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Watch: Morano on Fox talks Biden’s access to ‘COVID-like powers’ if he declares a national ‘Climate Emergency’ – ‘Dictatorial Powers’

Fox Business – The Bottom Line w/ Dagen McDowell & Sean Duffy – Broadcast April 19, 2024

Sean Duffy: The White House told Fox Business that it is now considering declaring a national ‘climate emergency.’ If the President declares a climbing emergency, what impact would that have?

Marc Morano: This is the serious story of the day. NBC News has reported that if Joe Biden declared a national climate emergency, he would have COVID-like powers under that emergency and NBC also compared the climate emergency powers to the 911 emergency powers. The Center for Biological Diversity has estimated Joe Biden would get about 130 wartime-like powers by which to bypass democracy and impose the Green New Deal on America without a single vote of Congress. This is truly a  Halloween story, not a story for Earth Day. This is a truly frightening story, and he might just be desperate enough to declare it.

This is being widely reported in the media. The Biden White House is leaking this out. This might happen, and it is going to give Joe Biden these kind — you want to say the words dictatorial powers. He doesn’t need no stinking democracy to impose the Green New Deal if he does this.

RFK Jr. wants to poach climate voters from Biden, skeptics from Trump – Courting voters who see ‘totalitarian controls’ in Biden’s climate policy

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Watch: Morano on Hannity on Fox News: Biden’s green energy transition is ‘magical thinking from beginning to end’

Hannity – Fox News Channel – Broadcast April 5, 2024 

Sean Hannity: The publisher of Climate Depot, Marc Morano, is back. Good to see you.  … Marc, you have spent the better part of your adult life debunking the climate alarmist religious cult. Now it’s it’s fully in gear and it’s spending all of this money. What do people really need to know about what they are pedaling and how it’s based on phony science, not real science? You know, look at the study that came out a couple of weeks ago; electric cars may pollute the planet more than gas-powered cars, but all of this never gets told to the American people in the media mob.

Marc Morano: The UCLA historian Saul Friedländer described the central planners of the 20th century as using the bureaucracy to enforce ‘magical beliefs.’ The ‘magical beliefs’ here are that we can spend trillions of dollars and magically transform our vehicles from gas power to EVs. ‘Magically’ transform our electrical grid to solar and wind and claim we’re doing something to save the climate. Even if we faced a ‘climate catastrophe,’ the last thing you’d want to do is the Biden administration approach — a central-planned top-down government plan of picking winners and losers. You would need to unleash innovation if that’s what we actually faced. You’d want a wealthier country; you would want a technological explosion. You would want capitalism unleashed because the cleanest environments are the freest environments.

They take the exact opposite approach here, and it’s ‘magical thinking’ from beginning to end in terms of the green agenda. This is just going to hammer the American people. They’re spending so much money that there are parts of California where they don’t have enough bureaucrats to spend the climate cash flowing in from the Inflation Reduction Act and from the Biden administration. They have to hire bureaucrats even to figure out how to spend it all.

Eight states plan to ban gas-powered cars by 2032: Morano: ‘This is a controlled demolition of the American auto industry, & our freedom of movement’

Marc Morano of the Climate Depot says this is similar to a past totalitarian state. “Back in East Germany…they made it where people could only drive one kind of car…the United States government through the EPA and these states…are bypassing democracy to replicate what they did in East Germany,” he says. “There was no vote in Congress…this is a controlled demolition of the American auto industry, and our freedom of movement,” he says. “They have about the same carbon footprint, or higher…they limit your freedom of movement…and they require a federal charging grid, which is opposite of the gas grid…which was de-centralized,” he says. “A centralized grid will bring the ability of the government to shut down charging stations nationwide the next time we have shutdowns over some real or imagined crisis.

Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends: ‘We are enforcing ‘magical beliefs’ through the bureaucracy’ – Solar, wind & EV mandates ‘designed to create chaos…so that we have to accept authoritarian control of society’

Marc Morano on FNC’s ‘Fox and Friends’  – Fox News Channel – Broadcast March 23, 2024 

Morano: Historian Saul Friedländer, from UCLA, wrote that totalitarian regimes of the 20th century used ‘bureaucratic measures to enforce magical beliefs.’ And that is exactly America 2024. We are enforcing ‘magical beliefs’ through the bureaucracy — whether it’s on solar, wind, and, of course, this latest EV mandate. This is akin to ‘magical beliefs’ — it’s probably easier to transition your energy than it is your gender. That’s an example of some of the ‘magical beliefs’ that they’re trying to do.

Rachel Campos-Duffy: How is this tied to the Great Reset?

Marc Morano: This is all tied to it — this is designed to create chaos. First of all, to collapse or rationing of energy, rationing of food and rationing of transportation, freedom of movement. All of this is part of the Great Reset. You will go nowhere and be happy. That’s what this is ultimately, it is especially with the EV mandates, especially with the energy. And they’re coming after agriculture now. John Kerry has now said that U.S. agriculture is in his sights for net zero compliance. Bill Gates is America’s largest single farmland owner. Guess what happened last year? Lab-grown meat was approved for human consumption for the first time in the US. So, if it’s not lab-grown meat, it will be insects. They’re just making everything chaotic so that we have to accept more totalitarian control and authoritarian control of society.

Rachel Campos-Duffy: Yeah. If they can control food, energy, and your currency, they can control you. You’ve done such a good job of researching this and connecting the dots to the from Great Reset, and I really appreciate that, Marc Morano. Always great having you on the show.

Marc Morano: Thank you, Rachel.

Listen: Morano on The Joe Piscopo Show talks about how conservatives are using the Endangered Species Act to save the whales from offshore wind projects Morano: “I’m with Climate Depot, and my parent group, the Committee For a Constructive Tomorrow, has joined with The Heartland Institute and the National Legal Policy Center. We are suing to save the whales in the US District Court in the District of Columbia. We are suing Dominion Energy and the federal government to […]