generators followed by cows, then politicians. CO2 is generated by all living things that breath and by rotting vegetable material and fires. CO2 along with methane occurs in great abundance at the bottom of the ocean at about 1200 feet and forms methane ice. I don’t think you can stop a LITTLE ICE AGE by pumping CO2 into the atmosphere as global warming is a function of the energy that you get from the sun.

  • Keith Panco

    Do you mean it is the sun that controls Earth’s climate? I thought we controlled it with “greenhouse gases”. Ha

    • Democritus537

      The sun plays a big part in it, yes, that is true, but we can, and do have an impact with the amount of carbon we put into the atmosphere each year. That combined with continued deforestation, forests being one of the big carbon sinks in our environment, will lead to a ruined planet…

      You don’t shyt in your house, do you? Why not? Because it makes your house unlivable… the earth is the only house we have in this universe, do what you can to limit your output of shyt.

    • cdw

      Actually, water vapor (H2O) is THE most powerful greenhouse gas on earth. And, it is difficult to accurately include its effects in computer climate models.

  • New Michael Mann report: World to freeze solid in 5 years; Gore confirms.

  • Itsthesun

    Now your gonna blame the sun for global warming I mean cooling…? I thought it was all these cars somehow making an impact?

    • Democritus537

      They do have an impact… WE have an impact on the environment. Why is it so hard for you to admit that?

      • Itsthesun

        Cause it does not make sense how many lighters do you need to warm up a house in Alaska?

        • Democritus537


          • Itsthesun

            the amount of heat does not equal actual change in temperature. Do you not understand that?

          • Democritus537

            What are you talking about? I wasn’t asking about lighters in Alaska… I asked you why it is so hard for you to admit we have an impact on the world environment…

          • Itsthesun

            We do not compared to nature itself. Me running my car and everyone else does not change the climate it what I am saying. Can we make it dirty yes, can we change the climate no.

          • Democritus537

            Which creates more pollution? A 100 million cars being used daily or 1 billion?

          • Itsthesun

            Pollution is not climate. The sands from the sahara desert blocks more sunlight than an oil refinery.

          • Democritus537

            Geesh, if you can’t debate it honestly I’m done with you…

          • Itsthesun

            be done cause there is no debate. Nature wins over humans. Sorry to tell you that. Last ice age was caused by a volcano not a billion caveman lighting campfires.

          • Democritus537

            LOL! You’re clueless.

          • Itsthesun

            Go drive a prius!

          • Democritus537

            I got my benz, I’m happy with it and not changing a thing, but your claim that there is no debate is just as bad as the far lefts claim that the science is settled. I’m no environut by any means but I at least have the intellectual honesty to admit that we do have an impact.

            There were about a billion people in 1900, there are over 7 billion people today. We now use over a billion cars every day. All you have to do is look at the skylines of major cities around the world to see the smog and pollution that cars create, look at pictures of major cities from space to see that we have become a cancer on the surface of this planet. Look at the north central Pacific ocean with it’s island of trash floating around caused by what? Man and his trash.

            We are having an impact, that you can’t see it and admit it is your delusion.

          • Itsthesun

            Ok lets talk about smog how did that change the climate in LA? It has been the same. Where can you show that the billion people on earth that are spread out have more impact then methane gas fields in the ocean or a volcano. There is no data for you to debate on. I think is not a debate. Trash is not a climate problem. It is just trash sure it sucks to eat it if your a fish but does it change the climate no it does not. I used the lighter analogy to show you that you and many others have no impact if you test it you will see the truth. How many lighters do you need to heat up a room?

          • Democritus537

            You don’t think a candle/lighter will heat up a room at all?

          • Itsthesun

            No I do not put a candle in your room tonight and see what impact it has hell put 10-15 of them. What size room? Is the window open? How about the AC is it on? How about lets get real how about a concert hall are the doors open? Is it already cold outside or is it hot? What is the difference of the outside climate compared to inside. No, one lighter or candle in a normal house will not change the average temperature. Remember the earth has no walls so the heat can not accumulate. Just like your car it dissipates now pollution what causes more a volcano or a 1 billion cars? I vote on the volcano.

          • Democritus537

            LOL! See what I mean, you can’t debate this honestly…? Cars generate heat, a lot of it. Sure, they’re a small part in the overall picture of how our climate goes, but they still add up. Same thing applies to other forms of heat we humans create. Every week, China and India bring 5 more coal burning plants online. These also generate heat that is added to the overall climate. Cars and coal burning plants generate heat AND they emit carbon into the atmosphere that heats up the atmosphere…

            Dude… I’m not drinking your kool aid bro… you’re rationalizing things overly much. We have an impact, and in the decades to come as our population skyrockets to 10, 15 billion, 20 billion people, and uses more and more fossil fuels to keep us comfortable and content, we will have even more of an impact.

            Debate honestly next time.

          • Itsthesun

            No doubt they generate heat. You need to go to school and learn how heat dissipates. Just cause you make heat from working out in the gym does not heat up the gym to the point that a fire starts. I do not care how many people are in the gym a fire will not start. Have your dreams that you as a human are more impact then the earth itself. You can to deflate an ego. I myself know I am not so amazing that I can change the earth with my car. You have a Mercedes so you obviously think a lot about yourself. At the end of the day you did nothing to impact the earth sad to say.

          • Democritus537

            Yes, it dissipates, bravo Professor Oblivious! It dissipates where though? Into the atmosphere. And then where does it dissipate to from there? Into space! But guess what? There is a big difference in the dissipation rate into space when you have a population of 1 billion people surviving burning coal fires, oil lamps, etc than there is when you have 7 billion people burning massive amounts of coal in electricity plants, driving cars that never existed before adding to the carbon output into the atmosphere, had planes, etc, etc, etc… There is a point at which the atmosphere can’t dissipate the heat into space fast enough. A point where the heat begins to convect like in an oven. It’s not much when it’s a billion people, but when more than 7 billion people are doing it… When 15 billion people are doing it…

            Dude, I’m seriously done with you… You think too small

          • Itsthesun

            Good be gone demon. Enjoy your hippy thoughts of grandeur. How cold is it in space? That is where the heat goes. Thank you for realizing that. Again yes we humans effect the earth and make it polluted do we effect the climate no. Have a good day.

          • Democritus537

            Don’t repeat your parents mistakes Itsthesun… Wear contraception.

          • Itsthesun

            I have kids and am teaching them science be warned.

          • Democritus537

            Itsthesun <—- Diarrhea of the mouth; constipation of the ideas.

          • Itsthesun

            I actually did some research and tested ideas on climate change. What did you do? Thinking of an idea is not a fact. Testing them does lead to probably of results. Guessing that something might occur does not mean it does.

          • Democritus537

            How scientifically minded of you to say. That’s the spirit! Now if only your assumptions were right… There is no doubt that we’re having an impact on the climate. the debate is the extent of it.

            Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you’d had enough oxygen at birth Itsthesun?

          • Itsthesun

            Huh? Good so we have a debate and neither one of us has enough facts to prove our point. That is why it called a debate. In the end we lose cause we will freeze to death in the end from a meteor strike that blocks the sun and returns the earth to what it once was.

          • Democritus537

            I have kids and am teaching them PSEUDOscience, be warned…

            Fixed it for you, and duly noted.

          • Wild Hog

            Your like the guy who showed up in English class thinking it was Spanish class.

          • Democritus537

            Do you have to leave so soon? I was about to poison the tea.

      • Wild Hog

        Yes we do. But the argument is the fake amount of impact that we have.

        • Democritus537

          Which is worse? A 100 million cars in use at the same time or 1 billion?

          • Wild Hog

            For smog hanging over a city for a few days, of course it would be the one billion. But as for CO2 levels effecting climate….neither.

  • disillusioned

    Now they’re going to collect a tax to send a rocket ship to the sun, to reignite it.

    • JBSPuddintane

      That’s resunable.

  • Wild Hog

    Here comes a sun tax.

    • disillusioned

      For their climate warming i mean changing religion, they could add a Sun god to worship. Al can be a prophet.

      • Wild Hog

        Good point. Societies did worship weather Gods back in the stone and bronze ages.

      • JBSPuddintane


    • JBSPuddintane

      ♫lit’l darlin♫

  • Macon Sense

    AlGore is in full-bore linear panic mode.

    • RichPorardo

      Nope, he’s already made his money from the scam. Now he’ll just molest more massage therapists . .

  • CrazyHungarian

    It worked! All this climate fuss and California’s Carbon tax cooled the Sun! Amazing. The alarmists should just claim victory now and shut up.

    • Itsthesun

      Yeah, Now lets vote for more taxes and let the government spend my money! Woo Hoo

  • disillusioned

    Here’s a conspiracy theory. They are probably know this world is dying and the sun will be expanding soon as the next stage of it’s death. They are stockpiling food, supplies, weapons, and money to build a secret Martian base. After we have been inundated with illegals, riots, shortages, arabs, etc they can make their getaway and leave us to die on earth.

    • JBSPuddintane

      Good riddance.

  • Steve Canon

    Algore says that cooler temperatures bring out manbearpig……..

  • Thomas Freedom

    We are doomed! We are going to freeze to death! Its a good thing that I bottled cases and cases of that global warming.

    • Itsthesun

      I am running my car 24/7 to help stop the ice age.

      • JBSPuddintane

        Thank you.
        Hope it’s a low-MPG SUV.

  • Mardasee .

    The polar bears are dancing!

    • JBSPuddintane

      Pole-dancing bares

  • Steve Adams

    I’m adding more methane to the air right now to keep mother earth warm.

    • MichaelH1836

      Have mercy, Steve…I’m recovering from some surgery, and gut-wrenching laughter ain’t good for me…On the other hand, when the laugh is at Gore’s expense, it’s OK.

      • JBSPuddintane

        If everbody wod go out n squeeze a cow rite now…

  • Guppy2

    It’s gotta somehow be Bush’s fault.

  • Guest

    Its TIRED from all that global warming HYPE its been having to try to live up too.


  • JBSPuddintane

    [looks back 17 years]
    I predict a cooling trend which will have lasted 17 years or more.
    Where’s my federal grant?

    • B. Bunny, esq.

      Right next to your general Grant.

      • JBSPuddintane


  • Starland sound


    Right AL?


    • JBSPuddintane

      It’s gonna go out.
      That will ruin everyone’s day.

      • Starland sound

        Ho NoOOOoOOOOoooooooeesss!!!!!

        • JBSPuddintane

          Yessss meow.

    • Byron P. Sheeple

      It’s wurkin’ itz azz off tryin’ to counteract all them SUVs…

  • JBSPuddintane

    suck an egg

  • JBSPuddintane

    This calls for an Exzekutive Order

  • RichPorardo

    Anyone who was knowingly involved in the “Global Warming”scam needs to go to prison FOREVER! That includes the current POtuS, Algore and a whole bunch of people at GE, NASA, East Anglia University etc. This is easily the biggest SCAM in the history of the world! Period.

    • JBSPuddintane

      GEe, who would that BEe?

      • RichPorardo

        I will never ever voluntarily do business w GE. They are just as bad as Goldman Suchs in my book.

  • DirtyDave

    Even joking about global warming is getting stale. The scam is beyond parody.

  • Distressed7

    We are going to see a possibility of great shift to the other side after this Maunder Minimum…possibly. If it does it will put the earth into shock.

    • Snarkasterous1

      Well, either way, all we need do is surrender our liberties and the fruits of our labor to the libbie elite…..they’ll SAVE THE WORLD!

      – Snark

  • KrustyLovesYou

    Now you peeps may finally understand…. Global warming is destroying our sun!

  • Snarkasterous1

    So “the sun has gone quiet.”

    Would that that were true of libbies…

    – Snark

    • JBSPuddintane


  • Carter Lavole

    Dear Republicans… So when science fits your facts you all the sudden become big believers in science!?! Why do you believe this one science story, yet, at the same time discredit every other piece of scientific evidence you’ve ever been exposed to? You are fools!

    • Willy Nilly

      Says a fool who thinks a fact is anything that validates his dogma and then goes on to create a fictional demographic to support his assertion. Every thought you ever had could fit on a button or a bumper sticker.

    • Andylit

      Carter, we have always been big believers in science. That’s why we call anthropogenic warming a farce. Warmists have no “evidence”. They have anthropogenic factoids. They have artificially constructed models based on artificially constructed data bases. They have hockey sticks, glacier studies based on the observations of a hiker, global polar bear counts based on a single bear carcass.

      You got nuthin, junior.

    • FreedomLover

      Maybe you should try and actually listen to the opposition instead of making baseless observations. The fact that you’re acting like this is some kind of “settled science” shows how ignorant you are when it comes to science.

    • JBSPuddintane

      You lost us with “Dear”.

    • Buck Bagaw

      You lost me too, how about a list. BTW, we’re called “The Right” only because we are.

  • Papa_oo_Mao_Mao

    Don’t believe the solar science….believe in us, your saviors…..donations in U.S. currency only.

  • Fatty Matty

    Bush’s fault

  • clothos

    Good grief. So now I guess we’re going to go back to the “Oh, my God! Global Warming is causing Global Cooling. We’re all DOOMED!! How about ‘Global Kiss my [email protected]@ to all the Liberals out there.

  • FreedomLover

    You mean the giant fireball in the sky might effect global temperature? No way!

  • bluesky

    It’s the polar vortex.

    • B. Bunny, esq.

      Is a Polar Vortex something like a Prius but driven by Eskimos??

  • Badgerloader

    Does this mean that Algore doesn’t control the sun?

  • Flox Molder

    Climate change is a fact. Republicans can deny all day long but that doesn’t change the reality. Fu k em.

    • FreedomLover

      Yeah, climate changes, That’s not even the debate. Congrats on that fallacy.

    • Hedley Lamar

      I hear ya! I nearly froze my butt off last year. And now it’s cold again in the middle of summer. So if global warming gets any worse, I’m headed for South America.

    • JBSPuddintane

      Is “the reality”, for you, that “change” Is anthropogenic?
      Or is “the reality” that warming poses as cooler temperatures?
      Tell us more about “reality”.

    • Belivieux T Snordcastle

      Back atcha Jackwagon. Being wrong shouldn’t bother you so much, you should be acclimated to it by now.

    • Mad Dog

      Climate change has always been a fact. Anthropogenic climate change is a fantasy. Fighting climate change by shoveling money to politically connected hucksters is a scam.

    • moberndorf

      Troll’s capacity for stupidity is amazing…

  • jgdp

    Wish ohole would STFU!!!

  • Dave Peterson

    To assume we cause or can subsequently change the concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is ludicrous! We are talking about balancing an element that only exists as a trace element in our atmosphere in the range of 0.0003 to 0.0004 % ! Whether you believe in God, or Mother Planet, or Cosmic Muffins, you have to admit that the long term maintenance of this balance for the benefit of all fauna and flora is well beyond our science, our ability to comprehend, and certainly our control. To shutdown debate by calling something “settled science” is not an act of supreme wisdom – it is an admission that you have reached a limit where new information will only confuse.
    When we assume a theory to be fact, we then use our newly manufactured “fact” as a “Convenient Truth” to prove even more speculative theories and settle the science on them as well.

  • sirock

    Oh my god, Climate change is even messing with the Sun!

  • Ken Alexander

    I’m so confused…. We’ve been told for the last 6 years the sunlight we enjoy in the US was courtesy of our president’s trousers…. Wait maybe they are right and he has even grown bored of managing aspect of our country’s needs…

  • Dr T

    No worries. It will bounce back with 100 times the activity and fry the earth. Remember the quiet comes before the storm.

    • Jeff Good

      Unless an X class flare hits the earth and the resulting EMP wipes out nearly ALL electrical grids and elctronics1

    • JBSPuddintane

      Yes, and all that warming is hiding at the bottom of the “Pacific” Ocean.
      NEVER believe this tranquility and pacific stuff.

    • cdw

      Yes, that will be the supernova.

  • Anna Hall Bohach

    I’m going to believe that they have accurate data on sun-spots going back as far as 1755. Yes, I’m really going to believe that. OH, wait a minute…no I’m not.

    • Mad Dog

      The historical record is actually very good starting from the early 1700s. The records suggest that there were observations made from the mid 1600s but the results weren’t recorded because solar activity was so low. This corresponded to one of the coldest periods of the Little Ice Age.

  • Bob Jackson

    A lot of this can be pinpointed to Bush and his failed ecological and environmental policies. We had successful Global Warming when President Clinton was in office but it is clear Bush squandered whatever Global Warming that was built up under President Clinton and left President Obama with a cooler Global Warning cycle.

    • Belivieux T Snordcastle

      Glad you cleared that up!

  • mikemoair2

    cant we all just get along

  • mikemoair2

    all cash for clunkers did was make used cars for poor people cost more……

  • mike

    Go figure. Climate scientists are beginning to realize that the sun actually does affect Earth’s climate. And all this time I thought only man could change the climate. Who is going to tell Algore?

  • JBSPuddintane

    C’mon October.

  • MGTanker

    I’m confused, exactly how does injecting CO2 into the atmosphere cause the sun to quiet down?

    • Mad Dog



      • cdw

        You guys are hysterical.

    • JBSPuddintane

      It threatens the sun with a new warm globe.
      there goes the neighborhood.

  • JBSPuddintane

    Don’t forget :
    Fluid dynamics is so dynamic, that scientists can not predict the flapping of a flag even a few seconds into the future.
    Now expand that thought to the size of the entire atmosphere and oceans.
    “Nature” is self-correcting.
    I believe that temperatures do change, but that averages, over time, are constant-enough not to worry about.
    Warmunists, get off the high horse and enjoy the weather.

  • White Clowns

    The sun has absolutely nothing to do with global cooling. It is all based on the college professors having the summer off and leaving those poor college kids alone, away from their hot air, for three months.

  • Shadowking

    The Sun doesn’t give a damn what Al Gore, Obama, Clinton, or “a consensus of the scientific community” think. Global cooling is occurring now.

  • Libertarianforfreedom

    Climate change effects the sun…..
    oh the horror of it all………
    will the madness never end?
    now we will all parish from freezing to death…..Is there no ray (sun rays…get it:) of hope?
    wonder what Climate Chang has in store for us tomorrow…..
    the sun will come out
    you can bet your bottom dollar
    that tomorrow
    things will change
    the climate change propagandanites will whine and cry…
    the climate will change and we’ll all unite……tomorrow….tomorrow….enough all ready.

  • Yu So Wong

    The sun gets hotter. The sun gets cooler
    The Earth gets hotter. The Earth gets cooler
    The waves come in. The waves go out.
    Species are born. Species die.
    And time marches on.

  • odysseus660

    The Sun is global cooling cycle. You have to ride your bicycle in the snow. Only Gore, Obamas, Soros are allowed to own cars and fly planes. Help save the planet. Pay a carbon tax.

  • wiseoldfart

    Climate change is real. Over long periods of time, before man had any impact, climate has always changed dramatically.

    The earth is now in a COOLING trend despite the CO2 produced by man. It is very conceivable that man has slowed cooling down by an almost immeasurable degree. Then again, we may have accelerated it an immeasurable degree by causing more clouds to form via air pollution. Whatever the case, we’re no match for the sun, the earth’s axial and orbital wobbles, volcanic activity, meteors, water vapor, and photosynthetic bacteria and plants.

    You “global warmers” have much to learn about climatology before you go parroting the pseudo-science and propaganda that went into perpetrating and perpetuating the warming hoax.

    The time to panic about “global warming” is NOT a few months after the coldest winter in over a century. The left is panicking because they see that global carbon tax slipping through their money-grubbing fingers. One more cold winter and that tax is dead for good.

    Thank Mother Nature for knocking some sense into your heads if you now realize the man’s contribution to climate change is insignificant..

  • cheechakos

    Wow the sun effects the temperature. Next they’ll discover the axial tilt effects the seasons.

  • moberndorf

    OMG!!! If we don’t give Obama and the Democrats $800 gajillion the sun will go completely out! BTW, it’s Bush’s fault…

  • wiseoldfart

    You can thank Al Gore’s carbon-spewing jet for making last winter .000000001 degree F warmer than it was destined to be. You all saved a fraction of a penny on your heating bills. Now brace yourselves for the coming winter. It’s gonna be downright nasty with all that thickening ice at both poles!

  • Yu So Wong

    I still say that George W. Bush driving his SUV while spraying his hair from an aerosol can will warm the earth and defy sun cycles.

  • thebigleone

    The climate change scam was just a way to control people and fleece them for new taxes. Follow the money. The useful idiots are aplenty to spread the filthy lies of the likes like Al Gore. Stupid is as stupid does

    • SR Ruger

      “useful idiots” = “sheeple” = “low information voters” = “people unable to think for themselves” = “science challenged twits”

      • TMAC

        = demonrats.

  • SR Ruger

    Here is an idea all you “warmists”… who worship at the alter of “mother earth”…. your computer models based upon incremental increases of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere were………. wait for it…………. WRONG

  • SR Ruger

    hmmm .. I wonder if solar activity has anything to do with the incredible climatic changes that the earth has experienced before man lit his first campfire?….. duhhhhhhh ya think?

  • wiseoldfart

    We not only have irrefutable proof that we are now in a global cooling trend, we also have irrefutable proof that Marxism lowers the IQ of a once-free nation by 30 points.

  • Kite Man

    I am taking a collection from my “chuch of da heaves buck” We intend to build lots and lots of kites. Then have everyone fly one during the day to block the sunlight. We then can TAX the kites for a KITE TAX. This will help ONLY my chuch of da heaves buck, and no one else. But you will get to contribute by paying more TAXES which then the monies will be spent on vacations for the obamass and the upgrade operations of meeeeeeeesheeeee (it’s all about me) so they can live in confort.

  • Swen Swenson

    Whatever happens, I blame it on George Bush.

    • dupkaman

      Why not….the Democrats blame everything from hurricanes to the sinking of the Titanic on him.

  • Albert

    Well that’s just great. With all the global warming predictions, I planted an olive grove here in Middle Southern Tennessee. Now what? Thanks Big Gay Algore.

    • wiseoldfart

      Now is the time to buy a bigger snowblower. I’m still awaiting the arrival of the first snowblower store here in Florida.

  • Buj Moose

    And then, it could just be the calm before the storm.

  • wiseoldfart

    Lost in the propaganda: The Sahara Desert was a green paradise just 11,000 years ago when the glaciers were still receding from the northern US. Pyromaniacal cavemen were responsible for it all, according to Al Gore.

    • illegalpresident

      Over 3,000 ft of Ice 100 miles north of NYCity 12,000 years ago….how can I score some of that global cooling cash money??!!

      • TMAC

        First you will need a lobotomy. Not a full one. A Forrest Gump kinda thing.

  • Must be CO2

  • Mickey

    No way the sun can affect weather. It’s, like, really far away. Republicans are RIGHT HERE.

  • Fred Flintstone

    All those spots from July 6th are still there, they are just on the other side of the sun, which rotates like the earth. Sensationalism at its finest.

  • theantigymDOTcom

    It’s the SUN stupid.

    It has ALWAYS been the Sun…even before “man made” ‘greenhouse gasses’!!!

  • Justanaveragejoeinmd

    It’s George Bush’s fault stupid!

  • Joe Wilson is a Prophet

    Oh no. Now Global Warming is causing the sun to weaken.

  • Guest

    Realize that this solar activity is a non-issue – solar forcing is not a component of the models that the AGW scientists have built to explain global temperature.

  • Kihafidhina1776

    Next thing the global warming loonies will tell us is the sun has no effect on the earth’s temperature.

  • Erik11235813

    Looks like ManBearPig is to blame. excelsior! (I’m super cereal)

  • Gorio 123

    And does this affect the magnetic pole shift as well? If so, goodbye to the great weather in California. I wonder, will Hollywood relocate? Would La Raza reneg on the ownership of Aztlan?

    • TheCatholicGirl .

      There is some indication that there is a third movement of the earth that is so gradual that it makes it difficult to measure. This third measurement is thought to play a role in shifting climate. For example, there is some evidence that Illinois was once a tropical climate. And yes California and Florida will be under water.

      • TMAC

        So good news Kalifornians……the drought s going to end.

      • Mike Hambuchen


      • Gorio 123

        Yup, pole shift, eventually the North Pole will be somewhere in or near Siberia. Last read I did on this topic spoke of 10 meters per year movement which is 10 times faster than previous pole switches based on carbon dating.

  • west129

    It’s absurd to believe that the sun has anything to do with the climate. It’s man not women who cause the climate change. So quit the war on women! Declare war on those who are responsible for the change and refrain from using the sun or the CO2 concentration as the straw man! (sarc.)

    • TheCatholicGirl .

      You’re absurd, you make no sense and have lost the ability to think clearly and logically. If you have a college degree, I would sue. You’re ruined.

      • west129

        I have lots of colleges who fully agree with me. They convinced me that AGW is the most modern form of alchemy that will turn CO2 into gold! Look at Al Gore and tell me it isn’t so. You are a racist if you reject the birth cert or or the CO2 data from Hawaii.

      • Nunya

        Recognizing sarcasm is a sign of intelligence. For the people who are unable to recognize sarcasm, he ends his post with a clue, ie: (sarc). You failed on both counts.

    • Steve

      You need to look allot further than 20 years

      • west129

        Yes, I did look back further than 20 years and it shows that we are being fed garbage. There are very significant correlation problems. Where are your temperature data for the 400 ppm CO2 concentration?

    • It’s all those rogue uteruses that cause global warming. Because Jesus.

  • Rick

    It doesn’t matter what the Sun does! It’s all man’s fault! The Sun has no bearing on the Earth’s weather. Man is the sole cause of weather, and has been since he first learned how to make fire. Before that, there was no weather, and no carbon dioxide. We’re all gonna die unless you deniers send all your money to the UN, and Obama! Only they know how to make the ever-increasing temperatures decrease. The God of Weather, the AlGore, guides us all.
    I have to go now, pray to Mother Gaia, smoke some bowls, and ask my rich parents for more money.

    • gwgm


  • Mike Hambuchen

    Time to crank up the CO2 before it is too late!

  • Tomin8tor

    I say, CRANK UP THE CO2 production people! I grew up in Michigan and we NEEDS some global warming goin’ on!!

  • Sense and Sensibility

    The yellow one is the sun…

  • west129

    I am happy for our sun! The sun appears to have some magic way to get ready of it’s pimples to look so smooth-skinned lately. I wounder if it will release it’s secret cosmetic or cosmic tricks. They might be useful to improve the looks of those computer models as well.

  • donottreadonme

    The libtards would have us believe man can destroy this rock we live on, even though it has survived billions of years of chaos – volcanic eruptions, meteor strikes, earthquakes, ice ages, etc. This rock has survived 10,000 ft mountains being created and entire continents being ripped apart. The libtards are trying to convince us that a few degrees temperature increase – over 100 years – is going to destroy the planet. Even when the earth has been both hotter and colder in the past and seems to have survived just fine.
    Liberalism is a mental disorder. That is the only rational explanation for their clinging to stupidity on a daily basis.

    • Democritus537

      We can’t destroy the rock but we sure can make it inhabitable for life.

    • illegalpresident

      If the US Govt. didn’t have a Chemtrail program in effect for years now, we would be a Lot closer to a Venus than a habitable planet…if the oceans begin to release their store of frozen methane , we will have a repeat performance of one of the greatest mass extinctions ever…

      • Gorio 123

        Please, don’t light that fart…

    • The rock will survive just fine. But ignorant republicans? Not so much. It must be painful to be you.

      • bob

        it will be RINO hunting season in November !

  • Jonesy

    The left is going to embrace this as proof that Global Bargle is real. It SHOULD be warming and it WOULD be warming if the sun weren’t devoid of surface activity. The sun has acted to counteract the warming, but we don’t know for how long, and efforts MUST CONTINUE to make people pay for carbon. They’re never going to leave their cult, look at the Manson women, still loony after half a century.

  • Mike

    The science is settled: The Sun has no effect on Earth’s temperatures. Cow farts … it’s cow farts.

  • kodac

    The debate is over. Global warming is a fact.

  • DG

    The warmists are now between a rock and a hard place. If they blame the sun for a ‘pause’ in global cooling, they are tacitly admitting that the sun is a greater driver of global climate change than man is. How much bigger? Maybe the sun’s action dwarfs whatever man may do.

    • Democritus537

      The sun cooling doesn’t chang ethe fact that we’re emitting copious amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. When the sun heats back up it may be curtains for civilization.

      • DG

        Co2 is comparatively insignificant compared to water vapor. Want to regulate that?

        • Democritus537

          I don’t want to regulate any of it, but we need to find a better way to get energy as a species. The fossil fuels we’re using are ruining our environment.

          • DG

            CO2 is an essential fertilizer, not a pollutant. In past eons, life thrived with higher temps and higher levels of CO2. Unhappily, because of the now-landlocked poles, which reduce the moderating effect of the oceans on world temperatures, the earth can not attain to its former warm temperatures. That is why the earth is (unhappily) in an ice age.

          • Democritus537

            Did I say CO2 was a pollutant? Carbon is a molecule that retains heat, and when we burn our coal and gasoline/oil we’re putting more carbon into the air to create more CO2. This helps to hold in more heat.

          • DG

            EPA says its a pollutant.
            The heat held in by CO2 is insignificant compared to water vapor.

          • Democritus537

            People used to say the earth was flat too. Just because it’s designated a pollutant by the EPA doesn’t make it so. We still need to get off fossil fuels. Are you trying to argue that we should continue to use them?

            What do we do when/if we run out?

          • DG

            Of course we should use them. The CO2 they release is a boon to life.
            We have around 300 years to worry about replacing them. Unless they are actually abiotically produced by the earth, in which case production is constant.

          • Democritus537

            Don’t be a fool. Fossil fuels are dirty and deadly. If you doubt me go start your car in your garage and shut the doors.

          • DG

            Abuse is not a pattern for use.

          • Democritus537

            Don’t be even more of a fool. In 1900, the earth was inhabited by about a billion people, all of whom primarily got around on horseback or pulled in carts. It took several milenia for us to get to that population total.

            In the last 100 years the population has grown to over 7 billion people. About a billion of those people drive cars on a daily basis. Those cars all create unnatural heat added to the system. Every week, China and India open about 5 coal burning plants between the two countries. We’re burning copious amounts of coal in these power plants to create electricity to heat our homes and power our lifestyles.

            We see the results today with the pollution around us. Just look at any major city and pay attention to the smog levels that result from our lifestyle. China and India have over 2.5 billion people between them and they’re industrializing more and more every day.

            The earth simply cannot sustain that level of usage without serious harm to the environment.

            What will happen in another 100 years when we’re at 20 billion people?

            Abuse most certainly is a pattern for use. We need to cut it back my friend and no amount of delusion on your part is going to change that fact.

          • DG

            Smog and CO2 are completely different. Please stick to facts and avoid name-calling.

          • Democritus537

            The increased CO2 is the just a result of the smog we’re creating my friend. Just the result of us burning fossil fuels. Completely different? Quit being disingenuous.

            You admonish me to stick to the facts when I’ve only given you facts about the situation?

            My friend, we simply have to cut back.

            Sometimes name calling is required, as if to grab you by the shoulders and shake you out of your intellectual stupor.

            You’re thinking too small.

          • DG

            Smog is particulate pollution, which can be filtered out. CO2 is a pure gas. The two have no direct relation.
            Name calling reflects the arrogance of “knowing” that one’s opponent operates in an “intellectual stupor”.

          • Headbangerguy

            The sad thing is, Democritus537 probably believes his won the debate.

          • BajaDreamer

            I could present you with actual facts all day long until the cows come home, and you’d still be whining about warming.
            You want a real “fact” about glowBULL warming? It is nothing more than an unproven hypothesis whose primary support has been statistical analysis, the running of “what if” numbers through computer models which are tweaked until the desired answer is obtained.

            That is NOT science at all! It is “speculation”

          • DG

            The computer models do not have a verifiable margin of error. Consequently their results are scientifically meaningless. They are for propaganda purposes only.

          • pawn

            Exactly who is “We” in that last sentence? The Indians and the Chinese will laugh at you living in a cave. Who is deluded? I bet you are against nuclear power.

          • DG

            Abuse by its intrinsic meaning is not a pattern for use. Abuse may serve as an object lesson for remedial action, but never a pattern.

          • BajaDreamer

            In that case perhaps you can explain for us why the Earth was so much warmer during the Holocene Thermal Optimum, (between 9,000 and 5,000 years ago!), and the Medieval Warm Period, 950 AD to 1250 AD), than it is now?!
            Both of these were before man was ever a consideration! And gee, no one had cars back then at all! Yet it was substantially warmer during both of these times than at ANY time since people like you started talking about glowBULL warming in “Chicken Little” like fashion!

          • DG

            And life thrived during the warm periods and suffered during the cold ones.

          • BajaDreamer

            A warmer climate means longer growing seasons, and more CO2 is good for plants.
            Amazing, isn’t it!

          • paul_vincent_zecchino

            Oh my, aren’t you just full of factoids? Too bad they’re all distorted.
            So, now you’re the almighty one who determines what we need?

            “Delusion”? Oh, yes, nice trick, calling everyone who speaks truth crazy because you can’t win the debate with facts.
            Get lost.

          • paul_vincent_zecchino

            There you go again, typical leftist with your straw man arguments and reduction of all to murder.

            Get lost. Nobody buys your BS anymore and you know it.

          • Headbangerguy


            Congratulations, you got one thing right: “Just because it’s designated a pollutant by the EPA doesn’t make it so.”

          • paul_vincent_zecchino

            No, I’m not trying to argue we should still use coal, oil and gas which by the way are not fossil fuels – educate yourself, will you? As opposed to copying crap from StinkProgMess.

            You say we must find a better way? Well, what’s keeping you, Sherlock? Why you wasting our time and yours hanging around here gassing off? Go find it. Don’t come back until you do.

          • paul_vincent_zecchino

            And the oceans are a massive carbon sink and CO2 does not hold heat which is why we get cool at night.
            And for goodness’ sake, if earth warms, good. It’s been abnormally cold for years and we’re all suffering from it.
            Heat is life, which is why the Left hates warming, because the Left is hate. The Left hates life.
            The only things the Left likes are power, domination, looting, murder, and genocide.

          • paul_vincent_zecchino

            Hey, don’t you understand what you read? They just said we’re not really harming the so-called environment by burning oil and gas, which are not fossil fuels by the way.
            You say we must find a better way? Great. Put your money where your mouth is and walk your talk: go find it. Don’t stop looking until you find it and make it work in affordable manner, not some high-priced solar scam like solyndra.
            You go figure out the ‘alternative energy’ that works cheaply and get back to us. Until then, don’t.

      • Gorio 123

        Umm, plant trees, they really like CO2…

      • BajaDreamer

        The level of CO2 would be greatly helped if you’d just close your pie hole and hold your breath.

        The IPCC’s latest “report” admits that they greatly underestimated the role of the sun in climatic forcing, and that they also greatly over estimated the effects of atmospheric CO2.
        Maybe you should try and keep up?

        • dmsday

          I forgot, the IPCC did say that, and NOAA retracted that 2012 was the hottest year on record, it’s back to 1930 something.

          • BajaDreamer

            Yes they did say that! Funny how people like Democrapus537 either don’t seem to know that, or they simply ignore it!

            Even funnier is that after NOAA was caught fiddling with historical temp data and called on it, they quietly replaced all of the original numbers back where they belonged. It was then found out that we have in fact been in a slight cooling trend since the 1930s!

            Even if that were not enough to shut the pie holes of the warming alarmists, you’d thing that having had 8 consecutive years of increasing record cold and snow would at least give them pause. Particularly when it has been happening in both the northern and southern hemispheres!

            Not to mention things like……..
            Record recovery of arctic sea ice…..
            Record recovery of antarctic sea ice…..
            Recent discovery that volcanic action was causing melt in the antarctic ice cap, NOT glowBULL warming……
            That despite the volcanic activity, the antarctic ice sheet is growing…..
            Glaciers in the Himalayas have stopped receding and many are advancing again…..
            The predictions of increasing number and severity of storms has NOT happened at all and in fact the reverse seems to be true…..
            Etc., etc., etc……………

            How many times do these glassy eyed, brain dead true believers have to be proven wrong before they just shut up and go away?

      • paul_vincent_zecchino

        Oh big deal, we’re emitting CO2.. SO what? So what?

        This is the leftist trick, make some ‘scary’ bombastic statement which means nothing but get people so frightened they fall for the Left’s genocidal agenda.

        Trees emit CO2, far more than we humans. And let’s not even begin to get into what volcanos emit into the atmosphere.
        The left is so stupid, so moronic, it believes that nothing happens to CO2 we ’emit’ because its thinking is frozen, it cannot conceive of ongoing processes.
        The Left stupidly believes oil is limited because all the dinosaurs which melted to produce it are gone or some such rot when in fact oil is formed deep within the earth – continuously – by thermodynamic processes.
        Isn’t anyone else as sick of these holier than thou leftstist dingbat sociopaths?

      • dmsday

        So, you admit, it’s the sun. It has everything to do with it. Blows the AGW hypothesis right out o the water. More CO2 does not equal warmer climate. if it did, the earth should still be getting warmer. it isn’t. (i’m not going to argue about that. That sicence is settled, it can be proven, much unlike the theory of AGW) Take into account, the bad modeling, the fudged data, the “science is settled” crowd, science without question,(which isn’t science, just so you know) so people like you will buy into the hysteria, without even a thought of common sense or logic. Without even the slightest consideration that the solar cycles, and the warming coincide. It’s just a coincidence? So, when the sun does heat back up, which it is sure to do, because it runs on cycles, It doesn’t matter that there is more CO2. So now you won’t have to be frightened about “curtains for civilization”

  • hurricanepaul

    Did you see the report by “scientists” who said the Earth’s magnetic field was WEAKENING 10 times faster than they had predicted?

    It seems the Earth’s core is “moving sower”, and the decrease in activity is creating less magnetic activity.

    The earth’s core is cooling and it’s slowing down, creating a weakening magnetic field.

  • gfm2012

    Liberal scum that disseminate or, alternately, absorb uncritically this kind of tripe are what really pose an imminent danger to planet Gaia… Their pseudo-science agitates and motivates the compliant and science-ignorant constituency, and they accept the lunatic “observations” and “predictions” as irrefutable fact. Nothing can penetrate their self-imposed protective Obama-dome of liberal insanity. May God have mercy on their miserable, irremediable souls.

    • Democritus537

      I say this as a conservative libertarian… You’re an a$5. Don’t repeaat your parents mistake… Use contraception.

    • Says the guy who probably worships an invisible, foreskin-hating Sky Pixie.


    • BajaDreamer

      I’m curious how you can talk about Gaia and God in the same post with a straight face?

  • snotscicle

    The Sun be jess ressin up fo sum sheet

  • Joe T Plumber

    With a better diet, some exercise and a little Clearisil, the sun’s complexion cleared right up.

  • NorthlanderLJ

    Our Lord has a wonderful sense of humor. LOL.

    • Democritus537

      What lord is that? Lord Hanuman, the monkey god?

      • NorthlanderLJ

        He is GOD!

  • David Goldman

    Some people will believe in global warming until hell freezes over. And then they will somehow blame that on global warming as well.

    • BajaDreamer

      They are already blaming all cooling on glowBULL warming!

  • Brian Lee Wilson

    The fair weather scientist. We’ve been hammered with the threat of catastrophic global warming and now now we are being warned of an eminent ice-age. Could it be that scientists are over-charged with emotional responses with every new bit of data?

    • Wolf Moon

      They’ve been encouraged to abandon scientific patience. Yet another corruption of science by activist government.

    • BajaDreamer

      Could it be that the warming alarmists have been wrong all along as I’ve been saying for 15 years now?
      Could it be that this was all an elaborate scam for grant money?
      Why would the so called “scientific consensus” that never was continue telling us about warming for so many years after they in fact knew that it had stopped?!!

    • Texas Arcane

      The worst crime of these globowarmthinkists is to completely derail real science as a tool of prediction.

      While these idiots have been warning of uncontrollable warming the planet has been creeping towards a Maunder Minimum for 30 years which is hitting now.

      The deaths that will be caused by failing to warn the public of this change in climate should be a criminal conspiracy punishable by public hanging in my humble opinion.

      There are thousands of people in the UK who are going to freeze to death because of this baloney and how humiliating to have died because of a clown circus led by an a** monkey like Gore. He should be stripped naked, staked out in the street and left to freeze to death from exposure except that is too easy for that idiot.

  • Reggie Romero

    You smug deniers have conveniently forgotton the IPCC executive meeting in Paris where Al Gorical and Steven Hawking showed mathematically that there would be a “plateau effect” in July 2014 where the sun would go quiet but that is just a prelude to the descent into what the IPCC calls the “Resurgence” where Newport Beach, CA will be underwater by November 2015. Read it and weep doubters.

    • So what they were basically saying is that the sun has far grater impact than anything man can do?

    • BajaDreamer

      And the check is in the mail…..
      I’ll still respect you in the morning…..
      I won’t c……..well……you get the picture.

    • DG

      So why not make your fortune by betting all your money that Newport Beach will be underwater by November 2015?

    • paul_vincent_zecchino

      Why not peddle your globaloney to the dingbats at huffblow and daily Klods? No one here buys it.

    • armyvet129

      Plateau? 120 year old record cold spells in the south aren’t a plateau. Thickest ice formations on glaciers in years aren’t a plateau. Thinking Al Gore is anything more than an opportunist that tried to shake down businesses world wide for money on a hoax just means you’re gullible. Even Al Gore doesn’t take Al Gore seriously. He just hopes you will.

      • Mad Dog

        The post was sarcasm, my friend. The author did a good job of capturing the rhetoric of hysterical liberals but you don’t have to read very closely to see he’s kidding.

      • Texas Arcane

        I think this is as good a time as any to raise the spectre of Man-Bear-Pig. You people will be laughing out of the other side of your face when you see the claws of Man-Bear-Pig tearing apart the flesh of your grandparents and derailing trolley cars like Godzilla. See if you feel like laughing at Al Gore when that happens.

    • Mad Dog

      It’s hard to believe how many people took you seriously.


      • Texas Arcane

        No, he’s not! Supreme druid Al Gore has said it and if necessary we will pile wood around the Wicker Man to enforce it! You know what happened to Nick Cage with those bees! Don’t let that happen to you, mang!

    • GWiii

      LOL drank the whole thing.

  • TheBruce

    The sun isn’t doing what the liberals want it to do. My guess is that the United Nations and United State will move to tax it.

    Is there any chance we can send Øbama™ in a spaceship, directly to the sun, to collect that tax???

    • Democritus537

      nyuk nyuk nyuk!

    • MR.BOBO

      He wants to go to Uranus

      • BajaDreamer

        Good one!

      • Texas Arcane

        Snap. Larry Sinclair will ride shotgun.


    Now we can look to crop adaptation, shorter growing periods, woolier sheep and better insulation for homes and clothing, Ol’ Ma Nature is a fickled biddy and man is a mere pissant on the face of this planet exposed to all her moods……toughen up folks, snow is coming….

  • azgirl

    I’ve noticed that when the sun is shining, it’s hotter. And then at night it’s cooler. Maybe a scientist could look into this and see if there might be a correlation.

    • MR.BOBO

      Reminds of the joke about the ObozoVoter astronaut who changed course on a moon landing. He said people have gone to the moon before, so we’re going to the sun. The others said you fool, we’ll burn up. The Libturd said, No we won’t, we’re going at night.

    • Texas Arcane

      It is amateurs like you with their anecdotal evidence that is confusing the entire field of climatology.

      During the day, the turtle that the disk of the earth sits on breathes out hot steam. At night, he farts ice cubes. Again, correlation is not causality. Grow up and listen to the experts, many of whom make a good living providing turtle based explanations instead of whacky arguments about this so-called “Sun” of yours.

    • Raizzee

      The correlation is:


  • Obammy

    The Sun is just charging up in order to turn the planet into charcoal.

  • Chia Chee

    Gosh it is almost as if the Sun is what warms the earth. *stares off into space* Crazy talk.

    • Texas Arcane

      They knew how to deal with nuts like you under Soviet Psychiatry. Total frontal lobotomy for suggesting heat comes from the Sun.

      • Raizzee

        Under Stalin there was a consensus that if you froze seeds, you could then thaw them out and they would grow in subzero temps.

        TEH CONZENSAS!!!!!

      • Chia Chee

        Everybody knows heat comes from meditation, tofu, and the satisfaction of owning a Prius and iPhone (made in Foxcom plants in china with suicide nets around them). Oh, and heat is also generated from excessive smugness. MSNBC hosts produce 39% of the nations heat alone.

  • Headbangerguy

    The Sun is obviously racist.

    It’s making Obama’s warmist rhetoric look foolish. Bad, bad Sun.

    • Michael

      I wonder what Holder will have to do to stop the racist sun after he reads about the sun’s lack of activity (read racism) in the papers.

  • Chancey Brigadoon

    “warm water causes hurricanes…” “the solar system formed as is…” “our cosmos model doesn’t work so 98% of the universe must be invisible…” “gravity gravity gravity runs everything, even though its a billion billion times weaker than Electricity and Magnetism” and other such gibberish explains perfectly the state we’re in

    • Texas Arcane

      Like all declining societies, cranks, fakes and pseudo-scientists occupy all the positions of authority and constantly prove their ignorance to almost anybody in the world.

      I wish if I suddenly discovered my physics model didn’t work at all, I could just shriek that it must be because all the important stuff in my physics model is invisible, undetectable and unknown. That’s dark matter for you. It exists because if it doesn’t it means I am a completely delusional a**hole who is overpaid and totally incompetent to be employed as a professor of physics. Therefore it has to exist. Anybody who questions my crazy circular logic must be crazy themselves. All of my fellow frauds and charlatans are in total agreement with me. That proves you are right if you can get a crazy referential ring loop of testimonials to confirm you are right. Back off I’m a scientist man.

      • Chancey Brigadoon


  • John Wayne

    Calm Before The Storm….

  • gary lacey

    Yeah man, ya know its dat ,global warming stuff, man and da oceans and da seas and da water will rise, man and dats calls man is pukin all dat green stuff, man. And wes got to pay are carbon taxs ,man and man dat will save the erth, man.

  • Raizzee

    Racist, teabagging Sun!!!!

  • GrumpyOne

    Pure and simple…. It’s Bush’s fault!

    • Michael

      Egged on by the evil Republicans.

      • Michael Renn

        And those dastardly Koch brothers.

        • Michael

          I was under the impression that the Koch brothers already own the Sun.

  • Butch

    Gonna get real cold!!! Not a thing Al’$ gonna do about it!

  • T S

    I blame the Prius drivers for the cooling trend. If they had stuck to their old vehicles none of this would be happening.

    • vacmancan

      Sweetheart, I blame your parents for raising an idiot who doesn’t understand science. Are you home-schooled??????

      • T S

        Look up “cynicism,” sweetheart. I’d mock your parents but, let’s face it, the one thing you and I have in common is that neither of us is sure of who your dad is.

  • WinstonSmith

    Maybe Obama will stop attacking coal now? No. He’s immune to leadership skkills and reason.

    • vacmancan

      Sweetheart, coal is it’s own worst enemy. Time to move on. Renewable energy is now cheaper coal and solar is kicking butt. Let me prove it to you.

      • WinstonSmith

        Oh darling, you’re so silly when call me sweetheart. How about some cake?

      • WinstonSmith

        Have some cake darling.

      • WinstonSmith

        Darling, coal is a wonder energy source. You would be in the dark without it, shivering next to Glenn Beck under a cozy blanket. Just the two of you.

        • vacmancan

          Sweetheart coal is solar energy that is obsolete. You need to switch to the new solar. SOLAR!!!!! Any questions

        • TTAS

          vacmancan bought a couple shares of stock in a solar company. He doesn’t have any panels on his roof nor does he have a TESLA in his garage. He doesn’t have a garage. He is a freak though.

          He’s a nut.

  • Say again

    Global Warming is proving to be as illusive as Big Foot, Chupacabra’s and the Lochness Monster.

  • longrider

    The weak solar cycle with be known as an ALGORERYTHYM

  • Thor

    In other words, the climate scientists have no idea what the climate is doing. They seem to learn regularly that the climate is way more complex than the Gore “hucksters” would lead you to believe with their junk science.

  • Mbinva

    Man-made SOLAR COOLING! Dang you, Bush!! 😉

  • doowleb

    That fireball in the sky that burns with the power of millions of atom bombs? Pffft. It has nothing to do with the Earth’s climate or temperature. Everyone knows the Earths temperature and climate is predicated on CO2 in our atmosphere at 400 parts per million. A trace gas that can be controlled only through taxation and government control of all human activity. The science is settled you know.

  • GWiii

    this gives me an upset stomach, I guess I drank too much koolaid. phhhhhucccckkkk

  • thedude2009

    So, according to this statement – “If history is a guide, it is safe to say that weak solar activity for a prolonged period of time can have a negative impact on global temperatures in the troposphere which is the bottom-most layer of Earth’s atmosphere – and where we all live” – the temperatures are the fault of the sun and NOT G.W.Bush???

    • Will Malven

      Ah, but according to Shakespeare, “The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves if we are underlings.”

      Doesn’t that mean it IS George Bush’s fault, not the Sun’s? LOL!!!

  • jabusse

    Thank God for CO2. Keeps me warm at night.

  • seescaper

    global cooling??? It’snow problem

  • mcc985

    Any good libtard cultbagger knows that any science relating the sun to the earth’s climate is just junk science.
    I suppose that “climate change” hysteria will now switch to fears the polar bears will freeze to death during this cooling period????

  • jkimbr

    OH MY GOSH!!! What are we going to do about the sun???!!! Quick, someone call an international conference so we can plan some expensive “solutions”!

  • TimeHasCome

    Fire that huge gaseous bag of methane called Al Gore into the sun to kick start it.

  • Comment_Not_Approved

    The new “solar sustainability tax” will fix this.

  • ssgtnelson

    That shouldn’t matter; Global Warming scientists, a few years ago, said the sun had little to do with the increase in warming when it was discovered that the sun was more active, so the sun being less active will have no effect on our planet… right?

    • Will Malven

      Yep. For liberals, facts only apply when they support their agenda. All the rest of the time (that’s most of the time) they’re simply inconvenient information to be ignored.

  • Tom Hoffman

    What usually happens after this type of extreme low solar cycle is a plunge in temperatures for decades to come. At least 40 years and possibly more.

  • Guy_Montag451

    The sun’s activity over a 2e-6% of its life is not a statistically important or even quantifiable event.

    • Solar Activity for Dummies

      No, it will only bring about cooler temperatures and shorter growing seasons but, hey! who needs food?

    • Will Malven

      LOL!!! Of course it’s “quantifiable.” Stop using words you don’t understand.

  • poohbearpatriot

    Global Warming Bahhahahahhahahahahhahhahhahahha

    • vacmancan

      Sweetheart, it’s sad that you “simpel-folk” don’t understand science. The koch brothers will be proud of you. BATTA-BING!!

      • David Thornton


        Do you even attempt to post something cogent, or do you just mash the keyboard with your forehead and hope for the best?

        • vacmancan

          Sweetheart, I love making fun of you “simpel-folk” who don’t understand science. Are you busy???

          • David Thornton

            Forehead it is.

          • vacmancan

            Sweetheart it seems a debate is too difficult for you. You “simpel-folk” are so cute. Thank you

          • ssgtnelson

            I notice you fail to provide any evidence or facts in order to debate those you refer to as simple. Says volumes about you, doesn’t it?

          • Will Malven

            Waiting for something other than “Sweetheart” and “simpel-folk” to appear in one of your posts. They’re certainly devoid of any science.

          • vacmancan

            Sweetheart, I don’t need to know any science. I let the climate-scientists who publish “peer-reviewed” studies take care of that. I’m willing to bet you have no idea what they have concluded, do you??????

      • 1970greenie

        OK, “Sweetheart”. By your statement I presume you DO understand science. Then please explain how increasing CO2 can have any further impact on temperatures when the absorption of the two narrow bands of IR is logarithmic?

        • OldManMtn

          vacuousman has a severe mental disorder. Just roll over his avatar and you’ll see how busy he’s been….. 11,500+ vacuous comments! I mean, who makes that many comments? Well, people with no real life who try to live an online fantasy life completely opposite his reality as a Burger King fry cook.

          And I can guarantee you, he DOES NOT understand science in the slightest – he just pretends to, and parrots the same brainwashed mantra over and over again using ad hominems to avoid any real debate. If you challenge him with actual science, he just reverts back into ad homs. By calling everyone else “simpel folk”, he attempts to project his own feelings of inadequacy onto others.

          Quite the case study.

          • BarryBarry

            He sounds Gay…What guy (unless that’s a really ugly girl he has there) calls anyone “Sweetheart” unless it’s a totally hot babe he’s doing on a regular basis?

          • OldManMtn

            yes, probably gay …. but that’s the least of his issues.

          • Will Malven

            “. . . parrots the same brainwashed mantra over and over again using ad hominems to avoid any real debate.”

            Ah, a liberal.

      • Will Malven

        You betch, Sally. You’re a certified scientific genius. You do know that those mail order degrees don’t actually confer knowledge, don’t you? LOL!!!

        It’s become a near truism, that those liberals who most attack AGW “deniers” for a lack of scientific knowledge are the most scientifically illiterate people on the planet–the most gullible as well.

        You want to buy a bridge?

        • vacmancan

          Sweetheart if you have evidence to prove that AGW is not happening please post it. So I can make fun of you and embarrass you in front of your friends. Thanks

          • dmsday

            If you have proof the THEORY has been proven please post it so I can embarrass you in front of your, well, I guess yourself.

  • William Ripskull

    Its ASA… Anthropogenic Solar Activity. We need immediate government intervention or we’re all doomed. Next Up: ACD… Anthropogenic Continental Drift (also referred to as APT… Anthropogenic Plate Tectonics).

    • Will Malven

      They’re already saying that earthquakes are a growing threat for half of the US.

      • William Ripskull

        I’m sure that’s due to fracking. These people won’t be happy until everyone is living in caves (except them of course, who will be jet-setting to lavish resorts, living like kings while they debate Climate Change). Oh, and the bankers who will make $Trillions pushing imaginary-commodity carbon credits… after all they’re saving the planet too, and besides, they’ll be able to afford something better than a cave.

  • jfgalt

    If this is true then Global Warming as it has been presented is all BS because its the sun that causes the warming and cooling of Earth. Who would have thought that! To Al Gore, It’s The Sun, STUPID!!! The SUN!!! Figure out how to sell sun futures or solar credits and I’m sure the narrative on Global Warming/Cooling/Climate Change will miraculously change.

  • David Thornton

    In 2011 and 2012 the sun had high sun activity and we had mild winters both those years. In 2013 the sun had low activity and you all remember how harsh last winter was. I predict the winter of 2014 to be another brutal one.

  • Tomtom28

    What are we gonna do with all those solar panels?

    • vacmancan

      Sweetheart solar panels are kicking butt in Connecticut. It’s called trickle down economics. People are redistributing wealth into their own pocket. Watch how it’s done.

      • Will Malven

        LOL!!!! Yeah right. /roll eyes

        All it takes is massive government subsidies and special breaks to seduce people into buying a technology that isn’t up to the job. Why not? Let’s all pay twice as much for power as necessary so we can protect the world from a chimera of liberal mythology.

        Oil, coal, and gas (and hydro where available) are the only reasonable, economically viable sources of energy in America–unless you greenie tree-huggers are willing to stop all the lawsuits and regulatory obstruction of the nuclear power industry.

        Wind and solar are wishes, nothing more. Only one in ten houses in Connecticut are suitable for solar–without cutting down a lot of trees. Solar is NOT going to replace hydrocarbons.

        • dmsday

          if you notice, all of the guests, are inanimate, I guess to make it fair.

  • 1tymtrvlr

    Now can you see the effect of universal warming? All that gas you pigs use has finally effected the Sun, melting the polar caps on Mars and youranus. The aliens are going to be very angry, look out now, they are going to unleash algoracle and his gorons on the world.
    That great and all knowin wiseman Larry the Cable Guy is right, ” you just cain’t fix stupid”. It is just a matter of time before the Sun goes black, we will be using candles to heat and light our homes, cooking our bark samitches on them, boiling our grass chute with leaves and twig soup.
    Time to put away the SPF5000.

  • 1tymtrvlr

    Oh, wait, there is a shred of hope for the marxists, it is called global cooling, yeah, that’s it, global cooling. No, wait haven’t we heard that sometime before? Like the 1970s? Now everyone will started using the term ” cool ” again.

    • Tom Waeghe

      No it’s cooling because of all their efforts to reduce greenhouse gases. LOL

    • vacmancan

      Sweetheart, I love making fun of you “simpel-folk” who don’t understand science. Are you busy????

      • txflat

        “Simple Folk”… You mean the ones who realize the sun is a lot more powerful than human beings burning coal for electricity? There is a reason why leftist hate GOD and CHRISTIANS. They view themselves is the be all end all that humans have the power to destroy the climate. Everyone is laughing at you, if you haven’t already noticed. Your little bubbles of academia are funny, so much diversity of thought, right? LOCKSTEP BROWN SHIRT TOOL!

        • So much stoopid in one post.

          “Simple Folk”… You mean the ones who realize the sun is a lot more powerful than human beings burning coal for electricity?

          No. The ones who think their invisible Sky Fairy gave them permission to rape the planet. Those simple folk

          There is a reason why leftist hate GOD and CHRISTIANS.

          Is there? Let me guess: Because GOD is a fairy tale and CHRISTIANS are annoying?

          They view themselves is the be all end all that humans have the power to destroy the climate.

          You being simple folk a big climate scientist, please provide your reasoning as to how human activity cannot harm the climate. This should be good.

          Everyone is laughing at you, if you haven’t already noticed

          Everybody at Fox news, sure. Unfortunately for you, everybody else is laughing at you.

          Your little bubbles of academia are funny, so much diversity of thought, right?

          I know. Education is stupid and makes Baby Jesus cry.


          A strong finish! He nails the landing!

      • dmsday

        Dicky, the only person that doesn’t understand science is you. I can’t even call you a charlaton. Go sell your solar panels to the other suckers who do not understand science.

      • ssgtnelson

        Strangely… still no facts or science from you? Odd.

        • dmsday

          no it’s not strange at all. if he comes up with facts, now that’d be strange.

      • Will Malven

        Condescension requires one to possess a degree of superiority to the intended target, something clearly lacking in your case. Simple snarkiness with nothing to back it up is just your pathetic attempt at camouflaging your own IGNORANCE.

        • dmsday

          no, it’s how dicky genereates sales for his solar panels. By telling people they are stupid and don’t understand science. I’m not a salesman, but i’m pretty sure that mocking people, is not how you do it. And when people show up, like actual scienctist, who really understand thermodynamics, and really know what they are talking about he runs away.

        • vacmancan

          Sweetheart, I’m not snarky, I’m a B!TCH-SLAPPER who loves taking advantage of the “simple-folk” like you. What I forgot about AGW you’ll never learn. The koch brother’s want to keep their “KOCH-SUCKERS” busy. Keep up the good work. Thanks

          • WAVIOLENCE


            Moderator, I’ve tried to notify your home office about this violent, vulgar poster. His posts are disgusting and demeaning against women.

            NO MORE is a new unifying symbol designed to galvanize greater awareness and action to end domestic violence and sexual assault.

            It’s time to stop the violence!

          • vacmancan

            Sweetheart what did I say that was demeaning to women. Be specific please.

          • dmsday

            Seriously dicky, your ignorance knows no bounds, and regardless of your punctuation you’ve certainly challenged the notion of no stupid questions.

          • Will Malven

            So, you slap yourself? You certainly are a little “B!TCH.”

            What you know about AGW wouldn’t fill a teaspoon, moron.

      • ssgtnelson

        *Cricket, cricket* I’m shocked… still no facts.

      • Michael Renn

        As if you understand science. Now THAT is cute, honey.

  • cbunix23

    Freeze or fry, the problem is always industrial capitalism, and the solution is always international socialism.

    – Dr. Malcolm Ross, Harvard University

  • Sally Eckhoff

    “Weak solar activity”? What you smokin’, kids? Read it again…it certainly wasn’t written by scientists. In fact it doesn’t seem to have been written by adults.

    • jkimbr

      You do know that solar activity increases and decreases, right??? Solar flares, that sort of thing? Look it up.

      • Will Malven

        I doubt “Sally” knows her own name without looking her name tag. Just another gullible, mouth-breathing, AGW dupe.

    • Will Malven

      The phrase, “weak solar activity,” refers to the sparseness of sunspots, generating fewer flares, fewer prominences, and less radio-interference from solar emissions.

      Educate yourself.

      • Sally Eckhoff

        It’s so obvious that you guys aren’t scientists. You guys are trying to generate a controversy over the irregularity of sunspots. Nice try. Now get a grip.

        • Will Malven

          I’ve seen NO evidence of any knowledge of science coming from you . . . except your blather.

          • dmsday

            the fact that they don’t get that increased solar activity coincides with the height of the global warming hysteria. Nah, just a coincidence. Couldn’t possibly be that giant yellow orb in the sky.

        • Sam

          what do you get, like $0.01 per post from your windowless boiler room? Sod off troll.

        • dmsday

          so, sally, it is your contention that sun activity doesn’t have any effect on earth? That just may be the most ignorant thing i’ve ever read on this subject on the internet. congratulations. Dicky you’re now in second place.

        • ssgtnelson

          Are you a scientist? Sun spots indicate that the Sun is more ‘active’ and generating more energy. More energy means more ‘heat’ here on earth. Ergo, less Sun spots means cooler temperatures.

          • Will Malven

            Of course she’s not. She’s just a liberal parrot, mindlessly rattling off whatever she’s been told to regurgitate. Probably hasn’t has an original thought since Kindergarten.

  • 20670

    What? Something else caused by “global warming’? When will it ever stop?

  • William Dillon

    It’s criminal what Al Sore has perpetuated in new laws and regulations based on a lie.

  • dschwarpa

    Science be damned, it’s going to warm up because Al Gore says it will. He’s never been wrong about anything before (sic). Global warming, change or whatever the he!! they are calling has now become a religion with zealots ready to defend it until the cold snuffs the life out of their bodies. D#$% them for doing it.

  • golfinjesse

    It’s man-made Solar Disruption

  • Yogi Bears Tie

    Liberal: “How do we prepare for global cooling”, Conservative: “Wear a sweater”, Liberal: “no, no, how do we get money from the government?”, Conservative: “Why don’t you just get an honest job and stop being a mooch? Oh, and take a shower that potuli oil reaks.”

  • Dave

    It must be those damned humans on Earth and all their activity that has caused the Sun to malfunction. Stay tuned for the next Al Gore movie……BARF……….

  • Yogi Bears Tie

    Algore from his Florida igloo declared global warming is still a serious threat.

  • liven-in-iraq

    Global warming is so bad that the earth is sucking the life out of the sun. /s

  • TMAC

    I think this whole thing is hilarious. First we had the idiot scientists insisting another ice age was coming. This would be circa 1970. When everybody laughed at them long enough, they did a complete 180, virtually overnight, and all joined the global warming cult. That eventually turned into late night joke fodder, so another overnight change into the anything goes cult of climate change. No commitment to hot or cold there. So anything that happens weather wise can now be used.
    And my favorite are things like this. Where these idiots cant just burp out some whacko ‘the sky is falling’ theory and are forced to admit they have NO IDEA whats really going on. Tape that response. Anytime they start blowing hot air about the man made climate change cult, mute them and playback the “We have no idea” recording. Because that’s the ONLY accurate response these clowns have.

  • Mtpage

    The sun and weather patterns operate in cycles. Most controlled systems operate in periodic cycles. Of course don’t expect a global warming theorist to understand this as they are trying to make weather predictions by fitting a linear trends to computer models. So if they were to take the trends from the last decade and fit a linear trend, we would be in an ice age in the next half century. But following a wave like cycle, at some point this cold spell will bottom out and rise again to warmer temperatures and then back down. Now if we take the averages over a long period of time we will also get cycle oscillation as we have had ice ages and warming ages through out history. So with simple “science” we can concur that we have no control over what the sun and weather does as it is constantly oscillating like a simple pendulum with minor bumps along the path. Only a politician like all Gore would take data from half a century and assume its going to continue in a linear fashion.

  • Francis X. Knight

    Perhaps we should send all of the cooling alarmists on a fact finding excursion to the sun.

    • Will Malven

      I would suggest sending the warming alarmist would accomplish far more good–cooling alarmists are so passe.

  • A Gore, no Al G.

    Thank science (I’m an aethiest) that the sun is having a bad century. If not the planet would have already melted. ONLY because of this good luck is Manhattan NOT 25 feet underwater. All of the AGW models are correct, and this only proves it (somehow). Jesus tap dancing Christ, how much empirical evidence do you need before you can stop the hysteria and recognize that the *cough* settled science ain’t so settled?

  • Will Malven

    Global Climate Disruption!!! We must stop consuming carbon!!! We must all stop breathing, our CO2 pollution has now jumped across the 93 million miles between Earth and the Sun and is now choking off sun-spots!!!


    Wait for it . . .

  • NessieIncident

    I see all the fun comments I would have made given half the chance, have been made. Thanks for making me laugh at Albert “My dad was a Racist Democrat” Gore.

  • Goreloon

    Where’s the Gorebot freaks today? And to think that clown almost became President!

  • glenp

    this darn pesky GLOBAL WARMING has now reached the SUN!!!!

  • josetoyou

    The earth’s climate is driven by energy received from the sun, and other natural phenomena. So, it is no surprise that our climate has cooled as the sun’s activity has subsided. This was science 101 when I went to school many years ago…

    • Will Malven

      Back when they taught rather than indoctrinated.

  • kctt1152

    I’m sure that ALGORE will counter spinning the reason low solar activity is occurring is because of carbon omissions….and many will believe it.

  • Wade Hewitt

    Does the EPA know about the sun wrecking it’s agenda?
    Surely there must be someway to regulate it.

  • FreemanAmerica

    Oh, the earth is just getting ready to do a good cleaning…It does that from time to…Shakes off the vermin and pollution that accumulates..

  • rob

    Its all very simple this is going to be their out as to why they were mistaken about global warming

    • Will Malven

      No, no. They will describe this as a “lucky break,” because it will give us time to make up for all the time lost debating deniers and not implementing all of the regulations needed to stop AGW/CC.

      They will go on to explain how this will camouflage what’s really occurring–massive AGW–and that as soon as this minimum ends, global temps will skyrocket.

      I know this, because I’ve already heard them saying it (or some variation of it).

      Liberals don’t give up. They never recognize defeat and their belief in their agenda carries all the zeal and self-righteousness of a religion. Facts are irrelevant, truth is irrelevant, only the agenda is important.

  • James A. DeHart

    No big deal! What, the Sun having effect upon our planet. Who would have thought? Everyone knows ‘MAN’ controls the weather on Earth.

  • Zu schlau für diese Scheiße

    But if we give Al Gore and Bill Gates our money… they will fix it.

    • vacmancan

      Sweetheart, nobody wants your money. Why don’t you use it to get an education. So I can stop calling you “simpel-folk” Thanks.

      • Michael Renn

        Why don’t you wear a brown shirt and an armband? So we can all see idiots like you coming.

        • dmsday

          why? when he opens his mouth, you can see an idiot.

  • David Goldman

    This is really bad news for libs. How are they going to tax a sunspot?

  • Marshall Cypress

    Maunder minimum, HERE WE COME!

  • funky321

    But the tinfoil hat society will march on.

  • MovedUpNorth

    As if anyone believes that the sun – it’s sooooooo far away – has any impact on Earth’s climate.

    • ADamRant

      sarc, right?

  • budzy1911

    During the Maunder Minimum the sun spots virtually disappeared and Europe suffered colder than normal temps. Yet somehow the left always ignores the fact the sun has an effect on the planets temperature.

    • Godfrey de Bouillon

      Wait, the sun impacts our temperatures? That’s odd… I thought only carbon emissions could do that.

      • budzy1911

        They tried taxing sunshine but needed the democratic votes in Florida so they settled on CO2.

    • vacmancan

      Sweetheart why don’t you learn about climate-change so you can stop making a fool out of yourself. I feel sorry for you “simpel-folk”

      • budzy1911

        Climate change – I thought it was global warming – would you pick a name or do you have to keeping changing that as much as you have to change your theories to prove what never was.
        BTW – ‘simpel’ is spelled simple.

        • vacmancan

          Sweetheart there you go thinking again. Stop thinking. When the globe gets warmer the climate changes. See how this works?????? You “simpel-folk” are so cute. Thank you.

          • dmsday

            And when the globe gets cooler, the climate changes, see how this works? how many sales have you made? you never tire of being wrong.

  • oldsalt1

    Damn do you mean that I wont fry like an egg now?

  • Victor Cachat

    Someone needs to determine the most efficient way to extract BTUs from EnvironMENTALists so we can heat our homes with them.

    • Big___D

      Fat burns hot and creates a lot of soot.

  • dkn1234

    We just need to let a few people idle their SUVs while they run into 7-11 for coffee and the problem will be fixed!

    • wynotme307

      Amen! We should be rolling back emission regulations, industrial discharge regs, bring back our metal smelting factories, burn more gasoline in muscle cars. Best if we start right away to avoid our cooling disaster. We could all benefit from the job creation, and prosperity of this cycle.

      • Democritus537

        Don’t be a complete dolt…

        • wynotme307

          If people, and cars, and refineries, and belching smoke can save the planet from an ice age. Then why not do it? The Global Warming scientist could, without a doubt, tell us exactly the amount of Carbon and methane to produce to negate the cooling of the sun. Well, at least if they are on the side of truth. If they just want money, and power, and price fixing to line their filthy rich pockets, then they will insist we pay them to do some magic trick to combat the cyclicle dynamic-equilibrium of solar orbit.

  • Godfrey de Bouillon

    Oh my gosh! The sun is cooling off! It must be due to climate change! Quick! Someone raise taxes!!!

  • ADamRant

    The increase in CO2 has made plants more tolerant of cool climate and lowered their water consumption. To sustain the increase in crops , we need to INCREASE CO2.

    • vacmancan

      Sweetheart you “simple-folk” are so cute. Would you offer a glass of water to a person who was drowning??? Who ever dumbed you down did a good job. The koch brothers must be happy. You got everything wrong. BATTA-BING!!

  • Flechette

    In a couple of decades there will be some really embarrassed “scientists” when the so called “global warming” issue is dead.

    I would not be surprised if a bunch of them changed their names in order to distance themselves from all the academic papers they were a part of that endorsed this bunk science.

    • vacmancan

      Sweetheart, the global warming issue is settled. The evidence for AGW is conclusive and overwhelming. 97% of the climate scientists publishing, “peer-reviewed” studies agree that AGW is happening!!!!! What don’t you understand??????

      • David Kachel

        You can’t get NINE PERCENT of ANY scientists to agree on ANYTHING, let alone 97%! This is a bald-faced lie. Pure and simple. Whenever the solution to a problem turns out to be higher taxes and less freedom, the problem is fabricated. Why are you lefties so dammed gullible?

        • vacmancan

          Sweetheart thermometers don’t lie, and satelites tell the truth. Sorry, the science is settled. Put solar panels on your roof and stop worrying. Watch what we’re doing in Connecticut.

          • Flechette

            Darling, thermometers don’t lie…and they say that the earth’s temperature a WHOPPING 0.8 degrees in a CENTURY!

            …and you are alarmed by this?!? Do you really expect that the earth’s temperature to change only 0.00001 degrees in a century? I am actually surprised that it is so stable.

          • vacmancan

            Sweetheart where are you getting your information from????? Please post the source of your information so I can make fun of you Thanks

          • Flechette

            Here you go, darling:

            “Since the early 20th century, the global air and sea surface temperature has increased about 0.8 °C (1.4 °F),”

            *America’s Climate Choices. Washington, D.C.: The National Academies Press. 2011. p. 15. ISBN 978-0-309-14585-5.

          • vacmancan

            Sweetheart you posted a story that contradicts what you previously stated. All you all right???? You’re like a leaf in the breeze. What will your next post claim????? Stop making yourself look stupid. Stop pretending to be a climate-scientist. Let the climate-scientists make the decision about climate change. okay?????

          • Flechette

            I said:

            “Darling, thermometers don’t lie…and they say that the earth’s temperature a WHOPPING 0.8 degrees in a CENTURY!”

            I cited:

            ““Since the early 20th century, the global air and sea surface temperature has increased about 0.8 °C (1.4 °F),”*

            *America’s Climate Choices. Washington, D.C.: The National Academies Press. 2011. p. 15. ISBN 978-0-309-14585-5.”

            Notice that these are ***the exact same thing***

            You need to polish your reading skills, sweetie.

      • Michael Renn

        Galileo had to deal with idiots like you, too. Science is never “settled” you moron.

        Simple zealots like you are dangerous.

  • LEO

    Leave Al Gore alone! At least he has his best invention, the internet, to fall back on 😉

    • user z

      and he has lots of money to pay women to keep him company.

  • David Kachel

    Quick, call Super Gore. The sun is about to go out!!! We need more taxes and less freedom to stop it!!!
    Go to the roof and turn on the battshtcrazy light!!!

  • DJohn1

    Storms come in cycles. One of the truly terrifying things that happens to weather on this planet is that there is a huge calm just before the worst storms in history. In the case of our star, it is likely this is preface to a huge solar storm, the likes of which we have never seen before.

    The most likely cause is something as simple as dust! If the entire solar system is traveling through a dust cloud it would explain a lot.
    This dust would filter out a lot of the Sun’s light but not enough to be noticeable. It would also set up a fuel cycle that might cause most of the solar storms to temporarily be extinguished. This dust is probably close to absolute zero in outer space. When it hits the Sun, the Sun’s gravity might actually cool down the star temporarily until enough of it ignites to produce a super-heated star in its place. We are talking a very hot surface of a fairly young Star here.

    Meanwhile back on this planet, that dust is also being absorbed. Which means a cooling cycle as we are far being a hot planet. If this dust is magnetic, it could cause a problem with our Magnetic Fields.
    AT absolute zero or nearly so, there is little resistance to electrical charges.
    Where would this dust come from? Likely it is the remnant of a Super Nova in the distant past. It could potentially also contain a planet or two taking up a distant orbit beyond Pluto. It could likely be a very small remnant of a Red or Brown Dwarf Star. That would be trouble as it would be larger than Jupiter with a chemical content of dense matter like Nickel and Iron.
    Space is big. Very BIG. Yet we are traveling some distance out from a gravity field that contains the entire galaxy. We have according to scientific speculation traveled around this core material about 3 and 1/2 times over 4-5 billion years. These same people speculate there is a lot of cold debris orbiting this same core.
    Nothing says we haven’t had this happen before. Venus shows all kinds of evidence of being a relatively new planet that took up its current orbit around the Sun in the distant past. We have planets like Uranus rotating around the Sun on an almost 90 degree tilt.
    We have two asteroid belts in this system. One out beyond Pluto, with many large objects. The other between Mars and Jupiter, the largest of which appears to be about 400 miles in diameter. There is considerable evidence of violent reactions in the sysem.
    Science also concludes that many planet sized objects might be free floating between the stars.
    That this lack of sunspots and a cooling star might be very temporary. In a year or two, we may not even have a winter after it heats back up from all the new fuel it is getting.

    • vacmancan

      Sweetheart, please stop. One of the “simpel-folk” might believe what you are saying. Thank you. Why don’t you comment on something rea,l like santy clause.

      • DJohn1

        Give this man a Darwin Award, please . . .

    • Big___D

      Velikovsky? …is that you, Velikovsky?

      • DJohn1

        Sadly, He is dead. Also the other great rebel, Sitchin.

        He wasn’t completely right about things, but he sure hit it on the head with Venus.
        The embarrassing evidence of a planet with a day longer than its year. An atmosphere 15 times thicker than the Earth’s and made up almost completely of hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, and sulfur, when the “experts” in astronomy were all saying it was probably much like Earth at the time. To those of us not so well educated, I translate hydrocarbons as boiling oil. That is probably not that accurate. The most significant thing about the theory is that if he was right, we could expect to find vast resources of oil under any desert in the world. Any where that a rocky bowl under the sands exists is likely to have oil. Any place at the base of mountains, should have vast amounts of oil under it and huge amounts of water. That could also include our very own moon. Though with a huge spread in temperatures due to almost no atmosphere at all anything could have happened to that oil.

        We tend to discount people without the degrees in the fields of study because they arrive at conclusions out of left field. Both men had degrees but not in the field that they made claims for. That a lot of those claims were close to the truth is what I find very amazing.

        Once in a while, those same people hit it right on the head and they do embarrass the people in the field.
        The reaction of the scientific community of 1950 is more interesting to me than the theory which like all theories is now fairly outdated in its approaches. Those “scientists” were willing to boycott the book companies to keep these people from being published.
        I think that it is more about financial considerations than science.

        • Big___D

          “Those “scientists” were willing to boycott the book companies to keep these people from being published.” Wind forward. The plight of today’s “AGW deniers” is similar.

          Velikovsky was able to think outside the box. That is valuable. Whatever idea arises, is (should be) subject to falsifiability. Not all of his ideas have been falsified yet…but may be.

        • Big___D

          You’ve obviously read Svensmark and Calder. Apparently the IPCC doesn’t want to.

  • Smith

    Timo Niroma: Sunspots: The 200-year sunspot cycle is also a weather

  • Michael Renn

    Maybe we should send our garbage and nuclear waste into the sun to heat it up. Worth a try.

    It got down to about 50 here overnight. It’s JULY, man. Crazy.

    • democideafterdisarmingchattle

      if nothing else, to get rid of it and stop people whining.

  • democideafterdisarmingchattle

    imagine that, man isn’t controlling the sun cycle. let’s extrapolate from that…

  • OMG – It’s obvious what’s happening!

    We have so many solar energy projects going on that we are sucking all of the heat from the Sun — Arrrgghhh we’re all going to freeze if we don’t stop!

    Well that has about as much basis in scientific fact as the Man-Made Climate Change BS, so why not?

    🙂 <– for the sarcastically impaired.

  • EGO

    Soooo it’s not about the farts from a cow?

  • edgineer

    Any Democrat will tell you this is caused by fossil fuels, particularly coal.

  • Rachel

    We better put Al Gore on suicide watch!!!

    • motimer



    The democrats and fellow UN travelers know they have but a short time to effect massive wealth transfers from the makers to the takers before the people start burning their fat for fuel in the coming ice age.

  • Living in Reality (slightly outside of the Red States ;-))

    These comments crack me up. Yup, I am a centrist (screaming liberal to most of the folks posting here) and we are coming after your AK47’s. Guys denial is not a river in Egypt.

  • Big___D

    OMG!! It’s a climate disaster! We need to start generating MORE CO2! Come on folks, do your part, cut down all your trees and burn them! If you don’t, the govt will tax you! We need more coal and oil-based energy! Burn your lightbulbs 24/7! Throw out those stingy CFLs! Possession of a CFL is a misdemeanor! Any business that consumes less energy than last year (trying to be more efficient) will have to pay a penalty, er, tax, er, penalty, States don’t know how to handle this emergency, so we (the feds) will have to step in and take charge! What? …the Constitution? This is an EMERGENCY! The UN has already told us we need to send boatloads of money to countries who don’t have enough coal-fired power plants.

  • mitko

    well, I think now the global cooling doctrine will be far more costly for the people… buy more warm clothing, build more cool-resistant houses, install heating, etc… they will make money of it. no way.

  • Reverend Dean Drone

    Lower sunspot activity will result in cooler temperatures, so this is proof that global warming would be worse if sunspot activity were normal.

    Clearly, the oil companies are manipulating sunspot activity to cover up global warming, even though there is no proof, and we don’t have a clue how they did it…

    Alas, what can the virtuous among us do about this evil man-made conspiracy, other than raise taxes on petroleum products, further subsidize solar and wind-power and ban automobiles and cattle-farming?

    Why isn’t Al Gore front-and-center on this treacherous man-made scandal?

    President Obama is right: Global warming is much more dangerous than ISIL and Islamic terrorism!

  • Ronnie Lee

    I had this crazy dream recently. In this dream the sun had stopped shinning. I tore into the burned out sun and I found a huge solid metal sphere that had stopped spinning thusly causing the suns energy to cease.. I was aggravated in this dream and I kept pounding on that sphere until the crust that had stopped it from spinning was broken off. Then I realized it was to late and to much damage had been done to restart the sun…. what do you think ?? Heart burn ? some bad food ? what?

  • cptwayne

    Are total green house gases really increasing? Obviously, CO2 is. However, the largest fraction, water vapor, waggles every which way. So, for CO2 to be a real problem, water vapor has to be ignored? Is this the case? Is water vapor decreasing in the atmosphere as CO2 increases? This might mean that the total GHG’s are really not increasing at all? If atmospheric moisture is increasing, we should see more precipitation which would lead to atmospheric cooling. Comments are welcome.