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‘Extinction Rebellion’ Climate Activists Glued Themselves to the Universal Studios Globe in Los Angeles By Lucy Diavolo April 23, 2019 The international Extinction Rebellion climate demonstrations made headlines in Los Angeles as a protest at Universal Studios resulted in four arrests, according to Deadline. CBS Los Angeles reported that activists climbed the iconic globe sculpture and glued themselves in place, mirroring tactics Extinction Rebellion activists have used in […]

Watch: ‘Extinction Rebellion’ climate activists: Only way ‘Government will listen to us is if we actually start to ruin the economy’

Extinction Rebellion Los Angeles Climate Activists Climb & Superglue Themselves to Universal Studios Globe Calling on NBC/Universal to Take Action on Climate Crisis. 100 cops present. Go here for more livestreams and updates: #XRUS #ExtinctionRebellion — Extinction Rebellion United States (@ExtinctionRebel) April 22, 2019 ‘Extinction Rebellion’ Climate Activists Glued Themselves to the Universal […]

Claim: ‘Climate Change is Making Bearded Dragons Switch Sex, Possibly Leading to Their Extinction’ Climate change is reportedly changing male reptiles into females, and this may lead to an all-male reptile population–and eventually extinction. Last year, it was reported by several media outlets that Central bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps) are undergoing instant sex reversal because of the unusual high temperature that they are experiencing within their habitat. According […]