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Patricia was nowhere near the worst tropical storm Patricia’s supposed 320 km/h wind speed over the ocean was not actually measured. It was merely predicted by computer models based on the measured speeds thousands of feet above the surface. The evidence that it was exaggerated is the rapidity with which the winds supposedly diminished after the storm reached land, where it could […]

The Real ‘Consensus’: Global Warming Causes FEWER Hurricanes Scientists project fewer hurricanes in the future that may be slightly stronger. Research also suggests that even though hurricanes may become slightly stronger, wind patterns will drive them further out to sea, meaning fewer storms hitting Americans. “I would characterize ‘mainstream’ science on global warming and hurricanes as thinking that there will be a […]

Analysis: Hurricane Patricia: ‘The most that can be claimed is that Hurricane Patricia is the strongest hurricane in Eastern Pacific in last 30 years or so’

Hurricane Patricia By Paul Homewood Despite apocalyptic forecasts, what has been touted as “the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Americas”, has made landfall in Mexico with relatively little damage so far. According to the Telegraph: Hurricane Patricia, the record-breaking category 5 hurricane, rumbled across western Mexico early on Saturday, uprooting trees and […]