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Happy Earth Day! Never trust the prophets of doom   Earth Day at 53 None of the eco-doomsday predictions have come true   From predicting ecological collapse and the end of civilisation to warnings that the world is running out of oil, all environmental doomsday predictions of the first Earth Day in 1970 have turned out to be flat out wrong. More than […]

Earth Day Betrays its Philosophical Founders by Tom Harris The real founders of Earth Day were not the politicians who rode the wave of environmental consciousness that swept the public in the late 60s and early 70s to establish the logistics of the organization. Nor was it the United Nations or peace and environmental activists who jumped on board the train […]

Greta Thunberg to testify in Congress on Earth Day By ANTHONY ADRAGNA Teenage Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg will testify before Congress at an Earth Day hearing on Thursday, the same day that President Joe Biden will convene world leaders for a virtual conference on climate change. Thunberg, Time’s person of the year in 2019 for her work on climate change, will appear […]

US, Canada to hold climate talks, paving road to Biden’s Earth Day summit The U.S. and Canada will host a “high-level summit” on Wednesday about climate change, according to U.S. officials, who described it as the first diplomatic initiative for the Biden administration as it seeks to put the issue back at the top of the U.S. foreign policy agenda. “U.S. leadership has been sorely missed over […]

Pope Issues Disturbing New Age Pronouncements During Earth Day Address Pope Issues Disturbing New Age Pronouncements During Earth Day Address The NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics Blog / by Geoff / 3d By Carmine Sabia Published April 24, 2020 The Western Journal (link) The world has become a frightening place in the past few months and many people have even speculated that the end […]

Earth Day Hangover? Wait Till You See Our Green-Energy Tab Earth Day Hangover? Wait Till You See Our Green-Energy Tab Climate Change Dispatch / by Jason Isaac / 1d Last week marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, a time when many take to social media to celebrate so-called “green” energy and call for broad government support. It’s for the children, after all. But […]

Warmist Eric Holthaus envisions Earth Day 2070: ‘A world not focused on growth, but on life. A world not focused on ownership, but on solidarity’

50 years from now, we will have established a globally-connected ecological society. That’s not just wishy-washy ecosocialist utopianism. It’s a scientific fact that must be true in order for us to survive as a civilization. — Eric Holthaus (@EricHolthaus) April 23, 2020 Eric HOLTHAUS Climate correspondent What could the world look like 50 […]

CNN Reporter Pens Insane Climate Letter to Newborn Son By Joseph Vazquez Leave it to a CNN correspondent to exploit his own son’s birth to push his eco-freakish politics in a cringe letter published on CNN’s website. CNN Chief Climate Correspondent Bill Weir’s piece, headlined “To my son, born in the time of coronavirus and climate change,” dripped with propaganda bashing the Bible […]