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Cicadian rhythm: Reuters claims ‘global warming’ could ‘permanently change’ 17-year cicadas into a 13-year cycle’       Getting up close with cicadas to find climate change clues   Excerpt: With air temperatures and surface soils warming from climate change, scientists are also keen to learn how the creatures are responding. Temperatures affect when cicadas emerge and their underground growth. Scientists witnessed large numbers of 17-year cicadas surface years […]

Bugs Are Safe for Humans to Eat, Says EU – ‘Food safety regulator approved mealworms as safe for human consumption’ By James HookwayJan. 13, 2021 8:13 am ET Insects are inching their way to becoming a menu item on European dining tables after the bloc’s food safety regulator approved mealworms as safe for human consumption. Wednesday’s announcement means the grubs—actually beetle larvae—could soon be ground down and used as a protein-rich flour to make pasta […]