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A Jury Found Climate Skeptic Mark Steyn Liable For Defamation — Legal Experts Say He Has A Chance To Win On Appeal A Washington, D.C., jury concluded that Mark Steyn — a right-of-center political pundit who referenced a separate blog post comparing climate scientist Michael Mann to serial pedophile Jerry Sandusky for the former’s purported data manipulation in his signature 1998 “hockey stick” climate model — liable for defaming Mann. Steyn is appealing the court’s decision […]

National Review to Michael Mann: You owe us $1 Million for your ‘frivolous lawsuits’ against free speech By THE EDITORS March 13, 2024  On Monday, National Review filed a motion in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia to recover a portion of the legal fees that Michael Mann’s frivolous lawsuits have forced us to spend over the last twelve years. We cannot recover the time and effort that Mann has wasted, but we […]

Mann v. Steyn: Round 2 by Judith Curry The latest developments. Some new filings from Mark Steyn: New Trial: Judgment as Matter of Law: Stay of Execution: Further details at steynonline [link]

The Hockey Stick Trial: Science Dies in a DC Courtroom By Rupert Darwall Excerpt: “Science,” wrote the philosopher Karl Popper, “is one of the very few human activities – perhaps the only one – in which errors are systematically criticised and fairly often, in time, corrected.” The sub-title of Popper’s 1963 book Conjectures and Refutations, in which he argued that science progresses through inspired conjectures […]

Terence Corcoran: The heated battle between ‘skeptics’ and climate ‘dictators’ By Terence Corcoran In a decision last week that should shock all who believe in free speech and open science debate, a Washington Superior Court jury found journalist Mark Steyn and another writer guilty of defaming Michael Mann, the Penn State climate scientist behind the “Hockey Stick graph,” possibly the greatest global warming marketing tool […]

Mann v. Steyn: A BITTERLY DISAPPOINTING VERDICT – ‘To deter anyone from ever again arguing that climate change alarmists are wrong’

JOHN HINDERAKER of Power Line Blog:  In John Williams’ closing argument on behalf of Mann, he said that the jury should award punitive damages so that in the future, no one will dare engage in “climate denialism”–whatever that is–just as Donald Trump’s “election denialism” needs to be suppressed. In 41 years of trying cases to juries, I never heard such an outrageously improper appeal. 

Michael Mann’s lawyer has made it explicit: impose an arbitrary seven figure penalty on Mark Steyn, not to compensate the plaintiff Michael Mann, who didn’t suffer any damages whatsoever, but rather to deter anyone from ever again arguing that climate change alarmists are wrong, however flawed their science may be.

WaPo Gloating! ‘Famed climate scientist wins million-dollar verdict against right-wing bloggers’ WaPo: “The verdict comes amid heightened attacks on scientists working on climate change, vaccines and other issues.” Excerpt: Michael Mann, a prominent climate scientist, won his long-standing legal battle against two right-wing bloggers who claimed that he manipulated data in his research and compared him to convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky, a major victory […]

Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry releases her Expert Report on Michael Mann from trial – Curry: ‘It is reasonable to have referred to the Hockey Stick in 2012 as ‘fraudulent’

Re the Mann v. Simberg/Steyn trial, I've posted the text of my Expert Report prepared at the request of Steyn's lawyers. While this wasn't admitted into evidence, it provides some much need context for the trial. — Judith Curry (@curryja) February 8, 2024 JC’s expert report by Judith Curry Here is the text of the […]

Jury awards climate scientist Michael Mann $1 million in defamation lawsuit BY SUMAN NAISHADHAM Updated 7:02 PM EST, February 8, 2024 Share WASHINGTON (AP) — A jury on Thursday awarded $1 million to climate scientist Michael Mann who sued a pair of conservative writers 12 years ago after they compared his depictions of global warming to a convicted child molester. Mann, a professor of climate science at the […]

Jury finds in favor of Michael Mann in defamation lawsuit against Mark Steyn, Rand Simberg By Andrew Lawton A Washington, D.C. jury has found that conservative writers Mark Steyn and Rand Simberg defamed climate scientist Michael Mann. The jury deliberated for close to a full day before reaching its decision. At issue were two blog posts, one by Steyn and one by Simberg, comparing the investigation into alleged academic […]