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STUDY CLAIM: Houston skyscrapers may have worsened Hurricane Harvey rain – Storm ‘snagged on the skyscrapers of Houston, causing it to slow and dump more rain’ WASHINGTON (AP) — Humans helped make recent devastating U.S. hurricanes wetter but in different ways, two new studies find. Hurricane Harvey snagged on the skyscrapers of Houston, causing it to slow and dump more rain than it normally would, one study found. The city’s massive amounts of paving had an even bigger impact by […]

Junk Scientists Weaponising Weather

Junk Scientists Weaponising Weather By Paul Homewood It was inevitable that “scientists” would eventually blame Harvey on global warming. From the Washington Post: AS COASTAL cities brace for the coming hurricane season, the destruction of the last one is still having a big impact, particularly on the hobbled island of Puerto Rico. And scientists […]


Date: 06/02/18 Roger Pielke Jr., Risk Frontiers Despite record weather-related catastrophe losses last year, since 1990 total global catastrophe losses are down by about one third Last July, I observed here that the world had recently experienced an era of unusually low disasters and that streak of good luck was going to end sometime. Little could I […]

Analysis: Global weather related disaster loss trend is downward from 1990 to 2017 Weather Disasters as Proportion of Global GDP: 1990-2017 JANUARY 4, 2018 ~ By ROGER PIELKE JR The figure above shows the annual costs of weather disasters (data from Munich Re) as a proportion of global GDP (data from the UN), from 1990 to 2017. Takeaways: 2017 ranks 2nd to 2005; The dataset is dominated by US hurricanes […]

Claim: Climate change made Harvey rainfall 15 percent more intense

From RICE UNIVERSITY World Weather Attribution study: Climate change made Harvey 3 times more likely A team of scientists from World Weather Attribution, including researchers from Rice University and other institutions in the United States and Europe, have found that human-caused climate change made the record rainfall that fell over Houston during Hurricane Harvey roughly […]

2017 Global Hurricane Activity Almost 20% Below Normal …Southern Hemisphere Near Record Low

Via: By P Gosselin on 26. November 2017 A look at Dr. Ryan Maue’s site here tells us a lot about how 2017 cyclone activity is doing as the Atlantic hurricane season winds down. In September the Atlantic indeed saw some powerful hurricanes, such as Harvey, Irma and Maria, which led the media into a fit of Armageddon hysteria and […]

Here’s The Inconvenient Truth Behind MIT’s Study Linking Hurricane Harvey To Global Warming

By MICHAEL BASTASCH A new study is making waves in the media, claiming to finally address the question of man-made global warming’s role in Hurricane Harvey’s record-setting rainfall. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor Kerry Emanuel, a renowned hurricane expert, and his colleagues published their findings on Monday, claiming global warming increased the of risk Hurricane Harvey-level rainfall […]

CO2 Emissions Growing Strongly Again

By Paul Homewood I am constantly amazed that the likes of Mark Lynas and Corrinne Le Quere are surprised to see emissions still rising. If they had bothered to read the Paris Agreement and the INDCs, they would have known that was exactly what was intended. It surely must be obvious to Le Quere and […]