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2023 Pew poll: 63% of U.S. adults say they are not likely or ‘do not plan’ to purchase an EV

Via Pew: “Half of U.S. adults say they are not too or not at all likely to consider purchasing an EV, while another 13% say they do not plan to purchase a vehicle.”

A bar chart showing that Democrats, younger adults and urban residents are more open to purchasing an electric vehicle.

Gallup poll in 2023 showed similar results, with only about 12 percent saying they are considering buying one, 43 percent saying they might consider it and 41 percent saying unequivocally they would not buy an electric vehicle. Gallup poll – APRIL 12, 2023:

Politico: ‘Democrats pushed climate action. Then utility bills skyrocketed’ – ‘Electricity bills are biting lawmakers in coastal, Democratic-leaning districts’

Politico: California Democrats proudly authored nation-leading clean energy goals that forced the automobile industry to go electric and shaped global climate policy. Then the bill came due. There is intensifying political pressure on state lawmakers to do something about utility bills that have shot up by as much as 127 percent over the last decade. … “Californians are fed up,” said Democratic state Assemblymember Marc Berman at a recent news conference in Sacramento. .. Lawmakers there and in other Democratic states with nation-leading climate objectives — like New York and Massachusetts — are scrambling to make their transitions from fossil fuels affordable before they face an all-out ratepayer revolt. …

“Absolutely high rates can threaten the energy transition, and we should be very concerned,” said Matt Baker, director of the California Public Utilities Commission’s Public Advocates Office. “The energy transition depends on public support, and we have to do whatever we can to maintain that public support. That means doing it in the least-cost manner.” Baker said the state hasn’t seen rate hikes like these since the 1970s. …

California’s largest utility, Pacific Gas and Electric, raised its rates over the winter by an average of about $34 per month, or a 127 percent increase over 10 years. A fifth of its customers are behind on their bills, according to an analysis from Baker’s office. The state’s two other major investor-owned utilities are also seeking increases.

Nearly half of all young voters won’t pay more than $10 per month to fight climate change creating potential issue for President Biden campaigning on the ‘existential threat’ By JON MICHAEL RAASCH, POLITICAL REPORTER IN WASHINGTON, D.C., FOR DAILYMAIL.COM President Joe Biden called climate change an ‘existential threat’ last week Despite U.S. facing nuclear threat from Putin, Biden said climate is top concern Poll found over half of young voters would not pay more than $10 a month on climate And 20% of […]

Poll: American ‘elites’ support rationing energy, meat to combat climate change By CANDACE HATHAWAY American “elites” say they would support the rationing of energy and meat to “fight climate change,” according to a recently released poll by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity. The January study, “Them vs. U.S.: The Two Americas and How the Nation’s Elite Is Out of Touch with Average Americans,” is based on two […]

New deniers eh? One-third of UK teenagers think climate change is deliberately ‘exaggerated’ – ‘As YouTube videos promoting a new kind of climate denial are aimed at young people’ By Jo Nova There is hope: Thirty years of namecalling, propaganda and censorship still isn’t enoughDespite being raised on non stop media propaganda and being drip fed the climate bible in school, one third of teenagers have somehow figured it out anyhow. Even the systematic censorship on Youtube and Google where skeptics are downranked, […]

Young Audiences Question Climate Alarmism, Prompting Calls To Censor Content – Study reveals a significant increase in climate skepticism on YouTube By Tom Ozimek via The Epoch Times A recent study has revealed significant skepticism among young audiences regarding climate alarmism, a development that poses a challenge to advocates of urgent climate action but is likely to be welcomed by those who see stoking fear about the supposed ills of global warming as exaggerated. The study […]

Watch: Morano on Fox on CEO angst over climate regs & German farmer protest: ‘We are watching the controlled demolition of the German agricultural sector due to Net Zero’

The Bottom Line – Fox Business Channel – Broadcast January 15, 2024

Morano: “I think there is a split; they’re not bad. Here’s the bottom line: they have to do this climate transition, and as I have said, it’s easier to transition gender than the climate. And these business owners know — the CEOs know it.

But they also know that every day we wake up, the federal government here in the United States and even in the EU, we wake up, and they want to ban gas-powered cars and ban gas stoves; they are even going after wood pizza ovens in New York City. The Washington Post is even going after houseplants — saying they cause climate change.”

Morano on Gore’s climate astrology at Davos: “As Davos is meeting, they hear things like today when Al Gore said if they meet these political targets of Net Zero, which are going to impact businesses, the temperature will stop going up almost immediately. He’s saying in three years we will be able to see an effect. So if businesses believe, you can pass a tax or regulation and stop the earth’s rotation or climate change or the earth’s temperature. That is a pretty big regulatory uncertainty because ideologies at the World Economic Forum will enforce those kinds of regulations on business if they actually believe they can stop temperatures from rising in three years or less. It’s pretty scary stuff.”

Morano on German farmer climate protest: “This is the greatest economy in Europe; they are watching the controlled demolition of the German agricultural sector, their economy due to Net Zero.

We have a history here; we can look At what happened in Sri Lanka – the total collapse of the country, the ‘peasants’ overran the Presidential palace when they went to change their agricultural policies with the backing of the World Economic Forum.

We saw what happened in the Netherlands, which is very similar to what is happening in Germany, and the farmers fought back in the Netherlands, where 10,000 plus small family farms were about to be put out by the Net Zero regulations. But the farmers formed their own political party in the Netherlands and are now fighting back in parliament.”

As workers prioritize the environment, companies must ‘get on board’ or deal with ‘climate-quitting,’ experts say By Ece Yildirim According to a 2023 survey, 51% of US workers say they would consider quitting their jobs if the company’s environmental actions don’t align with theirs, and 35% said they already have. The number of quitters rose to 44% within Gen Z and Millennial workers, who also said that they would take a […]