Study: Paper straws contain toxic ‘forever chemicals’ — could be worse than plastic By Ben Cost Paper straws might not be the “eco-friendly” drinking tube they’ve been promoted to be: Belgian researchers found that these so-called “green” utensils are toxic and therefore potentially worse for the environment than their much-vilified plastic counterparts, according to a new study published in the journal Food Additives & Contaminants. “Straws made from plant-based materials, […]

Study Shows Paper Straws More Harmful to Planet than Plastic By JOHN NOLTE In today’s chapter of… Everything Environmentalists Tell Us Is Wrong … and I do mean … wrong … we will look at how paper straws do more damage to the planet than plastic straws. Remember all that empty-headed virtue-signaling over freaken straws in 2018? Paper straws are good! Paper straws are virtuous! Unless they are […]

Hollywood’s Screen Actors Guild declares mission to ‘eliminate single-use plastic on camera’ as part of the industry’s biggest effort ‘to save the planet since World War II’ Hollywood says banning filming plastic bottles will save the world by Paul Bedard This week’s Liberal Media Scream is going a little off beat to highlight a new Hollywood claim that movie studios and actors are saving the world and the environment with an honor system to ban plastic bottles “on camera.” It came from Fran […]

BBC caught using fake image of turtle entangled in photoshopped plastic bag By Paul Homewood BBC have been up to their tricks again: Joe Public has caught the BBC out again. He immediately recognised that this image included in a BBC report on Sunday was fake, and that they had been used it before. The image had been photoshopped from the original below: Following […]

Democrats seek crack down on plastics production! Sen. Booker: Plastic ‘threatens to derail our efforts to address the climate crisis’ & poses threat to environmental justice Anti-plastics Democrats are ramping up their efforts to target the oil- and gas-derived product, which they link to both climate change and environmental justice crises. Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.) unveiled legislation Thursday that would crack down on plastics production and make strides towards shifting the country away from single-use […]

Environmentalists Against Plastic Recycling: Greenpeace study finds ‘plastic recycling is a failed concept’ by DANIEL J. FLYNN A new report exposes much of recycling as an empty ritual geared more at cleansing consciences than the planet. The publisher of the study? Greenpeace. “The plastics and products industries have been promoting plastic recycling as the solution to plastic waste since the early 1990s,” the report explains. “Some 30 years later, […]

Green groups pushing to ban ‘single-use plastics across the entire federal govt’ – But ban ‘would not benefit the environment’ Would a single-use plastic ban be counterproductive? BY BILL WIRTZ A petition filed by a number of environmental organizations calls on the General Services Administration to halt the acquisition of single-use plastics across the entire federal government. According to these groups, plastic packaging harms the environment, and with the U.S government being the largest consumer of […]

We’re saved! Biden’s Interior Dept Planning to Phase Out Single-Use Plastic on Federal Lands by 2032 BY SHANNON MCGOWAN Earlier this month, U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland signed an order that requires federal land managers to phase out single-use plastic products by 2032. The decision directly supports President Biden’s executive order that calls on federal agencies to improve their waste and recycling management while also reversing a 2017 Trump Administration policy […]