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Monbiot vs Moore: Monbiot rips film’s message as ‘inherently racist, rich white people blaming poor brown people’ – ‘The only concrete proposal in your film was that there should be a mass die-off’ George Monbiot wearing what appears to be a Nylon jacket. Source “George Monbiot Debunks Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans” Guest essay by Eric Worrall As Michael Moore extends free viewing time for his blockbuster “Planet of the Humans” for another month, George Monbiot has launched a savage attack against Moore’s film, accusing Moore of perpetuating […]

Michael Moore Is Now the Green New Deal’s Worst Enemy – New Film exposes con of ‘green energy’ By James Delingpole Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is promoting a new documentary he executive produced about the environment — Planet of the Humans — and many of his usual supporters are going nuts. What can the veteran left-wing activist possibly have done to earn such disapproval? Simple. Moore has backed the most powerful, brutally honest […]