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‘The State of the Climate 2022’ Report Finds ‘Little To Alarm’ -By Prof. Ole Humlum The State of the Climate 2022 London, 12 April – In his annual review of the state of the global climate, Professor Ole Humlum finds much of interest to readers, but little to alarm them. There are some climate trends that support claims of climate concern – but many that do not. For example, Professor Humlum draws […]

Watch: Morano discusses the California rolling blackouts and energy rationing

Rolling blackouts = energy rationing Will this be America's future under a #GreenNewDeal? We discuss with our great friend @ClimateDepot on this week's podcast. Watch for FREE: — Unreported Story Society (@AP_Unreported) September 2, 2020 WOW. @GavinNewsom has finally realized that renewable energy alone can't power California! Maybe it was the rolling blackouts […]