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Bill Gates affiliated vaccine org GAVI dips into Climate Change: ‘The focus of climate change has shifted from polar bears to people’ – ‘Increasing recognition of the health impacts of climate change’ “In recent years, the focus of climate change has shifted from polar bears to people. There is now increasing recognition of the health impacts of climate change, which have become a specific IPCC focus. Language has shifted too, with “global warming” being supplanted by “climate change”, recognising the fact that it is not just […]

Watch: Morano on Fox talks Biden’s access to ‘COVID-like powers’ if he declares a national ‘Climate Emergency’ – ‘Dictatorial Powers’

Fox Business – The Bottom Line w/ Dagen McDowell & Sean Duffy – Broadcast April 19, 2024

Sean Duffy: The White House told Fox Business that it is now considering declaring a national ‘climate emergency.’ If the President declares a climbing emergency, what impact would that have?

Marc Morano: This is the serious story of the day. NBC News has reported that if Joe Biden declared a national climate emergency, he would have COVID-like powers under that emergency and NBC also compared the climate emergency powers to the 911 emergency powers. The Center for Biological Diversity has estimated Joe Biden would get about 130 wartime-like powers by which to bypass democracy and impose the Green New Deal on America without a single vote of Congress. This is truly a  Halloween story, not a story for Earth Day. This is a truly frightening story, and he might just be desperate enough to declare it.

This is being widely reported in the media. The Biden White House is leaking this out. This might happen, and it is going to give Joe Biden these kind — you want to say the words dictatorial powers. He doesn’t need no stinking democracy to impose the Green New Deal if he does this.

Merging of climate & public health: AMA Journal of Ethics: ‘Why Climate Literacy Is Health Literacy’ – Warns of the ‘health problems of global warming’ Abstract Feb 2024 Health problems of global warming are daunting in severity and magnitude and will only get worse. Yet literacy about these problems is poor and plans to alleviate them are too early in development to be responsive to current levels of global threat and individual need. Social and ecological determinants of health […]

WHO: Communicating on climate change & health – Climate ‘toolkit for health professionals’ – Suggest ‘you could say to a patient…anxiety related to climate change is becoming more common…here is a list of actions you can take to reduce your own personal contribution’ Overview While climate change is a big threat to health, implementing solutions to address climate change presents a huge opportunity to promote better health and protect people from climate-sensitive diseases. Communicating the health risks of climate change and the health benefits of climate solutions is both necessary and helpful. Health professionals are well-placed to […]

Suddenly activists concerned about unborn children?! Peer-reviewed study: ‘Climate change increases the risk of preterm births by 60% & will devastate children’s health without fast global action’ Increased numbers of preterm births, higher incidence of respiratory disease and death, and more children in hospitals are some of the stark health outcomes the world is facing from the impacts of extreme climate change. Peer-Reviewed Publication FLINDERS UNIVERSITY IMAGE:  IMPACT OF TEMPERATURE EXTREMES ON CHILDREN’S HEALTH. CREDIT: FLINDERS UNIVERSITY. view more   CREDIT: IMPACT OF […]