Hillary Clinton implies you can vote yourself better weather! Hillary: ‘Hot enough for you? Thank a MAGA Republican. Or better yet, vote them out of office’

Hot enough for you? Thank a MAGA Republican. Or better yet, vote them out of office. https://t.co/0MFC6rPq6o — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) July 25, 2023   Newsflash, Hillary: July is hot – Marc Morano of Climate Depot takes great exception to news outlets like the Associated Press claiming that “climate change leaves fingerprints on July heat waves around […]

U.S. Per Capita CO2 Emissions Lower Than 100 Years Ago – But John Kerry says we are the global CO2 villain

https://committeetounleashprosperity.com/hotlines/u-s-per-capita-co2-emissions-lower-than-100-years-ago/ Here’s our amazing chart of the day from Charles C. Mann. Our per capita person emissions are lower today than at any time in the last 60 years and lower than during World War 1 – when the economy was less than one-tenth as large as it is today. Few, if any, developed countries […]

Fill Er Up – If You Can Afford It – U.S. gas prices $1.30 higher per gallon than when Trump left Office – Under Biden, Avg U.S. driver paying $20 more per tank

https://committeetounleashprosperity.com/hotlines/fill-er-up-if-you-can-afford-it/ Fill Er Up – If You Can Afford It Biden keeps saying he’s lowered gas prices. He’s right that they’ve fallen from the peak of above $5 a gallon in his financially disastrous first 18 months in office. But they just rose this week to the still high price of $3.69 a gallon – […]

When the science journal Nature endorsed Biden, Trump voters tuned it out

https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2023/mar/22/virtue-signaling-backfire-endorsement-biden-costs-/ By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times – Wednesday, March 22, 2023 Michael Jordan famously declined to cross the line from athletics to politics, saying, “Republicans buy sneakers, too.” Nature magazine is finding out that Republicans also consume scientific literature — but they are less likely to do so when they think the publication has turned […]

CNN: ‘Monster Victory’: Trump & Le Pen backed Dutch farmers protesting Net Zero farming restrictions – now the farmers have sprung an election shock by winning provincial elections

https://www.cnn.com/2023/03/19/europe/netherlands-farmers-protest-party-intl/ (CNN) — A farmers’ protest party in the Netherlands has caused a shock after winning provincial elections this week just four years after their founding. Could their rise have wider implications? The Farmer-Citizen Movement or BoerburgerBeweging (BBB) grew out of mass demonstrations against the Dutch government’s environmental policies, protests that saw farmers using their tractors to block […]

Meet the Unstable Climate Scientist Biden Tapped to Serve on His Intelligence Board – Kim Cobb experienced an ‘acute mental health crisis’ & ‘could not get out of bed’ after Trump’s win in 2016

https://freebeacon.com/biden-administration/meet-the-liberal-climate-scientist-biden-tapped-to-serve-on-his-intelligence-advisory-board/ Brown University’s Kim Cobb entered ‘acute mental health crisis’ following Trump’s 2016 win By Collin Anderson President Joe Biden’s latest addition to a prestigious board of intelligence advisers is a liberal climate scientist who said she experienced an “acute mental health crisis” and “could not get out of bed” following the 2016 election of […]

Watch: Morano on Mark Steyn’s UK TV show – 2 Live Segments on The Great Reset: Morano: ‘Decisions are being made by fewer & fewer people, it’s a concentration of power at the top’

First Live Interview – Broadcast September 28, 2022 – (Also watch the below segment here: ) Mark Steyn interviews author Marc Morano on his book Great Reset which reveals some uncomfortable truths about what ‘the elites’ have in store for us. Second Live Interview Segment – Broadcast September 29, 2022 – Watch Below – Morano […]

How do you like net zero now? ‘In Germany, prices for gasoline & public transport surged’

Via American Energy Alliance’s In The Pipeline: https://mailchi.mp/947e42b5c59b/gavins-miracle?e=02e2394a9b How do you like net zero now? Deutsche Welle (31/22) reports: “In Germany, prices for gasoline and public transport surged on September 1st, as government subsidies expired. The price for natural gas — which half of all households use for heating — and for electricity has skyrocketed […]