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German Prof: Climate Science Politicized, Exaggerated, Filled With ‘Fantasy’, ‘Fairy Tales’…’Paris Accord Already Dead’ By P Gosselin German professor, co-founder of modern environmental movement, says climate science is exaggerated, filled with fairy tales and believes the Paris Accord is “already dead”.  In an interview with publicist Roland Tichy, Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt – one of the founders of Germany’s modern environmental movement – said we have in fact three […]

Roger Pielke Jr. describes the distorting of climate science

By Larry Kummer. From the Fabius Maximus website Summary: Scientists and journalists play a vital role in the public policy debate about climate change, explaining the reports of the major climate agencies. Here Roger Pielke Jr. describes an example of how they too often misrepresent those findings, distorting the debate and feeding the public’s loss… […]