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Manipulating Kids in Bulk Lots With ‘Sustainability’ Tony Thomas A gegeneration means building and nurturing community. In a time of extraction, domination and division, a regenerative deed is a revolutionary act. — Damon Gameau’s Regeneration website The Australian school system is beset by falling standards, unruly students and managerial inadequacies. Worse, schools are now being captured by a cult called “Regeneration”. It’s led by charismatic actor-producer Damon […]

We’re saved! Lancaster’s student’s union in UK votes to ban meat & dairy at its campus-wide catering outlets by FarmingUK Team | Dairy, Education, Meat, News Rural campaigners have hit back after a small group of students at Lancaster University voted to ban meat and dairy products at its campus-wide catering outlets. The Students’ Union voted to transition to 50% plant-based catering by 2025, and 100% plant-based catering by 2027. 18 out of 19 members voted in […]

Young adults losing the climate faith in the US, and only one third of voters think the IPCC experts are right By Joanne Nova Good news: despite 2023 being the hottest year since Homo Erectus, there was a 17% fall in the number of 18 to 34-year-olds who call “Climate change”  a very serious problem. Even though there were hottest-ever-headlines month after month, the punters lost the faith. No one is cracking champagne because 50% of young […]

Climate Panic May Finally Be Post-Peak: ‘Support for climate action….has softened due to a drop in the sense of urgency on this issue, particularly among younger adults’

The new Monmouth University poll, which has been surveying Americans for a decade on climate. While over 70 percent of Americans say they accept the existence of climate change, the number who see this as a very serious problem has fallen to 46 percent of respondents. That’s down from 56 percent in 2021. The drop in the perceived importance and urgency of climate change has been most pronounced among younger adults.

Among young people between the ages of 18 and those who see climate change as a very serious problem has fallen to 50 percent, down from 67 percent in 2021.

Climate concerns are also heavily bunched in certain demographic categories. While 77% of all Democrats believe climate change is very serious, only 43% of independents and 13% of Republicans do.

Chart titled: American attitudes on climate change by age. refer to questions 30 and 33.

Youth-led climate change lawsuits gain momentum with backing of liberal, dark money group – ‘Our Children’s Trust exploits kids, using them as political cover,’ Montana AG’s office reports By Thomas Catenacci Fox News High-stakes climate litigation being pursued across the country and worldwide, purportedly on behalf of children, can be traced to a single, left-wing public interest law firm with big-money backing and ties to longtime progressive activists, Fox News Digital has learned. The Oregon-based firm Our Children’s Trust (OCT), which is classified as a 501(c)(3) […]

Jane Fonda decries inaction on climate, apologizes to the young: ‘Sorry that we’ve created this issue for you’ The actress blamed the climate issue on a ‘manifestation of racism, misogyny and patriarchy’ By Gabriel Hays Fox News Liberal actress Jane Fonda appeared at multiple high-profile events this week to promote her climate activism. The 86-year-old Fonda, who has been arrested while participating in past climate protests, tried to rev up famous faces at a Beverly […]

UN Climate Advisor & Time Mag’s ‘Woman Of The Year’ declares ‘the climate crisis’ is ‘not just manmade, it’s white manmade’ – ‘A result of capitalism, years of colonialism, years of racial oppression’

Ayisha Siddiqa (@ayisha_sid) • Instagram photos and videos

UN climate advisor Ayisha Siddiqa (also Time Mag’s 2023 Woman of the Year): “The climate crisis is manmade. And it’s not just manmade, it’s white manmade. (applause) It is a result of capitalism, years of colonialism, years of racial oppression. And so if you want to get involved, the way that we save our planet is when we protect the most vulnerable communities among us. And this includes black trans women. This includes indigenous people. This is why it includes children and young people, because when we protect them, we can protect everybody else.”

Trust us, Kids, We’re Climate ‘Educators’

Trust us, Kids, We’re Climate ‘Educators’ By Tony Thomas There’s nothing new about academics stoking schoolkids’ climate fears and depression. But nothing I’ve previously seen can match the onslaught on those from seven upwards by the University of Tasmania (UTas), which helped it gain World No 1 ranking for climate activism. [1] ABC Radio has assisted […]

WEBSITE TEACHES KIDS TO DIE AT CARBON LIMIT: ABC website tells kids when they should die By Karlis Salna AN ABC website has been accused of portraying farmers and forestry workers as evil and telling kids how much carbon they can produce before they die. The Planet Slayer website, which can be accessed via the science section on the ABC home page, also demonises people who eat meat and those […]