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How Covid Paves the Way for Full Climate Emergency Restrictions BY CHRIS MORRISON Early this week, America celebrated National Margarita Day, a joyous occasion marked by a headline in CNN that ran, ‘Why the climate crisis might be coming for your Margarita.’ Of course, this intelligence-insulting story was some made-up scare about the weather affecting ingredients that went into tequila. Welcome to the Heartland climate conference in Orlando, […]

John Stossel features Climate Hustle 2: Interviews Marc Morano Watch John Stossel discuss CH2 Friend, John Stossel posted a great video with extensive excerpts from CFACT’s feature move Climate Hustle 2: Rise of the Climate Monarchy. Watch Stossel here. Stossel interviews CFACT’s Marc Morano and asks him about the climate campaign’s insatiable appetite for power. Stossel: Your movie suggests this world government conspiracy, that they […]