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Self-appointed ‘climate epidemiologist’ from Georgetown U. Claims: ‘Climate change has killed at least four million people’ – Declares ‘climate change is a public health emergency’

Climate epidemiologist Colin Carlson: “Five years ago it was ‘ten years to save the planet.’ Now, it needs to be ‘four million people are dead.’ Say it, say it, say it. Write to your Senators, write it on the walls under a bridge, write it anywhere someone will see. Climate change is a public health emergency.”

A screenshot of the full text of the Nature Medicine commentary "After millions of preventable deaths, climate change must be treated like a health emergency." (The full text doesn't fit in the alt text, I'm sorry)

STINCHFIELD TONIGHT – Real America’s Voice TV – Broadcast NOVEMBER 3, 2023

Marc Morano on climate being declared a ‘global health emergency’: “This is the entire international organizations, billionaire-backed, corporate, academic — they’re pushing all of this — the idea of merging climate into a public health issue and then declaring a public health emergency. Does that sound familiar — à la COVID?  Then, they get to bypass democracy.

So you have the British Medical Journal and 200 other journals joining in — all saying — they use the word ‘treat’ – ‘We’re going to treat climate change like it’s a medical malady, as a public health emergency.’ At the same time, the Biden administration is trying to push the U.S. into this World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty. It is not very far-fetched that the World Health Organization, whose scientists are chiefly funded by Bill Gates, can declare a public health emergency on climate and shut down gas stations, limit our travel, restrict airlines, and restrict meat eating. You see where this is going, and it won’t require any vote of Congress or any legislator. This will be done under emergency orders.”

Over 200 health journals call on the UN & WHO to recognize ‘climate change’ as ‘a global health emergency’

British Medical Journal: Published 25 October 2023: Over 200 health journals call on the United Nations, political leaders, and health professionals to recognize that climate change and biodiversity loss are one indivisible crisis and must be tackled together to preserve health and avoid catastrophe. This overall environmental crisis is now so severe as to be a global health emergency…

Human health is damaged directly by both the climate crisis, as the journals have described in previous editorials, and the nature crisis. …

The World Health Organization should declare the indivisible climate and nature crisis as a global health emergency. The three preconditions for WHO to declare a situation to be a public health emergency of international concern are that it is serious, sudden, unusual, or unexpected; carries implications for public health beyond the affected state’s national border; and may require immediate international action. Climate change seems to fulfil all those conditions. … 

We must recognise this crisis for what it is: a global health emergency.”


The Weather Channel: World’s Biggest Journals Join Forces, Demand Climate Crisis be Declared a Global Public Health Emergency

World Economic Forum ‘agenda contributor’ & John Kerry’s daughter, Vanessa, deliberate on how to leverage the ’emotion’ from the ‘pandemic’ to help advance the ‘climate crisis’ narrative, using ‘storytelling’

Vanessa Kerry, the World Health Organization’s special envoy for climate change, spoke on a World Economic Forum panel to discuss how to successfully prey on the public’s fear and emotions following the pandemic to push the “climate crisis” narrative.

World Economic Forum ‘agenda contributor’ Jemilah Mahmood: “The pandemic was an opportunity, I think all over the world, people realize how important health was… now do we take that emotion…of the health factors so critical but guess what guys, the climate crisis is creating more health issues than you can ever imagine, but no one has been able to make that link in the past.” …

Vanessa Kerry: “Covid taught us all these lessons learned, and we should be incorporating that….and the climate crisis is going to be so much worse.”

Jemilah Mahmood: “We were just talking about it earlier: ‘have people forgotten about Covid?’ So, I think it’s about the storytelling element.  I think that a lot of the things we see on health are very doom and gloom very, very much, even on the climate issue,  right, the extent that people feel ‘I can’t deal with this anymore …I can’t do this.’ But telling, you know, really inspiring stories about what is possible if we work together.”

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