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Watch: Morano on Hannity on Fox News: Biden’s green energy transition is ‘magical thinking from beginning to end’

Hannity – Fox News Channel – Broadcast April 5, 2024 

Sean Hannity: The publisher of Climate Depot, Marc Morano, is back. Good to see you.  … Marc, you have spent the better part of your adult life debunking the climate alarmist religious cult. Now it’s it’s fully in gear and it’s spending all of this money. What do people really need to know about what they are pedaling and how it’s based on phony science, not real science? You know, look at the study that came out a couple of weeks ago; electric cars may pollute the planet more than gas-powered cars, but all of this never gets told to the American people in the media mob.

Marc Morano: The UCLA historian Saul Friedländer described the central planners of the 20th century as using the bureaucracy to enforce ‘magical beliefs.’ The ‘magical beliefs’ here are that we can spend trillions of dollars and magically transform our vehicles from gas power to EVs. ‘Magically’ transform our electrical grid to solar and wind and claim we’re doing something to save the climate. Even if we faced a ‘climate catastrophe,’ the last thing you’d want to do is the Biden administration approach — a central-planned top-down government plan of picking winners and losers. You would need to unleash innovation if that’s what we actually faced. You’d want a wealthier country; you would want a technological explosion. You would want capitalism unleashed because the cleanest environments are the freest environments.

They take the exact opposite approach here, and it’s ‘magical thinking’ from beginning to end in terms of the green agenda. This is just going to hammer the American people. They’re spending so much money that there are parts of California where they don’t have enough bureaucrats to spend the climate cash flowing in from the Inflation Reduction Act and from the Biden administration. They have to hire bureaucrats even to figure out how to spend it all.

Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends: ‘We are enforcing ‘magical beliefs’ through the bureaucracy’ – Solar, wind & EV mandates ‘designed to create chaos…so that we have to accept authoritarian control of society’

Marc Morano on FNC’s ‘Fox and Friends’  – Fox News Channel – Broadcast March 23, 2024 

Morano: Historian Saul Friedländer, from UCLA, wrote that totalitarian regimes of the 20th century used ‘bureaucratic measures to enforce magical beliefs.’ And that is exactly America 2024. We are enforcing ‘magical beliefs’ through the bureaucracy — whether it’s on solar, wind, and, of course, this latest EV mandate. This is akin to ‘magical beliefs’ — it’s probably easier to transition your energy than it is your gender. That’s an example of some of the ‘magical beliefs’ that they’re trying to do.

Rachel Campos-Duffy: How is this tied to the Great Reset?

Marc Morano: This is all tied to it — this is designed to create chaos. First of all, to collapse or rationing of energy, rationing of food and rationing of transportation, freedom of movement. All of this is part of the Great Reset. You will go nowhere and be happy. That’s what this is ultimately, it is especially with the EV mandates, especially with the energy. And they’re coming after agriculture now. John Kerry has now said that U.S. agriculture is in his sights for net zero compliance. Bill Gates is America’s largest single farmland owner. Guess what happened last year? Lab-grown meat was approved for human consumption for the first time in the US. So, if it’s not lab-grown meat, it will be insects. They’re just making everything chaotic so that we have to accept more totalitarian control and authoritarian control of society.

Rachel Campos-Duffy: Yeah. If they can control food, energy, and your currency, they can control you. You’ve done such a good job of researching this and connecting the dots to the from Great Reset, and I really appreciate that, Marc Morano. Always great having you on the show.

Marc Morano: Thank you, Rachel.

Watch: Morano on Fox on John Kerry’s last day as ‘climate czar’: ‘The problem is, no one quite knows where he’s going, and he may actually end up doing more damage at his next gig’

Today was John Kerry's last day as "climate czar" but @ClimateDepot warns BEWARE: "The problem is, no one quite knows where he's going, and he may actually end up doing more damage at his next gig." @SeanDuffyWI @dagenmcdowell — The Bottom Line (@BottomLineFBN) March 7, 2024 Fox Business – The Bottom Line – Broadcast […]

Watch: Morano on Hannity on Fox explains how climate agenda is enforcing ‘magical beliefs’ to ‘make meat more expensive, to ration it, to make food more expensive, to ration it’

Hannity – Fox News Channel – Broadcast March 1, 2024 

Morano: “A historian who described the totalitarian regimes as using bureaucracy to enforce ‘magical beliefs’. And that’s what we’re witnessing in America today with the climate agenda.”

“The idea is to make meat more expensive, to ration it, to make food more expensive, to ration it. They’re coming after nitrogen based fertilizer — high yield agriculture. They’re coming after methane which impacts meat. Agriculture has been around for 1000s of years and suddenly in 2024.– they claim the earth can’t handle it. And this is what bureaucracy is doing now: just shutting it down.”

Watch: Morano on Hannity on Fox News talks of push to recycle human hair in clothes: ‘They want you to suffer like a religion for your climate sins’

Hannity – Fox News Channel – Broadcast February 13, 2024

Sean Hannity: The climate alarmist religious cult — they have officially gone too far. You’re not going to believe their latest plans. One involves recycling your hair. It’s going to be a lot of white hair that you get from me ,I don’t know. We’ll explain.

According to the Washington Post: A group of entrepreneurs and environmentalists, well, they’re now looking to turn human hair into clothing. The group wants to collect human hair off salon floors and turn it into sweaters, 32 tons a day, apparently anyway. See: Now they are coming for your — HAIR?! Wash Post touts ‘recycling human hair…into clothes’ as a ‘climate solution’ – ‘Weaving with human hair…keeps hair out of landfills & incinerators, where it would release greenhouse gases’

Joining us now publisher of the Climate Depot and the author of The Great Reset, Marc Morano is with us. As well as the host of Tutor Dixon Show, the Tutor Dixon podcast. Tutor Dixon.

Hannity: Marc,  I’m not even sure where this came from?
Marc Morano: It is a long line of climate bans and climate wackiness. You have them talking about the carbon footprint of house plants, of backyard barbecues,  of human breath. There was a study in December of 2023 that human breath contributes to global warming. Women contribute more with their breath to global warming than men do. They’ve dissected this down to make our lives miserable.
So now Elon Musk wants a carbon tax, Sean. Well, we don’t need a carbon tax, all you have to do is send school kids after school in a climate project to sweep up the floor at the local barber shops and that can be the equivalent of our carbon tax, according to the Washington Post. We can save the planet by having kids sweep up the salon floor —  that’s how nuts the climate debate has evolved into.
Sean Hannity: Will the liberals give up their cars and their private jets? 
Marc Morano: They will never will. They want to ban plastic bags, ban the plastic pods, and make your life miserable. These are hair shirts, they want you to suffer like a religion for your climate sins.
Hannity: I wonder of the three of us whose hair might be worth more?

Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends: ‘Humans have been farming for thousands of years, we’ve been eating meat nearly our entire existence — but somehow, in 2024, they’ve declared eating meat & dairy are ‘destroying the Earth’

Fox & Friends – Fox News Channel – Broadcast February 11, 2024

Rachel Campos-Duffy: Here to react a, former Coca-Cola consultant Calley Means— along with executive director or Marc Morano, Two of my favorite guests together on Fox & Friends.

Morano:  There was a big study out of Carnegie Mellon a few years back that showed going vegetarian, vegan, has about three times the environmental impact than eating traditional meat and dairy. And what they found is that per calorie unit, you are destroying the earth more than if you eat higher rich, dense foods. … People like Bill Gates have the lab-grown meat, that’s 25 times worse for the environment than regular, traditional meat. 

Morano: Humans have been farming for thousands of years, we’ve been eating meat our entire existence almost exclusively, but somehow, in 2024, they’ve declared ‘it’s destroying the earth. We’ve got to stop!’ And young people are falling for it.


Rachel Campos-Duffy: Marc, you’ve often said it, It’s not just they want to control your food, your energy, your currency. This is what the WEF wants. You both have been incredible whistleblowers and true honest brokers on this issue, and I think people are starting to catch on to what big food, big pharma and the WEF is doing and it is in large part because of both of you. Marc Morano and Calley Means, thank you so much for joining me this morning.

Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends: ‘BONKERS’: Rips Biden’s halt of natural gas projects & talks climate impact of coffee, home gardens, human breath, houseplants, rice & ‘ecocicde’

Fox and Friends – Fox News Channel – Broadcast January 27, 2024 ‘BONKERS’: Expert warns of the harm from Biden’s halt of natural gas projects – Executive Director Marc Morano discusses the impact on American energy from the Biden administration’s halt of liquified natural gas projects and reacts to Davos saying that drinking coffee causes climate change. head Biden caves to climate

Watch: Morano on Ingraham on Fox: EV mandates ‘making freedom of movement more difficult’ to ‘force us into mass transit, subways, buses’ – Plus Gore in Davos claims Net Zero will stop global warming COLD

The Ingraham Angle – Fox News Channel – Broadcast January 17, 2024 

Morano on cold temps stopping EVs: I would argue this is a feature, not a bug. I mean, this is part of making travel, freedom of movement more difficult — the more we’re stuck with cars that don’t work, cars that take a long time to charge, the more they think they’ll force us into mass transit, subways, buses, and the Earth will smile. This is what the ideologues that Davos are pushing. This is what the Biden Administration is pushing.

Morano China’s auto dominance: It was Trump’s 2013 tweet about global warming being invented to help China. China is now passing Japan as the number one Global exporter of cars. There is an invasion of Chinese cars. It’s because they have a monopoly on EVs. As I say, EVS dig the Earth, and that’s why China has a monopoly.

Morano on Gore: Al Gore at the Davos meeting is now saying once we achieve the political goal of Net Zero — which was essentially pulled out of thin air,  according to a top UN scientist — the Earth’s temperature will stop rising almost immediately within 3 years. Gore’s pulling a COVID tactic, like wear your mask, do the lockdown, get the vax and everything will be better very quickly. They’re literally pushing this now — three years and we will stop global warming, and it’s over. We never have to hear about it again according to what we’re hearing from Davos.

Watch: Morano on Fox on CEO angst over climate regs & German farmer protest: ‘We are watching the controlled demolition of the German agricultural sector due to Net Zero’

The Bottom Line – Fox Business Channel – Broadcast January 15, 2024

Morano: “I think there is a split; they’re not bad. Here’s the bottom line: they have to do this climate transition, and as I have said, it’s easier to transition gender than the climate. And these business owners know — the CEOs know it.

But they also know that every day we wake up, the federal government here in the United States and even in the EU, we wake up, and they want to ban gas-powered cars and ban gas stoves; they are even going after wood pizza ovens in New York City. The Washington Post is even going after houseplants — saying they cause climate change.”

Morano on Gore’s climate astrology at Davos: “As Davos is meeting, they hear things like today when Al Gore said if they meet these political targets of Net Zero, which are going to impact businesses, the temperature will stop going up almost immediately. He’s saying in three years we will be able to see an effect. So if businesses believe, you can pass a tax or regulation and stop the earth’s rotation or climate change or the earth’s temperature. That is a pretty big regulatory uncertainty because ideologies at the World Economic Forum will enforce those kinds of regulations on business if they actually believe they can stop temperatures from rising in three years or less. It’s pretty scary stuff.”

Morano on German farmer climate protest: “This is the greatest economy in Europe; they are watching the controlled demolition of the German agricultural sector, their economy due to Net Zero.

We have a history here; we can look At what happened in Sri Lanka – the total collapse of the country, the ‘peasants’ overran the Presidential palace when they went to change their agricultural policies with the backing of the World Economic Forum.

We saw what happened in the Netherlands, which is very similar to what is happening in Germany, and the farmers fought back in the Netherlands, where 10,000 plus small family farms were about to be put out by the Net Zero regulations. But the farmers formed their own political party in the Netherlands and are now fighting back in parliament.”