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NY Times touts ‘Urine’ carrots: ‘How to reuse human ‘waste” to grow carrots – ‘People to donate their urine for the recovery of phosphorous for reuse as garden fertilizer’ – ‘An average serving of urine…is enough to grow three or four carrots’ NYTimes: Collect urine to grow carrots. Really. – NYT: The next question is how to reuse human “waste.” Agriculture depends on industrial fertilizers containing phosphorus from mined phosphate rock. The mineral is quickly depleted and often extracted in dangerous regions, but phosphorous can also be recovered from urine. NYT: P-BANK is a demonstration public […]

Climate Lockdowns: German Transport Minister floats driving ban on the weekends to meet climate-related goals By Eric Utter   Germany’s transport minister (and progressive politician), Volker Wissing, last month vowed to ban driving on weekends to meet Germany’s climate-related goals. It’s either do that or else he wants the ruling coalition to pass more restrictions within the Climate Protection Act come July.   According to the German newspaper BILD, […]

Experts Warn U.S. Against Europe’s ‘Green’ Energy Mistakes – Morano: ‘Our ruling class really has nothing but contempt for what they consider the unwashed masses’

Marc Morano, the publisher of CFACT’s, explained how terrible climate alarmism is for ordinary citizens. “Germany is leading the way making sure affordable airline travel for the public is a thing of the past. You will go nowhere and be happy. France has already banned flights of two and a half hours or less,” explained Morano. “We have climate activists clamoring for flying only when it’s ‘morally justifiable,’ during a declared ‘climate emergency.’”

He then cautioned that this issue is coming close to home: “Bloomberg News has said that cheap airline tickets will be going away due to ‘climate compliance’ regulations. Gas powered car bans, flight restrictions, our ruling class really has nothing but contempt for what they consider the unwashed masses.” He ended, “Make no mistake, our freedom of movement is under assault by this climate agenda.”

No More Cheap Flights for the masses: Germany raises air travel taxes by nearly 20% – Also proposes ‘Europe-wide jet fuel tax’ Germany accused of ‘policy madness’ after hiking airline passenger tax – Jump in aviation levies could hamper industry’s net zero goals, warns IATA boss By Melissa Lawford Germany has been accused of “policy madness” over its decision to increase airline passenger taxes by nearly a fifth. A group of the world’s largest airlines have warned […]

Politico: – April 12, 2024: Germany’s transport minister Volker Wissing in a letter to the parliamentary group leaders: “A reduction in traffic to help meet the climate goals would only be possible through measures that are difficult to communicate to the public, such as “comprehensive and indefinite driving bans on Saturdays and Sundays,” Wissing added. … If the planned reforms are not passed through parliament by July 15, Wissing warned, the Ministry for Digital and Transport would be obliged to submit an “immediate action program that ensures compliance with the annual emission levels of the transport sector” until 2030 — which would include a driving ban on weekends. …
“This claim is simply wrong,” Green parliamentary group leader Julia Verlinden told the German Press Agency, referring to Wissing’s threat of a weekend driving ban. She added that Wissing should not aggravate people unnecessarily because there are other ways to tackle climate issues, such as a speed limit.
Also see: Germany Electric Car Sales Plummet 30% As Country Floats Idea Of Weekend Driving Ban!
EV Sales fall 30% in Germany and Minister threatens to ban cars on weekends

Germany Electric Car Sales Plummet 30% As Country Floats Idea Of Weekend Driving Ban! By P Gosselin on 13. April 2024 There’s been a drastic drop in the registration of new electric cars in Germany as sales of the “clean” electric cars have slumped nearly 30% compared to a year earlier, reports Germany’s online Blackout News here. Also: Germany’s transportation minister, Dr. Volker Wissing, threatens weekend driving ban […]

EV Sales fall 30% in Germany and Minister threatens to ban cars on weekends By Jo Nova Electric cars and carbon target fantasies are hitting the wallRight when they are meant to be growing by double digits German EV car sales are down an astonishing 30% compared to a year ago. Their market share is actually shrinking. EV’s are not much good at reducing carbon dioxide over their […]

Biden admin halts enormous natural gas projects citing impact on ‘climate change’ – Energy Sec Granholm: ‘We’re committed to protecting Americans against climate change’

Energy Sec. Jennifer Granholm: “We’re committed to protecting Americans against climate change as we lead the world into a clean energy future.”

“From day one, we have looked out for frontline communities from day one,” White House climate czar Ali Zaidi said. “From day one, we have stood with our allies and partners. That’s how Joe Biden leads on climate change. And when it comes to the climate crisis, we square our shoulders, we take on the challenge in front of us, we lean into the solutions and, yes, we transition globally away from fossil fuels. That is the solution, that is the strategy that the president has articulated.”

Zaidi: “We’re doing this weeks removed from a U.N. climate conference where the United States, under President Biden’s leadership, was out front making sure that the global community was clear-eyed about the need to transition globally away from fossil fuels.”

Watch: Morano on Fox on CEO angst over climate regs & German farmer protest: ‘We are watching the controlled demolition of the German agricultural sector due to Net Zero’

The Bottom Line – Fox Business Channel – Broadcast January 15, 2024

Morano: “I think there is a split; they’re not bad. Here’s the bottom line: they have to do this climate transition, and as I have said, it’s easier to transition gender than the climate. And these business owners know — the CEOs know it.

But they also know that every day we wake up, the federal government here in the United States and even in the EU, we wake up, and they want to ban gas-powered cars and ban gas stoves; they are even going after wood pizza ovens in New York City. The Washington Post is even going after houseplants — saying they cause climate change.”

Morano on Gore’s climate astrology at Davos: “As Davos is meeting, they hear things like today when Al Gore said if they meet these political targets of Net Zero, which are going to impact businesses, the temperature will stop going up almost immediately. He’s saying in three years we will be able to see an effect. So if businesses believe, you can pass a tax or regulation and stop the earth’s rotation or climate change or the earth’s temperature. That is a pretty big regulatory uncertainty because ideologies at the World Economic Forum will enforce those kinds of regulations on business if they actually believe they can stop temperatures from rising in three years or less. It’s pretty scary stuff.”

Morano on German farmer climate protest: “This is the greatest economy in Europe; they are watching the controlled demolition of the German agricultural sector, their economy due to Net Zero.

We have a history here; we can look At what happened in Sri Lanka – the total collapse of the country, the ‘peasants’ overran the Presidential palace when they went to change their agricultural policies with the backing of the World Economic Forum.

We saw what happened in the Netherlands, which is very similar to what is happening in Germany, and the farmers fought back in the Netherlands, where 10,000 plus small family farms were about to be put out by the Net Zero regulations. But the farmers formed their own political party in the Netherlands and are now fighting back in parliament.”