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Don’t be a Restaurant menu denier! Atlantic Mag claims ‘You Can Spot Climate Change in Old Restaurant Menus’   You Can Spot Climate Change in Old Restaurant Menus In the 1880s, Vancouver’s seafood joints served lots of salmon. These days they serve squid. By Ian Rose In a new study, a team from the University of British Columbia (UBC) shows one unexpected way that climate effects are already manifesting in our daily […]

Flashback: Study: Climate change is making sharks ‘right-handed’ & deadlier! Climate change is making sharks ‘right-handed’: Rising ocean temperatures affect the direction they prefer to swim, study finds Australian scientists incubated eggs at temperature predicted for 2100  They found half died within a month, and those who survived became ‘right handed’, preferring to swim to the right Warming oceans are changing the way sharks […]

2021 Ends with Cooler Ocean Temps by Ron Clutz The best context for understanding decadal temperature changes comes from the world’s sea surface temperatures (SST), for several reasons: The ocean covers 71% of the globe and drives average temperatures; SSTs have a constant water content, (unlike air temperatures), so give a better reading of heat content variations; A major El Nino […]

Sudden Changes in Ocean Currents Warmed Arctic, Cooled Antarctic in Past By Physicist Dr. Ralph Alexander Abrupt changes in ocean currents – and not greenhouse gases – were responsible for sudden warming of the Arctic and for sudden cooling in the Antarctic at different times in the past, according to two recent research studies. The Antarctic cooling marked the genesis of the now massive Antarctic […]

No ‘Day After Tomorrow’… German Oceanographer Sees No Reliable Trend Suggesting Slowdown In Atlantic Gulf Stream By P Gosselin Scientists say there’s just too little data available to suggest the Gulf Stream is slowing down, and there won’t be in the next five years.  Die kalte Sonne looked at the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, the system of surface and deep currents in the Atlantic Ocean that – among other things – transports […]

NBC News claims model-based study has ‘removed almost all doubt from human-made climate change’ – Meteorologist Joe Bastardi debunks – Notes the ‘astounding lack of questioning of this latest ‘proof’ By Joe Bastardi | So lets read this: Marc Morano sent me this, as he probably sensed I was in a relaxed mood and was concerned my blood pressure might be too low. But this is getting near and dear to my heart as the article is talking about the oceans. First of all, I […]

An Earth Day Reminder: ‘Global Warming’ is Only ~50% of What Models Predict by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. The claim by the Biden Administration that climate change has placed us in a moment of “profound crisis” ignores the fact that the energy policy changes being promoted are based upon computer model simulations which have produced average warming rates at least DOUBLE those observed in the […]

Study: Warming oceans mean smaller baby sharks struggle to survive PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — The warming of worldwide oceans from climate change means baby sharks are at risk of being born smaller and without the energy they need to survive, a group of scientists has found. The scientists, who conducted the work in connection with the New England Aquarium, studied epaulette sharks, which live […]

New Research Shows The Oceans Can ‘Spontaneously’ Warm 8°C In Under 100 Years ‘Without External Trigger’ By Kenneth Richard Scientists are increasingly finding that abrupt, decadal-scale temperature changes of multiple degrees Celsius can arise unforced and spontaneously. The surface temperatures for the Greenland ice sheet have been known to warm 8 to 16°C “within decades or less” – yes,  fewer than 10 years – due to “unforced oscillations.” In other words, no external forcing […]

Earth’s Oceans Used To Be 20-25°C Warmer Than They Are Today Earth’s Oceans Used To Be 20-25°C Warmer Than They Are TodayNoTricksZone: Not here to worship what i… / by Kenneth Richard /  Today’s global ocean temperatures hover around 15°C on average. About 400 to 500 million years ago, Earth’s ocean temperatures averaged 35-40°C and atmospheric CO2 concentrations were “5-10x higher than present day values” (Henke et al., […]