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Obama Dragged U.S. into Paris Climate Accord Illegally, Claims Lawsuit By James Delingpole Finally, we may have solved the mystery of how former President Obama managed to drag the U.S. into the Paris Climate Accord – effectively a form of binding international treaty – without the necessary Congressional ratification. According to a lawsuit filed Monday, the Obama administration fudged the issue by misrepresenting U.S. […]

Trump Admin. makes it official! U.S. submits formal notification of withdrawal from UN Paris Climate Pact On the U.S. Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement PRESS STATEMENT MICHAEL R. POMPEO, SECRETARY OF STATE NOVEMBER 4, 2019 Today the United States began the process to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.  Per the terms of the Agreement, the United States submitted formal notification of its withdrawal to the United Nations.  The withdrawal will […]

Trump Can Make Good On Promise To Leave Paris Climate Accord — Starting November 4, 2019 By DAVID KRAYDEN President Donald Trump has repeatedly said he wants the United States to leave the Paris climate accord — starting Monday he can begin to do that. The process to withdraw could take up to a year and not be official until the day after the 2020 presidential election, the Associated Press reported […]

Brazil cancels another UN climate change event RIO DE JANEIRO – After backing out of hosting the 2019 U.N. climate summit, Brazil is now canceling a United Nations climate change event that was to be held in August in the city of Salvador. Salvador’s sustainability secretary says the Environment Ministry told him it didn’t want to host the regional climate workshop. The […]

Watch: Morano discusses how UN climate agenda is cracking up at UN climate summit KATOWICE–In this exclusive interview with The New American magazine from the United Nations COP24 summit, prominent climate skeptic Marc Morano said that the global-warming alarmism was facing major pushback worldwide.    

CFACT billboard: Energy independence for Poland! By Craig Rucker|December 12th, 2018| CFACT put up a hard-hitting billboard near the entrance to COP 24, the UN conference on climate change. It says, “Congratulations Poland, 100 years! Exit the UN Paris Accord. Energy Independence for Poland!” This message is getting an overwhelming response. There’s a saying they use in Eastern Europe, “Unless you […]

Progress! US, Russia, Saudi, Kuwait, refuse to accept UN IPCC report at UN climate summit By Paul Homewood Hardly an auspicious start! Attempts to incorporate a key scientific study into global climate talks in Poland have failed. The IPCC report on the impacts of a temperature rise of 1.5C, had a significant impact when it was launched last October. Scientists and many delegates in Poland were shocked as the […]

Thank you President Trump! ‘New strains in global climate diplomacy’ as more nations signal UN Paris dissent – Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia & Brazil – Trump’s Clexit gives ‘protective cover’ for other countries to withdraw Excerpts: The White House is making the case that several big countries are having doubts about the Paris climate deal — even as the weekend brought a stark sign of U.S. isolation. Why it matters: The administration’s claims of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Russia having second thoughts about the Paris deal came just ahead […]

UN climate chief has solution to ‘urgent’ climate threat: ‘We require deep transformations of our economies and societies’

The UN climate chief Patricia Espinosa, is doubling down on the UN’s “solution” to “global warming.”  Via: Excerpt: “Climate change impacts have never been worse,” Patricia Espinosa told journalists after Sunday’s first negotiating session. ‘Failure to act will be catastrophic’”The impacts of climate change are increasingly hard to ignore,” said the statement, a copy of […]

Proud to be American! Trump only world leader at G-20 to not sign statement supporting effort to ‘fight climate change’ President Donald Trump and 19 other world leaders wrapped up a summit in Buenos Aires on Saturday The G-20 conference ended with 19 leaders signing on to a pledge reiterating commitment to fighting climate change Trump was the only leader who declined to sign the statement in support of the Paris accord on fighting […]