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UN delegates circulate petition to shut down US natural gas production as global climate summit kicks off By Thomas Catenacci Fox News Global delegates heading to the annual United Nations climate change summit are circulating a letter calling for the U.S. and other Western nations to immediately ban new natural gas infrastructure projects. According to the letter obtained exclusively by Fox News Digital, Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., is among the lead architects of the effort in addition […]

China Boosts Coal & Gas Consumption as Power Demand Nears Record High China is ramping up coal and natural gas production, imports, and consumption as its electricity demand jumped in the year’s second half and looks to hit a record-high winter peak demand. Chinese authorities have been keen to avoid a repeat of last year’s shortages and spiking prices and have instructed utilities and producers to […]

The Climate Corps At The Berkeley California-China Climate Institute

Who Controls The Climate Corps At The Berkeley California-China Climate Institute? by Conor Coughlin How can the USA enforce any Uniform Commercial Code when organizations like the Berkeley California-China Climate Institute can create their own Climate Corps® as part of a Global Alliance of Universities on Climate economic model? Corporate media suppressed that in 2019, former California governor Jerry “Moonbeam” […]

Experts raise alarm after Biden strikes climate agreement with China to shut down fossil fuels – Will nudge America ‘closer to Beijing-style central planning, production quotas’ By Thomas Catenacci Fox News U.S. energy experts are warning of the economic and national security implications of President Biden’s pact with China this week to move towards shutting down fossil fuel production in favor of green energy. The State Department announced this week it had struck a deal with its Chinese counterparts pledging to “accelerate the substitution […]

Finally! New Yorker Mag finally admits in 2023: ‘COVID Lockdowns Were a Giant Experiment. It Was a Failure’ By Joe Nocera and Bethany McLean Until the Chinese government deployed this tactic, a strict batten-down-the-hatches approach had never been used before to combat a pandemic. Yes, for centuries infected people had been quarantined in their homes, where they would either recover or die. But that was very different from locking down an entire city; the World […]

Solar industry lives off China slave labor – Slavery poisons industry’s supply chains By Miles Pollard  Behind those harmless-looking solar panels harnessing the sun’s power lies a disturbing secret: Roughly 80% of solar components are manufactured in China using slave labor. Not only have the buyers of solar panels been indirectly funding companies that use slave labor, but American taxpayers have also subsidized almost $37 billion in purchases between 2016 and 2022. Globally, […]

Dept of Energy’s UN linked ‘Energy Star’ program exposed as ‘a massive Pay-To-Play scheme’ with ‘Public/Private partnerships’ full of private-sector investors with ‘conflicts of interest for Energy Dept’ By Conor Coughlin Are Revenues Evaporating As Globalists Wake Up To The Myth Of US Green Science? Electricity has real value, but the concept that the EPA invented a valuable electrical commodity known as “certified” energy efficiency is a total myth. The specific charade has played a critical role in the Global Warming myth […]

Pope Francis rebukes ‘irresponsible’ USA on climate change compared to China, says world’s at ‘breaking point’ By Danielle Wallace Fox News Pope Francis issued a new call for climate change action on Wednesday, when he slammed the United Stated in particular as “irresponsible” on emissions compared to China. “The world in which we live is collapsing and may be nearing the breaking point,” the pope wrote in the 12-page “Laudate Deum,” which means […]