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Climate change group legally branded a ‘criminal organization’ for disrupting traffic & damaging property – Considered a ‘significant threat to public safety & order’ The Last Generation climate change group has been designated as a “criminal organization” by the Munich Regional Court, which announced the ruling on Thursday after considering ten complaints from the climate activists over searches and seizures. The court dismissed the complaints, ruling that the Last Generation meets the requirements to be considered an organized […]

Listen: Morano on Houston radio on Pew poll showing climate skepticism increasing – ‘When the gov’t, corporations, & academia blend together on a narrative, & dissent is silenced, the public knows that’s not to be trusted’

Temperature Check: Americans Doubt ‘Climate Scientists’ By Corey Olson – KTRH Houston The more the left pushes climate change hysteria, the more skeptical Americans seem to get. That is the conclusion of a new Pew Research Center survey, which finds less than one-third (32%) of respondents believe scientists “understand very well” whether climate change is occurring. […]

Michael Mann v. Mark Steyn court case delayed again!

Update: The Court has set the jury trial of Mann v. Steyn to commence on Tuesday, January 16, 2024 — Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) November 18, 2023 "Discussion about the graph led to Mann pursuing a U.S. libel suit against the broadcaster & journalist Mark Steyn" Now in its 12th year & only @MarkSteynOnline's Liberty […]

TikTok Deletes Video Exposing Climate Inspired Plans To Restrict Freedom Of Movement – Claim video could cause ‘physical, psychological, or societal harm’

TikTok Deleted My Video Exposing Climate Cultists’ Dystopian Plan To Restrict Freedom Of Movement BY: EVITA DUFFY-ALFONSO Two weeks ago, I posted a video to TikTok reporting on the globalist push to restrict freedom of movement in the name of “climate change.” This week, TikTok removed my video for supposedly spreading “misinformation” and potentially causing […]

Climate Depot’s Morano targeted for ‘climate disinformation’ in new Global Witness report – Called ‘a rabbit hole of climate denial & misinformation’

Full Global Witness report: file:///Users/marcmorano/Downloads/Global_Witness_Annual_Report_September_2022%20(1).pdf Page 18 Excerpt: SOCIAL MEDIA AND CLIMATE DISINFORMATION Our investigation in March 2022 revealed how Facebook can lead users down a rabbit hole of climate denial and misinformation, eventually leading to outright conspiracy theories. We simulated the user experience of an individual liking pages such as “Net Zero Watch”, an […]

Westminster Declaration: ‘138 public intellectuals and journalists demand governments dismantle the Censorship Industrial Complex’ By Miranda Devine Since the COVID pandemic, authoritarians in the U.S. and around the world have cynically used claims of “disinformation” to censor ordinary people and stifle dissent about everything from the efficacy of masks and vaccines to the war in Ukraine, the Middle East situation, and Hunter Biden’s laptop. Whatever your political bent, […]