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Biden’s Energy Secretary Casually Reveals That She Wants To Control Our Decisions Biden’s Energy Secretary Casually Reveals That She Wants To Control Our Decisions By DAVID BLACKMON Excerpt: Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm gave congressional testimony over her department’s effort to finalize regulations limiting the use of gas stoves. Granholm first denied there was any effort to ban the appliances — a dissembling prevarication at best — and […]

Biden admin’s war on household appliances will cause higher prices, dirtier clothes & dishes By Thomas Catenacci | Fox News Energy experts and manufacturers are warning that the Biden administration’s aggressive regulatory regime will lead to more expensive household appliances that are far less effective than current models. The Department of Energy (DOE) has made so-called energy efficiency standards a central part of its climate agenda since Biden took office, boasting that it has […]

Get Ready to Stink for Climate Change, Thanks to Biden’s New Washing Machine Rules that ‘require new appliances to use considerably less water’ BY ROBERT SPENCER “No credible scientific body,” wrote energy and environmental researcher Michael Shellenberger in 2019, “has ever said climate change threatens the collapse of civilization much less the extinction of the human species.” In fact, the whole idea that temperatures are rising to catastrophic levels is based on circular reasoning. But the Biden regime […]

California Class-Action Suit Targets Gas Stoves for failing to ‘properly notify customers of toxic emissions’ by Mitch Kokai Senior Political Analyst, John Locke Foundation Chase Smith writes for the Epoch Times about the latest attack on gas stoves. A class action suit filed in California alleges LG Electronics USA, Inc. sold gas range stoves in the United States without properly notifying customers of toxic emissions prior to their purchases. The […]

Stacey Abrams gets a new job after election loss, joins environmental group trying to eliminate gas stoves By Kyle Morris Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has announced she will be joining an environmental advocacy dark money group that is pushing to regulate and ban natural gas-powered stoves. Rewiring America, the nonprofit group Abrams will join as senior counsel, is a self-described “leading electrification nonprofit, focused on electrifying our homes, businesses, and […]