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Japan Times: ‘Domestic violence is cost of climate change for Sri Lanka women’ – But concede ‘few detailed statistics on the links between climate change-related crop failures & gender-based violence’ BY DIMUTHU ATTANAYAKE THOMSON REUTERS FOUNDATION SAPUMAL THENNA, SRI LANKA – After years of scant rainfall in a remote region of Sri Lanka, farmer Renuka Karunarathna’s crops failed and as the family’s income dwindled, her husband took his anger out on her, beating her so badly she had to go to a hospital. “I have got […]

2023 US wildfire season sees total acreage burned under 3 million, far below 10-year avg. & lowest since 1998 By Meteorologist Paul Dorian – Arcfield – 2023 US Wildfire Season The news has been quite good this year with respect to the total number of acres burned on US soil due to wildfire activity. In fact, the total acreage burned this year is under 3 million (through 12/18) which is far below […]

Crocodile Eats Woman–Must Be Because Of Climate Change!! By Paul Homewood They still can’t resist mentioning climate change! When Sariah went to fetch water in a pit near her home in Bangka Island, Indonesia, last September, she was unaware that a 3m-long saltwater crocodile had been resting in the crater, watching as she filled one of her buckets. “The water was calm […]

New Satellite Evidence Suggests 20-Year Fall in Extreme Rainfall Events Globally BY CHRIS MORRISON In its latest assessment report, the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that the frequency and intensity of global heavy rainfall events “have likely increased” over the majority of land regions. The claim forms the backdrop for countless stories of increased deadly flash-flooding brought on by human-caused climate change. Alas, […]

Analysis: Wildfires aren’t getting worse because of climate change. By Justin Haskins | Fox News More than 100 wildfires are sweeping their way across the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario, sending waves of smoke into major cities in the northeastern United States, including New York and Philadelphia. Predictably, the Biden administration and his alarmist allies in Congress are wasting no time in using the wildfires to call attention to climate […]

Media’s Constant Linking of ‘Extreme Weather’ to Climate Change is ‘Intellectually Dishonest Says Top U.S. Meteorologist BY CHRIS MORRISON One of the top Western U.S. broadcast meteorologists hit out recently at “clickbait” stories that demonised every major weather event. Don Daly, often referred to as ‘Wyoming’s weatherman’ said that politicians, media and environmental group’s constant mantra that every national weather event is somehow the result of human activity, “is intellectually dishonest”. […]

Climate expert Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. slams ‘climate journalism’ & Lists Top 5 Media narratives – ‘A big part of climate reporting these days is simply climate advocacy’ Top Five Climate Change Narratives in the Media Coverage of climate has become more about narrative promotion than news By ROGER PIELKE JR. Source: University of Colorado Boulder I’ve seen a lot over the past three decades. For instance, I’ve seen my own research on climate go from being widely covered in the late 1990s […]

‘The State of the Climate 2022’ Report Finds ‘Little To Alarm’ -By Prof. Ole Humlum The State of the Climate 2022 London, 12 April – In his annual review of the state of the global climate, Professor Ole Humlum finds much of interest to readers, but little to alarm them. There are some climate trends that support claims of climate concern – but many that do not. For example, Professor Humlum draws […]

Definitive Guide to Extreme Weather: No trends or declining trends in hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, droughts, heat waves, disaster losses, wildfires – All peer-reviewed & official sources – By Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. The Honest Broker by Roger Pielke Jr.     Feb 14, 2023 • 18 tweets 🧵 What the media won’t tell you about extreme weather and its impactsHere is a thread of some of the figures I’ve posted in recent months about extreme weather that I have never seen in legacy media reportingAll peer-reviewed and official […]

Biden warns young people ‘damned’ if his green policies thwarted & makes wildly wrong climate claims – Point-by-point rebuttal by Climate Depot

Climate Depot Special Report  Climate Depot Reality Check to Biden: President Joe Biden made remarkably uninformed and inaccurate climate comments in a TV interview  on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” hosted by former Obama aide Kal Penn in March 2023 and invoked the hell and brimstone imagery of “a whole generation damned” if his climate […]