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Former UN scientist Ben Santer outraged, cuts ties to Lawrence Livermore lab because Steve Koonin allowed to speak at seminar By Molly Taft Excerpt: Ben Santer, one of the nation’s leading climate scientists, said he is cutting ties with a prestigious government-funded laboratory over its plans to invite a scientist who has spread climate denial to speak in a seminar. Santer’s work has shaped much of climate science for the past 25 years. His […]

Bingo: Warmist Ben Santer’s former friend described Santer perfectly: Bingo! “[My friend] argued that my politics had infected my science’

  W hy Scientists Shouldn’t Heed Calls to “Stay in Our Lane” Santer's former friend described Santer perfectly here: Bingo!"[My friend] cast doubt on the integrity of all the scientific research I had published, arguing that my politics had infected my science." — Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) March 18, 2021 Any scientist who claims like Santer […]

New Santer Climate Study Claim: 97% Consensus is now 99.99997%! Climatologist debunks: ‘Climate models are programmed to only produce human-caused warming’ by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. A new paper in Nature Climate Change by Santer et al. (paywalled) claims that the 40 year record of global tropospheric temperatures agrees with climate model simulations of anthropogenic global warming so well that there is less than a 1 in 3.5 million chance (5 sigma, one-tailed test) that the agreement between […]

New models based & media hyped study claiming the ‘gold standard’ of AGW proof is ‘unwarranted…statistical modeling can never do that’ From Dr Judith Curry’s Climate Etc Posted on March 1, 2019 by curryja by Ross McKitrick Ben Santer et al. have a new paper out in Nature Climate Change arguing that with 40 years of satellite data available they can detect the anthropogenic influence in the mid-troposphere at a 5-sigma level of confidence. This, they point out, is the “gold standard” […]