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The New Face of Nuclear Energy Is Miss America: The soon to be nuclear fuels engineer is trying to help the industry recapture public support By Jennifer Hiller Does the U.S. need more nuclear power? Miss America thinks so. So do Oliver Stone, Elon Musk and Sam Altman. Atomic energy is elbowing its way back into the conversation about future energy supplies, with backers in the Biden administration and oil and gas industries alike. It has also re-entered the American zeitgeist thanks to movies, billionaire backers and […]

Solar Energy Is Getting 200 Times More In Federal Subsidies Than Nuclear & 191 Times More in Subsidies Than Oil, Gas & Coal – Solar handouts could total $900 billion by 2060

Robert Bryce: “Thanks to climate corporatism, some of America’s biggest corporations, including NextEra Energy and MidAmerica Energy, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, are collecting billions of dollars in tax credits and they stand to collect untold billions more in the coming years thanks to the IRA.” … 

“The subsidy picture for the landscape-blighting, bird-bat-and-whale-killing wind industry is only slightly less depressing. According to the the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT), the wind sector collected about $2.2 billion in federal tax subsidies in 2022. Last year, the domestic wind sector produced 4.1 EJ of energy. That means the wind sector got roughly $537 million per EJ, or about 41 times more than what was given to the nuclear sector.” … 

“What about hydrocarbons? The JCT figures show that federal tax incentives for the hydrocarbon sector totaled about $1.1 billion last year. According to the Statistical Review of World Energy, domestic hydrocarbon production last year totaled about 79 EJ. Thus, the hydrocarbon sector got only slightly more federal tax love than the nuclear sector: about $13.9 million per EJ. That means that solar energy got about 191 times more per EJ produced than what was given to hydrocarbon producers in 2022.” …

“Our grid should be weather resilient, not weather dependent. That means we should be developing low-carbon energy sources that are resilient, scalable, affordable, and ready for deployment. That means N2N: natural gas to nuclear.”


Update: Robert Bryce: Actually, Solar Is Getting 302 Times More In Federal Subsidies Than Nuclear – An August EIA report shows my prior calculations were too low by half

Study Finds Reducing Energy Use Increases Mortality – ‘Can kill people living right now’ As the world warms with climate change, a clear dilemma emerges: While communities should reduce the amount of energy they use in order to mitigate emissions, they will also need to adapt to the changing temperatures by using more energy like through air conditioning. What happens when they don’t take steps to adapt? A […]

Nuclear & medical physicist calls for a reassessment of nuclear radiation safety: ‘Industry is still weighed down by antiquated regulations that treat radiation as particularly dangerous’ A new paper from the Global Warming Policy Foundation calls for a reassessment of nuclear safety. The paper, a short history of attitudes to things nuclear, explains how, after initial enthusiasm, this essential  source of energy was obstructed by poor science and an unreasonable culture of extreme precaution. And according to the author, Professor […]

Germany to postpone closure of remaining nuclear plants as energy prices rise By JOHN SEXTON Even before Russia invaded Ukraine, Germany’s decision to shut down its three remaining nuclear plants made no sense. But since the invasion Germany has very gradually been coming around to the idea that it might be time to reconsider those decisions. That’s especially true ever since Russia cut off most of the natural gas it was […]

Return to ‘green’ primitivism: ‘Before the Industrial Revolution, human civilization invariably used animals & slaves as its primary source of energy’ By Joel Kotkin and Hügo Krüger Key Excerpts: Before the Industrial Revolution, human civilization invariably used animals and slaves as its primary source of energy. Change started in the late-18th century in the United Kingdom with the discovery of mechanized spinning, steam power, and iron production. Writing in Das Kapital in 1863, Karl Marx […]

State Prime Minister Declares Green Energy Transition has ‘Failed’ By PETER CADDLE Germany’s green energy transition from carbon fuels and nuclear energy to renewables has “failed”, a state Prime Minister has declared. Germany’s green energy transition efforts to see the country move from using fossil fuels and nuclear energy and toward green renewables have “failed”, the Prime Minister of German Federal […]

Dumb As It Gets: Germany Heads Into Winter Refusing To Let Badly Needed Power Plants Operate By P Gosselin Into winter chaos without extending power plant operation By Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated by P. Gosselin, one hyperlink added) There is another taboo law that the German federal government does not want to touch: the nuclear phase-out law. Most people in Germany have seen through the inane statements of […]

Alex Epstein’s Earth Day truth: Fossil fuels make Earth BETTER – ‘World has never been a better place for human beings to live’ By Alex Epstein Contrary to rhetoric that we’ve “destroyed the planet,” the world has never been a better place for human beings to live. Life expectancy and income have been skyrocketing, with extreme poverty (<$2/day) plummeting from 42% in 1980 to <10% today.1 A root cause of today’s amazingly livable world is fossil fuel. Low-cost, reliable […]