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Watch: Climate The Movie – New documentary exposing the global warming science & agenda ABOUT CLIMATE THE MOVIE (THE COLD TRUTH) DIRECTOR MARTIN DURKIN PRODUCER TOM NELSON This film exposes the climate alarm as an invented scare without any basis in science. It shows that mainstream studies and official data do not support the claim that we are witnessing an increase in extreme weather events – hurricanes, […]

Climate dissenting scientists fight back on ‘fact-check’ attempt to silence them

Our detailed (62 page!) response to Science Feedback's latest "fact-check" attack on the CERES-Science group: Relevant links1) The "fact-check" we were responding to: 2) The "fact-check" was about @TCNetwork's interview with Dr.… — Dr. Ronan Connolly (@1RonanConnolly) February 21, 2024

Bloomberg columnist: ‘We Need an Inoculation Against Climate Deniers’ Lies’. – Frets over ‘climate misinformation’ online Lara Williams, Columnist We Need an Inoculation Against Climate Deniers’ Lies Misinformation is deepening young people’s angst about the fate of the world. By Lara Williams Lara Williams is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist covering climate change. Misinformation is as old as information itself, and those seeking to address the climate crisis have been tackling […]

2021: Vegan activist wins Oxford Union debate on meat eating: ‘Eating meat is racist & an expression of white supremacy’ – ‘If you eat animals, you take up more climate space’

Vegan activist Carol Adams’ November 25, 2021 Oxford Union presentation in favor of moving beyond meat:   The debaters for the motion “This House Would Move Beyond Meat”: Jeff McMahan, Carol Adams, and Heather Mills. ‘Every woke buzzword used in Carol Adams’ debate claiming meat is linked to having a ‘white supremacist patriarchal’ worldview  – […]

UN Climate summit president slips & says there’s ‘no science’ behind need to phase out fossil fuels – He is correct – Even UN scientists have admitted temperature goals ‘pulled out of thin air’ The president of the COP28 climate summit, Sultan Al Jaber, recently claimed there is “no science” that says phasing out fossil fuels is necessary to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, in comments that have alarmed climate scientists and advocates. The future role of fossil fuels is one of the most controversial […]

‘4 years of climate change denial’: Dutch environmental groups react to far-right election swing By Ian Smith The far-right party PVV’s election victory has raised fears over how it could impact the country’s climate ambitions. Environmental groups have expressed shock and promised climate action in response to Dutch election results. Wednesday night saw the historic victory of the far right Party for Freedom (PVV). The party, led by Geert […]

Texas education board rejects climate change lessons in textbooks by: Ryan Chandler AUSTIN (Nexstar) — The State Board of Education on Tuesday gave an initial rejection to some science textbooks after concerns over their lessons on climate change. Members of the 15-seat education policy committee voted on party lines to withhold approval from numerous textbooks that recognize fossil fuels as a cause of manmade […]

Listen: Morano on Houston radio on Pew poll showing climate skepticism increasing – ‘When the gov’t, corporations, & academia blend together on a narrative, & dissent is silenced, the public knows that’s not to be trusted’

Temperature Check: Americans Doubt ‘Climate Scientists’ By Corey Olson – KTRH Houston The more the left pushes climate change hysteria, the more skeptical Americans seem to get. That is the conclusion of a new Pew Research Center survey, which finds less than one-third (32%) of respondents believe scientists “understand very well” whether climate change is occurring. […]

MICHAEL SHELLENBERGER: ‘Why Everything They Said About The Environment Was Wrong’ – ‘The fundamental divide isn’t between Left & Right but rather between pro-human & anti-human worldviews’ By MICHAEL SHELLENBERGER My speech to the promising new Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) in London Friends — I am writing to you from London, where I just spoke at the first annual meeting of the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC), a new organization founded by Baroness Philippa Stroud, Jordan Peterson, and Paul Marshall. […]