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Will you give up food to fight ‘climate change!? ‘Food has a climate problem: Nitrous oxide emissions are accelerating with growing demand for fertilizer & meat’ Food’s role in climate change has emerged as one of the defining challenges of our time. The journey of a steak, fruit or salad from the vast expanses of agricultural lands to the plates on our tables leaves a significant footprint on the environment. At the heart of this challenge is the prodigious use […]

Menace on the Menu: The Financialisation of Farmland and the War on Food and Farming By Colin Todhunter Between 2008 and 2022, land prices nearly doubled throughout the world and tripled in Central-Eastern Europe. In the UK, an influx of investment from pension funds and private wealth contributed to a doubling of farmland prices from 2010-2015. Land prices in the US agricultural heartlands of Iowa quadrupled between 2002 and […]

Demonized as contributing to climate change, cattle may actually decrease emissions, research shows The researchers found that 19%-30% of methane emissions were from the cattle, but the rest was from the wetland soils. If the cows are removed, their research shows, it actually increases the amount of methane the wetland ecosystems give off. By Kevin Killough Few things have escaped environmentalists’ scorn, and even cows have not […]

Your meat will be tainted with Gates’ vaccine! Bill Gates funds cow vaccine to reduce livestock ‘farts’ full of methane emissions to stop ‘climate change’ May 10, 2024 –By Dan Primack & Ben Geman ArkeaBio, a Boston developer of a vaccine to reduce livestock methane emissions, raised a $26.5 million in venture capital funding led by an investment fund founded by Bill Gates. Why it matters: Caring about cow farts (or burps) has become a political punchline, but they’re […]

Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends: ‘Humans have been farming for thousands of years, we’ve been eating meat nearly our entire existence — but somehow, in 2024, they’ve declared eating meat & dairy are ‘destroying the Earth’

Fox & Friends – Fox News Channel – Broadcast February 11, 2024

Rachel Campos-Duffy: Here to react a, former Coca-Cola consultant Calley Means— along with executive director or Marc Morano, Two of my favorite guests together on Fox & Friends.

Morano:  There was a big study out of Carnegie Mellon a few years back that showed going vegetarian, vegan, has about three times the environmental impact than eating traditional meat and dairy. And what they found is that per calorie unit, you are destroying the earth more than if you eat higher rich, dense foods. … People like Bill Gates have the lab-grown meat, that’s 25 times worse for the environment than regular, traditional meat. 

Morano: Humans have been farming for thousands of years, we’ve been eating meat our entire existence almost exclusively, but somehow, in 2024, they’ve declared ‘it’s destroying the earth. We’ve got to stop!’ And young people are falling for it.


Rachel Campos-Duffy: Marc, you’ve often said it, It’s not just they want to control your food, your energy, your currency. This is what the WEF wants. You both have been incredible whistleblowers and true honest brokers on this issue, and I think people are starting to catch on to what big food, big pharma and the WEF is doing and it is in large part because of both of you. Marc Morano and Calley Means, thank you so much for joining me this morning.

‘Meat & dairy must be reined back’ to reach ‘Net Zero by 2050’ – The impact of farming on climate crisis will be a key UN COP28 topic – ‘Global food production must become sustainable to stay within 1.5C’

UK Guardian: “Meat and dairy, must be reined back from its continued growth around the world, if targets to halve emissions by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050 are to be met.” …

Jennifer Larbie, the head of UK advocacy and campaigns at Christian Aid: “The emissions from farming is a huge driver of the climate crisis and one which needs to be tackled at Cop28 if we are to keep global heating in check.”

Oceans Retain Methane: New ‘Nature’ Study Finds Very Little Danger Of Methane Reaching Surface By P Gosselin on 9. August 2023 A Nature study finds there’s very little risk that global warming would lead to more methane escaping from the oceans into the atmosphere. Hat-tip: EIKE here. Global warming alarmists have often used the scenario of increased methane in the atmosphere accelerating warming and climatic change. But a recent study appearing in Nature, Negligible […]

‘Only one sausage per month for everyone!’ German Nutrition Society recommends over 90% reduction in daily meat eating– to combat global warming German daily newspaper Bild: Only one sausage per month for everyone! The DGE is no longer just about health – But the DGE is no longer just concerned with health reasons! The background to the planned meat reform is something completely different: in the future, environmental factors such as “sustainability” will also be taken […]