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Inside ‘dystopian’ apartment block in China where its 20,000 residents never need to go outside By Gerrard Kaonga Published 12:57 31 May 2024 GMT+1 Thousands of people live in one of China’s largest apartment block which is so well equipped residents never actually have to leave. This company is able to provide residents with everything they need, so they never have to go outside again. Finding the right place to […]

Automakers win extension on use of Chinese graphite in EV tax credits – 70% of global output of graphite is from China By David Shepardson and David Lawder WASHINGTON, May 3 (Reuters) – The U.S. Treasury Department on Friday gave automakers additional flexibility on battery mineral requirements for electric vehicle tax credits on some crucial trace minerals from China, such as graphite. The department said it would give automakers until 2027 to remove some hard-to-trace minerals like graphite contained […]

The Chinese Threat to Local Communities is Real – ‘While helping to destroy the USA – China gets rich from it’

Tom DeWeese: China is allied and works in partnership with the World Economic Forum to empower  the Great Reset over OUR nation – not theirs. As China opens more and more coal mines for its own energy future, it is now on the march across this nation – pushing wind and solar as our only power sources. And while helping to destroy us – China gets rich from it. Across America, vital farmland is being buried under millions of acres of solar panels and massive wind towers. Nothing else can grow on that land – including the food we need! …

In a rural township in Michigan, plans are in place to build an electric vehicle battery plant, owned by a Chinese Communist party-linked company. The company is called Grotion, Inc. It’s a subsidiary of Grotion High Tech, which is owned by the Chinese Government…People in Green Charter Township were so upset over the possibility of this Chinese-controlled plant that they voted out almost the entire incumbent township supervisors and elected a new board. The new Supervisors’ first step was to rescind the water permit. …

In Ohio, the small rural community of Pataskala is now threatened with the establishment of a massive solar panel assembly plant. It will employ over 800 people to assemble solar panels with all materials coming from China. Why is this a problem? Well, the lead company in the project, called Illuminate USA, isn’t really a company. It’s a shell designed to get around any future US regulations that would prevent a foreign company from owning property. 49% of Illuminate USA is owned by LONGI, a partner with Invenergy – a Chinese corporation.

Net Zero Leaves U.K. Paying Five Times More for Electricity Than China BY DR JOHN FERNLEY The United Nations established the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change in 1988 and in 1995 the first climate change Conference of Parties (COP1) was held in Berlin. There has been a COP meeting every year since then, apart from 2020 when covid intervened. Last year COP28 was held in the […]

Biden EPA’s Electric Truck Mandate Is ‘Truly Insane’ – Cost of electric 18 wheeler is ‘two to three times’ price of diesel rig – ‘Conversion would never take place unless forced by government mandate’ By DAVID BLACKMON In their continuing quest to electrify the U.S. automotive fleet against the clear will of the American people, the zealots in the Biden administration rolled out their new requirements related to heavy trucks on Good Friday. Amazingly, they did it in a way that will make the mandates even more expensive […]