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Bjorn Lomborg: ‘Higher incomes safeguard people *more* from climate’ – ‘Richer means mostly safer’ – ‘Relative weather costs decreasing globally’

Higher incomes safeguard people *more* from climate: Richer means mostly safer Relative weather costs decreasing globally Relative hurricane costs decline from 0.04% of global GDP today, to 0.02% in 2100 with climate impacts — Bjorn Lomborg (@BjornLomborg) September 2, 2021

Lomborg: U.S. landfalling hurricane frequency has declined slightly since 1900   By Bjorn Lomborg Hurricane Ida Isn’t the Whole Story on Climate Listen to article Length3 minutes Queue Editor’s note: As November’s global climate conference in Glasgow draws near, important facts about climate change don’t always make it into the dominant media coverage. We’re here to help. Each week contributor Bjorn Lomborg will provide some […]

Media distort facts about Hurricane Ida to push climate agenda: ‘Data shows hurricanes not becoming more intense, a fact the UN IPCC acknowledges’ By Paul Homewood Hurricane Ida hit the Louisiana coast yesterday afternoon as a powerful Category 4 storm. So far there has been only one reported death, and damage has been pretty much standard for a major hurricane. Fortunately the more apocalyptic warmings never materialised. NHC data suggest a maximum storm surge of between […]