‘Real Teeth Behind It’: Morano on Fox News Says GOP Senators Have Been Silent On Possible Biden Climate Emergency Declaration

https://dailycaller.com/2023/09/19/real-teeth-behind-it-fox-guest-says-gop-senators-have-been-silent-on-possible-biden-climate-emergency-declaration/ By HAROLD HUTCHISON A guest on Fox News said that Republicans in the Senate have not reacted to the threat of a “climate emergency” declaration from President Joe Biden. Biden administration officials considered a “climate emergency” initiative in July 2022, according to emails released following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from Energy Policy Advocates. […]

Watch: Morano talking ‘climate emergency’ on Laura Ingraham on Fox: ‘This is the intentional collapse of our energy, transportation & food’ with no ‘vote of Congress’ involved

  Fox News Channel – The Ingraham Angle w/ Laura Ingraham – Broadcast September 29, 2023 ‘Real Teeth Behind It’: Fox Guest Says GOP Senators Have Been Silent On Possible Biden Climate Emergency Declaration By HAROLD HUTCHISON A guest on Fox News said that Republicans in the Senate have not reacted to the threat of […]

Watch: Morano on Fox News Jesse Watters on Hawaii fires: ‘Weaponizing the weather’ – ‘They are blaming the climate boogeyman as the cause of these fires, not the gross mismanagement’

Fox News Channel – Jesse Watters Primetime – Broadcast August 17, 2023

Morano: “It’s a comedy of woke errors from beginning to end. The idea that you can’t get water released to put out a fire because you have to have a conversation about ‘equity’ first. The idea that you can’t focus on making cables safer because Hawaii was the first state of the entire United States to declare itself carbon neutral and net zero by 2045…yet the Washington Post, Rachel, will still come out and say, climate came from Maui, and it’s coming for you next.

Morano: There was a fantastic story coming from ABC News. They quoted the governor saying this was a fire hurricane that caused this. And then ABC News says the obvious there’s no such thing as a fire hurricane. It was like a Mic Drop. This outraged the climate activists so much that professors, climate activists were using F-bombs on Twitter, going after ABC News. ABC had to take out climate change wasn’t responsible and added the word ‘entirely’.”

Morano:  We already have the Green New Deal network using the Hawaiian fires in Maui to urge Joe Biden to declare a national climate emergency that would give him —  according to the Center for Biological Diversity — 130 new executive powers, ala COVID, where they could literally bypass democracy once again — that is the end goal. They’re weaponizing every single weather event, and they’re not taking responsibility to prevent fires like we are seeing in Hawaii in the future. Instead, it’s the boogeyman of climate, and they believe we need more mandates and we need more emergency powers.

Rachel Campos-Duffy: Marc Morano, you’re always raising the flags warning us of what’s to come. I think I’m afraid you’re right on this one, Marc. Thanks for joining us.

Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends – The climate ‘psychological operation’ is beginning – NYT claiming vacations are a thing of the past due to climate is an attempt to restrict ‘freedom of movement’

Fox and Friends – Fox News Channel – Broadcast August 6, 2023

Morano: “This is the COVID PSYOP ending and the climate PSYOP beginning. This is the New York Times signaling that the ruling class is telling us that vacations are now a thing of the past. They’re trying to set our mindset to give up on vacations. And they’re giving up our freedom of movement…What the New York Times is claiming is that somehow people have to stay home, and it is literally in the article suggesting people need to huddle around their air conditioners at home because the weather is too extreme — because our previous travel has made the earth uninhabitable. this is insane, unscientific, silly.”

Watch: Morano on Fox News w/ Jesse Watters on how arsonists are responsible for ‘climate’ wildfires – Not ‘climate change’ – ‘There are other forces at work’

  Watch the latest video at foxnews.com Fox News Channel – Jesse Watters Primetime – Broadcast July 28, 2023 – 04:26 Are arsonists responsible for global wildfires? ‘The Green Fraud’ author Marc Morano says there are ‘other forces at work’ as wildfires rage across the planet on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’     Rough Transcript: Jesse […]

Watch: Fox host Stuart Varney challenges Morano over heatwave-climate link

ClimateDepot.com publisher Marc Morano argues mainstream media is skewing temperature data to make it an issue on climate change on ‘Varney & Co.’ Fox Business – Varney & Co. – Broadcast July 19, 2023    Stuart Varney: Marc Morano from the Climate Depot joins me now. We just heard in Phoenix, they had 19 straight […]

Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends on climate activists blocking airports: ‘The scary thing is the governments have been listening to these protesters’ – Climate regs are ‘rationing’ plane & vehicle travel

Marc Morano warns of climate change’s ‘true assault’ on the freedom of movement – ClimateDepot.com publisher Marc Morano joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss the impact of the climate agenda on air travel and traffic as protestors cause disruptions. Yahoo News: Marc Morano warns of climate change’s ‘true assault’ on the freedom of movement […]

Watch: Morano on Fox on Kerry’s ‘Bill Clinton-level word parsing’ on private jets & how Gas car bans are intentionally creating vehicle shortages to force us into mass transit

  The Biden administration is rationing vehicle use: Marc Morano: ClimateDepot.com publisher Marc Morano discusses U.S. climate envoy John Kerry’s testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the Biden administration’s electric vehicle mandates on ‘The Bottom Line.’ The Bottom Line – Fox Business Channel – Broadcast July 13, 2023 Rough Transcript:  Marc Morano on […]

Watch: Morano on Fox News Tonight on ‘hottest day’ claims as ‘political declarations’: ‘Weaponizing weather’ – Biden’s EPA reveals the 1930s had more severe heatwaves in USA than present day

Broadcast July 7, 2023 – Fox News Channel – Fox News Tonight w/ Will Cain    Background info: Oscar-winning Hollywood director who helps bankroll Just Stop Oil is accused of hypocrisy – Has 8-bedroom holiday home 5,000 miles away in Ireland he jets off to ‘when the going gets tough’ Climate Activists Vandalizing Fine Art […]