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Fox News reports on 7 shots fired at skeptical climate scientists’ building – ‘Animosity in the climate wars’

Watch Fox News video here: Media Matters Reports (edited for accuracy): On the May 2 edition of Special Report with Bret Baier, host Bret Baier introduced a segment on the shooting as evidence that “animosity in the climate change wars is hitting new lows.” During the segment, correspondent Doug McKelway  reported that Christy “got seven bullet […]

Bullets Shatter Windows Next To A Prominent Global Warming Skeptic’s Office

By MICHAEL BASTASCH Shots were fired at the fourth floor of a science and technology center at the University of Alabama-Huntsville sometime over the weekend, hitting windows adjacent to climatologist John Christy’s office. No one was hurt, and university police have characterized the event as a “random shooting,” UAH spokesman Ray Garner told WHNT News. […]

Shots Fired at Climate Skeptic’s Office During March for Science

by JAMES DELINGPOLE24 Apr 2017889 A leading skeptical scientist has reported that seven shots were fired at his workplace during the weekend’s Earth Day and March for Science events — likely as a threat and warning. Dr Roy Spencer, meteorologist and noted climate skeptic at the University of Huntsville, Alabama, reports at his website that the shots were […]

Harvard Instructor: Science March Was ‘Eerily Religious’

By Andrew Follett A Harvard physician thought the recent “March For Science” looked more like a religious event than one to promote the value of the scientific method. “Being ‘pro-science’ has become a bizarre cultural phenomenon in which liberals (and other members of the cultural elite) engage in public displays of self-reckoned intelligence as a […]

Activist Gets Detained At Science March, Calls Entire Thing Racist

By ANDREW FOLLETT Energy and Science Reporter A prominent environmental justice activist claims he was “assaulted, roughed up, and detained” by a Washington, D.C., cop Saturday at the March For Science and his fellow marchers ignored it. Reverend Lennox Yearwood claims he was detained while walking across the street to get to the science march. In a Huffington […]

Gutfeld Slams Bill Nye: March For Science Was Really ‘March for Silence’

Gutfeld criticized Nye for saying on a CNN panel that the network should not have allowed a global warming skeptic to join the debate. “You can’t even have one scientist on to question a comedian who got his degree in mechanical engineering,” he said. “He’s mocking skepticism which is the spine behind the scientific method.” […]

Why the March for Science failed, as demonstrated by its own protest signs Excerpt: But if there was one underlying theme to it all, this was a March for… …and to the extent that the March for Science was at its heart a rally in support of The Truth, it failed, because there is no such thing as THE Truth…and it ignores, or denies, massive scientific evidence […]