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Watch: John Stossel: Plastic recycling is a DIRTY LIE

Plastic recycling is a DIRTY LIE. So why do so many green activists push it? “I think they get a charge out of telling people what to do,” @JohnTierneyNYC tells me. More than ever… recycling is garbage. — John Stossel (@JohnStossel) April 8, 2024

The Recycling Con! New Republic mag: ‘Recycling Doesn’t Work—and the Plastics Industry Knew It –  ‘90% of plastics either ended up in a landfill’ or were burned – ‘Just 5% to 6% are successfully recycled’ By Kate Aronoff – A staff writer at The New Republic. Hardly any plastics can be recycled. You’d be forgiven for not knowing that, given how much messaging Americans receive about the convenience of recycling old bottles and food containers—from the weekly curbside collections to the “chasing arrows” markings on food and beverage packaging. […]

Watch: Morano on Hannity on Fox News talks of push to recycle human hair in clothes: ‘They want you to suffer like a religion for your climate sins’

Hannity – Fox News Channel – Broadcast February 13, 2024

Sean Hannity: The climate alarmist religious cult — they have officially gone too far. You’re not going to believe their latest plans. One involves recycling your hair. It’s going to be a lot of white hair that you get from me ,I don’t know. We’ll explain.

According to the Washington Post: A group of entrepreneurs and environmentalists, well, they’re now looking to turn human hair into clothing. The group wants to collect human hair off salon floors and turn it into sweaters, 32 tons a day, apparently anyway. See: Now they are coming for your — HAIR?! Wash Post touts ‘recycling human hair…into clothes’ as a ‘climate solution’ – ‘Weaving with human hair…keeps hair out of landfills & incinerators, where it would release greenhouse gases’

Joining us now publisher of the Climate Depot and the author of The Great Reset, Marc Morano is with us. As well as the host of Tutor Dixon Show, the Tutor Dixon podcast. Tutor Dixon.

Hannity: Marc,  I’m not even sure where this came from?
Marc Morano: It is a long line of climate bans and climate wackiness. You have them talking about the carbon footprint of house plants, of backyard barbecues,  of human breath. There was a study in December of 2023 that human breath contributes to global warming. Women contribute more with their breath to global warming than men do. They’ve dissected this down to make our lives miserable.
So now Elon Musk wants a carbon tax, Sean. Well, we don’t need a carbon tax, all you have to do is send school kids after school in a climate project to sweep up the floor at the local barber shops and that can be the equivalent of our carbon tax, according to the Washington Post. We can save the planet by having kids sweep up the salon floor —  that’s how nuts the climate debate has evolved into.
Sean Hannity: Will the liberals give up their cars and their private jets? 
Marc Morano: They will never will. They want to ban plastic bags, ban the plastic pods, and make your life miserable. These are hair shirts, they want you to suffer like a religion for your climate sins.
Hannity: I wonder of the three of us whose hair might be worth more?

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‘UN Global Plastics Treaty’ touted as an ‘equitable Treaty that stops plastics & fossil fuels at the source’ – Pushed by the ‘Break Free From Plastic Movement’

Be afraid, be very afraid. 'The UN Global Plastics Treaty' is set to be finalized by 2025! Touted as an "equitable UN Plastics Treaty that stops plastics & fossil fuels at the source." Global plastics treaty pushed by the "Break Free From Plastic Movement" "We are living in a… — Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) October […]

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