‘Red tape all over the place’: German Finance Minister calls on European Union to pause Net Zero regulations

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner slammed politicians in Brussels for seeking to enact stricter clean energy rules for buildings, warning that such plans could spark a dangerous voter backlash and fuel the rise of the far right.

Speaking to POLITICO during an interview in the garden of the finance ministry in Berlin on Monday, Lindner argued that Europeans are suffering from overregulation — or “red tape all over the place.” He urged European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to “pause” new EU legislation aimed at curtailing greenhouse gas emissions during a time of economic stagnation wrought in part by high energy costs.

Germany set to miss Net Zero target as climate efforts falter

https://mailchi.mp/e06d70aa7963/germany-set-to-miss-net-zero-target-as-climate-efforts-falter-198187?e=0b1369f9f8 1) Germany set to miss Net Zero target as climate efforts falterReuters, 22 August 20223   2) Sweden to lift ban on uranium mining, plans to build 10 nuclear power plantsMining Technology, 21 August 2023  3) Net Zero Britain: “Nearly 13 million UK homes skip heating due to energy bill fears”Energy Live News, 22 August 2023  […]

German Green Party Headquarters’ Heat Pump Debacle: 5 Million Euros Cost, Still No Heat!

https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/06/14/german-green-party-headquarters-heat-pump-debacle-5-million-euros-cost-still-no-heat/ From the NoTricksZone By P Gosselin The energy follies of Germany’s current Socialist/Green government continue to compound unabated. It turns out the coalition partner Greens cannot even get renewable energy to work at their own party headquarters in Berlin. German Green Party’s energy policy mastermind, Robert Habeck, can’t even get the heat pump at his […]

German Gov’t Prepares To End Meat Consumption in 222-page report – Rations Of 2 burgers a month! Moves to roll out a ‘vegan surveillance state’

https://notrickszone.com/2023/06/07/german-government-prepares-to-end-meat-consumption-rations-of-just-10-grams-daily/ By P Gosselin Germany’s Federal Minister of Agriculture, Cem Özdemir (Green Party) is now moving to force Germans to radically stop meat consumption by limiting meat intake to just 10 grams daily, which is equivalent to about 2 burgers a month. The German government’s latest proposal stems from recommendations made by the Sachverständigenrat für […]

‘Only one sausage per month for everyone!’ German Nutrition Society recommends over 90% reduction in daily meat eating– to combat global warming

https://www-bild-de.translate.goog/politik/inland/politik-inland/ernaehrungsverband-will-weniger-fleischkonsum-nur-noch-eine-currywurst-im-monat-84075944.bild.html?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp&_x_tr_hist=true#fromWall German daily newspaper Bild: Only one sausage per month for everyone! The DGE is no longer just about health – But the DGE is no longer just concerned with health reasons! The background to the planned meat reform is something completely different: in the future, environmental factors such as “sustainability” will also be taken […]

Govt Panel: Germany should create ‘climate passport’ for refugees – A ‘climate card’ & a ‘climate work visa’ would offer ‘permanent residency’

  Germany should create ‘climate passport’ for refugees – expert council Clean Energy Wire, 10 May 2023 Germany should introduce a ‘climate passport’ for people displaced by the effects of climate change, an independent government advisory panel has proposed in its annual report. The Expert Council on Integration and Migration (SVR) said that Germany, as a […]

Great Car Reset is working! ‘Cars soon unaffordable for 50% of Germans’

Via: https://mailchi.mp/31fd36965208/net-zero-dead-in-the-water-as-g7-may-delay-coal-phase-out-195379?e=0b1369f9f8 4) Cars soon unaffordable for 50% of Germans, expert warns No Tricks Zone, 12 April 2023 5) Peak EV: Electric vehicles will fade as their true costs become clear Mises Institute, 12 April 2023 6) Ruy Teixeira: The working class isn’t down with the green transition The Liberal Patriot, 13 April 2023 Cars […]


https://notrickszone.com/2023/03/26/climate-neutral-already-by-2030-berliners-to-vote-on-climate-neutrality-referendum-today/ By P Gosselin on 26. March 2023 Share this… BERLIN’S CLIMATE-NEUTRAL-BY-2030 REFERENDUM FAILS! UPDATE 21:05 CET: Berlin election office: FINAL RESULT: The Berlin referendum for a climate-neutral city by 2030 HAS FAILED RESOUNDINGLY. Although there was a narrow majority of votes in favor, the 442,210 of “yes” votes fell far short the 25% quorum  of all eligible voters (607,518 […]

Berlin faces climate referendum that could grant officials ‘immediate dictatorial powers’ – The ‘Climate Protection Council’ could limit car & airline travel

https://notrickszone.com/2023/03/12/berlins-march-26th-climate-referendum-berlin-leaders-could-have-immediate-dictatorial-powers/ Berlin’s March 26th Climate Referendum… Berlin Leaders Could Have Immediate Dictatorial Powers By P Gosselin on 12. March 2023 The road to tyranny begins in Berlin as climate gets framed as a state of emergency A new, radical climate amendment that will be voted on on March 26th in a referendum that could change Berlin’s climate targets […]

Bravo! Germany angers EU after putting brakes on gas car ban – Accused of ‘blackmail’ & a ‘threat’ to EU’s Green Deal & Net Zero agenda

https://news.yahoo.com/germany-angers-eu-putting-brakes-164352963.html By Daniel Aronssohn The adoption by European Union member countries of new carbon dioxide emission standards for cars and vans has been postponed amid opposition from Germany, the presidency of the EU ministers’ council has announced. The vote initially scheduled for next week will take place at a “later council meeting” on a date yet to […]