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Rick Perry Resigns As Energy Secretary Perry on Thursday reportedly told President Donald Trump that he will be resigning after months of speculation. According to Bloomberg, Perry contacted Trump and told him he plans to resign. Perry is one of the longest-serving members of Trump’s cabinet. (RELATED: Rick Perry’s Office Denies Reports He’s Headed For The Exit) Rick Perry, U.S. […]

Energy Secretary Rick Perry eyeing exit in November By BEN LEFEBVRE and THEODORIC MEYER Energy Secretary Rick Perry is expected to announce his resignation from the administration by the end of November, according to three people familiar with his plans. Perry, who had been Texas’ longest-serving governor before joining President Donald Trump’s Cabinet in 2017, has largely avoided the controversies that felled […]

Analysis: ‘Rick Perry has surrendered’ – ‘It is time to pick a new Secretary of Energy’ – Perry has conciliatory words for AOC & Green New Deal

Energy secretary Rick Perry strikes an emollient tone on @AOC’s #GreenNewDeal proposal. “I don’t think the representative should be castigated and pushed aside just on the face of her comments that she wants to live in a place where there is clean air and clean water” — Ed Crooks (@Ed_Crooks) March 13, 2019 Rick […]

Rick Perry Hints At Federal Action To Keep Andrew Cuomo From Blocking Pipelines

By MICHAEL BASTASCH Secretary of Energy Rick Perry sent a not-so-subtle signal to New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo that the federal government may intervene to keep New York officials from blocking natural gas pipelines. “The citizens of New York are paying more for energy,” Perry said at the World Gas Conference in Washington, D.C., on […]

The Media Tried Attacking Rick Perry For Saying Electricity Can Prevent Sexual Assault In Africa The Media Tried Attacking Rick Perry For Saying Electricity Can Prevent Sexual Assault In Africa MICHAEL BASTASCH 2:40 PM 11/02/2017 Share 0   Reporters on Thursday heavily criticized Energy Secretary Rick Perry for claiming that using fossil fuels to electrify Africa could help prevent sexual assaults. It turns out reporters may have been too […]

Analysis: ‘A Red Team to end the climate wars: fun but likely to fail’

By Editor of the Fabius Maximus website  Science & Nature  7 July 2017 Summary:  Team Trump has proposed a Red Team project to resolve the climate debates. It’s an exciting promise of an easy solution to the public policy gridlock. It will make the situation worse. The climate debate has — like so many other policy debates — become dominated […]

Rick Perry’s Plans for US Energy Dominance

America is approaching energy independence, but still needs to remove obstacles, Energy Secretary Rick Perry says. “The previous administration talked about energy independence, but wouldn’t drill and transport. It was all talk,” @SecretaryPerry says. “We are very close to being energy independent,” Perry told The Daily Signal in a brief interview. “Regarding our ability to […]

The Energy Secretary Is Right On Climate Change

By Tom Harris Energy Secretary Rick Perry did a remarkable thing last week: he expressed skepticism about the causes of climate change in a TV interview and, even after howls of disapproval from environmentalists and the press, he did it again a few days later before a major Senate committee. Red GREEN and Blue, “a part of the Important […]