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Send your cash now! ‘Cuba wants to get paid to reduce emissions’ – Despite socialist skepticism, Cuba shows interest in carbon trading –

Winston Churchill: The best place to be a socialist is in the free world. 🙂 — Danny Hozack (@DannyHozack) October 3, 2020 By Joe Lo Cuba has suggested it wants to get paid to reduce emissions, if a controversial global carbon credit scheme is set up. In an updated climate plan submitted to the UN this […]

Green Madness: EU Sticks To Carbon Reporting Deadlines, Rejects Industry Calls For Coronavirus Delay Reuters BRUSSELS – A European Union deadline of April 30 for firms to surrender emissions trading system (ETS) carbon allowances will stand, despite calls for extensions from some industry groups due to the coronavirus pandemic. Industry, utilities and airlines running flights in Europe must report their ETS emissions for the previous calendar year by […]

Analysis: ‘America is an increasingly minor CO2 emitter’

by CFACT The United States and Western democracies as a whole are increasingly minor players among global carbon dioxide emitters, U.S. EPA data show. Without dramatic emissions reductions in China, India, and other developing nations, dramatic reductions in the United States, Western Europe, and Japan will have little impact on global carbon dioxide emissions. According to […]