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Biden’s National Climate Assessment Links Climate Change To Pandemics & Pathogens

The Fifth National Climate Assessment report asserts that pandemics will become more likely and worse as the projected effects of climate change set in over time, the combined effects of which “[require] early collective action and systemic change” to avoid or mitigate.

“Climate-driven changes in ecosystems increase the risk of emerging infectious diseases by altering interactions among humans, pathogens and animals and changing social and biological susceptibility to infection,” and particularly heightens “the risk of infection among people at the front lines of exposure, especially those with fewer resources,” the report states.

Listen: Morano on Houston radio on Pew poll showing climate skepticism increasing – ‘When the gov’t, corporations, & academia blend together on a narrative, & dissent is silenced, the public knows that’s not to be trusted’

Temperature Check: Americans Doubt ‘Climate Scientists’ By Corey Olson – KTRH Houston The more the left pushes climate change hysteria, the more skeptical Americans seem to get. That is the conclusion of a new Pew Research Center survey, which finds less than one-third (32%) of respondents believe scientists “understand very well” whether climate change is occurring. […]

STINCHFIELD TONIGHT – Real America’s Voice TV – Broadcast NOVEMBER 3, 2023

Marc Morano on climate being declared a ‘global health emergency’: “This is the entire international organizations, billionaire-backed, corporate, academic — they’re pushing all of this — the idea of merging climate into a public health issue and then declaring a public health emergency. Does that sound familiar — à la COVID?  Then, they get to bypass democracy.

So you have the British Medical Journal and 200 other journals joining in — all saying — they use the word ‘treat’ – ‘We’re going to treat climate change like it’s a medical malady, as a public health emergency.’ At the same time, the Biden administration is trying to push the U.S. into this World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty. It is not very far-fetched that the World Health Organization, whose scientists are chiefly funded by Bill Gates, can declare a public health emergency on climate and shut down gas stations, limit our travel, restrict airlines, and restrict meat eating. You see where this is going, and it won’t require any vote of Congress or any legislator. This will be done under emergency orders.”

Wrong, Human Health Is Not Being Compromised by Climate Change

Wrong, European Sting, Human Health Is Not Being Compromised by Climate Change By Linnea Lueken A recent article posted to The European Sting, claims that human health worldwide is threatened by climate change, listing six areas of concern from heat related illness to extreme weather and mental health. These claims are false. People are undoubtedly […]

Finally! New Yorker Mag finally admits in 2023: ‘COVID Lockdowns Were a Giant Experiment. It Was a Failure’ By Joe Nocera and Bethany McLean Until the Chinese government deployed this tactic, a strict batten-down-the-hatches approach had never been used before to combat a pandemic. Yes, for centuries infected people had been quarantined in their homes, where they would either recover or die. But that was very different from locking down an entire city; the World […]

Doctors from around the world unite to call for urgent ‘climate action’ – Claim ‘health professionals increasingly see patients suffering from harm caused by climate change’ Australian Associated Press Global health bodies are demanding international governments urgently phase out fossil fuels and fast-track renewable energy as health professionals increasingly see patients suffering from harm caused by climate change. The world’s leading GP and health bodies, representing more than three million health professionals worldwide, will deliver an open letter on Saturday […]

Over 200 health journals call on the UN & WHO to recognize ‘climate change’ as ‘a global health emergency’

British Medical Journal: Published 25 October 2023: Over 200 health journals call on the United Nations, political leaders, and health professionals to recognize that climate change and biodiversity loss are one indivisible crisis and must be tackled together to preserve health and avoid catastrophe. This overall environmental crisis is now so severe as to be a global health emergency…

Human health is damaged directly by both the climate crisis, as the journals have described in previous editorials, and the nature crisis. …

The World Health Organization should declare the indivisible climate and nature crisis as a global health emergency. The three preconditions for WHO to declare a situation to be a public health emergency of international concern are that it is serious, sudden, unusual, or unexpected; carries implications for public health beyond the affected state’s national border; and may require immediate international action. Climate change seems to fulfil all those conditions. … 

We must recognise this crisis for what it is: a global health emergency.”


The Weather Channel: World’s Biggest Journals Join Forces, Demand Climate Crisis be Declared a Global Public Health Emergency

New Study touts impact of COVID lockdowns: ‘Recessions & crises result in a permanent…increase in energy efficiency’ & boost renewable energy! – Published in journal Energy Economics

Energy Economics  – Available online 21 October 2023, 107120

Excerpt: “The aim of this paper is to explore the possibility that crises provide a window of opportunity for greener energy and increase the share of renewable energy.” … 

“The empirical analysis confirms that growth slowdowns, including those engendered by pandemics and financial crises, result in a permanent increase in energy efficiency and a corresponding decline in the energy intensity of output, with a disproportionate impact on dirty energy.”

Watch: Morano talking ‘climate emergency’ on Laura Ingraham on Fox: ‘This is the intentional collapse of our energy, transportation & food’ with no ‘vote of Congress’ involved

  Fox News Channel – The Ingraham Angle w/ Laura Ingraham – Broadcast September 29, 2023 ‘Real Teeth Behind It’: Fox Guest Says GOP Senators Have Been Silent On Possible Biden Climate Emergency Declaration By HAROLD HUTCHISON A guest on Fox News said that Republicans in the Senate have not reacted to the threat of […]