Biden’s climate corps will hire ‘diverse generation’ of 20,000 Americans to ‘tackle climate change’; no work experience required Via Fox News: President Biden is planning to sign an executive order Wednesday to establish a federal workforce training and service initiative as part of his administration’s efforts to fight climate change. Biden’s so-called American Climate Corps will, according to the White House, mobilize “a new, diverse generation” of more than 20,000 Americans who will be […]

New Study: People Distressed, Anxious About Climate Have Less ‘Climate-Specific Knowledge’ By Kenneth Richard “The degree of one’s emotions varies inversely with one’s knowledge of the facts, the less you know the hotter you get.” – Bertrand Russell Per a new study, people who are less knowledgeable about the climate and environment are more likely to experience climate change anxiety (e.g., “I find myself crying because of […]

Reporting bought & Paid For: Associated Press Coverage of Courts, Climate Bankrolled by Dozens of Left-Wing Foundations By Chuck Ross The Associated Press, the country’s top wire service, is now bankrolled in part by millions of dollars from left-wing foundations, including one founded by “1619 Project” author Nikole Hannah-Jones. The news organization last year announced a series of “partnerships” to subsidize reporters covering climate change, race, and democracy. A review of […]

Joe Bastardi: Climate policy is the real existential threat

Bastardi: The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that the United States emitted 5,130 million metric tons of energy-related carbon dioxide in 2019. THAT COMES OUT TO 11.28 TRILLION POUNDS. Very close to what trees take out!!!! … Every tree takes about 50 lbs of CO2 out of the air. I am going to use my home state of Pennslyvania, which is an industrial powerhouse that, in 2022, emitted 156,000,000,000 lbs of CO2. The dirty little secret is that Pennsylvania has almost 5 BILLION trees. At 50 lbs per tree, that is close to 250,000,000,000 lbs of CO2 taken out of the air. Meaning due to the trees in Pennsylvania, we are a carbon-negative state because of our forests!

The recent decision in Montana plumbs the depths of dumb. I can word it no other way. MONTANA, DUE TO ALL THE TREES THERE, HAS A NEGATIVE CARBON FOOTPRINT!  So if it’s CO2 that is the problem, how does a judge rule that a state with a negative carbon footprint, is somehow destroying the lives of a bunch of kids whose lives are, actually, being destroyed by needless fear-mongering?

Dems warn of 30-foot sea level rise without action on climate – Resolution argues that climate has disproportionate impact on children, & demands a government-led response By Patrick Hauf | Fox News Dozens of House Democrats put forward legislation last week that claims the sea level will rise as much as 30 feet by the year 2100 if the government does not act to counter climate change. The non-binding resolution from 65 Democrats argues there is a disproportionate impact of climate change […]

Climate ideology in America’s classrooms By Peter Murphy  America’s K-12 classrooms are increasingly becoming indoctrination centers for a one-sided view of climate change, aka, global warming and the supposed existential threat to humankind. The Biden administration, universities, left-of-center think tanks and state governments are developing and spreading climate change curriculum that also contains an explicit activist bent to turn the […]

VP Kamala Harris urges youth organizing to fight ‘climate anxiety’ – ‘You have endured a mental & emotional toll of this crisis’ By SETH KLAMANN Linking the climate crisis to youth-driven political movements of the past, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at a Denver high school Friday and urged students to organize and fight to change the hotter, dryer world they’re inheriting. “You have endured a mental and emotional toll of this crisis,” she said at Denver’s […]

UK Begins Age Related Driving Bans: Experts proposing those under 25 can’t drive their own children around – ‘The Cult of Safety First!’ Excerpt: In England, “New drivers under 25 could face a ban from carrying young passengers in their vehicles as part of a proposed ‘graduated driving licence’ scheme.” That is a proposal so ignorant and over-reactive it could have been thought of by an Expert. Let’s see. It seems an 18 year old driver got […]

Switzerland Wants Children to Eat Insects – Taste tests targeted to middle school kids who ate ‘spiced mealworms, crickets dusted with paprika’ By Matthew Dalton MAUR, Switzerland—In this land of cheese and chocolate, children are being schooled in the more subtle pleasures of eating mealworms, locusts and crickets. On a recent morning, students at a middle school outside Zurich gathered around a table laden with snacks made of insects. They quickly scooped up spiced mealworms, crickets dusted […]