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New York Times prediction BUST: 1995 article cited climate ‘experts’ warning ‘most of the beaches on the East Coast of the U.S. could be gone in 25 years’

In 1995, experts told the NY Times that east coast beaches would be wiped out by 2020; forecasts based on models. Despite being wrong, rapid acceleration scenarios are still used today. Obviously didn't learn a darn thing. “Climate science is where arrogance and ignorance meet.” — Chris Martz (@ChrisMartzWX) November 1, 2022

The 1540 Megadrought in Europe: The River Rhine ran dry, fires burned, & no one blamed coal or beef steak By Jo Nova Despite the news that the River Rhine is in a crisis due to “climate change” it has happened before, and many times.  There are rocks in European rivers called Hunger Stones where people carved messages to mark the depth of the pain in the droughts. There are historical records of the Rhine drying […]

New Study: Greenland ‘Must Have Been At Least 3°C Warmer’ Than Today During The Early Holocene By Kenneth Richard These much warmer Greenland temperatures imply that the elevation of the ice sheet was 400 meters lower than it is today from about 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. Scientists (Westhoff et al., 2022) report that the two largest Greenland melt events in the last few hundred years occurred in […]

Climate Activist Prof. Dessler seeks to eliminate record-breaking 1930s EPA heatwave chart

Hey @AndrewDessler You said Marc @ClimateDepot need some "new material", well here it is. — Watts Up With That (@wattsupwiththat) June 28, 2022 Hmm. "Truth bomb"?! Starting temps in 1971 to show warming trend seems a bit manipulative. The EPA also tried this recently with heat waves. EPA promotes U.S. heatwave increase since 1960s while […]

Watch: Tony Heller shows how hot it was in the 1930s – America’s Hot Past

Look how hot it actually was in the 1930s, Tony Heller has created a fantastic tool to explore the data: @neiltyson @Andy_May_Writer @alexandersoros @ClimateDepot @simonoxfphys @tristanharris @tomsteyer @MikeBloomberg @smartereveryday — David Siegel (@PullNews) May 20, 2022     EPA promotes U.S. heatwave increase since 1960s while downplaying HUGE DECREASE in U.S. heatwaves since 1930s

Watch: Past WRONG climate predictions by ABC & NBC – ‘Countdown to Doomsday’ By Scott Whitlock Two wildly wrong climate predictions have anniversaries in June. And since ABC and the NBC-owned SyFy Channel don’t like to be embarrassed by explaining their botched global warming prognosticating, we’ll do it for them. Fourteen years ago, on June 12, 2008, ABC’s Earth 2100 offered a special on the then-far off year of 2015. […]

Biden grants Earth ‘climate stability’ through higher gas prices according to 2012 New York Times OpEd – NYT claimed massive increase in gas prices would ‘result in climate stability’

A 2012 New York Times OpEd by Cornell University economist Robert H. Frank 2012 NY Times claimed a carbon tax of $300 a ton that increased gas prices by several dollars per gallon would “result in climate stability.” Frank, writing in the New York Times on August 25, 2012, claimed we could tax our way […]

CNN claims Normal Weather Is A Climate Crisis by Tony Heller India and Pakistan heatwave is ‘testing the limits of human survivability’ – CNN “Temperatures in parts of India and Pakistan have reached record levels, putting the lives of millions at risk as the effects of the climate crisis are felt across the subcontinent. The heatwave has also been felt by India’s […]

EPA promotes U.S. heatwave increase since 1960s while downplaying HUGE DECREASE in U.S. heatwaves since 1930s Start your climate analysis in 1961 and you get to show a big increase in heat waves. This type of tactic is very supportive of the man-made climate narrative. But the EPA also reveals that If you go back further in the “heatwave” record, their entire man-made climate change analysis falls apart. From EPA […]

The Bureau of Meteorology ‘remodels’ Australia’s temperatures from 1913 to make them colder — thus increasing the warming trend of last century Surprisingly, the World War I era temperatures are still changing. Mornings that seemed nippy at the time are now susceptible to frosts. Someone should warn the farmers — except they’re all dead. Thanks to Chris Gillham for independently and laboriously going through the new unannounced changes in another cycle of BOM’s hidden revamp of Australia’s history. […]