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Billionaire Mike Bloomberg Could Benefit From Federal Climate Rules He Helped Craft

` By Kevin Mooney  Billionaire businessman Mike Bloomberg, the former New York mayor and presidential candidate, is poised to benefit financially from proposed rules requiring climate disclosures for businesses that he had a hand in crafting, policy analysts say. President Joe Biden’s Securities and Exchange Commission proposes that publicly traded companies disclose to investors what […]

SEC’s Climate Falsehood Threatens American Economy Gregory Wrightstone – 24 June 2022 The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) risks destroying the economy by installing a falsehood as a principle driver of governance for American business. By proposing that companies to take extraordinary measures to account for climate risks, the SEC embraces a false climate emergency based on a premise that emissions […]

Energy transition disruption might bite the SEC By David Wojick  The SEC has proposed that the companies it regulates start reporting what it calls “climate related risks.”  In addition to the speculative physical risks from supposed climate change, these risks include the very real damage that the so-called energy transition could cause. “Transition risks” are specifically included the proposal. My impression is […]