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Axios: ‘What’s missing from hurricane season? Hurricanes’ – Despite ‘unanimous’ forecasts for ‘above-average season’ By Andrew Freedman The Atlantic hurricane season to date has been unusually quiet, with not a single named storm since July 2, a feat that last occurred in 1982. However, our luck is likely to run out soon, scientists tell Axios. Why it matters: Nature’s strongest storms typically are the most costly weather-related disasters in a […]

‘Incontrovertibly false’: Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. Fact checks the ‘self-appointed climate fact-checkers’ & finds them DEAD WRONG

🧵Fact checking self-appointed climate fact checkers@ClimateFdbk Kerry Emanuel claims:"economic damage, normalized by world domestic product… from weather-related natural disasters have been increasing greatly" (full quote below) This is incontrovertibly falseEvidence next — The Honest Broker (@RogerPielkeJr) July 12, 2020 Roger Pielke Jr. 🧵Fact checking self-appointed climate fact checkers @ClimateFdbk Kerry Emanuel claims: “economic damage, […]

Cat5 #HurricaneWilla may stop migrant caravan as it slams Mexico

Cat5 #HurricaneWilla may stop migrant caravan as it slams Mexico Caravan of migrants swells to 7,000 and stretches more than a mile long as they continue marching towards the U.S. border – but Trump warns full efforts are being made to stop the ‘onslaught of illegal aliens’ source – Daily Mail I’m sure you’ve […]


Date: 06/02/18 Roger Pielke Jr., Risk Frontiers Despite record weather-related catastrophe losses last year, since 1990 total global catastrophe losses are down by about one third Last July, I observed here that the world had recently experienced an era of unusually low disasters and that streak of good luck was going to end sometime. Little could I […]

ACLU asks Border Patrol to stop enforcement during Texas hurricane

By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times – Friday, August 25, 2017 The ACLU asked the Border Patrol to shut down its checkpoints in Texas Friday, saying illegal immigrants fleeing Hurricane Harvey shouldn’t have to worry about being nabbed. “By keeping checkpoints open, the Border Patrol is putting undocumented people and mixed-status families at risk out of […]

It’s Official. Hurricane Harvey Is An Immigration Issue Now – ACLU demands open border during storm By JAZZ SHAW The ACLU decided, as the eye of the storm was still approaching shore, to complain about the Border Patrol and whether or not their usual checkpoints would be open on the roads. Sometimes these stories really go where the buses don’t run, folks. The ACLU asked the Border Patrol to shut down its […]

U.S. Has Gone a Record 142 Months Without a Major (Cat 3+) Hurricane Strike

By Susan Jones | August 24, 2017 | 11:32 AM EDT Harvey, now a tropical storm, is expected to be a major hurricane when it slams into the Gulf Coast of Texas late Friday or early Saturday, according to the National Hurricane Center. (Image from NOAA) ( – Thursday, August 24, 2017 marks a record 142 straight […]

Atlantic Hurricane season ends- Cat 3 +landfalling hurricane drought of continues

For the Atlantic, this was the first above-normal season since 2012. The Atlantic saw 15 named storms during 2016, including 7 hurricanes (Alex, Earl, Gaston, Hermine, Matthew, Nicole, and Otto), 3 of which were major hurricanes (Gaston, Matthew and Nicole). NOAA’s updated hurricane season outlook in August called for 12 to 17 named storms, including […]

Clinton says Hurricane Hermine was caused by climate change as hurricane drought persists

In an apparent effort to entice Bernie Sanders’ supporters, #Hillary Clintonblamed #Climate Change for Hurricane Hermine, the first hurricane to hit Florida since 2005. At a rally yesterday in Tampa, Florida, Clinton warned that more storms like Hermine were on the horizon despite all indicators pointing in the opposite direction. For those wondering if Clinton would […]